Josh Helmholdt: Big News For a Pair of B1G Teams Tomorrow

Josh Helmholdt: Big News For a Pair of B1G Teams Tomorrow

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on July 31st, 2012 at 12:00 AM Midwestern recruiting expert Josh Helmholdt just had a TomVH level cryptic tweet go out;

Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

Hearing there could be some big news for a pair of #B1G teams tomorrow...

He then also tweeted saying it was good news.

If the mods feel like this is too vague to be worthy of a thread, go ahead and delete, but considering all the recruiting buzz around us recently, I wouldn't be surprised if this had something to do with Michigan.

And even if it's not and has to nothing to do with Michigan, I think anything dealing with big news regarding B1G teams should be of interest to us.

Taylor Lewan ranked #22 in Yahoo Sports top 100 Countdown

Taylor Lewan ranked #22 in Yahoo Sports top 100 Countdown

Submitted by BlueBarron on July 30th, 2012 at 11:54 PM

Taylor Lewan was ranked the #22 player in the country by the Yahoo top 100 players countdown.

"Particulars: 6-8/302, Jr.; Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral
Buzz: Lewan redshirted as a true freshman in 2009, then moved into the starting lineup as a redshirt freshman. He was a second-team All-Big Ten selection last season and looks to be the next great Wolverines lineman. He didn't play offensive tackle until he was a senior in high school; before that, he had been a defensive end. Lewan plays with a mean streak and it got him in trouble a couple of times in 2010, including being called for a personal foul after Denard Robinson scored the game-winning TD against Indiana."

He is currently the only Michigan player on the countdown. Denard is sure to be somewhere in the top 20.


Also, Nebraska ranked #19 in the preseason countdown.


Some Notes on Alabama, Notre Dame, and a Little on Ohio

Some Notes on Alabama, Notre Dame, and a Little on Ohio

Submitted by hart20 on July 30th, 2012 at 3:48 PM



On the rumors that OT DJ Fluker has been suspended:

They’re just that. Rumors. For those who missed it, the rumor was that OT DJ Fluker has been suspended 4 games for illicit contact with an agent and that Alabama is trying to negotiate it down to 2 games.

Turns out, this was just an epic trolling job by a guy named Kingpin on one of the Alabama sites. He posted that Fluker had been suspended and by the time people had started calling BS, the rumor had already spread to 10 other sites and momentarily taken the Alabama world by storm. No legitimate site has reported anything on the situation, but if you want to hold out hope, wait for later this afternoon when the announcement is supposed to come out. Personally, I think sitting around waiting for a Green or Treadwell commitment would be a better use of your time.

Link to the original thread


As the conclusion of summer workouts beckons, the depth chart at running back stands as this:

1.      Eddie Lacy

2.      TJ Yeldon

3.      Jalston Fowler


Eddie Lacy measured in at 6’0’’, 232 lbs and should be playing in the upper 220s to low 230s. The depth chart is pretty clear cut at the position at this point in time. Still expect Fowler to get a good number of carries though.


Other news from summer workouts:


5-star Fr ATH Eddie Williams could be starting as the outside WR, the same position that Julio Jones played. He measured in 6’4’’, 218 lbs.

Looking at the LBs:

Mosley is getting looks at Sam LB to try and get the combo of Johnson, Mosley, Depriest, and Hubbard on the field at once. Dickson will likely be the 5th LB, Patrick and Ragland right behind. All of them will play.

And the DBs:

Clinton-Dix may start in every down situations over Sunseri because of coverage skill difference against passing teams. (Arkansas) 

Milliner and Fulton outside, Belue Dime as of now.


But wait! What about our old friend Dee Hart?

Likely Kick Returners are Chris Jones and Dee Hart, possibly Milliner.

Dee Hart will see a role comparable to Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey at West Virginia thanks to ideas from Nussmeier in the new offense.

He mentioned the both of them in a sense that Hart would start his routes out of the slot and back field.

Dee Hart is also 100% recovered from his injury.

Link 2

Link 3


On the Eddie Lacy injury:


According to the source above, Eddie Lacy is fine and at 100%. However, other people are saying that conditioning is currently an issue. Expect him to be ready to play on Sept. 1st.


