Another ND Player in Trouble for an Alcohol Related Offense

Another ND Player in Trouble for an Alcohol Related Offense

Submitted by hart20 on May 20th, 2012 at 6:44 PM

Yet another ND player has gotten into trouble with the law for an alcohol related offense. 


DaVaris Daniels, a sophomore-to-be receiver, was cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor on May 13, according to police records in his hometown of Vernon Hills.

Daniels was one of 29 individuals cited at an address that matches his own. Police said they were responding to a call for an ambulance when "all subjects were found to be participating in an underage party and had consumed alcohol while under the age of 21."

"I'm aware of the citation DaVaris received and will be speaking with him about the matter," Irish coach Brian Kelly said in a statement released late Wednesday. "Any team-related discipline that may be forthcoming will be handled internally."


Chicago Tribune Link


The offense itself is relatively minor and the partygoers should be commended for calling an ambulance but the sheer amount of alcohol fueled run-ins with the law under Brian Kelly's tenure has to raise some eyebrows for a program that's so prideful of being better than everyone else. Whether it be just bad luck or something indicative of the program as a whole remains to be seen.


Other alochol-related offense under Brian Kelly:

  • DaVaris Daniels (MIP)
  • Tommy Rees (4 misdemeanors)
  • Carlo Calabrese (Intimidation)
  • Michael Floyd (2 MIPs, 1 DUI)
  • 8 football players arrested for underage drinking during the summer before Kelly's first year
  • [ED:BISB - redacted]


I'm sure that's not all of them so feel free to add anything else not on the list. I'm not sure if Tommy Ree's sister getting in trouble at the Purdue game counts or not.


Here's a somewhat interesting article on Brian Kelly's handling of alcohol related offenses at ND

Oh, and Tommy Rees plead not guilty to all the charges he was facing.


[ED:BISB - Matt James' death is not relevant here. In fact, Matt James' death is rarely relevant. Same with Declan Sullivan's death. Where they are actually relevant, they are fair game for discussion. But when they are only tangentially related, they should not be used. Rule of thumb: dead teenagers rarely help the point you are trying to make]

MOAR uniform speculation!

MOAR uniform speculation!

Submitted by kaykaybroke on May 20th, 2012 at 3:10 PM

It's the off-season guys. Please don't kill me.

This picture was from a post-visit reaction peace by Tremendous, but has a picture inside the Michigan locker room, where you can see some of the alternate uni's from last year. You see the throwback jersey's from Notre Dame, and *sigh* the ones from MSU as well. 

Whether this means the team has been practicing in these, or plans to wear both for our prime-time games this season remains to be seen. Are these the two that are most likely going to be used?

Commence speculation.

[EDIT: interesting note.... the helmets have blue facemasks and are void of numbers! WOOT]

Nebraska Recruiting, Michigan and the rest of the B1G

Nebraska Recruiting, Michigan and the rest of the B1G

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on May 20th, 2012 at 2:13 PM


Since Nebraska has moved to the B1G, I thought it would be interesting to look at their recruiting efforts, especially in B1G territory, and how that might affect Michigan and other B1G teams. So, I created two tables: the first table shows which states Nebraska recruits; the other table shows which B1G teams Nebraska successfully recruited against for players in the B1G footprint.

A few caveats before I discuss the tables: I only used Rivals data which provides just general information about recruiting and recruits and likely has some inaccuracies, 2013 recruiting is incomplete, and there are too few years with Nebraska in the B1G and Brady Hoke at Michigan to make truly informed statements about trends in Nebraska recruiting and how that affects Michigan.  Also, I did not look at how many players Michigan successfully recruited that Nebraska was also recruiting.  I see these tables and discussion as a starting point, not some final, fully supported claim.

