OT: Bill O'Brien Interview

OT: Bill O'Brien Interview

Submitted by Chi-Blue on July 25th, 2012 at 10:18 PM

I know there is a new story everyday about PSU and all that is going on, but the interview that O'Brien did with ESPN is worth the 15 min. I know part of the job description for big time coaches is being a salesman, but I was pretty impressed with him. This was really the first time I've heard the guy for any length of time and he looks to be the real deal.



Wisconsin and Purdue Move 2013 Game Earlier in Season

Wisconsin and Purdue Move 2013 Game Earlier in Season

Submitted by Needs on July 25th, 2012 at 6:32 PM

Wisconsin and Purdue have agreed to move their 2013 game up to the 4th week of the season (the traditional, "every Big 10 team plays a snacky cake" week), opening the Big 10 season a week earlier than the rest of the conference. A good move in what is typically an atrocious week of Big 10 football (though we play ND in the 4th week this year). It also allows Wisconsin to add a November game against BYU.

On another note, man, does the potential decline of Penn State make Wisconsin's 2013 schedule easy.

Aug. 31 Massachusetts
Sept. 7 Tennessee Tech
Sept. 14 at Arizona State
Sept. 21 Purdue
Sept. 28 at Ohio State
Oct. 5 Open
Oct. 12 Northwestern
Oct. 19 at Illinois
Oct. 26 Open
Nov. 2 at Iowa
Nov. 9 BYU
Nov. 16 Indiana
Nov. 23 at Minnesota
Nov. 30 Penn State


Obviously, they'll be underdogs at OSU and maybe Iowa, but they'll likely be at least touchdown favorites in every other game, missing Nebraska, MSU, and UM. This schedule here makes the need for a 9 game conference schedule plainly evident.




PSU trustees to meet on NCAA penalty

PSU trustees to meet on NCAA penalty

Submitted by Leaders And Best on July 25th, 2012 at 4:23 PM

Penn State mess continues to get messier.  Reported that Penn State Board of Trustees will meet to discuss whether President Erickson had authority to agree to NCAA sanctions.


Doesn't help when the alumni elect this guy and 4 former football players (out of 9 alumni representatives) to your BOT:

Anthony Lubrano has been doing his own one man press tour in the last 2 days that makes the PSU BOT look like a bunch of delusional football fans:



Also, our tax dollars will be paying former PSU president Graham Spanier soon as somehow he got a job working for the federal government:


Bill O'Brien's situation, what do you think? (edited)

Bill O'Brien's situation, what do you think? (edited)

Submitted by Tuebor on July 25th, 2012 at 4:23 PM

I think Bill O'Brien has been granted a tremendous opportunity at PSU. For the next 4 years PSU football will celebrate wins like the super bowl and blame the losses on Mark Emmert and the NCAA. O'Brien no longer has to worry about respecting the legacy and traditions of Penn State because they got nuked by the Freeh Report. He can now rebuild penn state in his image without the pressures of following one of college football's greatest coaches.  You think following Lloyd Carr at Michigan was hard, try following JoePa at PSU regardless of the circumstances.  He essentially has 4 years to prepare for the 2016 season and beyond and nobody can question his methods with "That's not how Joe did things". 


With smart, targeted recruiting strategies I think a school like Penn State, even with 65 scholarships, can be competitive in the B1G.  I don't think Bill O'Brien is in as bad a situation as we think, but it could be a glass half-full viewpoint.

Bama Bet with my niece

Bama Bet with my niece

Submitted by MaizeRage89 on July 25th, 2012 at 3:20 PM

So its a slow day and I thought I would share the bet I made with my niece this past Sunday (pre Fitz and Clark) She is going into her Sopohmore year at Alambama and was just talking up a trash storm that would make Spartan stadium proud.

After listening to her go on and on about how were are gonna get stomped and that I should bet her money on the game I finally decided to come up with a win win bet.

Terms are if she wins I give her $100 bucks and when I win she has to wear the "Beat Bama Blue" shirt from the Mden all week long, record herself walking through the main quad and post it on youtube.

Either way I win because if I lose I am helping out a poor college kid and when we win her life is gonna suck for a week!

Now keep in mind this was before our student athletes made some poor choices this week.

Also this is my first post and I have no idea how to input images. If someone could post the T-Shirt I'm talking about that would be great!

So did I just give away $100 or is she gonna get the crap kicked out of her?

Penn State Financial Fallout Continues

Penn State Financial Fallout Continues

Submitted by justingoblue on July 25th, 2012 at 1:32 PM

There's an article today on ESPN reporting that Penn State football lost State Farm as a sponsor for the upcoming season. The same article claims GM hasn't finished their review, while Pepsi, PNC and Highmark Inc. have decided to stick with Penn State for the time being. The article also states that Penn State apparel sales are down from about $80m before the scandal, $60m since the scandal broke and an analyst is predicting a number as low as $45m for this upcoming year. Personally, I think it will be interesting to see who is advertising by the time the season rolls around.

Also, more importantly, Moody's Investor Service has put Penn State's Aa1 rating under review. This press release cites concerns over University governance, as well as "student demand and fundraising" issues. According to Bloomberg, investors have already begun penalizing Penn State by asking for additional basis points in exchange for buying PSU bonds. With over $1b in bonds, a credit rating downgrade would be very costly for Penn State.

