Recruit Reactions to BBQ

Recruit Reactions to BBQ

Submitted by RakeFight on July 30th, 2012 at 12:18 PM

For those who can't wait for Ace's recruiting update tomorrow, here's a few tidbits from post-BBQ recruiting interviews (please see earlier thread for comprehensive coverage of Derrick Green).  Feel free to add other reactions that you've come across.

2013 WR Devon Allen has no stated leaders.  On the impact of his visit to the BBQ on his interest in Michigan:  “It increased,” Allen said. “It really opened my eyes.”

2014 CB Parrker Westphal has Michigan as leader per 247.  His reaction to the BBQ visit: "They're [Michigan] still the standard."

2014 OT Tommy Doles, Michigan and ND leading per 247.  “I like it a lot,” Doles said of Michigan. “The fact that they offered me first – that means something. And they stress leadership and academics and a lot of cool stuff there. I really don’t have a list of schools, but I really do like it at Michigan a lot.”

2014 LB Michael Ferns, Michigan, ND, PSU leading.  On whether or not he almost commited at the BBQ: "It crossed my mind," Ferns stated.  "You get up there and you start seeing the people you're going to be around for the three, four years I'll be there. It's a great group. The coaching staff is great and knowing you're going to be around great people, it's kind of an easy deal."

2014 WR Artavis Scott (not yet offered), no stated leaders.  Impressions: “It was raw,” Scott said. “I liked it. Everything – there’s nothing not to like. The campus – it’s raw. There’s nothing else to say about it. It’s sick.”  On whether Michigan would be amongst his leaders if they offer: "Hell yes."

2014 DE Conor Sheehy, offered at the BBQ, no stated leaders.  “The long-lasting tradition, and just the way they do things right, and always have, stand out to me about Michigan.”

2014 OT Mason Cole, Michigan now stated leader.  "Very high," Cole said. "It just had that home feeling. For right now, it's my favorite."


247 creates composite football recruiting rankings (across services)

247 creates composite football recruiting rankings (across services)

Submitted by turd ferguson on July 30th, 2012 at 10:30 AM

I think this is pretty cool.  247Sports just put together a composite recruiting ranking that averages across the four major recruiting services.…

Here's where the Michigan recruits landed in 247's calculation of the four-site average:

16. Shane Morris
55. Dymonte Thomas
62. Kyle Bosch
74. Patrick Kugler
82. Chris Fox
114. Henry Poggi
116. Mike McCray
122. David Dawson
133. Logan Tuley-Tillman
137. Taco Charlton
146. Jourdan Lewis
153. Jake Butt
191. Ben Gedeon
203. DeVeon Smith
215. Gareon Conley
242. Wyatt Shallman
301. Maurice Hurst, Jr.
311. Jaron Dukes
355. Ross Douglas
541. Csont'e York
641. Khalid Hill

Also of note:

40. Leon McQuay
41. Laquon Treadwell
60. Derrick Green

I don't see Channing Stribling or Scott Sypniewski in the top 1250.

Michigan has 16 guys in the top 250.  By my count, OSU currently has 10, Notre Dame currently has 10, and MSU doesn't have anyone.  Keep in mind that their classes aren't as large as ours right now.


For those who care, the details are below (and a little unclear).  I've tried this myself in a couple of diaries, and there are a lot of decisions that you have to make as you're doing it. 


247Composite Rating

The 247Composite Rating is a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect "rankings" and "ratings" listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services. It converts average industry ranks and ratings into a linear composite index capping at 1.0000, which indicates a concensus No. 1 prospect across all services.

The 247Composite Rating is the industry's most comprehensive and unbiased prospect ranking and is also used to generate 247Sports Team Recruiting Rankings.

More details

All major media services share an equal percentage in the 247Composite Rating.

The composite index equally weights this percentage among the services that participate in a ranking for that specific prospect.

A composite strength meter, indicated by red bars, illustrates the total number of industry services that have ranked the prospect. A full strength meter indicates the prospect has been ranked by all industry services participating in the composite.

All industry services have a different philosophy on number of "stars" distributed with each class. The 247Composite Rating assigns stars based on an approximate average distribution of stars from the industry.

Offseason Fun: Way too early 2015 Depth Chart(!)

Offseason Fun: Way too early 2015 Depth Chart(!)

Submitted by Misopogon on July 30th, 2012 at 8:45 AM

[ED-S: This article was posted by KayKay, whose account is currently disabled from something unrelated to this thread -- it'll just say it's by me while I fix this]

Look, I know. These guys haven't even begun their frosh season. There'll be attrition, busts, redshirts, other classes and other intangible normalcies that are a part of football. That's a fact. But it's still fun to look at what could (and will) be one damn good team in 2015!