On the Reuben Foster decomittment:


This link is a very interesting read on how it all played out. I recommend you take a look at it.

Link to insight on the Foster decomittment 


Nick Saban on stopping Denard:

"You got to be very disciplined any time you play a quarterback that can move between the tackles," Saban said. "Everybody has to be disciplined as far as their responsibility. The guy's already a fantastic athlete, so if you're not doing the right thing, you have no chance to succeed. Even if you do it exactly right, it still may be a challenge. Everybody's got to play with great effort, great intensity, great toughness and everybody's got to play team defense when you play against guys like this." 

"This isn't the only guy that can beat you, but you've certainly got to make sure he doesn't beat you." 

Also look for Alabama to air out it out a bit more than in the past:

"You always try to feature the players you have on offense," Saban said. "I certainly think AJ is a guy who has proven that he's trustworthy to do the kind of things when you open up the offense, not to make the kind of mistakes with turning the ball over that can really hurt your team. I think you can make a lot more explosive plays that way. 

"I think it's going to be important for our team this year, with the offensive line we have returning and the experience AJ has at the quarterback position, to be that type of team."

Link 5


Notre Dame

Everyone’s favorite topic, ND’s QB carousel:

If I had to guess, here’s what ND’s depth chart at QB looks like to begin this fall:

1.      Everett Golson

2.      Tommy Rees/Andrew Hendrix

3.      Gunner Kiel


On Everett Golson:

He’s apparently been stellar in summer 7 on 7s, but he hasn’t had to read defenses or pick up blitzes, which is what he struggles with. He’s an athletic and mobile QB, so he is what Tommy Rees is not.

Link 6


On Andrew Hendrix:

“His reads in the passing game can improve a lot. Too many times he's thrown to the other team. 

His arm is one-dimensional right now... meaning - very strong. On short passes he makes balls difficult to catch. On longer patterns, he throws with a flat trajectory. His release point is also fairly low, but I don't see that as being as big of an issue. “

Link 7


On Tommy Rees:

“Rees, has had issues with his decision making, but didn't show much, if any, improvement over the course of his playing time. He does not have Hendrix's strength, but has nice touch”

No word, as of yet, on what his punishment will be.


News from summer workouts:


At the WR position look for Freshmen Chris Brown and Davonte Neal to compete for significant playing time, if not start. Both are very fast receivers with the ability to stretch the field.

Sheldon Day will likely replace Aaron Lynch.

Link 8


On turf in the stadium:


I have no idea if they’re getting turf in the stadium or not and ND fans seem just as clueless.

Here’s what is known: Brian Kelly wants turf. ND AD Jack Swarbrick said that it’s eventually coming. Last season, their field was grass.

Now apparently ND is replacing the sideline area with turf and redoing the drainage system, but they’re not replacing the grass on the field with turf.  I’ve read that there were plans to replace the whole field with turf, but they were scrapped because of alumni backlash and I’ve also read that they’ll come out and announce the field has been replaced with turf in the next month.

I have no clue.


On new OC Chuck Martin and his philosophy:


“He wants to run the ball 60% of the time.  He wants to use the run and screens and draws to set up the pass.  And when he passes he likes accuracy and long completions. He likes big plays---he said "last year we had two plays over 40 yards"  to him that is unacceptable.”

“He likes his teams to score a lot and his QB has to be mobile, able to run and pass on the run..  (Probably leaves REES out).  His QB has to have big-play ability.  Coach would rather have a 3-play TD than a 15 play TD. “

“Coach MARTIN likes to use 2 TEs---WE have the #1 guy TYLER EIFERT and he is backed by KOYACK, WELCH and NIKLAS---all big strong smart guys.  Two at a time, Lads.”


Link 9


On how playcalling will work:


Martin will call the plays and send KELLY 2 or 3 to pick from


Link 10


On to ND recruiting:


-ND LB commit Alex Anzalone visited Florida for their FNL camp this weekend and as you can imagine, ND fans are none too pleased with this. He reaffirmed his commitment to ND but he might be someone to watch for the annual ND-decommit-on-or-near-NSD

-ND has 17 commits for 2013 and 21-23 scholarships to give this year, leaving 4-6 spots available.