Group of players reaffirm commitment to PSU

Group of players reaffirm commitment to PSU

Submitted by Leaders And Best on July 25th, 2012 at 9:54 AM

- A group of 25 players led by Zordich and Mike Mauti reaffirmed their commitment to stay at Penn State this morning. Notably, Silas Redd was not present. It will be interesting to see if PSU brings Redd to B1G Media Days this week as originally planned.

Video of statement:


Bruce Feldman @BFeldmanCBS

Arnd 2 dozen PennSt players make commitment to program this AM. RT @Ben_Jones88 Silas Redd was NOT one of players at the statement

EDIT #2:

-The previous report on Silas Redd is false. PSU is taking no players to Media Days. Commence Silas Redd speculation again.

No Penn State players will attend Big Ten media days. Silas Redd, John Urschel and Jordan Hill had been scheduled to attend.

- Also in other news, the Freeh Report has been updated to correct some errors. Doesn't really change anything in the report but will probably give more fuel to the more delusional segments of the PSU fanbase who continue to refuse to accept the facts contained within it.



A Song for the Season 2012 - "The Game of College Football"

A Song for the Season 2012 - "The Game of College Football"

Submitted by Blazefire on July 25th, 2012 at 1:43 AM

As many of you know, for the last two years, I've done "A Song for the Season" about a month before CFB season begins. I try to capture a feeling for the off-season and what we can expect in the coming season. Two years ago, it was "This'll be the day that we try", as we struggled to overcome the letdowsn of 2008 and 2009. Last year,  things were looking so far up, so I brought to you "Michigan, Guaranteed!"

This season it seems to me that no matter what any team does, we're not going to be getting out from under the pall of PSU reporting any time soon. It's almost farcical or erethral how much it permeates everything. Towards that end, I bring you, "The Game of College Football", to the tune of "Hotel California".


With an off-season gone by,
bad news on the tube.
Stories of misdeeds and mistrust,
homages paid to soon.
Far off in the future,
I saw a shimmering sign.
As my head grew heavy and my soul grew weak,
I thought it looked just fine.
I had reached the new season,
there it stood before me.
But the foul news still came up like before!
Will we ever be free?
Then came opening night,
a game with full fanfare.
Maybe we had passed it yet,
then the announcer declared…

Welcome to the new era of college football.
Such a lovely game
Such a crying shame
Plenty of news in the game of college football.
Can’t escape the bad
Don’t it make you mad!

The games now Gerry-tainted.
Can’t stop the Sandusky screams.
Full of lots of ugly crimes, a snake in the weeds.
People that don’t know the game now,
they come to make threats.
Some scream for bloody revenge, they haven’t stopped yet!

So I dialed up the Victors
“Please bring me good news.”
They said, “We could win the Championship and not escape these blues!”
And still those voices are calling from the TV.
Turn on Sports Center looking for sports news,
But instead all you see…

Welcome to the new era of college football.
Such a lovely game
Such a crying shame
Plenty of news in the game of college football.
Can’t escape the bad
Don’t it make you mad!

Seems not a single story
can get clear of PSU.
They said, “We’re finished for a decade,
aren’t you glad it’s not you?!”
And still the press gathers in the darkness,
not done with their feast.
Oh they hash it and rehash it still,
but the stories just keep getting released!

If we look to the future,
we can see clear air once more.
We hope our sport finds its way back
to the place we loved before.
“Oh no” says the TV, in yet another attack.
“You can clean up everything again,
but you can never go back!”

Legends and Leaders: Competetive Balance

Legends and Leaders: Competetive Balance

Submitted by Chi-Blue on July 25th, 2012 at 12:14 AM

As the sanctions were handed down to PSU yesterday one thing that crossd my mind was what this does to the competetive balance in the BIG for not just this year but in the years to come. An ever so brief reminder . . . .


Ranking the two sides just for fun with best vs. best over not just the last year, but over the next 5-10 years in light of the recent PSU actions to me is interesting. There are obvious variables that we cant know so most if not all of this is based on pure individual opinion.

Conference standings at the end of 2011 . . .

Big Ten - Legends

Michigan State






Big Ten - Leaders


Penn State


Ohio State



To me the Legends should remain the same in the years to come with Michigan being in the 1 spot, Nebraska, MSU and every blue moon Iowa figting it out for 2-4. Northwestern will always be in a posiion to spoil someones season and Minnesota right below that.

In the Leaders I think it will be a little different. No way Ohio State finishes 4th. Yes, yes we all hate them but they will be good very quickly. I see Wisconsin as having climaxed so to speak over the last 5 years. They will be in the championship game this year almost for sure, but after that they have to deal with OSU every year. Now the interesting part. Nobody can really say what PSU will look like in 2/3 years, but I would assume they would look more like a Purdue/Illinois than Wiscy/OSU. Purdue and Illinois are really going to be mirror images of eachother in my opinion. not eally challenging for the title but spoiler. Indiana is terrible.

It would look to me like the Legends divsion will be much stronger over the nex several years than the Leaders. In a teleconference with reporters after the sanctions were announced Delany was asked if he would address the perceived competeive imbalance. He really stepped around the question as good administrator would. What are you thoughts on this issue? Is it an issue?