Semi-OT: JAX WR Justin Blackmon suspended 4 games; may help D-Rob get some significant early PT

Semi-OT: JAX WR Justin Blackmon suspended 4 games; may help D-Rob get some significant early PT

Submitted by Butterfield on April 30th, 2013 at 4:36 PM

Justin Blackmon, formerly of Oklahoma State and currently the Jacksonville Jaguar's #1 wideout, has been suspended 4 games by the NFL for substance abuse.  This may be good news for Denard's chances at significant early playing time, although fellow Jaguar draftee Ace Sanders from South Carolina (FML) probably benefits most.  The Jags had earlier this offseason cut their #2 WR last season (Laurent Robinson), so although D-Rob is listed as a RB, depth concerns may expedite a move to WR. 

In other M-related Jaguars news, Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert are in an open competition for the starting QB job.  I'm sure both of them would prefer Blackmon didn't get suspended. 

College Football Playoff Logo chosen

College Football Playoff Logo chosen

Submitted by MikeCohodes on April 30th, 2013 at 3:52 PM

They have closed the voting on the College Football Playoff logo design, and the one they are calling the "Golden Football" won.  Sorry, no spiked footballs.  Source link

Sorry if already posted, I did do a search and didn't see this on here, most recent post I could find was the one encouraging voting on it from a couple days ago.

So what's the verdict?  Are we happy with the logo?  Or is it just as bland as the name for the playoff itself? Michigan's Dave Brandon a 'reluctant participant' in new College Football Playoff Michigan's Dave Brandon a 'reluctant participant' in new College Football Playoff

Submitted by GoBlueinEugene on April 30th, 2013 at 1:56 PM


In Brandon's eyes, 15 games is too many. And if the format eventually expands to eight teams, then what?
“I just worry about these young men playing 15 games," he said. "That’s kind of the road that we’re on. You play 12 regular-season games, you play a 13th championship game in conference, then you play a 14th game as part of the four-team playoff and if you do well, it’s a 15th game.
He continued by expressing concern over player health and readiness that late in a season, explaining how Michigan's recent bowl trips have left the team with multiple injuries after a 13-game schedule.
Making him wonder if a team would be able to field a decent roster to play games 14 and 15.

Big Ten Recruiting Rankings 4-30-13

Big Ten Recruiting Rankings 4-30-13

Submitted by Ace on April 30th, 2013 at 1:55 PM

At long last, ESPN released their 2014 rankings, which means I no longer have an excuse to not put this together. With a new recruiting cycle comes some changes to the rankings:

  • Between the addition of two teams (Rutgers and Maryland) to these rankings in the past year, the Irish falling off the schedule after 2014, and reading the same damn comment every week, it's settled... to hell with Notre Dame.
  • Gone is the rudimentary points system. In its place, I'm using the 247 Composite Rankings, which combines data from all four recruiting services into, well, composite rankings. This not only gives an unbiased and comprehensive overview of each team's standing in the conference, but by adding the national ranking we get an idea of where the teams stand in the bigger picture and where the largest gaps are between teams in the conference.
  • Using the 247 Composite Rankings again, I've added columns in the top table for the number of five-, four-, and three-star prospects in each team's class.

If you've got any suggestions, please leave a comment or send me an email. Without further ado...

Chart? Chart:

Big Ten+ Recruiting Class Rankings
247 Comp. Rank (Ovr) School # Commits 5* 4* 3* Rivals Avg Scout Avg 24/7 Avg ESPN Avg Avg Avg^
1 (6) Michigan 8 0 6 2 3.50 3.50 3.75 3.75 3.63
2 (9) Ohio State 7 0 5 2 3.43 3.71 3.86 3.43 3.61
3 (18) Rutgers 8 0 0 7 2.63 2.63 2.88 2.50 2.66
4 (19) Penn State 6 0 2 4 3.17 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.29
5 (20) Michigan State 6 0 0 6 3.17 3.33 3.50 3.00 3.25
6 (25) Wisconsin 4 0 4 0 3.50 4.00 3.75 3.50 3.69
7 (30) Northwestern 5 0 1 4 3.00 2.80 3.40 2.60 2.95
8 (39) Iowa 3 0 1 2 3.33 3.00 3.67 3.33 3.33
9 (46) Minnesota 3 0 1 2 3.00 3.00 3.33 2.33 2.92
10 (48) Illinois 3 0 0 3 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.67 2.92
11 (62) Maryland 2 0 1 0 3.50 3.00 3.00 2.50 3.00
12 (72) Nebraska 1 0 0 1 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.75
13 (74) Purdue 1 0 0 1 2.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 2.50
14 (NR) Indiana 0 0 0 0 -- -- -- -- --

^The average of the average rankings of the four recruiting services (the previous four columns). The figure is calculated based on the raw numbers and then rounded, so the numbers above may not average out exactly.

NOTE: Unranked recruits are counted as two-star players.

On to the full data after the jump.

ESPN's take on Uncommited Football Prospects (Paywalled article)

ESPN's take on Uncommited Football Prospects (Paywalled article)

Submitted by tigers17fan on April 30th, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Espn recently put out a list of uncommited prospects in the top 150 and where they think they will go. Those predicted to Michigan?

2. Jabrill Peppers (CB)

4. Hand (DE)

55. Alex Bars (OT)

69. McDowell (DT)

75. Corey Holmes (WR)

85. Artavis Scott (WR)

87. Parrker Westphal (CB)

100. Kyron Watson (OLB)


Note* I'm not sure the feeling about paywalled articles on this site. Here is the link if wanted.

Mods, feel free to delete if this isn't acceptable use of the board.

Way too early 2014 NFL Draft Board

Way too early 2014 NFL Draft Board

Submitted by Butterfield on April 30th, 2013 at 11:33 AM

The value of this is probably nothing other than as a "conversation piece" as I doubt Eric  Fisher was showing up on these lists a year ago, but nonetheless, it gives us something to talk about in regards to who draft experts view as the top CFB guys this upcoming season.  It does take into account underclassmen declaring early so at least it's better than a list of only seniors.  Some highlights:

  • Clowney at #1 - because...yeah. 
  • Taylor Lewan at #4 - scout says he has all the physical traits, needs to improve technique.  Can't disagree with that assessment. 
  • Bradley Roby (OSU) at #8 - sounds about right where the Lions may be picking and a likely a position of need unless Slay gets the job done.
  • Ryan Shazier at #21 - 3 B1G prospects in the top 21.  Considering the conference only had one 1st rounder this year, I suppose this means good things for the reputation of the B1G. 
  • AJ Mccarron at #33 - Ken Dorsey, anyone?  I see a winner and a solid intangible guy, but an NFL QB?  No. 
  • Ka'deem Carey at #44 - I live out here in AZ now and this guy was electric in RR's zone read.  How his skills will translate to the NFL are a bit of a question, ala Steve Slaton. 

[Older human interest piece on Jabrill Peppers]

[Older human interest piece on Jabrill Peppers]

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on April 29th, 2013 at 10:18 PM

I don't think I've seen this before on here, but given the commitment today and the possible future commtiment by Jabrill Peppers, I thought this was a good article to share. As some of you are aware, Jabrill's father is in jail and wasn't really there for him during his childhood and this article details the impact that had on him. The story is from last October, but it is still a great read. He is the kind of player you can't help rooting for, even if he doesn't end up coming to Michigan. Also, the article states that his father will be out on parole this this June, so the fact that he might make his decision around that time might have something to do with that fact.

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