Nebraska Football Weekend Impresses

Nebraska Football Weekend Impresses

Submitted by Bluegriz on October 31st, 2012 at 12:58 AM

In the last 5 years, I've made it to every Big Ten school (and ND) for an away Michigan Football game.  As you’ll see, the Nebraska trip was quite unique.  I hope Nebraska fans that visit Ann Arbor leave with an equally positive experience when they visit us. 

Putting aside the Wolverines for a moment, the Nebraska football community is no doubt the most prideful, classy, hospitable and kind (in my observation anyway) of all B1G teams.  While they don't have a decades-long history of matchups with other B1G football programs, I don't think they would change much if they did.  They would still be a great example of how a fanbase is supposed to support its football program and welcome visiting fans.  

Below are examples of how they do things:

  • Checking in to the hotel (Fairfield Inn – not fancy), the hotel manager offered to give us his number in case we got lost while exploring downtown Lincoln. (Come On Man, I Have A Smartphone)
  • Friday night, while at dinner, several groups of people stopped at our table, welcoming us to Lincoln and wishing us luck the next day for the game.
  • After dinner, at a campus bar, students went out of their way to welcome us to Lincoln and say "Good luck tomorrow" with a smile.  (This is when I start thinking Where Am I?)
  • On the walk back to the hotel Friday night, a group of ladies stopped us on the sidewalk and said greeting visiting fans is always a highlight for them and it is "like seeing a celebrity".  (Now thinking: Is This Just A Well-Executed Prank?)
  • Saturday before the game, we walked all around the stadium and nearby tailgates for about 7 hours.  This part deserves sub-bullets:

o     About 75% of tailgate parties we walked by asked us to stop and chat with them. 50% offered us food or beverage.

o     One tailgate we decided to stop at was run by Tommie Frazier.  Yes that Tommie Frazier.  His name is on the stadium.  Not knowing who he was (all he said was "I used to play here"), we talked to him for about 15 minutes, discussing the ongoing stadium renovations, where various campus/athletic buildings were located, where the best tailgates are, etc.  The only reason I know that he wasn't just another guy with a tailgate is because as we were saying goodbye, the Nebraska gymnastics coach walked up and said Tommie's name aloud.  

o     Another tailgate lot we walked through had all the party buses and RVs in it.  A converted school bus stood out as a great piece of fandom and as we were walking by, the door flung open and we were invited inside to drink beer and watch the early games.  We sat there for about an hour, totally spontaneously, and shared stories about how both teams think they would have demolished the other if they had played against each other in 1997.  

o     The last tailgate lot we walked through ended up being about a 3 hour stop.  Our plans to go to a bar for pregame dinner were abandoned.  One guy demanded we have a blue jello shot with him from the batch that he made in honor of Michigan.  A few parking spots away we did several shot-skis.  We accepted invitations to eat food from several different grills and slowcookers. All the discussions taking place in these three hours were about football and beer.  No taunting or yelling or animosity or complaining of any kind.  I never heard a negative remark about either team or their corresponding players.  I was in a sea of red and I wanted more. (Is This Real Life?)

  • During the game, a Nebraska fan sitting opposite the aisle from us bought us a Runza (a baked pastry filled with meat) from the vendor walking the aisles (yes they have those). He didn't speak a word to us the whole game except when he said "Welcome to Lincoln, this [Runza] is for you" while indicating it was a local delicacy of sorts.  It was delicious.  (I Didn't Know I Wanted That, But He Did)
  • After the game, our section was among the last to file out due to the gate location, and the Nebraska fans walking down the steps with us were interested to know if we enjoyed our time in their city despite the ugly game. We said yes, and they wished us safe travels home.

It got to the point where the sincerity and hospitality were equal parts overwhelming and humbling.  I highly recommend you visit this place.  I'm still wondering if everybody that visits has such a great experience or if I was just lucky.  Either way, this is how Football Saturday should be.  I'll likely cheer for Nebraska whenever doing so doesn't conflict with cheering interests that are advantageous for Michigan.

