Semi OT: Michigan gameday parking (sort of special circumstance question)

Semi OT: Michigan gameday parking (sort of special circumstance question)

Submitted by gotohail on August 24th, 2012 at 6:46 PM
I have to walk with a cane on occasion due to a hip replacement and leg issues (only 32) but I am not officially handicapped so I can't get special parking...I haven't been to the Big House in years and years and even then I wasn't the one driving. I will be attending the Air Force game with my wife and I figured Pioneer would be my best bet if I could get a spot but thought I'd get some feedback from some of you guys since many of you would have much more insight than I would. When I was younger and there I never thought about things like this and we just walked from the dorms. I'm sure this may have been covered many a time however a quick search didn't come up with thi gs other than basic parking and tailgating questions.

Denard No. 6 on ESPN B1G Blog Player Countdown

Denard No. 6 on ESPN B1G Blog Player Countdown

Submitted by Colt McBaby Jesus on August 24th, 2012 at 4:08 PM

Denard No. 6, Lewan was 10.…

My prediction to finish out the rest:

1. Ball

2. Simon

3. Tom (This bottles my mind)

4./5. Burkhead, somebody else who I can't think of.

Jesse Palmer says we are above scheduling App St.

Jesse Palmer says we are above scheduling App St.

Submitted by wolverine1987 on August 24th, 2012 at 3:56 PM

Just watched today's College Football Live show on ESPN where they discussed Brandon and our scheduling App State 2: The Revenge. Jesse Palmer took the position that it was a no win situation, that a 77-0 victory does nothing to erase The Horror, that there was no reason to re-schedule them, and that we should "put our bags down and move on." Not sure what that last thing meant exactly, but I get the gist. He finished with (paraphrase) "Michigan is above this and above App. St, sorry."  Pretty much the exact Brian position. 

OT - Warning for Utah vs. Michigan 2014: QB Connor Manning, the Next Matt Barkley?

OT - Warning for Utah vs. Michigan 2014: QB Connor Manning, the Next Matt Barkley?

Submitted by markusr2007 on August 24th, 2012 at 2:31 PM

In 2014, when Michigan next plays Utah, the Utes might have a sophomore or RS Freshman QB named Connor Manning from Lake Forest, CA (Orange County) at the helm.  

Manning currently plays for El Toro High School (Lake Forest, CA). As a junior QB last year, Manning broke Matt Barkley's single season passing record with 4,219 yards and 41 TDs.

Last night El Toro destroyed Huntington Beach 47-24 for their season opener:

Manning's game stats: 454 yards passing, 44 of 66 for 6 TDs.

That's one hell of a start to the season.

Manning is only 6-2, and "only a 3-star" at Scout, but he's probably one of those local SoCal kids Hoke and Borges would have recruited at SD State. See his offer list.

Be warned, Next week is not game week!

Be warned, Next week is not game week!

Submitted by DesHow21 on August 24th, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Just because there is a game on Saturday does not make it game week, so please refrain from posting "OMG I cantz believz its game week". 

Here are the requirements for a week to be "game week":

1. Needless fretting about a less than convincing win in the prior week / "OMG my world is ending" panic following a loss. Large part of the blame is laid on the damn student section being late or quiet blue haired alumni negating our home field advantage. 

2. Waiting desparately for the UFR which will inevitably come 2 days later than Brian promises because he is a lazy ass. More wailing to follow once it posted. No heed is paid to silly facts like the scoring system is completely arbitrary and depends on Brian GUESSING the play and associated player assignments.

3. Over enthusiastic mgoblogger posting a report of the next opponents last game followed by panic ("Why come everything in the world had to line up exactly right for our opponent for just this week to become the 1985 Bears? Why come??")

4. Hoke issues vague injury report followed by detailed analysis showing Michigan is now totally screwed because of the possible loss of this one player who is uniquely suited to give us a ghost of a chance against the 85 bears.