Year Total # NE TX Other Big 12 OH Other B1G Coach
2002 21 7 2 0 0 MI 2* Solich
2003 19 5 6 2 0 MI 3*, IL 3* Solich
2004 20 5 1 3 0 IL 2*, 2*, MN 4*, 3* Callahan
2005 32 3 3 7 0 MN 2* Callahan
2006 22 4 1 5 0 0 Callahan
2007 27 2 7 5 0 0 Callahan
2008 28 5 9 3 2*+ 0 Pellini
2009 20 2 8 2 0 0 Pellini
2010 22 4 5 5 4 *+ IL 4*, MN 3* Pellini
2011 20 4 5 1 3*, 3* IL 4*  Pellini
2012 17 1 2 2 3*, 4* IL 3*, 4* Pellini
2013 7 1 1 0 3*, 3*+, 4*+ WI 3* Pellini

Table 1: Number of NE recruits for B1G and other areas, 2002-2013. Asterisks indicate stars (e.g., 2* is a 2 star player).  The plus sign indicates a recruit from Cardinal Mooney HS.



Bo Pelini does seem to be shifting his recruiting focus more towards the upper Midwest, especially Ohio.  This shift started before the move from the Big 12 to the B1G, but may be accelerating with the move.  Pelini has publicly commented about re-focusing on Texas:


Nebraska is not in a position to ignore Texas recruits, and Nebraska does recruit nationally, including pulling quite a few players from California through the years. But, Pelini also realizes he can’t concede the B1G country to the other B1G teams either, and being a graduate of Cardinal Mooney HS in Youngstown and of OSU has, no doubt, helped him to recruit Ohio.  In fact, four of his nine Ohio recruits have come from Cardinal Mooney HS.

Here are a couple of cool maps created by Nebraska newspapers that illustrate the recruiting of Nebraska and other B1G teams, showing where the recruits are coming from:

Year Name State Pos. Stars UM MSU IA IL IN MN NW OSU PSU PU WI ND Other
2008 Tim Marlowe OH+ Ath 2                         None
2010 Corey Cooper IL S 4   *   *   *         * * Stanford, FSU
  Braylon Heard OH+ RB 4         *       * *     WV
  Tobi Okuyemi MN DE 3 * * *     *         *    
2011 Ryan Klachko IL OG 4       * * *       *      
  Max Pirman OH LB 3         *             *  
  Kevin Williams OH DT 3 * *   * *           *   OR, Stan, WV
2012 L. Alexander OH ATH 3                         Toledo
  G. McMullen OH DE 4   *         * *   *   *  
  V. Valentine IL DT 3 * * * *     *   * *   * Alabama, OK
  J. Westerkamp IL WR 4   * * * * * *         *  
2013 Greg hart OH TE 3         *   *     *      
  Courtney Love OH+ LB 3   *   * *     *       * OK, USC, WV, 
  M. McWilson OH+ S 4   *   * *         *     WV
  A. J. Natter WI DE 3   * *     *       * *    
  Totals:     3.33 3 9 4 7 8 5 4 2 2 7 4 6


Table 2: Nebraska recruits vs.B1G.  The asterisks in each column indicate the schools who offered each player.  At the bottom, the total offers are listed (e.g., MSU offered 9 of the Nebraska recruits). Plus signs next to OH indicate players from Cardinal Mooney.



As table 2 illustrates (caveats apply), Nebraska is competing well with schools like Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, and especially Michigan State for recruits, but not so much against Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State.  As a matter of fact, Nebraska seems to be quite a problem for MSU, pulling in the kind of players from Ohio and elsewhere in B1G country that State has successfully recruited under Dantonio. It seems like a win-win situation for Michigan: Nebraska, for the most part, is not successfully competing against Michigan for recruits, but it is against MSU, our in-state rival, leaving fewer players for State to pick up.

Dallas Morning News: Big 12 Source said "We Might Be Moving Toward 4 Superconferences"

Dallas Morning News: Big 12 Source said "We Might Be Moving Toward 4 Superconferences"

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 19th, 2012 at 8:01 PM

Well I guess it's that time of year again to play, "Superconference rumors sprouting from Big 12 country".

At least it's not again.