Conley schedules visit to Ohio State

Conley schedules visit to Ohio State

Submitted by ChopBlock on October 30th, 2012 at 11:40 PM

Per 24/7 (LINK), Conley and his mother have spoken to Meyer and decided to take an official to Ohio ($, info in header). Credit jscbus for breaking the info on MGoBoard.

Let's keep it classy here and try to refrain from speculation until more details come out. Nothing but best to Conley as he makes some big life decisions.

EDIT: Reports coming that he's planning on talking to Hoke about it sometime soon; too soon to say that anything is set in stone yet.

VIDEO: Defense vs. Nebraska Every Snap

VIDEO: Defense vs. Nebraska Every Snap

Submitted by Thorin on October 30th, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Most people say good defense isn't as much fun to watch as good offense. They are not afflicted with Schembechler Syndrome. This game didn't bother me as much as say 2010 Wisconsin. Sure, I had to avoid the internet for 48 hours, but this defense is even better than we thought. Elite defense, 50 yard field goals and no offense less than 2 years after RR exited The Fort. Mission Complete.

Taylor Lewan doesn't appreciate your talk about Bellomy

Taylor Lewan doesn't appreciate your talk about Bellomy

Submitted by M-Wolverine on October 30th, 2012 at 9:15 AM

And you know who you are...there are enough who have downgraded the kid, to viciously attacking him.  Online, of course. (Along with some constructive decision making criticism....but that's not the majority, for sure)…


"I have 100 percent faith in Russell," Lewan said Monday. "I think Russell is in a tough situation. Any person that thinks they could have done a better job -- they couldn't have. I mean, 90,000 fans in red shirts screaming at you, and you're a redshirt freshman, that's a tough situation. All the things being told about Russell, I don't appreciate it. "I really don't appreciate some of things I've heard."

Will there be any consequences for Arizona violating the NCAA concussion policy?

Will there be any consequences for Arizona violating the NCAA concussion policy?

Submitted by mejunglechop on October 30th, 2012 at 3:49 AM

I'm not a doctor, but I suspect this happens more than we'd like to admit. Last year Tommy Rees looked more than a little dazed and came back and this year Will Gholston appeared to be out cold. Nevertheless I've never seen the media make an issue of it before, maybe they have feared losing access. I'm glad it's happening. I am disappoint, Rodriguez. Obviously the handling of this has consequences for all of college football.

Michigan Monday vs. Nebraska up at "The Ozone"

Michigan Monday vs. Nebraska up at "The Ozone"

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 30th, 2012 at 12:18 AM

Ohio fan blog "The Ozone" has Michigan Monday vs. Nebraska up this evening.


It is depressing to read, but interestingly, Gerdeman isn't too harsh. In fact, his opinion is that Michigan probably would have won if Denard had been healthy the whole game. A few quotes:

Despite his struggles, we shouldn't put all of Michigan's offensive failures on Bellomy. While he was healthy, Denard Robinson led five drives and Michigan averaged 29 yards of total offense on those drives, which lead to six total points.

Those numbers with Robinson throughout an entire game probably would have been enough to get the win for the Wolverines, because they likely wouldn't have included three interceptions.

I tend to agree. We live and die with Denard this year. Gerdeman closes with that thought:

Which is the real Michigan offense? The one against Illinois and Purdue, or the one against Michigan State? The answer is neither. The real Michigan offense is Denard Robinson, and how well he performs depends solely upon how good the defense is that he is facing that given week.

There is no "Michigan offense". It's just "Denard". For better or for worse.

What can you say? If Denard is healthy, we could win the rest of our games. If he is out, we'll probably struggle in the rest of our games.

Here are some other bullets:

  • Michigan has a severe lack of QB depth. (duh, but yeah.)
  • Michigan has a severe lack of QB preparedness.
  • People who think Devin is the answer are in la la land. The coaches would have had Devin in the rotation if he was a good option at QB.
  • Having said that, Devin will return to QB in the Spring (see depth above.)
  • Gerdeman is a broken record re:  Fitz and the rushing.
  • The OL didn't get much of a push to help Fitz (not that it would have mattered.)
  • The defense once again was stellar, and did enough for Michigan to win.

