For MGoLawyers: Hotel overbooking question for Sugar Bowl

For MGoLawyers: Hotel overbooking question for Sugar Bowl

Submitted by Mr. Robot on December 18th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

So I was a little slow to the draw on booking a hotel for the Sugar Bowl, mainly because I figured all along that the rates in NO would be sky high and we'd just be getting a room somewhere well out of town and driving in the day of the game.

I went to do that today, and just for kicks decided to see if there was anything cheap in town. To my surprise, Super 8's website showed rooms available at a hotel only 8 miles away from the Superdome and for only $85/night, so I promptly reserved it. I was still not completely believing they had rooms though, so I called the hotel and asked if they had any rooms, to which they said they were completely sold out and made it sound like they had been for a while.

I tried doing a little research on this, and from what I've read hotels that overbook tend to be good about putting you up elsewhere and paying for it as long as you're firm about it, but I saw nothing mentioned anywhere about the legal side of it. Since I was planning on staying a good distance away anyhow, it wouldn't break my heart to stay elsewhere, especially if Super 8 picks up the tab, but I'm concerned that they are not actually obligated to do that and may, despite our best chewing out of the manager, just give us the finger and not care that there may not be an available hotel for a good 100 miles.

So my question is: Is there any law regarding this, or even universal customer service standard in the hotel industry compelling them to at least find us another place with an opening? I am sure I am not the only one worried about this matter, as even people who booked early might be liable to get shafted by the hotel if they end up getting into town later than planned or something. To be clear about this too, I did use my card to reserve the room online directly with Super 8 and I did get a confirmation e-mail with a confirmation number.

Thanks in advance.

tl;rd version: I booked a hotel room online, got a reservation for it, and am concerned I might get screwed because there is no way they should have still had rooms available. Do I have any ammo to use against the hotel if I show up and they have filled all the rooms?

Edit: Pretty much got what I needed to know, but seriously people, what makes you think I would sue the hotel? I'm not looking for a free stay here, I'm just looking to know that if the hotel tells me they don't have a room for me they won't expect me to invent one on my own the night of the 2nd. Furthermore, I defend my desire for a cheap hotel, because neither myself or anybody I am going with has the kind of money to stay someplace fancy where they won't even include the internet. I'm glad some of you made some money with your Michigan degree, but I don't even have the degree yet, so kindly go flaunt your net worth to somebody else.

Superdome 3D Seating Chart

Superdome 3D Seating Chart

Submitted by Look Up_See Blue on December 17th, 2011 at 11:50 PM

I received my Sugar Bowl tickets today and was very anxious to see where we would be sitting(we purchased through athletic dept and did not know at time of purchase).  I found this really cool 3D seating chart that gives a pretty good idea of our seats.  When you click the link you will see at the top of the page where you can click on PLAZA-CLUB-TERRACE-SUITES-CHAMPIONS SQUARE.  From there you can click your section.  it gets even better.  Once you mouse over your section they do the rows in blocks and you can click the block that your row is in and then it zooms in with your view.  Pretty neat if you haven't seen it yet.  Hope everyone enjoys!


Edit: for those that rode the short bus to school like I did.  You can skip all that nonsense I wrote and at the bottom left of the page type in your section and row.  Wow i'm a dumbass sometimes.

A few minor recruiting notes (12/17)

A few minor recruiting notes (12/17)

Submitted by Gobluegr on December 17th, 2011 at 11:25 PM

The battle for the final offensive line spot is starting to really heat up. As previously posted, Jordan Diamond has Michigan in his top five. Michigan is going to get his last official visit, and since he seems to favor the school he visited most recently Michigan is in really good shape.

Another offensive line option is Kyle Dodson, 247 sports and Rivals are saying that he is trying to work out a Michigan official visit and it most likely will be his final one.

Josh Helmholdt tweeted this "The latest on 4star OT Kyle Dodson. Of interest to #Wisconsin #OhioState #Auburn #USC #Michigan #MichiganState fans" followed by this "Being discussed for an official visit /// RT @NickPrice05: @JoshHelmholdt Michigan fans? Kyle Dodson?" And Clint Brewster of 247 sports posted it on the Wolverine 247 board

Speaking of offensive line recruits, 2013 OL Logan Tuley-Tillman was recently offered by Notre Dame and Ohio State. His recruitment is really starting to blow up and he is looking like a big time prospect, so it's good Michigan got in early.

