That's Shoe Business

That's Shoe Business

Submitted by A2Fan on October 31st, 2011 at 4:21 PM

During the Purdue game at some point apparently Michigan had to make a wholesale change to the foot gear being worn by many players. Who is the equipment Maven who can explain how many configurations are available to the team on the sidelines. Any details as to the pattern or shape or length of the cleats in question would be appreciated. Is there a difference between what is routinely worn between the Fieldhouse & the Big House. Finally, how is it that after being on the field for warm-ups we are not appropriately outfitted for a Home game ?

Space Bitches! Again!

Space Bitches! Again!

Submitted by TampaJake on October 31st, 2011 at 4:17 PM

Freep but so what...

Michigan, "We are owning your space bases"


For those not wanting to click..."U-M put two satellites into space this morning – M-Cubed and RAX. They hitched a ride on a NASA rocket and satellite. U-M was one of three universities across the nation to send satellites into space on this rocket"

Contradictory Kovacs Condition Conclusions

Contradictory Kovacs Condition Conclusions

Submitted by Brhino on October 31st, 2011 at 3:58 PM

In Brian's Purdue game column, he says:


I sort of had the Kovacs information but it was only one unconfirmed source so I held it and hoped it was not true. Now that it is obviously true I can tell you a couple things about it: It is supposed to be an MCL sprain, which means he can barely move his leg at the moment and will be out a few weeks. When the coaches say he's "questionable" for Iowa they're in all likelihood… …lying their boo-boos off. Kovacs did not practice Tuesday but no one noticed this because they threw Matt Cavanaugh out there in #32.

But in today's Detroit News, there's this article:

As for Michigan's injuries, safety Jordan Kovacs, who missed the Purdue game with a knee injury, is "day-to-day," Hoke said. But the junior did run around a bit in practice Sunday. "I know he'll be back this week," said senior defensive lineman Ryan Van Bergen. "He was running around looking pretty good (on Sunday). The doctor said he wasn't going to play (against Purdue), but if you asked Jordan, he was going to play. We'll have him back."

This sounds considerably more promising. Hopefully his injury isn't as bad as Brian's information.

Halloween Costumes for the Football Players

Halloween Costumes for the Football Players

Submitted by UMAmaizinBlue on October 31st, 2011 at 3:34 PM

After the game as the players were celebrating on the wall with the students, I got a chance to talk to Koger, during which he told me he was going to be Mr. T for Halloween (great choice). This got me thinking: what could you see other players dressing up as for Halloween?

Obviously Gallon could be Snoop from The Wire, and Martin could go as the Hulk in I'm-Pissed-Off-And-Going-To-Sack-You-For-A-Safety Mode. What do you guys think? Any other ideas for the rest of the team?

Ohio State fans storming field vs Wisconsin

Ohio State fans storming field vs Wisconsin

Submitted by GoBlueGB on October 31st, 2011 at 1:17 PM

I dont know if this has been discussed yet, but after watching the end of the OSU vs Wisconsin game saturday night, I thought  Ohio State storming the field was quite pathetic for multiple reasons.  First, OSU considers itself a national football program.  If that is the case, someone explain to me why beating a 15th ranked opponeat is such a major deal.  Is Ohio State admitting that they are taking a step backwards and dont consider themselves a power house football program anymore?  Now you might say that OSU is down with all the scandals and such, and the win was a good moral victory, but you didnt see michigan storm the field after beating the 9th ranked badgers in 2008 after our program was going through some turmoil.  Second, OSU and Wisconsin isnt even a rivalry game.  Now I know wisconsin beat the #1 ranked buckeyes last year and stormed the field, so maybe that was a bit of a payback, but I dont believe the two programs have much of a history.  I was always under the impression that when you win, you must act like you been their before.  In which case i was shocked to see OSU that.  Now i tried to find the last time michigan stormed the field and was unsuccesful, anyone remember when we did this last?  I was shocked to see that none of the victories vs the Irish or PSU victory in 2005 netted any storming.

Do we REEEEALLY want to go to INDY? EDIT: Hell yes.

