Pioneer vs Golf Course for Tailgating

Pioneer vs Golf Course for Tailgating

Submitted by robbyt003 on August 24th, 2012 at 11:18 AM

I'm wondering which one everyone prefers when it comes to tailgating?  I usually go to Pioneer but last year it seemed like they were cramming everyone in and you didn't really have room to set up bags (cornhole) or tables.  Or any suggestions on where at Pioneer is the best to park to avoid that?

Rothstein article on Gardner's split time

Rothstein article on Gardner's split time

Submitted by Blazefire on August 24th, 2012 at 10:11 AM

A nice little article from WolverineNation about Gardner splitting time.

They get input from Drew Bennett, which is a nice touch. Bennett was a heralded QB recruit who split time between QB and WR at UCLA while working under Borges. Want more 'it's a small world?' According to the article, at that time, Borges travelled to Ann Arbor to speak with Carr about how Michigan was managing with a certain two way player of their own, one Charles Woodson.

If you don't know, Bennett went on to be an NFL WR, something that I imagine had to make the split time appealing to Gardner. If Borges could get Bennett drafted at WR, he sure as heck can do it for Gardner.

Non-Michigan related questions about the upcoming season! For total enjoyment of fans!

Non-Michigan related questions about the upcoming season! For total enjoyment of fans!

Submitted by Marvin on August 24th, 2012 at 9:18 AM

I can’t wait for next Saturday. But beyond the obvious excitement associated with Michigan vs Bama, here are some other questions that I have about the upcoming college football season. I would be interested to hear what you’re curious about as well beyond Michigan football.

1. How will Arizona fare under Rich Rod? I like the guy, and he seems to be a better fit at AZ than he was here. I would love for the tide to turn in that conference. I’m tired of USC and Oregon. (bonus question: does Chip Kelly have the smallest ears in the world? How does he fit a visor over his ears?)

2. How will MSU do against Boise State? What should I make of the fact that one part of my brain wants them to crush Boise, and the other part thinks of MSU as a shit stain and wants them to get crushed?

3. What sort of season will Notre Dame have? There is a dad on my son’s football team who wears ND shorts to every practice. He’s a dick. Does anyone else notice this phenomenon: that Notre Dame becomes personified in everyone who ever went there, and usually they’re dicks who have inflated senses of their own magnificence?  I would love for them to lose to Navy in Ireland. 

4. Who gives a shit about Oklahoma? It’s like eating oatmeal.

5. When will Alabama’s bubble burst?  I can’t help but listen to Finebaum on Sirius, and I hate the morons who affiliate themselves with that show and with Alabama more than anything. I want them to go down so bad it hurts.

6. Can South Carolina really be good? I’ll believe it when I see it.

7. When will Mark Richt get caught for cruising at highway rest stops?

8. How good will Auburn’s offense be with Scott Loeffler as their new OC?

9. How will John L. Smith behave during press conferences after Our Kansas loses? Will he bit his own thumb? Will he do his best Curly impersonation? Will he punch himself in the dong?

10. If MSU has a good season, will anyone try to hire Mark Dantonio? How about the king of all douchebags,  Pat Narduzzi?

Extra: Predictions for the MSU vs Boise State game?

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deveon Smith highlights from opener vs Lakeside

Deveon Smith highlights from opener vs Lakeside

Submitted by Leaders And Best on August 24th, 2012 at 8:32 AM

Deveon Smith with 17 carries for 311 yards and 3 TDs. Highlights include a sack on defense as well:


Highlights from Marlington (Dymonte Thomas #1) win over Poland. Not much of Dymonte except at end with tackle and FF where he blew up the RB:

Dymonte Thomas preview fluff with interview:

Interview with Gareon Conley after win over Buchtel:

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 8: Henriette The Otter of Énergie and Jerry Montgomery

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 8: Henriette The Otter of Énergie and Jerry Montgomery

Submitted by Thorin on August 24th, 2012 at 8:06 AM

Unlike her brother, Henri, Henriette, the otter of énergie, is so excited about the return of The Fort that she can't stop dancing.

Programming note:

We missed the first broadcast of FS-Detroit's Michigan preview but we should get the noon replay and the BTN preview tonight. I'll post them here as soon as they are up on YouTube.

ND boosters essentially shipping recruits to Ireland

ND boosters essentially shipping recruits to Ireland

Submitted by 1464 on August 23rd, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Not sure if I should be irate or not, please inform me.

Notre Dame boosters are essentially paying big bucks to send a bunch of elite high school kids to Ireland to play in a tournament the day before their game against Navy.  This tournament is halfway across the world, but it's just the BIGGEST coincidence that ND plays the next day.  These kids all have the option to attend the game.  It's legal in the eyes of the NCAA, but is it okay for us to rabble a bit?

It's an away game for ND, so they're not allowed to have visitors.  So these kids can still be flown out to the Dome to catch a Fighting Irish game again, free of charge.

HAIL (student loyalty program) unveiled

HAIL (student loyalty program) unveiled

Submitted by Vivz on August 23rd, 2012 at 8:54 PM

Link to press release

Program is here:

The rewards page is down but it can be viewed by clicking on the Rules page.



2 pts per event attended

1 pt if check in doesn't occur 20 minutes prior to start

Check ins will be via a mobile app, or ipads at venues.

Rewards: Vary based on tiers/grand prizes including swag, food vouchers, money and priority access to other tickets. Grand prizes exist from a drawing of people earning 100+ points.


My issues: What is to to stop people from leaving early if? IThis is mentioned as a goal but i didn't see an explanation for it.

How accurate can this app be to prevent someone from checking in "early" from the golf course/parents tailgate?

Is it really fair (or if not fair a good plan) to make every event worth the same points?

Chicago Tribune's Greenstein highlights Denard in Fluff Piece

Chicago Tribune's Greenstein highlights Denard in Fluff Piece

Submitted by StephenRKass on August 23rd, 2012 at 8:42 PM

Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune has a nice article on Denard in this evening's Tribune.


We are starved for news, and there is nothing much new. However, it is nice to see an article about MIchigan and Denard Robinson in the Trib. A few points:

  • Denard has developed leadership skills.
  • Denard is more vocal. "If you have to come down on somebody hard, you do it." 
  • Denard has a great smile. Says Lewan:  "I don't know if he's too nice. He has a damn good smile. But Denard has done a great job of balancing being fun and being a leader."
  • Denard has humility, and is quick to acknowledge he has thrown too many picks.
  • Denard has worked on not throwing off the back foot, and after a year, he knows Borges' offense.

LIke I said, this is a fluff piece that doesn't add any content to a rabid mgoblogger. The primary reason for posting this is to highlight that MIchigan is getting good press and publicity outside of the State of MIchigan. I'm counting the days til real football.