If you want a detailed analysis of who the top targets on their board are, click on this link: Detailed Analysis of ND's last available spots

Or click on this one and scroll down a couple comments for another detailed analysis: Another Detailed Analysis of ND's last available spots


If you want the not so detailed version, here’s what they want:

We need a couple of DL,Ideally, ones who can rush the passer. A CB or two and a speed WR are also needs. IMO, anything else is gravy, but that could change as the season unfolds.

Link 13


Ohio St.

Ohio has somewhere around 4 spots left and they plan on filling it with some combination of LB Tyquan Lewis, LB Mike Mitchell, WR Shelton Gibson, WR Devon Allen, S Vonn Bell and/or OL Donovan Munger. 


 And with that, I'll end this write up. Now that fall camp is starting, I'll hopefully be able to do this every week and include some meatier revelations.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

Leon Mcquay deciding tomorrow

Leon Mcquay deciding tomorrow

Submitted by Welllughhh on July 30th, 2012 at 2:27 PM

Just popped up on my twitter feed that Leon McQuay III will be announcing his college decision tomorrow.

I know Michigan was just replaced in his top 3 by Florida State. But, since we have been following his recruitment so closely I thought some would like to know.

Michigan to open Big House for student watch party during opener against Alabama

Michigan to open Big House for student watch party during opener against Alabama

Submitted by GoBlueinEugene on July 30th, 2012 at 2:01 PM


The Center for Campus Involvement posted the following on its website:

"Michigan students are invited to open the football season in the Big House for a Go Blue Pep Rally on the field and to watch the first away game! Experience the Michigan tradition of our stadium, cheer on Maize & Blue, and have fun with multiple activities and free food as the Wolverines tackle the Crimson Tide in Texas. Be sure to bring your MCard for entry. Let's Go Blue!"

Edit: more details here, thanks Captain Blue:…

Recruit Reactions to BBQ

Recruit Reactions to BBQ

Submitted by RakeFight on July 30th, 2012 at 12:18 PM

For those who can't wait for Ace's recruiting update tomorrow, here's a few tidbits from post-BBQ recruiting interviews (please see earlier thread for comprehensive coverage of Derrick Green).  Feel free to add other reactions that you've come across.

2013 WR Devon Allen has no stated leaders.  On the impact of his visit to the BBQ on his interest in Michigan:  “It increased,” Allen said. “It really opened my eyes.”

2014 CB Parrker Westphal has Michigan as leader per 247.  His reaction to the BBQ visit: "They're [Michigan] still the standard."

2014 OT Tommy Doles, Michigan and ND leading per 247.  “I like it a lot,” Doles said of Michigan. “The fact that they offered me first – that means something. And they stress leadership and academics and a lot of cool stuff there. I really don’t have a list of schools, but I really do like it at Michigan a lot.”

2014 LB Michael Ferns, Michigan, ND, PSU leading.  On whether or not he almost commited at the BBQ: "It crossed my mind," Ferns stated.  "You get up there and you start seeing the people you're going to be around for the three, four years I'll be there. It's a great group. The coaching staff is great and knowing you're going to be around great people, it's kind of an easy deal."

2014 WR Artavis Scott (not yet offered), no stated leaders.  Impressions: “It was raw,” Scott said. “I liked it. Everything – there’s nothing not to like. The campus – it’s raw. There’s nothing else to say about it. It’s sick.”  On whether Michigan would be amongst his leaders if they offer: "Hell yes."

2014 DE Conor Sheehy, offered at the BBQ, no stated leaders.  “The long-lasting tradition, and just the way they do things right, and always have, stand out to me about Michigan.”

2014 OT Mason Cole, Michigan now stated leader.  "Very high," Cole said. "It just had that home feeling. For right now, it's my favorite."