Let's go:


WDE: Mario Ojemudia SR. Taco Charlton JR.

NT: Ondre Pipkins SR. Maurice Hurst Jr. JR.

3tech: Henry Poggi JR. Matthew Godin SR./Willie Henry SR.

SDE: Christopher Wormley SR. Tom Strobel SR.

WLB: James Ross SR. Ben Gedeon JR.

MIKE: Joe Bolden SR. Mike McCray JR. Kaleb Ringer SR.

SAM: Royce Jenkins-Stone SR.

Field CB: Jourdan Lewis JR. Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

Boundary: Gareon Conley JR. Channing Stribling JR.

Slot CB: Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

SS: Dymonte Thomas JR. Allen Gant SR.

FS: Jarrod Wilson SR. Jeremy Clark SR.


QB: Shane Morris JR.

RB: Deveon Smith JR. Drake Johnson SR.

FB: Wyatt Shallman JR. Sione Houma SR.

RT: Erik Magnuson SR. Ben Braden SR.

RG: Kyle Bosch JR. Blake Bars SR.

C. Patrick Kugler JR. Blake Bars SR.

LG: Kyle Kalis SR. David Dawson JR.

LT: Chris Fox JR. Logan Tuley-Tillman JR.

WR1: Amara Darboh SR. Jaron Dukes JR.

WR2: Jehu Chesson SR. Csont'e York JR.

Slot Reciever: Dennis Norfleet SR.

TE: Devin Funchess SR. Jake Butt JR.

U-Back: AJ Williams SR. Khalid Hill JR.

....Obviously the team won't look anything like this come 2015, but imagining Hoke fielding a team like this, captained by Mattison and Borges, makes for some nice fantasies on a dreary Monday.

Alabama Defensive Lineman Benches 600 Pounds

Alabama Defensive Lineman Benches 600 Pounds

Submitted by MJ14 on July 30th, 2012 at 1:36 AM

That's not your mother, it's a MAN BABY!

Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams has made waves since arriving in Tuscaloosa from his homeland of Australia, standing out with his unique look and big personality as well as his performance on the field.

The latest feat from Williams that has fans buzzing came in the weight room on Thursday when the 320-pound lineman reportedly bench pressed 600 pounds.

To give that achievement some perspective, former Memphis star Dontari Poe, the top bench press performer at this year's NFL Combine, maxed out at 500 pounds on the bench press.

This was all over twitter recently, and I didn't see it posted anywhere. That's one strong dude. It's going to be one heck of a trench battle for the Michigan offensive lineman.

It's Wallpaper Season : Alabama

It's Wallpaper Season : Alabama

Submitted by jonvalk on July 29th, 2012 at 11:38 PM

Ok, boys and girls, here's my first wallpaper of the season.  I'm going to try to make multiple styles for each upcoming game.  I'm also going to work on making mobile versions of each one this year.  I hope you all like this first one.  Let me know what you think!  Go Blue! Beat 'Bama!


Desktop Version:

Mobile Version:

Who do you think will wear #2 jersey?

Who do you think will wear #2 jersey?

Submitted by JR's Flow on July 29th, 2012 at 8:32 PM

In an attempt to get away from all of the negative Dunn comments, I thought I would try to spark a conversation and I came across this.

Me my bro @Dymonte1 and my dude @JourdanJD lookin crazy…

— Ross Douglas (@RDouglas_21) July 30, 2012

I noticed that Ross Douglas tried on the #2 jersey which Hoke has said will be held for the top DB.

EDIT: It is actually Jourdan Lewis wearing the #2 jersey.

So who do you think out of the touted 2013 class could end up wearing the Deuce jersey?

Candidates? Candidates:

Gareon Conley

Jourdan Lewis

Dymonte Thomas

Ross Douglas

and any other DB prospect I forgot.

My best guess would be Jourdan Lewis, his athleticism reminds me of Woodson so....that helps.


OSU RB Brionte Dunn charged with possession of marijuana

OSU RB Brionte Dunn charged with possession of marijuana

Submitted by Leaders And Best on July 29th, 2012 at 7:12 PM

Been a tough summer for Hoke and Urban Meyer. It will be interesting to see how Meyer handles this considering starting RB Jordan Hall is out at least another 6 weeks with injury.

Mod Edit [zl]:

From Eleven Warriors:


UPDATE 7:58pm: An Alliance Police Department report shows Dunn was arrested on June 2 for "Failure to Control." He appeared in court June 6, plead guilty and paid $35 and court costs, a total of $110.

