Goodbye: David Dawson

Goodbye: David Dawson

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on October 14th, 2012 at 1:19 PM

Per Sam Webb

Hearing that #Michigan has parted ways with Detroit Cass Tech David Dawson. Digging on it now. Stay tuned for more details

Have we have lost our pipeline edge in Cass Tech? Batten down the hatches.

History of Michigan recruting Cass Tech-

Player Pos Class Team
Vernon Gholston DE 2004 Ohio
Joseph Barksdale DT 2007 LSU
Boubecar Cissoko CB 2008 Michigan
Will Campbell DT 2009 Michigan
Thomas Gordon S 2009 Michigan
Teric Jones RB 2009 Michigan
Dior Mathis CB 2010 Oregon
Delonte Hollowell DB 2011 Michigan
Royce Jenkins-Stone LB 2012 Michigan
Terry Richardson CB 2012 Michigan

Current Cass Tech players-

David Dawson OL 2013 Offered
Jourdan Lewis CB 2013 Michigan (Verbal Commit)
Damon Webb CB 2014 Offered


It's Hate Week

It's Hate Week

Submitted by Michael Scarn on October 14th, 2012 at 1:10 PM

In 6 short days, this snarling, constantly constipated-looking jackass will step into Michigan Stadium:

The "tough" guy with the strong jaw will be bundled up.  Brady Hoke won't wear sleeves.  

With an inept offense and an overrated defense, the Spartans are fresh off a Homecoming loss to Iowa and are back to their old ways - playing their Super Bowl against Michigan.  The early forecast is for a cool 55 degrees and showers - classic Big Ten football weather.  Don't think for one second that anyone in Schembechler Hall has forgotten about this:

or this:

or "60 minutes of unneccessary roughness."

Release Jake Ryan, Mattison.  Run wild, Denard.  Beat them soundly and then be classy in victory as you always are, Hoke.  

Jersey Inconsistencies (not Uniformz related)

Jersey Inconsistencies (not Uniformz related)

Submitted by JeepinBen on October 14th, 2012 at 12:54 PM

So it's been pointed out before that Adidas has had some... inconsistencies in the jerseys and their piping on the away unis:

Notice how Roh's piping goes above his name, QWash's is below. Yesterady I noticed something weird with the home uni's as well. As part of the "Block M is Everywhere" campaign, a block M was added to the back collar on the home jerseys:

You can see Kenny Demens has a Block M on his back collar here (from yesterday):

However, the offensive players (as best I could tell) didn't have a block M yesterday. They had text "Michigan" in that spot. 

PhotoLook at the collar on the Funchise. Anyone know why this is? I'm not trying to complain so much as my OCD tendancies hate Adidas. 

OT: Cato June's Anacostia HS Update

OT: Cato June's Anacostia HS Update

Submitted by joegeo on October 14th, 2012 at 12:12 PM

Had the opportunity to watch the Anacostia High School football team play out here in the DC.  Some may recall that Cato June returned to DC and is currently in his second year coaching Anacostia.

The team looked great in a 20-14 win.  Not surprisingly, they rely on a tough, hard hitting, and stingy defense.  They're now 4-3, a nice turnaround after having won just a single game over the past 2 seasons combined.  He's really changed the culture at the school as well, with their formerly empty stands consistantly being filled on Friday nights.

Mike Farrell calls Channing Stribling sleeper/likely to get rankings bump

Mike Farrell calls Channing Stribling sleeper/likely to get rankings bump

Submitted by drewro02 on October 14th, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Title says it all. Nice to see Stribling getting some recognition, and seeing the coaches find a diamond in the rough this summer:

2. Is there a sleeper in your region who could be getting a bump in our next rankings?

Mike Farrell, National/Mid-Atlantic: Matthews (N.C.) Butler defensive back Channing Stribling was a bit of a reach when Michigan took him, but he has played very well this season and his stock is rising. He was outstanding at Michigan's summer camp, which is why he earned his offer, and he has carried that play over to this season.

MICHIGAN #1 in B1G (sagarin computer rank)

MICHIGAN #1 in B1G (sagarin computer rank)

Submitted by michelin on October 14th, 2012 at 10:46 AM

MIchigan is the top team in the B1G according to The Sagarin poll.  Below I list the PREDICTOR ratings--which are the best in actually predicting game outcomes.  I also list the overall national rank according to these ratings.*


1. Michigan  (#13 overall, rating 85.33)

2. Ohio (#18 overall, rating 83.15) INELIGIBLE for postseason

3. Neb (#23, rating 81.74)

4. Wisconsin (#27, rating 79.69)

5. PSU (#28, 79.64) ALSO INELIGIBLE for postseason

6. MSU (#36. 77.2)


One predicts the outcome of future games by subtracting the two Sagarin PREDICTOR ratings (with + or -3 for Home Field).  So, if we play Wisc in INDY for the B1G title, we should be favored by 5-6 points.  If Ohio were not ineligible and Michigan played them in INDY, UM would beat Ohio.   In Columbus, the game would be essentially a tossup (less than a one point margin).   Also, Michigan would be favored over MSU by 8 points on a neutral field and  by 11 points this coming week in Ann Arbor (+3 for home field).

I don't know what the Vegas point spread is, but I suspect that it will be smaller, since UM-MSU is a rivalry game.


*Michigan also is #1 when Sagarin's PREDICTOR ratings are averaged with the ELO-CHESS ratings.  The latter do not consider point margins and are not as good in predicting actual game outcomes.  Regrettably, the overall BCS computer rankings use  the ELO-CHESS Sagarin ratings--as well as other computer polls that often overweigh WL records and underweigh SOS.  So, we will not do as well when the BCS computer rankings come out.  However, I do not believe that any of these alternative ranks has been shown to do as well as the Sagarin PREDICTOR ratings in forecasting actual game outcomes.  And that's what's important in predicting the rest of the UM season.

Lewan an NFL draft riser of the week

Lewan an NFL draft riser of the week

Submitted by FGB on October 14th, 2012 at 2:09 AM

FWIW Taylor Lewan is listed first in the list of NFL draft stock risers of the week on SI, with a projection of him being potentially the first tackle off the board (which in today's NFL I presume means a top 5 pick at worst).…

Sad face as I selfishly held out hope he might not be super-hyped so much so that he'd stay another year, but I would never begrudge a first round pick for leaving early.  (frankly, I don't begrudge other folks like Shantee Orr or Ernest Shazor either for doing what they felt they needed to do, just disappoint sometimes for what coulda been)

Anyway, stay safe, NFL donkeys.  You're on notice.