Video: Alabama Spring Practice Drills

Video: Alabama Spring Practice Drills

Submitted by Thorin on April 6th, 2012 at 6:34 AM

If you think you're jonesing for spring practice video, welcome to RDT's neighborhood where most people don't have shoes and you get some drills, a scrimmage photo gallery and stats instead of highlights. At least they have a real spring game (I think). Eight days and counting until A-Day in T-Town.

Behind Enemy Lines (Bama Fans on Michigan)

Behind Enemy Lines (Bama Fans on Michigan)

Submitted by RollDamnTide on April 4th, 2012 at 7:30 PM

I'll just give you a quick summary of what is being said in T-Town (That's Tuscaloosa for all of you north of Kentucky).


-Most fans believe that since Les Miles is a "Michigan Man", that Michigan will get a lot of input from him on how to beat Alabama.

-A lot of fans are convinced that Bama's D can make Denard Robinson a solely zone read QB. That Michigan's coaches won't have Denard putting the ball in the air all that often.

-Our secondary is young, so a lot of people are worried that Denard will be able to get chunks of yardage downfield on plays that he keeps alive.

-Quite a few fans believe this will be a lot like Bama's game against Va-Tech in 09, with Michigan scoring less than Va Tech managed.

-People are genuinely scared of Denard's ability to throw on the run.

-They were not impressed by the videos of Michigan's scrimmage. (Just a quick insight on that. People who put stock in Spring game, or practice scrimmage video are foolish)

-Most fans believe a "Shotgun Zone read" offense will be ineffective at moving the ball against Alabama.

-These are smart fans, they know Michigan is still recovering from a a size problem under the Rich Rodriguez era. 

-Michigan's defense is an area of concern for a lot of folks. They know Mattison has beaten the Tide before, and know he can dial up a scheme that will cause us problems.

-Trent Richardson is gone, but this is probably the best offensive line that Alabama has had in 20 years. 4 returning starters give us a lot of hope that the running game won't suffer any setbacks.

-A few of the smarter posters have been warning people about the impact Ondre Pipkins could have. We think he'll play, and we think he'll see major time against us. (After watching this kids tape, I'm so happy Barrett Jones switched to center, Yikes!)



It's far too early for me to go into full break down mode, we have all summer for that. I'll continue sharing info from across enemy lines that hopefully we'll give you guys good reading material.

On a personal note. A lot of Bama fans have realized that I'm on here now, so I catch a lot of flack for it. I think we could see a few of the better posters join MgoBlog closer to the game, and I hope they do, they'd be a big plus to this community.


Edit: I should have noted that these are from 3-4 different sites. Sorry guys, I got lazy, it's been a very long week already and I'm exhausted.