Week One predictions for the rest of the Big Ten

Week One predictions for the rest of the Big Ten

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on August 31st, 2012 at 5:37 PM

We already have a Michigan-Bama prediction thread, but what do people think about the rest of the Big Ten this week?  I say the following:


Minn. v. UNLV:  The Gophers pull out a close one, probably by three points. 

Boise St. v. MSU:  The Spartans are too tough for Boise, especially at night in East Lansing. MSU is up 24-10 after three quarters of play.  Boise leaves at the start of the fourth quarter for fear of being in East Lansing too long into the night, as three Broncos' fans have already been captured by cannibals.  The game is accordingly forfeited to the Spartans.

Miami of Ohio (which is a school of giant d-bags) v. Ohio St.:  OSU struggles a little with Miami's spread b/c OSU's linebackers aren't fantastic.  OSU also has a few hiccups on offense, but they win 34-13. 

Ohio v. PSU:  The Bobcats give an overly-emotional PSU a hard time, and the Lions have trouble with their new offense.  PSU wins, though, 20-14. 

WMU v. Illinois:  IIlinois' new coach is going to be good, but WMU isn't too many notches below them.  Illinois wins only 24-21. 

NW v. Syracuse:  I have no idea.

Purdue v. E. Kentucky:   "Purdue is playing the Hilltoppers?" you say.  No, that's Western Kentucky.  "Then who the hell is Eastern Kentucky" you ask, annoyed.  The answer, honestly, is that I don't know, but I assume that they're a bunch of meth-heads who live near West Virginia.  That may be unfair, but Purdue still wins 45-10. 

Nebraska v. Southern Miss:  Did you know that Brett Farve went to Southern Miss?  You will be reminded of this 117 times if you watch this game.  Nebraska will also win easily.

Iowa v. NIU (at Soldier Field):  Iowa wins 23-20 against a game Northern Illinois, who comes out fired up to play in the home of the Bears. 

Northern Iowa v. Wisconsin:  Kansas thinks they can hotdog their way through this game, and they don't take Ali Farokhmanesh seriously.  Northern Iowa plays like they have nothing to lose and advances to the Sweet Sixteen.

Indiana v. Indiana St.:  Gene Hackman nearly outthinks himself, but in the end he calls a play for Jimmy Chitwood, and Jimmy drains the shot, because he is good and true and strong and because he has faced countless hours alone shooting under the dismal Indiana sky, where he transcended despair and found within himself an indomitable summer. 



Cryptic Twitter being Cryptic: Gareon Conley

Cryptic Twitter being Cryptic: Gareon Conley

Submitted by winterblue75 on August 31st, 2012 at 5:16 PM

Mark @Mgobluegr

You may hear some decommitment rumors due to a commit's recent tweets, but someone close to the situation said its nothing to worry about.

Anyone hearing anything?

Mod Edit:


  • Committed too early;
  • It ain't nothing against Michigan I just didn't explore anything that was the first time I've been to a college campus


Michigan-Alabama Game Watching Locations in Oregon

Michigan-Alabama Game Watching Locations in Oregon

Submitted by bklein09 on August 31st, 2012 at 4:28 PM

Portland, OR

Thirsty Lion Pub

71 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

Sponsored by the Alumni Club of Portland

Eugene, OR


1680 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 97401

Sponsored by the U of M Spirit Group of Eugene. Contact [email protected] if you need directions or have any questions. 

A Case for Devin Gardners Success @ WR

A Case for Devin Gardners Success @ WR

Submitted by brewandbluesaturdays on August 31st, 2012 at 3:32 PM

Save, the DL I think we would all agree that WR is the biggest concern and that this concern specifically, lies on the shoulders of backup QB Devin Gardner's ability to transition to WR. Well, I played WR in college and like to think I have somewhat of a decent opinion on the position. One thing I learned/witnessed, is that usually big, tall, fast guys, with big hands  tend to do well at the position. I do think there is something to be said about timing and learning how to run routes, but from someone who's played the position,  I truly believe Devin Gardner has the athleticisim to make an immediate big time impact. Charles Woodson didn't know the offensive play book and still was a serviceable WR option from time to time. Devin Gardner knows where he's supposed to be and when the ball is supposed to be coming from his time at QB which, just knowing a playbook (taken from my personal experience) will greatly help him transition. 