Do we REEEEALLY want to go to INDY? EDIT: Hell yes.

Submitted by sheepdog on October 31st, 2011 at 1:11 PM

Thanks for the great explanation from MVictors for clearly explaining the Big Ten rules for tie-breakers and how Michigan can get to the Big Ten title game.  But while everyone is so focused on getting to Indy, I thought of something else.  As crazy as it sounds, is going to Indy the most profitable thing for Michigan? Obviously, we would have the chance to be the conference champion and play in the Rose Bowl – I get that.

(   )o(   ) <--- big but, if we win out and MSU wins out, we would still have a great national ranking and still play in a BCS bowl.  If Michigan wins out (and so does MSU), they will be 11-1, easily be a top 10 team and could take one of the at-large bids.  If MSU loses, Michigan would go to the championship game, where they would have to face the Leaders division champ – not going to try to guess who that is, I only see it has one more (good) opportunity to lose.

So, if we win out (and MSU goes to Indy)= 11-1, BCS at-large

Win Big ten Champ= 12-1, Rose Bowl

Lose Big Ten Champ= 11-2, Capital One-ish bowl.


I only bring it up to gage the MGoCommunity on whether they would rather not go to the BTCG (under these circumstances) at all and get an at large bid, or go to the BTCG, risk losing and go to a Capital One-ish bowl.

Personally – I would like to see us go to the BTCG, I just reeeeeally don’t want to lose if we go!


EDIT - OK OK OK...Obviously we want to play and win the BTCG, I was only trying to solicit response from a scenario that has not been brought up. 

Where to watch Michigan football in Oz?!

Where to watch Michigan football in Oz?!

Submitted by IronDMK on October 31st, 2011 at 12:20 PM

As it turns out I'll be in Sydney, Australia for the Michigan versus Ohio game.  Obviously I would like to watch the game but I have no idea if that will be possible... I suppose it depends on what channel the game is on (most likely ABC but maybe ESPN) and if any bars/etc. are open at game time... it will most likely be a nooner so that'll be about 2am on Sunday for me. 

Anyway, if anyone else has been in this situation and has had success I would love to hear about it.  I've watched Michigan games while abroad in the past, but that was in the Caribbean and this time will be much different.  I have pretty much resigned myself to settling for mgoblog written content (immediately) and some highlight clips following shortly after.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A trip every Big Ten fan should make

A trip every Big Ten fan should make

Submitted by RationalMSUfan on October 31st, 2011 at 11:48 AM

And you thought I only posted after MSU wins.........


In any event, I just got back from Lincoln, Nebraska.   Obviously, the result of the game was disspointing, but what an experience.

From the time we arrived on Friday until the time we left, I was greeted about 7,236 times with "Welcome to Lincoln" and I didn't recieve a single taunt BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER the game.  The Husker fans were the epitome of what a Big Ten host school should be.  I think Husker Football is similar to the Green Bay Packers in that for the most part it is "the only game in town". As such, the residents treat it like their baby and they want everyone else to love it.

Their stadium was great and will look even nicer when they finish their mirror tower on the other side of the field.  Their fans (young and old) stand up and cheer the entire game.   Not sure if they do this everygame, but they realeased about 50,000 balloons into the air after their first score.  Their intro/hype videos are great as they follow the team during their "tunnel walk" from the lockerroom onto the field.

They also play a 5 second highlight clip of each notable Husker currently in the NFL and how they did in the NFL the previous Sunday.  One quick note...don't bite my head off, but I did crack a rye grin when they showed Suh's highlights.  They chose to show a clip of Suh ripping Matt Ryan's facemask off and the place went nuts. Obviously, they love Suh, but given the Gholston saga, I did have to laugh a bit at the irony.  Speaking of which, Gholston's performance got lost amongst the egg our offense laid, but he had 15 tackles and a sack. Pretty amazing tackle total for a DEnd.  In that regard, I think our defense held up pretty well given that they were on the field for 55 minutes of a 60 minute game!!!!  The offense.......not so much.

In any event, if you can make it, I really reccomend making the trek to Lincoln for a UM game. You won't regret it despite the LOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive.