SI Investigation: Oklahoma State Has Been Paying Players

SI Investigation: Oklahoma State Has Been Paying Players

Submitted by ChopBlock on September 8th, 2013 at 7:14 PM

[Not seeing anything on site search about this, nor on the mod thread canning the subject, so here goes...]


Sports Illustrated is set to break a major, major story on alleged naughtiness by the  Oklahoma State football program this week. The lowlights:

  • Paying players 
  • Phony/nonexistant jobs for players (maybe it's an OSU thing?)
  • Academic fraud: systematic outsourcing of player's classwork to others, and adjusting their grades upward
  • Campus hostesses providing sex to recruits

There's a few things to note about this that suggest this might be, like, an actual thing and not just a media spectacle

  • The timeframe stretches across more than a decade, since the Les Miles days. 
  • The University (and WVU, who currently employs Joe DeForest, an assistant coach at the center of the allegations) have already started damage control. They're shocked, shocked, that improprieties are going on in here.
  • If you're going to flat-out state that the University is paying players (about the most damning allegation possible), you better have dang good evidence.

Now, it's much too early to say which of these allegations will or won't be substantiated, and the NCAA hasn't said a word on the subject. But SI is planning to run a multi-part exposé on the subject, so this might get ugly, at least publicity-wise.


Edit: Many of these violations are alleged to have occured between 2001 and 2007, outside of the NCAA statute of limitations. Howeva, SI insists that DeForest paid players as recently as 2011, which is fair game.




Photos from College Gameday

Photos from College Gameday

Submitted by BlueBarron on September 8th, 2013 at 6:48 PM

I stopped by College Gameday with my camera to snagged a few photos. For a full-size view, right click and press "view image". For your viewing pleasure, enjoy:

Oh. Hello.

"Win one for the chicken!"

Well, yes technically, if you're Indiana


Or for four easy payments of $57,117 at Notre Dame 

This man ruined the surprise for everyone.

More photos are on my Facebook page, where I'm also working on a new album called "Ann Arbor in the Moonlight." Likes are always appreciated. No really, like my page. You can find it here:

CBS Bowl predictions (Edit fixed)

CBS Bowl predictions (Edit fixed)

Submitted by GoBlueinOhio on September 8th, 2013 at 6:48 PM

Seeing this posted last week, I figured to help keep this going. 


NC Alabama vs Oregon

Rose Michigan vs Stanford


Here is the link


Edit: I am sooo sorry guys, i jumped the gun on this one.. still can't wipe the smile from my face after last nights  game.


thanks rockydude for the save

Inside the Boxscore - Team 134, Game 2

Inside the Boxscore - Team 134, Game 2

Submitted by ST3 on September 8th, 2013 at 5:49 PM

    Many years ago, I played the part of Tiny Tim in my grade school's production of "A Christmas Carol." My only line was to announce that Scrooge had provided the Christmas goose for supper. The class decided that we should have a prop for the goose, to make my part look more authentic. One of my classmates volunteered his rubber chicken. Having some dimensionality, we thought that would be better than a cardboard cutout of a goose. Fast forward to the night of the play. I enter stage right, say my line, and hold up the rubber chicken. The audience burst out laughing; I dare say, that's the biggest laugh I've ever gotten. I learned a very important lesson that night. Rubber chickens are funny.

Burst of Impetus
* For a game that finished with an 11 point margin of victory, and where Michigan had a 14 point lead for a large portion, the momentum seemed to go back and forth quite a bit. One could say that the deflected passes were huge. Like that old adage goes, "live by the deflected pass in the endzone, die by the deflected pass in the endzone." What? There's no old adage like that? Well, there should be. Anyway, each side benefitted from one of those, so I'm not choosing that as our burst of impetus. My burst of impetus award goes to Fitzgerald Toussaint, as I will explain below.
* Honorable mention goes to the 4th and 4 play late in the game, when 3 or 4 of our guys jumped offsides, only ND didn't snap the ball. We got back onside, blitzed and forced a hurried throw. Incomplete. Impetus back squarely with Michigan. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, or something like that. ND had the opportunity to get a cheap 1st down. They weren't ready for it. Luck of the Irish? Not last night.

Captain Morgan's Crew
* ND only punted twice, after their first and second drives of the game. Perhaps that is why there is some grumbling about the defense. We did turn them over a couple times, stopped them on 4th down twice, and forced them to go for three FGs. Still, I like seeing the other team punt more than twice.
* As should be expected in a game where the other team threw the ball so much, our two leading tacklers were DBs. Taylor had 11 and Gordon had 7. Countess and Wilson round out the list with 4 of our 6 leading tacklers coming from the defensive backfield. I was impressed by our DB's tackling. I don't track these things, but there seemed to be very few broken tackles.
* We had 4 TFLs, 1 sack, and only one QB hurry. The four man line just wasn't getting to Rees. Neither was the blitz, the few times Mattison used it.
* In case you were wondering, Funchess did not get credit for a BrUp on the last play before half.

Ermahgardner, Young 98, Master of Social Work
* Devin is racking up nicknames as he begins his assault on the Michigan record books. At first I was against him being given #98, but now I realize he's the only guy who could wear it. Tom Harmon is known as Ol' 98. That makes Devin the Young 98. (P.S. the 100%BLU license plate was firmly attached to an Olds 98.)
* Additionally, Michigan created College Football. Innovation is in our blood. If we want our guys to wear bumblebee stripes, or M's instead of numbers, or our QB to wear #98, so be it. We're Michigan, FERGODSAKES!
* Gardner was our leading rusher with 82 NET yards, and he ran for 1 TD. He was also mistakenly called Denard half a dozen times. Hey, I get that, but he's making a name for himself pretty quickly.
* Gardner was also 21 for 33 passing for 294 yards. Phenomenal. (We won't mention the one brain-fart, considering it was his 7th game starting, not bad.)

V. Sinha Legends Jersey
* A few weeks ago, there was a post about incoming freshmen and "that guy." I think it was in an Unverified Voracity. Anyway, the point was, Michigan is a huge university, but there is going to be one guy you see everywhere, who will make you think the university isn't all that big. For me, that guy was V. Sinha. My gameday experience wasn't complete until I saw V. Sinha sporting his personalized, #21, "V. SINHA" jersey. I went to school during the Desmond Howard era, so I'm pretty sure V. Sinha's jersey was a tribute to Desmond. If this blog had existed back then, V. Sinha would have been the equivalent of Lloyd Brady or Facepalm Guy. Why do I bring this up now? Well, Brian, Ace, Seth, BronxBlue and all our favorite bloggers are going to have takes on this game, and in the hopes of not being overly repetitive, I'm providing my personal experience. My brother went to the game last night. Of all the things he could have taken a picture of and sent me (flyovers, Beyonce, Eminem, #98, the laser show, etc.) the one thing he sent was  this photo of V. Sinha. Now like any great photo of a legendary creature (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch) the picture is a little blurry, but it's proof that V. Sinha is still cheering on the maize and blue.


* Gallon caught 8 balls for 184 yards and 3 TDs, and successfully deployed his cloaking device.
* Critically underutilized WR, Drew Dileo caught 3 for 18 yards, and had the other receiving TD. Kudos to Borges for calling that play on 2nd down. If ND holds us to a FG, it's still a one-score game. Instead, I imagine Borges going over his playsheet, thinking, hey, it's been awhile since we threw one to critically underutilized WR Drew Dileo. Let's do that. TD. Ballgame. I go to sleep happy.
* Is Jake Butt the TE with the frying pan-sized hands? I can't remember from all the recruiting profiles I've been reading. Anywhere, there were two balls that he could have caught that would have made us all breathe easier. On one, he drifted back instead of coming forward and highpointing the ball, allowing the ND DB to sneak in and break up the pass. Force that DB to go through you, Jake, and make the official throw his flag. He's a frosh. He'll learn. 

20 Pound Cheeseburgers
* I somehow managed to forget to include this in last week's diary, when Derrick Green was listed at 220 pounds, but Glen Mason said he looked like he was a cheeseburger shy of 240 pounds. My apologies for the oversight, chalk it up to a first game mistake.
* Touss led the RBs with 22 carries for 71 yards. I was hoping for competence from the rushing game this week, and 166 yards, 4.3 YPC, and 11 first downs certainly qualifies. That's actually better than I expected. By forcing ND to respect the rushing game, Michigan was able to isolate WRs (Gallon) one-on-one and exploit the ND secondary. But it all started with some tough, tough running from Touss.
* Gallon, Norfleet, Green, and TEAM all carried just once. Green may be a *****, but it's clear he hasn't earned the trust of the coaching staff yet. If Touss hadn't been able to make it back from that gruesome injury, there goes the running game. Without the running game, ND attacks Gardner (ESPN had a split showing his ATT/COMP with and without ND blitzing, and the numbers against the blitz were less than stellar.) Fitz' ability to crank out 3-4 yards at a time made those 2nd and 3rd down throws that much simpler. Let's not forget that he was running behind three interior linemen with a grand total of 3 collegiate starts as of game time. That was a workmanlike performance. That was a man's performance. Every ounce of sweat and pain he endured during the off-season was like storing up impetus in a jar, to be deployed against ND.

* Once again, the linemen had no stats.
* Notre Dame did get 3 QB hurries and 1 sack. Frankly, against that D-Line, that's a victory for us.

Norf and Souf
* Norfleet had 1 punt return for 0 yards, and three kick returns for 78 yards. He ran the ball once, and caught one pass. Borges and Hoke were keeping this game in Gardner, Gallon and Fitz' hands. Norfleet will get his chances later this season.

