Michigan Monday at the Ozone: Channeling Brian

Michigan Monday at the Ozone: Channeling Brian

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 11th, 2012 at 12:26 AM

So, I wasn't going to link to Michigan Monday this week, but can't resist. (This is the Michigan column put up every Monday at the Buckeye blog by the name of theozone.net)  LINK:  http://theozone.net/football/2012/MichiganMonday/MM_12_09_10.html

I swear, Tony Gerdeman is channeling Brian or something. Listen to these quotes:

I was very opposed to Dave Brandon finalizing the Alabama deal, and I'm almost as opposed to him signing the Air Force game as well. This schedule wasn't brave, it was arrogant and ignorant, and the Wolverines were fortunate to come out of it with just one loss.

This game, against an option offense like Air Force, does nothing for the team. Had they lost, Brandon would have been 100% responsible for this team being 0-2 to start the season.

He followed up an impossible game against Alabama with an impossibly tricky game against the triple-option. That's a Football 101 no-no.

Brady Hoke should have a clause that extends his contract one year for every time Brandon screws him over on the schedule like he did with the first two games of this season.


I don't think Gerdeman has anything GOOD to say about Brandon, nor does he have anything BAD to say about Hoke. As usual, there's a fair amount of good content and analysis. Here are a few bullets.

  • Denard in this game shows that Borges didn't want him to run against Bama unless absolutely necessary. For the rest of the year, Denard returns to being the most exciting player on the field.
  • Our running game is terrible, because our OL is terrible. This is painfully obvious to everyone.
  • Funchess already looks like an all-conference receiver, and Denard is doing a good job of getting the ball to the two Devin's.
  • The future looks very bright for the LB corps in the coming years, as we see both Bolden and Ross do a great job.
  • Ryan already is an all-Big 10 LB, responsible for singlehandedly stopping Air Force on 3 of the last 4 plays.
  • Gerdeman really liked BWC. (This is analysis I haven't much heard yet.) EDIT:  If true, this gives me much more hope for the remainder of the season, because if BWC can anchor the DL, we MIGHT be able to do something on defense.
  • Norfleet is a stud, and will return a kickoff for a TD, soon.
  • We still don't know what kind of defensive line Michigan has, and won't know until ND.

As always, go and read the article if you are starved for Michigan info.

Gareon Conley considering visits??? pt 2

Gareon Conley considering visits??? pt 2

Submitted by robbyt003 on September 10th, 2012 at 10:27 PM

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, but...

per Tremendous:

Trieu and Bill Greene are reporting something along the lines of Gareon Conley is considering taking visits. Remember, if he takes a visit, his scholarship will be rescinded. The coaches have been ironclad in enforcing this rule and there's no reason to believe Conley would be an exception.

Tremendous I should make one thing clear; his scholarship would not be removed. He'd no longer be a commitment. I don't know why I said that.


The latest on #Michigan commit Gareon Conley and possible visits from @BillBankGreene : mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=162&…

This was already brought up on August 31st.               LINK

But considering they are still talking about it 10 days later, it makes me believe he really is looking into taking visits.  Lets hope this is not true, he is the CB I am the most excited about.  

OT: extra time out for Detroit Lions yesterday...

OT: extra time out for Detroit Lions yesterday...

Submitted by Wolverine Incognito on September 10th, 2012 at 10:00 PM



Apparently, at 2:38 in the 4th quarter the play clock started to run, but the game clock did not for a few seconds.  Those few seconds resulted in an extra stop of the clock for Detroit.  After rewatching the play, the official must have thought that Bradford had gone out of bounds.  It definitely looked like he did.  But the officials on the field said to run the clock.  

Interesting.  This will give the refs more ammo in negotiating, although I do not think the REAL refs are any better than the replacement refs...

Will we see some of the Air Force offense again this season?

Will we see some of the Air Force offense again this season?

Submitted by JCM26 on September 10th, 2012 at 8:55 PM

I've read several times now that we won't see the Air Force offense again.  I sure hope not but can we be sure Nebraska and Ohio won't try to run some of the same offense that made us look so vulnerable on defense last Saturday?  I'm thinking back to the Ohio game in 2006 when Tressel came out with spread formations that caught us off guard.  We were not expecting to see them spread out receivers as it was the bane of our defense during those years.  This is why a game such as this early in the season is a plus - we are now battle tested and should have some idea how to defend this type of offense in the future.  My hope is we do not see it again, but you never know! 

Brady Hoke stopped by our tailgate this week!

Brady Hoke stopped by our tailgate this week!

Submitted by mGrowOld on September 10th, 2012 at 6:49 PM

This year our tailgate got moved from our location of the past 15 years in front of Crisler to the hill behind the north end zone due to construction.  Like any change this one offers some good things (Canadian tailgating neighbors who play uptempo music loudly and have an open mike) and some bad things (no more clean, heated,  inside bathrooms in the mobile home).

Anyways about 90 minutes after the game Saturday, when the last beers and brats had been consumed and we were just starting to pack up, Hoke stopped by to say hello and ask us what we thought of the game.  He hit all the tailgates left around on his way out and made a point of taking pictures with anyone who wanted one (my nephew is pictured) and generally being just as good of a guy in person to the average fan as he seems in press conferences.

I think I like our new spot a lot!

Edit: On my computer a picture of Hoke with my nephew appears but for reasons my limited technical ability cannot fathom it doesnt appear on anyone elses so I changed the original content of the post.

Edt to Edit: Thanks to Electric Boogaloo my pic now actually appears on computer screens other than my own.



OT? - Seating switch mistake?

OT? - Seating switch mistake?

Submitted by MDave on September 10th, 2012 at 5:10 PM

So I made a seating section switch for this year.  After 5 years of being in Section 5, I moved my seats to Section 19.  I figured both sections look straight at the South goal line, but at least in Section 19, I will be able to be on the Michigan sideline, have the cheerleaders in front of me, and be able to hear the band a lot better.

All of this turned out to be true, but I wasn't very happy with a few things in my new section that put a kink in my experience against Air Force:

1) People seemed more uptight in this area.  They sat almost all the time except for big plays and big 3rd/4th downs with M on defense.  There was one loud guy a few rows behind me that kept getting dirty looks.  It just seems very quiet in the area also. 

2) No easy out.  Noticed there are 2 entrance/exits on the east side, but only 1 on the west side.  It took me 15 minutes to get out to the concourse.  In section 5, it never took me more than 1-2 minutes.

3) No easy bathrooms.  Maybe I missed the easy bathroom, but I sure didn't see one.  In section 5, there is both a men's and women's just outside and rarely have lines.

Also, I found out during the Nebraska game last year that I was sitting next to 1964 team captain Jim Conley when I was in section 5.  Wish I would have figured that out much earlier in the season.

Anyway, the point of this long post is to get recommendations/advice from other board members on their observations in this section or other sections.  Obviously this could have just been one odd game, but I want to figure out if I want to make another section switch.  Thanks in advance!