You can read Gerdeman or not. The lack of offensive playmakers, both RB & WR, leave Denard terribly exposed. It has been this way for a long time, but there's nothing to be done for it this year. If Denard stays healthy, I suppose we could win the rest of our games. I wish I was happier about this, but Michigan sure seems awfully vulnerable right now.

Are "we" better than OSU right now?

Are "we" better than OSU right now?

Submitted by 1464 on October 29th, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Less than a month away from the Game, I think a lot of MSM personalities are writing us off. 


I'm a subscriber to the notion of buy low, sell high.  Perception of our team is WAY lower than it should be.  We lost to an NFL team in Texas, should have beaten a top 5 team South Bend, and had our only 'bad' loss to a solid team in Nebraska at night (without our star performer).  Our defense has solidified in tough situations.  Our offense is slumping, but very dangerous. 

OSU is flying to high to the sun right now.  9-0, but one of the ugliest 9-0 teams I've seen.  Almost lost to Indiana, among other weak opponents.  Looked very sloppy out of conference.  Defense is a sieve.

Granted, three losses will drive the perception that we are not on their level.  So will the shallow topical commentary by media members.  But I think that our team will be able to drive on their defense, and I don't think can match our point production. 

My opinion is that we are a better football team this year.

After 8 games, we are tied for #1 pass defense

After 8 games, we are tied for #1 pass defense

Submitted by ken725 on October 29th, 2012 at 7:50 PM
Rank Team G Opp Pass Att Opp Comp Opp Comp Pct Opp Pass Yds/Comp Int Opp Int Pct Opp Pass Yds Opp Pass Yds/Att Opp Pass TD Opp Pass Yds/G Opp Pass Conv
1 Alabama 8 225 115 51.11 10.15 14 6.22 1167 5.19 3 145.88 0
- Michigan 8 198 112 56.57 10.42 7 3.54 1167 5.89 5 145.88 1
3 Arizona St. 8 228 118 51.75 10.06 11 4.82 1187 5.21 11 148.38 1
4 LSU 8 251 130 51.79 9.14 13 5.18 1188 4.73 7 148.50 0
5 Vanderbilt 8 215 116 53.95 10.41 4 1.86 1208 5.62 4 151.00 0
6 Florida St. 9 318 158 49.69 8.78 6 1.89 1388 4.36 8 154.22 0
7 Minnesota 8 252 137 54.37 9.34 8 3.17 1279 5.08 8 159.88 0
8 Nebraska 8 238 113 47.48 11.34 6 2.52 1281 5.38 10 160.13 0
9 Fresno St. 9 266 136 51.13 10.76 16 6.02 1463 5.50 12 162.56 0
10 Boise St. 8 243 144 59.26 9.22 11 4.53 1327 5.46 2


I knew our defense was good, but I didn't think we would be tied for the best pass D in the nation.  I think this has to do a lot with Mattison/Mallory and also BIG TENNNNNNN.  I was nervous about our pass D after Countess went out, but Taylor has really stepped up and is a pleasant surprise.

Gibson minus all the points.


I don't know how to format this chart to make it fit.  Sorry for blocking the diary section.

ESPN Has Michigan in the Capital One Bowl after this past weekend

ESPN Has Michigan in the Capital One Bowl after this past weekend

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on October 29th, 2012 at 5:36 PM

The College Football analysists at ESPN has Michigan in the Capital One Bowl now after last weekend's loss to Nebraska and Nebraska in the Rose Bowl. I actually don't mind this bowl because of our recent history in it and surprisingly they have us pitted in a 2008 rematch against you guess it, the Florida Gators. Should Michigan not make the B10 championship but go on to win out and play in this bowl game I really would actually love a rematch with Florida and to beat the Gators yet again. But in all seriousness we want the Rose Bowl. Sadly it's going to mean Nebraska choking in one or two of their upcoming games. Two of the biggest that stand out for them are againt MSU this weekend in EL and against Iowa. If Nebraska can choke away either the MSU or Iowa game or both in best case scenario and we beat Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern and Ohio St then it's obvious the B10 championship appearance goes to us. Even with a loss against Ohio St we would still go. Thoughts?