2013 reciever Jake Roh (brother of Craig) won 1st team all state for Arizona and led the state in touchdown reception (via TomVH twitter). He had a total of 49 receptions for 922 yards and 17 TDs against some good high school competition.…


Sugar Bowl Preview: Virginia Tech Backfield

Sugar Bowl Preview: Virginia Tech Backfield

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 17th, 2011 at 9:16 PM

In this MGoBoard post, MGoUser Gunners Ape asked if I'd provide my take on the Hokies. I'm now a contributor for Maize Pages, so I took the suggestion and asked my son Ryan who is the sports news director for VT's student radio station, WUVT-FM and who covered the team this season from the Lane Stadium press box if he'd pen some entries.

The first entry reviews VT's backfield duo of QB Logan Thomas and RB David Wilson. Future posts will feature the Hokies' receiving corps, offensive line, defensive line and linebackers, and defensive backfield.

I hope you find it useful.

While there, check out my Wolverines on Twitter page. It contains the account information for Michigan's football and basketball teams and committed recruits, former Wolverines and other U-M related accounts. Click and follow to your heart's content.

PSU QB Matt McGloin knocked unconscious in post practice fight

PSU QB Matt McGloin knocked unconscious in post practice fight

Submitted by Leaders And Best on December 17th, 2011 at 4:27 PM

Matt McGloin allegedly knocked unconscious today after a post practice fight with Curtis Drake, a repeat offender with his second incident in less than a year.   Hopefully McGloin is OK.  Another black eye for PSU as their football program is spiraling out of control.

Mod Edit: I've already deleted something like 20 comments from this thread, so I'm just going to lock it. We're going to avoid Jerry Sandusky jokes. [zl]

Berkley Edwards (Class of 2013 RB, brother of Braylon)

Berkley Edwards (Class of 2013 RB, brother of Braylon)

Submitted by kaykaybroke on December 17th, 2011 at 3:52 PM

TomVH tweeted that Berkely Edwards the APB from Chelsea ran a hand timed 4.39 40 at the MaxExposure thing at the Silverdome.

I took a look at his highlight reel and came away really impressed. Though his listed size (5'9, 185) is not ideal, he shows great change of direction moves, and seems to slip through holes in a very Vincent Smith-esqe way. 

The biggest thing I noticed in his highlights however was his speed. This kid can fly.


I hope we find some space in our class for this kid, especially with our soon to be need at runningback.

EDIT: Josh Helmholdt tweeted:

 Josh Helmholdt

JoshHelmholdt Josh Helmholdt 
Berkley Edwards has really shown well today. Besides the 4.35 he is also the most physically put together kid here.

Start of Bowl Season Open Thread/New Mexico/Potato/New Orleans Bowl

Start of Bowl Season Open Thread/New Mexico/Potato/New Orleans Bowl

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 17th, 2011 at 1:55 PM

We'll see how it goes. If there's a lot of interest, or a lot of other posts shoving it down the front page, we can do one for each bowl.  If it's a slow day, this can take care of all 3 bowl games today.  It's not like it's the Rose Bowl or anything today.  Though I am anxious to see the offense of Temple. I hear their OC is pretty good.  And SDS later should look familiar.  Ohio/Utah ST? Yeah, I got nothing.  But that doesn't have to matter in these threads.  It's for the fun, the love of college football. And werid JHackney pictures.  So come one, come all, come Blue Dragon, and let's enjoy the cheesy greatness/awfulness of the bowl season.


Edit: We've had 3 new threads since kickoff, and 10 still below it on the front page. I'm not bumping stuff for a new thread for each of these bowls. Someone might on New Year's Day or something.  If a mod wants separate threads for these, be my guest, just seems a waste of space. If something groundbreaking happens that bumps this off the front page, we probably won't care about the bowls anymore anyway.

First game going well..I gave the points.  We'll see about Utah State and SDS later.

Good luck to Wayne State!

Good luck to Wayne State!

Submitted by Buzz on December 17th, 2011 at 9:12 AM

I almost transferred to Wayne State in the late '80's from a public college in Northern California. 

This would be really nice for the school and the city.  Best of luck to the TARTARS. (I refuse to call them the Warriors, I'm sorry.)

EDIT: For the benefit of the non-Michiganders/non-Detroiters on this board, Wayne State is a school in Midtown Detroit.  Their football team is playing for the D-II football national championship today against Pittsburgh State University (Pittsburgh, KS).