A couple more recent transitions I can think of to help prove this point is Ryan Tannehill and Michael Crabtree. Tannehill practiced at QB and redshirted as a freshman. His (RS) freshman year he went all through camp before moving to WR, and by his 5th game went 12 for 210 yds, the rest of his career has been talked about on this blog so I won't drag into it.

Crabtree was a high school dual-threat QB in a similar mold to Gardner. In his first game at the receiver postion a 49-9 victory over SMU, Crabtree had 12 catches for 106 yds and 3 TD's. The rest is history.

I think we all for the most part expect Gardner to be decent to good at WR. I expect him to be great and as Brian would say "undeniable" at the WR position. Just one man's thoughts and opinions, can't wait for tomorrow. Go Blue!

semi-OT: =( =( RVB cut from Panthers

semi-OT: =( =( RVB cut from Panthers

Submitted by kehnonymous on August 31st, 2012 at 2:54 PM

Subject header says it all.  Per RVB's twitter:

I've appreciated all the support and the opportunity with the panthers. I'll hold my head high bc i gave every last thing i had. #noregrets

Sucks to hear, but the NFL is a tough gig to break into.  According to Panther blog Cat Scratch Reader, he does stand a good chance of making the practice squad.  Keep your fingers crossed for a exemplary Michigan Man to get his break, but either way, he'll be a success in whatever he winds up doing.

Michigan's last "Kickoff Classic" game

Michigan's last "Kickoff Classic" game

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on August 31st, 2012 at 2:34 PM

The last time played in a Kickoff Classic game was on August 26, 1995 in the Pigskin Classic against Virginia. It was the first game for then-interim head coach Lloyd Carr. This was the one and only time in Michigan history that another team's name was painted in the endzones at Michigan Stadium.

The Pigskin Classic lived up to it's name for obivous reasons. Hopefully the 'Classic' tomorrow is just like this.


GO BLUE!!! Beat bama!!!

Ode to Denard

Ode to Denard

Submitted by SanFrancisco_W… on August 31st, 2012 at 12:57 PM

On this eve of the new college football season, I’ve already started to become a bit sentimental.  Starting tomorrow we will watch one of the single most important figures in the history of Michigan football play the first game of his final season in the Maize and Blue.  From his first snap against Western where he made the collect minds of the Michigan faithful blow out the back of their skulls, to the Notre Dame game last year, Denard has made Michigan fans hopeful again.  His exuberant smile and dedication to our favorite university has made him a beloved figure in Michigan lore.

Denard, I think I speak on behalf of the Michigan faithful when saying, “Thank you!”  Thank you for being a fantastic representative of the University of Michigan in the national spotlight.  Thank you for bringing Michigan football back from the depths of Hell.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done.  I look forward to watching you play your final season in a Michigan uniform.

I guess to end this short but earnest post; I would like to ask the MGoFaithful what their favorite Denard moment has been? 


Michigan vs. Alabama Prediction Thread

Michigan vs. Alabama Prediction Thread

Submitted by WestSider on August 31st, 2012 at 12:49 PM

After reading so many Michigan fans' opinions about what the Wolverines have to accomplish to win this game, I am interested in hearing what your predictions are for the final score. Also, what will be the most notable aspects of the game as you imagine looking back on it?

Michigan 26, Alabama 24

Norfleet and/or Hayes makes significant contribution(s). Saban's face turns a shade of red never before identified.


What Are Your Keys to the Bama Game?

What Are Your Keys to the Bama Game?

Submitted by SC Wolverine on August 31st, 2012 at 12:29 PM

The key I will be looking for early on is how Craig Roh holds up against the double-team from the tackle and tight end.  If he can hold his ground, we can handle their running game all right.  If not, we are going to be in inside-zone/outside-zone hell to the strong side all night.

Prediction: I believe Roh will do all right, giving us a chance in this game.