247 creates composite football recruiting rankings (across services)

247 creates composite football recruiting rankings (across services)

Submitted by turd ferguson on July 30th, 2012 at 10:30 AM

I think this is pretty cool.  247Sports just put together a composite recruiting ranking that averages across the four major recruiting services.…

Here's where the Michigan recruits landed in 247's calculation of the four-site average:

16. Shane Morris
55. Dymonte Thomas
62. Kyle Bosch
74. Patrick Kugler
82. Chris Fox
114. Henry Poggi
116. Mike McCray
122. David Dawson
133. Logan Tuley-Tillman
137. Taco Charlton
146. Jourdan Lewis
153. Jake Butt
191. Ben Gedeon
203. DeVeon Smith
215. Gareon Conley
242. Wyatt Shallman
301. Maurice Hurst, Jr.
311. Jaron Dukes
355. Ross Douglas
541. Csont'e York
641. Khalid Hill

Also of note:

40. Leon McQuay
41. Laquon Treadwell
60. Derrick Green

I don't see Channing Stribling or Scott Sypniewski in the top 1250.

Michigan has 16 guys in the top 250.  By my count, OSU currently has 10, Notre Dame currently has 10, and MSU doesn't have anyone.  Keep in mind that their classes aren't as large as ours right now.


For those who care, the details are below (and a little unclear).  I've tried this myself in a couple of diaries, and there are a lot of decisions that you have to make as you're doing it. 


247Composite Rating

The 247Composite Rating is a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect "rankings" and "ratings" listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services. It converts average industry ranks and ratings into a linear composite index capping at 1.0000, which indicates a concensus No. 1 prospect across all services.

The 247Composite Rating is the industry's most comprehensive and unbiased prospect ranking and is also used to generate 247Sports Team Recruiting Rankings.

More details

All major media services share an equal percentage in the 247Composite Rating.

The composite index equally weights this percentage among the services that participate in a ranking for that specific prospect.

A composite strength meter, indicated by red bars, illustrates the total number of industry services that have ranked the prospect. A full strength meter indicates the prospect has been ranked by all industry services participating in the composite.

All industry services have a different philosophy on number of "stars" distributed with each class. The 247Composite Rating assigns stars based on an approximate average distribution of stars from the industry.

Offseason Fun: Way too early 2015 Depth Chart(!)

Offseason Fun: Way too early 2015 Depth Chart(!)

Submitted by Misopogon on July 30th, 2012 at 8:45 AM

[ED-S: This article was posted by KayKay, whose account is currently disabled from something unrelated to this thread -- it'll just say it's by me while I fix this]

Look, I know. These guys haven't even begun their frosh season. There'll be attrition, busts, redshirts, other classes and other intangible normalcies that are a part of football. That's a fact. But it's still fun to look at what could (and will) be one damn good team in 2015!

Let's go:


WDE: Mario Ojemudia SR. Taco Charlton JR.

NT: Ondre Pipkins SR. Maurice Hurst Jr. JR.

3tech: Henry Poggi JR. Matthew Godin SR./Willie Henry SR.

SDE: Christopher Wormley SR. Tom Strobel SR.

WLB: James Ross SR. Ben Gedeon JR.

MIKE: Joe Bolden SR. Mike McCray JR. Kaleb Ringer SR.

SAM: Royce Jenkins-Stone SR.

Field CB: Jourdan Lewis JR. Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

Boundary: Gareon Conley JR. Channing Stribling JR.

Slot CB: Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

SS: Dymonte Thomas JR. Allen Gant SR.

FS: Jarrod Wilson SR. Jeremy Clark SR.


QB: Shane Morris JR.

RB: Deveon Smith JR. Drake Johnson SR.

FB: Wyatt Shallman JR. Sione Houma SR.

RT: Erik Magnuson SR. Ben Braden SR.

RG: Kyle Bosch JR. Blake Bars SR.

C. Patrick Kugler JR. Blake Bars SR.

LG: Kyle Kalis SR. David Dawson JR.

LT: Chris Fox JR. Logan Tuley-Tillman JR.

WR1: Amara Darboh SR. Jaron Dukes JR.

WR2: Jehu Chesson SR. Csont'e York JR.

Slot Reciever: Dennis Norfleet SR.

TE: Devin Funchess SR. Jake Butt JR.

U-Back: AJ Williams SR. Khalid Hill JR.

....Obviously the team won't look anything like this come 2015, but imagining Hoke fielding a team like this, captained by Mattison and Borges, makes for some nice fantasies on a dreary Monday.