5. Brian is forced to issue a wild-ass guess predicting the result of a game in the most unpredictable league in the universe. He curses his fate and kicks a bunny.

6. Friday suddenly brings unexplained optimism and posts that drag out obscure stats to show why the 85 Bears weren't all they were made out to be and darn it this is Meeeeshigan. - Why the SEC isn't as Great in Football as You'd Think - Why the SEC isn't as Great in Football as You'd Think

Submitted by unWavering on August 24th, 2012 at 1:58 PM

Didn't see this posted, but (never really heard of it) put up this article that attempts to explain the SEC's somewhat mythical dominance of CFB.  Some highlights:


Witness the record since the start of the BCS era in 1998:

SEC vs. PAC-12 regular season: 10-12 SEC vs. PAC-12 bowl games: 1-0

SEC vs. Big 12 regular season: 6-10 SEC vs. Big 12 bowl games: 21-8

SEC vs. ACC regular season: 42-36 SEC vs. ACC bowl games: 16-9

SEC vs. Big 10 regular season: 7-4 SEC vs. Big 10 bowl games: 19-19

SEC vs. Big East regular season: 16-15 SEC vs. Big East bowl game: 3-8

3-8 vs Big East?  Is that real?


Despite being approximately equal to other conferences in most quantifiable categories, the SEC and other southern schools are unfairly presented with championship opportunities and favors on what is far from a level playing field.

The SEC is better than other conferences at media manipulation and pretending that fiction is fact and fact is fiction. But as a top-to-bottom conference it is not better at football. The numbers bear that out.

Not much new here that hasn't already been said on these boards, but it's nice to see that the media is starting to recognize that the SEC is much over-hyped.  I don't think there's any question that the SEC hasn't been the best football conference for a few years now, but the gap isn't nearly as big as the Worldwide Leader would like you to believe.


OT Miss. St. Being Investigated by the NCAA

OT Miss. St. Being Investigated by the NCAA

Submitted by hart20 on August 24th, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Mods, could one of you move this to the MGoBoard, please?


Miss. St. is the latest team in the SEC to face an NCAA investigation, with 1 coach, WR coach Angelo Mirando, resigning, presumably because of involvement in the scandal.


The school says the investigation is close to finished. NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn confirmed the NCAA and Mississippi State were "working cooperatively," but did not have any further comment.

"That's been going on for the last several months," Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen said following Thursday's practice. "I'm not able to comment on any of that."

Mississippi State receivers coach Angelo Mirando resigned Sunday, citing "unforeseen personal issues." Mullen has not elaborated on the reason for Mirando's resignation. reported Mirando's resignation was related to the recruitment of at least one player on the current roster. The report later says that MSU freshman defensive back Will Redmond was the subject of an NCAA interview with Redmond's high school coach, without explicitly connecting the two issues.

Mullen said that Redmond is still practicing with the team. Mullen also was openly critical of ESPN reporter Joe Schad, who wrote the story.


USA Today Link

Some tweets: 


Former Miss St WR coach Angelo Mirando resigned in wake of ongoing NCAA investigation into his recruitment of at least one Bulldogs player


Just got off the phone with another contact down in Starkville. This could get ugly...reaching into the state of Alabama


Dispatch MSU Sports Blog: Sources: NCAA investigation of Mississippi State football involves car for Will

SDS Link


Personally, I'm very surprised to see an SEC team being investigated by the NCAA for improper benefits. I have always thought the SEC to be an honorable and noble conference. Who knew?




Pioneer vs Golf Course for Tailgating

Pioneer vs Golf Course for Tailgating

Submitted by robbyt003 on August 24th, 2012 at 11:18 AM

I'm wondering which one everyone prefers when it comes to tailgating?  I usually go to Pioneer but last year it seemed like they were cramming everyone in and you didn't really have room to set up bags (cornhole) or tables.  Or any suggestions on where at Pioneer is the best to park to avoid that?