Mattison and RPS numbers

Mattison and RPS numbers

Submitted by UMQuadz05 on September 12th, 2011 at 1:07 PM

Thinking about the game, is anyone expecting huge RPS scores (positive and negative) from the defensive UFR?  The schemes seemed very creative and effective on the two INTs, but there were also many, many picked up blitzes and runs right into a backpedalling Martin.

This reminds me of what Mike Lombardi calls "Battleship Defense" in the NFL.  The way he tells it, defenses that can't keep up will try to call the perfect play every time.  When it hits, boom INT.  When it misses...

Michigan-ND: Report from the Sideline

Michigan-ND: Report from the Sideline

Submitted by MichiganPhotoRod on September 12th, 2011 at 11:36 AM

The Michigan-Notre Dame game under the lights was everything and more U-M, Dave Brandon, ESPN, et al, had hoped.  I give you my positive and negatives of the night (in no particular order).

1) Weather – The weather was perfect.  Rain remained in the forecast through the day, but it was dry, and, even better - not hot!

2) Pregame ceremony – The pregame ceremony at midfield for Desmond Howard was emotional for Des and his family kept the crowd pumped up just before kickoff.

3) The game – Despite Michigan's play in the first three quarters, the game ended up what everyone was talking about on Sunday/Monday.

4) Video boards – The video boards were INSANE at night.  The image from the opposite end zone was as if I were sitting in my living room.

5) Lighting – The lighting on the field was incredible.  In technical terms, the field is perfectly lit with the lighting falling off in the stands higher up.  A darker background is necessary when flash cannot be used.  The field was very evenly lit.

6) Michigan recruit Banner – Zack Banner was on the sideline just before kickoff.  His eyes were WIDE open with a "wow" expression on his face the whole time.  I took the opportunity to ask him if he liked what he saw.  He smiled intently and kept POINTING (linked).  I told him he is going to be a part of the largest crowd ever with at or near 115,000 fans.  The look on his face became indescribable.  Suffice it to say it was at least "wow" to the 10th power.  I then told his mom I'd love to be taking photos of him as a member of the Wolverines.  For the record, this guy is HUGE—as in LARGE—as in ENORMOUS!  In another three years after some Michigan weight training... OMG!!

7) Atmosphere – The atmosphere for the first-ever night game made it the best atmosphere of any game EVER.

8) The fans – The game kept the fans in the stadium and remained full until after the game (as it should have been).  The crowd was very into it.  The fourth quarter was the loudest I have EVER heard at any game at Michigan Stadium.  I heard of no negatives from Dave Brandon regarding inappropriate behavior from fans, as DB wanted Under the Lights to be a positive experience for the university.  I think this experience will help bring another night game to Michigan Stadium next year.  I know I want it!

9) Michigan – Great comebacks.  Won!

10) Notre Dame – Lost.


1) Wave – There was no wave!

2) Scoreboard Stats – The space set aside for drive stats was too small.  I am grateful they added the stats (which they didn't have for the Western game), but they need to <shriek> decrease the size of the video some and increase the stats bar so they can increase the font size of the stats text.

Anyone else a little disturbed by the end of this story?

Anyone else a little disturbed by the end of this story?

Submitted by cp4three2 on September 12th, 2011 at 11:11 AM

By 9 a.m. he was back on campus at Schembechler Hall, shaking hands again. Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison was pouring over film.

"He showed me some things," Brandon said.…


Is that a little intrusive for the AD doing that with the DC or is it pretty standard fare? I know Brandon's a football guy, but to me, it's a little over the top.

Jumbotron Question

Jumbotron Question

Submitted by Arsenal Fan on September 12th, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Quick questions to those who have been able to attend a game this year.  Is it signifiicantly louder in the stadium?  How are the new jumbotrons?  I was looking over on ndn and someone said our jumbotrons sucked, now obviously he is just bitter for many reasons but I do want some different input.  And oh yea, 35-31.

Brandon on more Night Games, Un-Retiring Numbers, and UTL jerseys to players

Brandon on more Night Games, Un-Retiring Numbers, and UTL jerseys to players

Submitted by M-Wolverine on September 12th, 2011 at 10:23 AM

The big ticket items-

  • It went off great, and he's checking today, but he'd like to do 1 (and only 1) night game a year.
  • The players all want their jerseys from the game, and he thinks they can have them, but he has to check with compliance to see what the NCAA would say about it first.
  • He's offering the families of all the retired Michigan jerseys if they want their numbers reactivated and given the "Michigan Legends" treatment, so they're remembered.  Hoke will have the person wearing the 21 jersey read Desmond's book and give a report to the team on who he was and what he did for Michigan.