Remember the idea of the superconference? When conference realignment first started to take off two summers ago, there was talk of college football eventually cannabilizing itself to create four 16-team super-conferences.

Well, following the news that the SEC and Big 12 have gotten together and agreed on a plan to have their conference champions face off in a bowl game should they not be involved in the new playoff, much like the Big Ten and Pac-12 do in the Rose Bowl, it seems the idea of superconferences has been rekindled.

In fact, one Big 12 source even told the Dallas Morning News' Chuck Carlton that he thinks that's exactly where the sport is headed.

"I really can't believe I'm saying this," the source told the paper. "We might be moving to four super-conferences -- and the Big 12 would be one of those."

The other three, obviously, would be the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12. Those four conferences distanced themselves from the ACC and Big East with this latest bowl announcement, and the fact that this announcement came after rumors that Florida State was interested in jumping from the ACC to the Big 12 doesn't help the situation.

At the moment the ACC and Big East, along with independents like Notre Dame face an uncertain future. Sure, the odds of both the Big 12 champion and SEC champion not being involved in whatever format playoff is decided upon aren't great, but the plan also includes conference runner-ups.

Which means that if the playoffs aren't a part of the current bowl system, a bowl like the Fiesta Bowl or Sugar Bowl could become the defacto host of this new bowl game. Which would eliminate ACC and Big East teams from consideration.

None of this makes super-conferences a certainty by any means, but anybody who is paying attention has to realize that the concept is a lot more likely now than it was even a week ago. covers Mott Takeover; talks to Players/Coaches covers Mott Takeover; talks to Players/Coaches

Submitted by M-Wolverine on May 19th, 2012 at 2:32 PM covers the Radiothon that pulled in almost $80k for Mott's Children Hospital. In between thhey talked to players and coaches about various topics.

In what amounts to delicious Hoke porn, the ex-players talk about the coach-…

There may still be people who doubt Hoke; the guys who played aren't among them.

The Gorgeous One talks about expanding Devin's role on offense-…

Steve Everitt talks about the NFL bounty system. Check out that "Worst State Ever" shirt-…

Brady talks about MSU's winning streak-…

General article, but with great pics of players (someone has to get Steve in his WSE shirt posted)-…

And we all know Roundtree will wear 21 this fall; his reaction-…

Now I Hate the Rose Bowl Too- Thanks Delany!

Now I Hate the Rose Bowl Too- Thanks Delany!

Submitted by 93Grad on May 19th, 2012 at 11:28 AM

I've been to 4 Rose Bowls and it used be a magial experience.  It is a beautiful game played in a beautiful stadium in a beuatiful part of the world.

The Rose Bowl used to stand for everything good about college football: tradition, pomp and circumstance, New Years Day, etc.  Now it stands for all that is wrong with college football:  arrogance, stupidty, greed etc

I now hate the Rose Bowl because the B1G AD's and commissioner are using it as a shield  to deflect the fact that they are too weak or too stupid to effectuate play-off games in the north. 

So in the name of preserving the tradition of the Rose Bowl they are taking that tradition and wiping their ass with it.  Thanks Delany.


Roy Roundtree to wear #21

Roy Roundtree to wear #21

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 18th, 2012 at 5:09 PM


For everyone bagging on me for my sig, it may not be the #1 jersey but it's the next best thing.

Congrats Roy!

Michigan Football @umichfootball

"I am very pleased that Roy will be wearing the number 21 this year." - @DesmondHoward


MGoBlue Release:

BigXII (=10) Champ vs SEC Champ, New Years Day, Next 5 yrs

BigXII (=10) Champ vs SEC Champ, New Years Day, Next 5 yrs

Submitted by superstringer on May 18th, 2012 at 12:22 PM

BigXII and SEC agreed today that their respective champs will play in a bowl game on NYD for next five years:

- Bowl to be determined -- just imagine the phone calls they're fielding right now.

- Obv will be secondary to any teams picked for the 4-team playoff

- Is this supposed to offset B1G/Pac12 Rose Bowl?

Is this a big deal? Or not?