I'm an international umpire
* There were a few questionable calls and non-calls during the game. Mid-way through the 3rd quarter, Brent Musberger mentioned that it was an all-ACC crew. After that, everything made sense. I kid, I kid.
* It was a relatively penalty-free game. Michigan was called for 6 penalties to Notre Dame's 2, until 2 late pass interference calls went against ND, making it 6-4. Notre Dame's penalties were arguably more damaging to them as we garnered 3 first downs by penalty to their zero.
* I have to disagree with Ace on the pass interferences. The ND player clearly shoved Gallon out of bounds, stepped in front of the pass and would have had an interception if he held onto the ball. He clearly gained an advantage by making contact beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage. Funchess' jersey was nearly torn off on the 2nd interference call. The only controversial part of those calls is that plays similar to them weren't called earlier in the game. Twice, I quoted Musberger as saying the ND DB was, "All over the intended receiver," but no call was made.
* Kalis got his first, off-setting, unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. After reading so much about his nasty streak, it was nice to see him get that first one out of the way. ESPN did not show the play, so we may never know how he earned that.

Fantasy Announcer Team
* Like Eminem, I was born in Southfield, Michigan. Makes me wonder what was in the water back then. Unlike Eminem, Brent Musburger would never be on my Fantasy Announcer Team. I love how he left Herbie off his team. That whole segment was so bizarre. As Eminem said, "I'm really uncomfortable now." Weren't we all. Best to just move on...

Fig Things
* I find it interesting that both of Michigan State's games so far have been delayed by weather. Had this happened, oh say, 10,000 years ago, the natives would have rightly decided that the land was cursed, burned everything in site, and moved on to appease the gods. And that's how I believe the couch-burning tradition got started in East Lansing.
* Shout-out to Seth's Robots.
* We had 25 first downs to their 23, but were more balanced with 11 rushing and 11 passing.
* Total offensive plays was split 50/50 with 72 plays for each team. We tallied an extra 50 yards on offense. We also took an extra 8 minutes and 8 seconds to run our plays. MANBALL UBER ALLES!


    Dad was a pretty prominent member of our Parish. He was a lector and sang in the choir. So whenever we played Notre Dame, he was sure to get confronted by a Golden Domer after Mass. "Hey, ST2, are you really rooting against the Irish this week?" His response was simple and educational, "The University of Michigan was founded by a Catholic Priest and a Protestant Minister*, and UofM has more Catholic Alumni than Notre Dame." He left those Irish fans wondering why they weren't rooting for Michigan.
    I'm pretty sure Dad would not have been pleased with Special K playing the chicken dance after the game. His response would most likely be something like, "We're Michigan, we don't mock our opposition. How boorish." And then when nobody was looking, he'd chuckle, because chickens are funny.

*Yes, the University of Michigan was leading the ecumenical movement decades before it became popular.


Legends Jerseys

Legends Jerseys

Submitted by pullin4blue on September 8th, 2013 at 3:31 PM
After last night I was wondering about the Legends Jerseys. Does a legends jersey supercede other jerseys? For example, Jeremy Gallon had a very Braylonesque night. In Braylon's best game against MSU in 1994 he was 11 for 189 and 3 TD. Last night, Gallon was 8 for 184 and 3 TD. Although wears the Desmond Howard legends jersey would there ever be consideration of the number 1? Would a WR rather wear the number 1 or would they rather wear a legends jersey? Does anyone on the board know anything about this? Thanks .

Did we have alternate helmets?

Did we have alternate helmets?

Submitted by Brhino on September 8th, 2013 at 2:18 PM

So the buzz before the game was alternate uniforms and non-standard helmets.  Then the team came out, and from my vantage point in row 85 (and later from the replay on BTN) it looked like our standard stuff.  However, I'm browsing the Upchurch photo set and I see this one:

So I guess we had custom helmets after all, with little blue specks in them? Did anyone else watching at home or in person completely fail to notice this?

Recruiting News?

Recruiting News?

Submitted by BILG on September 8th, 2013 at 1:24 PM

Any quotes from all the elite recruiting talent that was in attendance last night?  Amazing atmosphere, dominating performance, national exposure, and staff and players staying calm and poised through the 5 minute snake-bitten period in the fourth quarter...Have to think recruits and their parents were impressed with the visit.

400 wins at Michigan Stadium + other updated stats

400 wins at Michigan Stadium + other updated stats

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on September 8th, 2013 at 1:17 PM
  • All-Time Record moves to 905-315-36
  • All-Time Home record moves to 592-137-26
  • Michigan gets win #400 at The Big House moving the record to 400-125-15
  • Michigan is now 5-2-1 agains tthe #14 ranked team in the AP Poll
  • The series record with the Fig Thing Chickens is now 24-16-1
  • Michigan's record against Division I-FBS Independents (Army, BYU & ND) is now 28-22-1
  • Michigan ends the rivalry with a 4 game home winning streak
  • Michigan is now 15-8 (.652) when College Gameday is there including a perfect 5-0 against ND.
  • Michigan moves to 26-15 all-time in Night Games
  • Michigan is 2-0 in Under The Lights
  • Brendan Gibbons is now the holder of the consecutive FGs made record with an active streak of 16, surpassing Remy Hamilton's 14.
  • Jeremy Gallon had his fourth career 100yd receiving game.
  • Devin Gardner had his 3rd career 250-yard passing game, going 21-33 for 294 yards. The last time a Michigan QB had a 250-yard passing game against a ranked opponent and won was Chad Henne in the 2008 Capital One Bowl. 

Thanks to ironman for the correction on the Gallon stat.