Fitz listed as starting RB vs. Alabama

Fitz listed as starting RB vs. Alabama

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UPDATE from Hoke Himself (From Sam Webb):


Hoke on toussaint's status "haven't made a decision yet"


Hoke on Clark's status: "same" as toussaint



What happens in court with Toussaint tuesday to have no bearing on hoke's decision


Not sure how I feel about this, but we're not sure what type of punishment went on behind the scenes. Nothing official for game day yet, but it's all over twitter.


Suspended TB Fitz Toussaint listed as starting running back for Alabama game.

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wat RT @kmeinke Suspended TB Fitz Toussaint listed as starting running back for Alabama game.


UPDATE: Tweets on if this means anything at all- Still seems pretty inconclusive.

How long is Brady gonna wait to announce this? I get making Bama prepare for Fitz and Rawls/Smith until they know for sure, but 5 days before the game you think they would have announced suspensions already.


Being #1 on the depth chart doesn't translate to Fitz playing on Saturday. Correct me if I'm wrong.


I know depth charts don't mean much, but that's why people dump anyone in trouble off 'em.


Whether you think he should play or not, perception is reality with this stuff. Fitz playing will lump M in with MSU, etc. RE: discipline Offensive and Defensive previews Offensive and Defensive previews

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I know most people are probably itching for some more content on Michigan's team but I was on to see if they had any sort of video/preview of their team - just so I know what we are going to be dealing with.

From the Offensive and Defensive previews - I get a sense that most of their players realize that Alabama doesn't rebuild just reloads, which could be taken as overconfidence but is also just flat out scary. Their equivalent of Doug Karsch has a thick southern accent and says "defaynce" not "defense". Pretty good information though, after watching these you'll at least recognize some opposing player names while watching the game.

I also found it interesting that ESPN Gameday and Kirk Herbstreit shot a 30 second spot for specifically to tell Alabama fans to show up for Gameday. It had details of the time, place (specific lot @ Cowboys Stadium) and to "show Michigan fans how Alabama fans support their team". I like to think it reflects how easily influenced some fanbases are over others. =)

2012 Wallpaper - Lay the Wood - Alabama

2012 Wallpaper - Lay the Wood - Alabama

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Recently a friend of mine (a software developer) was talking to his 11 year-old son about working on an iPad app together. My friend said to his son, "You know what skills you're going to need to learn if we do this, don't you?" To which his son replied, "Arts & crafts like Mr. Jeremy?" We had a good laugh about it but the truth is that I do find myself chasing arts & crafts projects as a changeup to the day-to-day work in my design & software business. So joke's on you, 11 year-old kid, I take that as a compliment!

I've been working for a few years on a Michigan football-related craft project: a wooden puzzle where the laser-cut pieces are hand painted to represent each B10 team and can be arranged in the order of the current league standings. I designed the helmets to match the two-bar face mask style from my 80's sticker books (and used by Steve Largent forever) because they are rad looking and because they will not be mistaken for a youth hockey helmet or space explorer headgear (unlike some contemporary football helmet styles). I'll probably never finish the puzzle project so I was happy to find a use for my original helmet and field illustrations. I added the stadium and Allen screws to lend structure, depth and detail to the image.

The images below are previews only. You can get the widescreen, iPad and mobile wallpapers at The Art. The Art. The Art!.

Laying the Wood - 2012 Game 1 Wallpaper Preview

Laying the Wood - 2012 Game 1 Wallpaper Preview

How it was made

The artwork was created in Illustrator (vector graphics) and Cinema 4d (3D extrusions, layout) with some help from Photoshop (wood textures, blur effects, color correction).

Denard's tragedy and his promise to late brother Timothy (NYT)

Denard's tragedy and his promise to late brother Timothy (NYT)

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Clicked on this New York Times link fully expecting it to be yet nother fluff piece on Denard Robinson. It was anything but. Tim Rohan, who was at the Daily last year, took Denard's speech last month and dug deeper:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. —  Timothy Robinson sat on his grandmother’s couch, not looking well. Timothy, 11, was home from school with a stomachache, though it had always been difficult to tell if he was hurting. He was tough, and Denard — the shorter, younger brother — thought the world of him for that.

Denard could tell now, though, and when Timothy’s stomachache worsened, he was taken to a hospital. He died there that night. Denard, then 10, was told Timothy had internal bleeding. Timothy had, perhaps, fallen off his bike. Denard could not recall any other accident. But from then on, things would be different. He could tell from the lost expressions on his parents’ faces.  

That is all Denard Robinson, the electric Michigan quarterback, knows about what happened to his brother. That is all he ever wanted to know. He never asked why or how. 

Absolutely heart-breaking. Proud to call this man Michigan's captain.



Big Ten OOC Predictions?

Big Ten OOC Predictions?

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How does each team finish out of conference this season? Anyone dropping or rising in rankings? Who has the easiest and second toughest slate (we're number one by far)? Most entertaining matchups? Biggest blowout? Closest to getting upset? Who actually gets upset?


Iowa: Northern Illinois (Soldier Field), Iowa State, Northern Iowa (FCS), Central Michigan.
Michigan: Alabama (Cowboys Stadium), Air Force, UMass, @Notre Dame.
Michigan State: Boise State, @Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan.
Minnesota: @UNLV, New Hampshire (FCS), Western Michigan, Syracuse.
Nebraska: Southern Mississippi, @UCLA, Arkansas State, Idaho State (FCS).
Northwestern: @Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Boston College, South Dakota (FCS).


Illinois: Western Michigan, @Arizona State, Charleston Southern (FCS), Louisiana Tech.
Indiana: Indiana State (FCS), @UMass, Ball State, @Navy.
Ohio: Miami (OH), Central Florida, Cal, UAB.
Penn State: Ohio University, @Virgina, Navy, Temple.
Purdue: Eastern Kentucky (FCS), @Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, Marshall.
Wisconsin: Northern Iowa (FCS), Oregon State, Utah State, UTEP.

I know this is a bit difficult to read, so I bolded BCS opponents, plus independents Notre Dame and Navy. My picks for my question above:

  • Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin all go undefeated. Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois and Purdue have one loss, everyone else is facepalm material for the conference.
  • I think Michigan and Ohio hold mostly steady, MSU rises a few spots as does Wisconsin, Iowa and Northwestern are in the 23-receiving votes category.
  • Northwestern has the second most difficult OOC schedule. Wisconsin is the easiest, with IU not far behind.
  • Michigan/Alabama has to be the most entertaining, with MSU/Boise State in the discussion and all of Northwestern's first three games should be close.
  • Wisconsin will put up 70 on Northwen Iowa or UTEP, guaranteed.
  • Temple nearly upsets Penn State, but loses in the end.
  • Minnesota, though improved, will drop a game they have no business losing.

Michigan Coaches try to make it about the family on the field and off ( article)

Michigan Coaches try to make it about the family on the field and off ( article)

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There's a good article in about the families of the three major coaches in the Michigan Football Program-…


Well worth the look.  Talks about how they all met, and the journey they have made together, and how their families interact.  Plus you've always wanted to know what kind of music Hoke and Mattison listen to on the recruiting trail....