Reschke recruiting Dawson for MSU, Dawson doesn't notice.

Reschke recruiting Dawson for MSU, Dawson doesn't notice.

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I dislike Mark Snyder more than I dislike Rosenberg.  I'm not sure why.  I'm not sure it matters why.  Probably because in my head, he's the guy wearing the black framed glasses drinking a PBR at the end of whatever bar is hipster this month.

But I'll still read his stuff in the off event that a useful tidbit of information will be hiding amongst the otherwise drivel-filled paragraphs.  Today, he has two separate pieces that were terrible but did produce these quotes:

Jon Reshcke, on being a recruiting tool for MSU:

"I've still been recruiting guys, like (Cass Tech offensive guard) Dave Dawson, and it's actually helpful," he said. "You can tell guys we need you to step in and help us get a better record next year. It can work as an advantage." 

David Dawson, on his recruitment status:

"Those are the three I'm listening to," he said Wednesday at the Free Press/National Football Foundation Dream Team banquet at the Dearborn Inn. "All three programs have a lot to offer, in football, academics, and Ohio State and Michigan are close to home. Alabama, that's a great program." 

No mention of MSU, so Reschke may be more "helpful" if he were to focus on keeping the committed two stars in Dantonio's class rather than trying to attract new "elite" level talent. 

Reschke story:|topnews|text|Sports 

Dawson story:|topnews|text|Sports 


McShay's latest mock draft has Lewan at #9 overall (#2 OL)

McShay's latest mock draft has Lewan at #9 overall (#2 OL)

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Todd McShay released another mock draft yesterday (LINK, $). In it, he has Lewan going #9 overall to San Diego. Here's what he had to say about Lewan:

The Chargers must protect QB Philip Rivers better. They hope the healthy return of LT Jared Gaither will fill one spot, but they would still need a right tackle in that scenario and Lewan would fit the bill. He has the length to be effective in pass protection, and he's a tenacious run-blocker who gets under the skin of defenders.

I don't know about you, but I know I would definitely pass up an opportunity to be a top-10 overall pick, a hefty signing bonus, and risk injury for a chance to improve my draft position by 7 or 8 spots. It would be an easy decision. No brainer. Wouldn't even have to ask me twice.

Seeking Relationships In The Big Ten Passing Game

Seeking Relationships In The Big Ten Passing Game

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The object of this experiment was to look for highly correlated data within some of the regular season passing statistics. Data from all 144 regular season games within the Big Ten conference was collected from box scores and team sites. What is being sought is to confirm essentially some of the relationships that people notice with the so-called “eye test”, plus potentially find ones that are not so obvious.


A matrix of statistics was created using six variables – passing attempt, pass completions, total passing yards, yards per attempt, yards per completion and completion percentage. For purposes of this diary, interception data was not included, but is part of a future planned diary along this vein of discussion.

So, in all (n=144 for each variable), there were 864 individual values which were either reported or calculated from existing data. The assumption made was that 144 trials would be sufficient to show some interrelationships inside the data.

Fifteen potential relationships were examined and their r-value calculated.


The six most correlated variables are as follows –

Completions / Attempts - r=0.88

Yards Per Attempt / Yards Per Completion – r=0.82

Completions / Yards – r=0.77

Attempts / Yards – r=0.65

Yards Per Attempt / Comp. % - r=0.57

Yards / Yards Per Attempt – r=0.49

Two relationships showed a relatively meager positive correlation; Completions / Completion % (r=0.37) and Yards / Yards Per Completion (r=0.36)

A few relationships even showed very slight negative correlation; Attempts / Yards Per Attempt (r=-0.29), Attempts / Yards Per Completion (r=-0.29) and Completions / Yards Per Completion (r=-0.26)


Below is the table of summary conference statistics (including a thumb of the matrix I used to calculate "r") and a cat photo -


MEAN: 18 31 207 7.0 11.8 59.1%
MEDIAN: 17 30 192 6.6 11.3 59.3%
MODE: 16 30 171 8.6 12.7 60.0%
STD. DEV. 7 10 81 2.3 3.2 10.5%
VARIANCE: 46 108 6567 5.4 10.4  


Expected Visitors List - 12/14/2012

Expected Visitors List - 12/14/2012

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The entire 2013 recruiting class except: Patrick Kugler (in state championship game), Channing Stribling (took his official in November), and Ben Gedeon is a maybe.  

Not Committed:

David Dawson - They'll definitely be putting the full court press on him, I'd be VERY surprised if he didn't re-commit on the spot.

Dan Skipper (OT) 2013 - 6'10" 295 lb lbs who is currently committed to TENN.

Not Committed, Maybe Visiting:

Reon Dawson (CB) 2013 - Teammate of Mike McCray, currently committed to ILL.

Lawrence Marshall (DE) 2014 - 6'4" 210 lbs, lives in Michigan.

Malik McDowell (DT) 2014 - 6'6"292 lbs, lives in Michigan


LINK   - Rivals. edit - (Paywalled), I wish they'd have an insider thing pop up like ESPN does

LINK - Magnus (Not Paywalled)



Texas Tech names former QB Kliff Kingsbury Head Coach

Texas Tech names former QB Kliff Kingsbury Head Coach

Submitted by Marley Nowell on December 12th, 2012 at 10:55 PM

The 33 year old coach is best known for working with Case Keenum at Houston and most recently being the Offensive Coordinator for Texas A&M directing Manziel to a Heisman Thropy.  Clearly this is a risky move hiring someone without any head coaching experience but I think their fans would rather see this than hiring another retread.…

ESPN's Top 10 Coaching Jobs in Football

ESPN's Top 10 Coaching Jobs in Football

Submitted by MGoLogan on December 12th, 2012 at 2:16 PM

ESPN put together a list of the top 10 coaching jobs in football, both college and pro.  UM (and OSU) is #8 on the list.

#1 - Green Bay Packers

#2 - Texas

#3 - New England Patriots

#4 - Notre Dame

#5 - New York Giants

#6 - Alabama

#7 - LSU

#8 - UM/OSU

#9 - Florida

#10 - Houston Texans


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Ohio coaches visiting Dawson today

Ohio coaches visiting Dawson today

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 12th, 2012 at 12:20 PM

I apologize if not worthy of its own thread. But this tweet brought up a question on compliance. I thought it was , .....well not compliant to "mention" a recruit in twitter. Can anybody explain?

Mike Vrabel @CoachVrabel50

@OsuCoachCoombs and I are ready to #PlantTheFlag in the state up north. Can't wait to recruit with a #legend.

College Football Program Valuations & Ranking Head Coach Positions

College Football Program Valuations & Ranking Head Coach Positions

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on December 12th, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Title basically says it all and I think both articles raise interesting discussion: an IUPU-Columbus reseacher put together valuations for NCAA football programs that Gene Wojo used in his overall ranking of head coaching jobs in all of football.

Michigan lands at #3 in football program value, behind Texas and Florida, and lands at #8 (tied with OSU) for overall job in football, with the Packers as #1. Those are obviously pretty great numbers for us but I'm interested in what everyone else thinks of the overall rankings.