There is no listing of Bri'onte Dunn being arrested July 28 or July 29 on the Alliance Police Department's online listing of arrests.

ESPN Radio couldn't have jumped the gun, right?

Update to the update: Eleven Warriors is now saying there is a new arrest. No new details yet.

End Mod Edit.

Not the Mod Edit:

The arrest is not related to the June incident.

More from Eleven Warriors:

UPDATE 9:06pm: Dustin Fox confirms Dunn was arrested this weekend:

Confirmed the Dunn arrest.. I have some more information but don't want to put it out there right now. I'm sure OSU will release a statement

UPDATE 8:37pm: Former Ohio State punter Jon Thoma weighs in:

Heard from someone back home that the Dunn weekend arrest is real. Couldn't say anything else, but doesn't look like the June arrest is all.

Not the Mod Edit #2: is reporting Dunn was found with drug paraphernalia possession and a seat belt violation, both misdemeanors. They report he was not arrested or booked into jail.

Not the Mod Edit #3: is now reporting Dunn was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was charged with a total of 4 misdemeanors and actually looks like he got off pretty lightly considering the potential DUI/reckless driving (already has a prior failure to control) and close to half a pound of marijuana in the police report:

Police observed Dunn driving on E. Broadway Street when he almost ran the blinking red light at Arch Avenue, traveled over the crosswalk and almost struck a patrol car, according to a police report.

Police stopped Dunn for the violation and he and his passenger were found to have a wooden pipe used for smoking marijuana, along with less than 200 grams of marijuana on the seat cushions and floor boards where he was seated. A small amount of marijuana was also found in the driver’s door pocket, according to the police report.

NFL sports agents accuse Saban of paying players at Alabama and MSU

NFL sports agents accuse Saban of paying players at Alabama and MSU

Submitted by Leaders And Best on July 29th, 2012 at 3:08 PM

Kind of a strange story, but Pittsburgh NFL sports agent Ralph Cindrich has accused Nick Saban cheating and paying players. Claims he has proof but offered no evidence in the interview. The weird part is how he brought this up in a discussion about Penn State. The agent is Pennsylvania native but a Pitt grad so no real strong ties to Penn State either.

The kicker is Alabama fans have been attacking him on his twitter, and Josh Luchs joined into the fray:

josh Luchs @Joshluchs

@RalphCindrich Good advice Ralph. Mine extend beyond Bama.

josh Luchs @Joshluchs

@RalphCindrich Yep. Saban was HC at MSU when Doc & I were bankrolling T. Banks and others.

2013 Recruits by other offers

2013 Recruits by other offers

Submitted by 1464 on July 29th, 2012 at 1:53 PM

So... I wasn't going to post this as the information was not as interesting as I had hoped it would be, but someone had to break the silence today, no new posts at all (EDIT: While writing my novel, a commit watch arose).

I used the Rivals information for which schools offered scholarships to kids who have committed to Michigan.  This only pertains to our 23 commits, not kids that are uncommitted or have pledged their services elsewhere.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to do something that compares our recruiting win% in comparison to other schools, but I think that would be a great topic (hint, hint).

All in all, our recruits can claim 268 scholarship offers from 70 schools.


So here are the ten schools who offered the most players in our class of 2013:

Tennessee 12
Purdue 10
Iowa 9
Michigan State 9
Syracuse 9
West Virginia 9
Boston College 8
Ohio State 8
Cincinnati 7
Illinois 7

What stands out to me is the non B1G schools.  It's interesting to see that these teams, moreso than others, have used a shotgun approach to extending offers.


Next is the B1G schools that offered our commits:

Purdue 10
Iowa 9
Michigan State 9
Ohio State 8
Illinois 7
Wisconsin 6
Indiana 5
Nebraska 5
Northwestern 5
Penn State 5
Minnesota 4

These makes sense, for the most part.  I don't think geography holds much bearing here, but established recruiting grounds may, which is why Nebraska doesn't collide as often as the other powers.  I think Minnesota and Indiana know the score.  Purdue is likely trying to get us back for the signing day coup a few years ago.  Also interesting is that we have beaten out OSU for 8 kids this year, yet the bucknuts seem to have a preconcieved notion that they get whosevah they want's tah get.


Finally, I have made a list of schools of interest, which is geared towards top 25 type programs:

Tennessee 12
West Virginia 9
Notre Dame 6
Pitt 5
Stanford 5
Alabama 4
South Carolina 4
Texas A&M 4
Virginia 4
Florida 3
Florida State 3
Arkansas 2
Miami YTM 2
Oklahoma State 2
Auburn 1


Teams of note that did not offer any of our 2013 recruits: Texas, Georgia