Poll: Who do you hate the most?

Poll: Who do you hate the most?

Submitted by oriental andrew on January 16th, 2012 at 10:47 AM

Inspired by this thread (and I'm sure countless others before it), which school do you hate the most?  Just in case the poll below doesn't embed properly, here is the URL.  I threw in my vote for osu.


As a Michigan fan, who do you hate the most?
i hate them all equally
haven't you heard? illinois is our biggest rival.
i don't hate anyone. hate leads to suffering.
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Well, the masses have spoken and, so far, it's osu in a landslide. 


Currently, 85 votes (70%) for ohio; 17 votes (14%) for msu; 8 votes (7%) for all 3 equally; 7 votes (6%) for notre dame; 3 votes (2%) for hate leads to suffering; and 1 intrepid voter for some reason really hates illinois. 


Another update, and it's still osu by a wide margin.

  1. osu, 223 votes, 71%
  2. msu, 43 votes, 14%
  3. nd, 22 votes, 7%
  4. all equal, 13 votes, 4%
  5. hate leads to suffering (yoda), 7 votes, 2%
  6. illini!!!!, 4 votes, 1%

EDIT 3 (final, probably):

The probably final update says...

  1. we hate the $uckeye$ yeah OH-NO!!!!  302 votes, 69%
  2. we also hate lil bro for being an irritating PITA, like all lil bros are, 62 votes, 14%
  3. we hate nd like that annoying pimple that shows up just before a big date, 35 votes, 8%
  4. a few of you really have a lot of hatred built up, hating them all equally, 23 votes, 5%
  5. which is unhealthy, as the jedis-in-training have learned well from yoda that hate leads to suffering, 9 votes, 2%
  6. and some of you are just deluded, or are illinois fans voting on this poll to bolster your numbers, 7 votes, 2%

OT: Saban- you can't sign this year, but I will find you a job?

OT: Saban- you can't sign this year, but I will find you a job?

Submitted by iawolve on January 16th, 2012 at 10:17 AM

At this to the list of non-surprising things: RB Justin Taylor signed with Alabama last Feb and now he is no longer wanted in this class. He will be allowed to try again next year because Saban promised to sign a piece of paper saying he could have a scholarship next year (Saban also has only 25 schollies with 27 commits so someone else may get a bump).

What is even more interesting is that the staff told Taylor to stay in Georgia, rehab his knee and that they would "get him a job" while he is taking a year off. Are you allowed to get a recruit a job? I always assumed that you could not do that. Maybe there is some gray area in the NCAA manual (see the new Cam Newton's Dad's rule) for graduated recruits not in college? Seemed like a screaming red flag.




Edit: a commenter below found the bylaw that allows you to find a kid a job. Scan down to MGoShoe. Wow.


Michigan-bound players dominate Detroit News Blue Chip list

Michigan-bound players dominate Detroit News Blue Chip list

Submitted by RoxyMtnHiM on January 16th, 2012 at 9:32 AM

This is the way it used to be back in the day, when we had our pick of the state's top players. Trememendous job by the Hoke and the staff this year. The state of Michigan is not FLA, but there's talent in the backyard and it's always been our foundation.