UTL: I need stories!!!

UTL: I need stories!!!

Submitted by M-Dog on September 12th, 2011 at 10:17 AM

I'm jeleaous as hell that I could not attend UTL in person.  Therefore I need to live vicariously through you.

I know how the game went, but what was the entire experience really like?  Tell me how your day (night) went.

How was Game Day?  How was it tailgating in the dark?  Did y'all burn down the town post-game?  Did bars stay open late?  Any epic hook-ups with new friends made after the game when nobody would leave?  Should we expect a boomlet of little Wolverines next June?  Was any body able to actually get home before daylight?

C'mon people, give me stories!!!  Any corresponding you-are-there video of the whole scene makes you an internet Viking. 


Can David Brandon or all of us chip in and get the stadium a new audio player or something?

Can David Brandon or all of us chip in and get the stadium a new audio player or something?

Submitted by Sopwith on September 12th, 2011 at 10:17 AM

For anyone who attended, did you notice just how frequently the audio was getting stuck on tracks?  I'm just a caveman and haven't progressed much since CD days, but I don't think MP3 tracks get stuck that way-- or do they?-- but the CD player or whatever they were using was constantly getting jammed in the middle of songs.  At first, I thought this might be some fancy effects by Sir Mix-a-Lot or something, but... no, it wasn't, unless they were doing it for almost every track on purpose because all the kids are doing it. 

One of you techophiles will be better suited to prescribe a solution, but for an otherwise largely impeccable production of the most exciting event I've ever seen in person (including the Braylon game and the Virginia '95 game), the persistent audio glitch seemed weirdly amateurish.


Great surprise turns epic

Great surprise turns epic

Submitted by adammeekhof on September 12th, 2011 at 10:16 AM

So I am going to need some advice on what to get my wife as this is what she wrote me for my surprise 30th birthday present.

Twas four months and the night before daddy’s birthday and all through the house,
Connor and mommy were stirring, even Mickey Mouse;

The presents were wrapped for daddy with care,
In hopes that he would soon be there;
Mommy and Connor were full and had just been fed,
While visions of daddy’s surprise danced in their heads;
And mommy in her shirt and Connor in his jersey,
Had just settled down from being so nervy,
When out in the driveway daddy’s car pulled in,
Connor sprang to go find out where daddy had been.
Away to the presents mommy flew like a flash,
Daddy tore open the door and saw the stash.
The balloons and presents, put daddy in disarray,
Mommy told daddy to calm down, it was okay. 
When daddy’s wandering eyes did appear,
To a stadium and a big cheer,
With a new coach so lively and stoke,
Daddy knew in a moment it must be Coach Hoke.
More rapid than eagles his players they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
Now, Roundtree! Now, Odoms! Now Kovacs, and Robinson!
On, VanBergen!  On Molk!  On Fitzgerald and Gordon!
Pick it up boys! We have big games this fall!
Now practice hard! We must win them all!
As players before big games do,
When they meet an obstacle, their momentum just grew,
So up to Ann Arbor mommy and daddy did go
With their luggage all packed, and Connor with bro.
And then, in a twinkling, daddy heard the crowd cheer,
The sight that he saw so beautiful and clear.
As mommy and daddy drew their heads around,
They saw the Wolverines on the field ready to throw down.
They were dressed in all maize and blue, from their head to their feet
And their clothes were not tarnished, they were ready to compete;
Under the lights for the first time ever
This was a sight; a Wolverine Endeavour.
The Wolverines – how they passed! Their defense was on lock!
The passes were perfect, the defense like a rock!
The Irish fought back, as they always do,
But Michigan didn’t waiver – Go Blue!
It was fourth and one, and we knew they weren’t done,
They faked a long pass and did an end run,
Mommy looked at daddy and said isn’t this fun,
Daddy was happy with excitement, a jolly thirty year old,
Mommy smiled when she saw him, they had no idea what was about to unfold.
With a click of their cleats, and Shoelace led,
The crowd hoped there was nothing to dread,
Michigan spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
They stomped the Irish, and turned with a jerk,
Laying their hands on their hearts and pointing to the sky,
And giving a nod, up to the crowd, saying good-bye.
They sprang to their lockers, Hoke gave his team a whistle,
And away the crowd went in their dismissal,
But they all heard them exclaim, as they walked out of sight,
I had no idea this surprise would turn into the most exciting day ever!!!