OT - Go Irish!

OT - Go Irish!

Submitted by sdogg1m on January 7th, 2013 at 5:57 PM

I see the predictions thread but want to branch off in a different direction with this topic.

Life long Michigan fan who is pulling for Notre Dame!

Why you ask?

Because I live in the South and while I enjoy the living here, I do not like the football mentality. The idea that the whole ESS EEE SEE conference is somehow interconnected.

I have always simply rooted for Michigan and while happy that other Big 10 teams did well in bowl games, I would never feel a sort of pride. I most certainly did not stick my chest out in 2002 when OSU won the BCS title and proudly proclaim to all my southern friends BIG 11! BIG 11! BIG 11! or some other rediculously sounding chant. Michigan didn't win the National Championship that year so nothing else mattered.

The states that I have lived in Kentucky and Tennesee has not done crap for years. Kentucky hasn't had a winning football tradition and the Vols have been in turmoil since they fired Fulmer. Does that stop the rabid college fans from boasting their pride despite their actual TEAM not winning JACK SQUAT? NOPE! For these group of states for some reason like to stick together. They were in my face when OSU lost to Florida and LSU, did I give one crap that OSU lost? NOPE! But I still had to hear it day in and day out when the topic of football came up.

Am I happy or proud to root for the Irish? No! Am I sick of hearing about SEC pride day in and day out by fans who don't give a crap about Alabama any other day of the year? YES!

I would rather have ND fans boast again and see Michigan thump the reigning national champions next year and for one year atleast have some peace regarding the SEC.

So for one night, GO IRISH!

Your predictions for tonight's BCS Discover Tostitos All State Buffalo Wild Wings National Championship game?

Your predictions for tonight's BCS Discover Tostitos All State Buffalo Wild Wings National Championship game?

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on January 7th, 2013 at 1:26 PM

What you think will happen tonight?  I think Bama will pull away in the third quarter to win 24-13. 

FWIW, my non-scientific and non-expert reasoning is as follows:  

*ND played a well-balanced schedule (no Western Kentucky or Florida Atlantic, unlike Bama), and they (of course) went undefeated.  You can't take that away from them, and they showed themselves to be a very solid and consistent team.  However, they played a number of close games against lesser teams - including a win at home against Pitt that required a missed FG in OT by Pitt's kicker.  Also, ND's wins in big games look less impressive than they did when they were played.  USC and Oklahoma, for example, just aren't as good as they were advertised to be, though Oklahoma is obviously much better than Lane Kiffin's salute to underachievement.

*Alabama played a less balanced schedule, with opponents ranging from the teams mentioned above to the Arkansas John L. Smiths to LSU and Georgia...I realize that LSU lost the Peach Bowl, but I still think of them as one of the best teams in the country...Bama also had four shut outs, which is impressive even if they were against poor opponents...As for the Tide's game against Texas A&M, there is both good and bad:  It was a loss, something ND didn't have, but it was also a very close loss against a very good and very hot team.

* At the risk of being overly Michigan-centric and invoking the non-existent transitive property of football, my belief that Alabama will win is rooted primarily in the fact that the Tide trounced our Wolverines on a neutral field while ND needed a massive offensive implosion by Michigan to win in South Bend.  I think 2012 Michigan would beat 2012 ND more than 50 out of 100 times.  I think 2012 Michigan would beat 2012 Alabama...fewer...times than that. 

Random thoughts: 

1. The health of Barret Jones could make this a closer game, obviously;

2. I think Rees would be a better option against the Tide than Golson, as Rees's passing would give ND a chance against Alabama's semi-weakness, covering people downfield;

3.  ND shouldn't be taken for granted.  I think they would win this game 25-30 times out of 100;

4. Listening to Brent Musburger talk about Nick Saban and ND for three-plus hours would be intolerable.  I strongly suggest watching without the sound;

5. This got really long.



Academic Requirements for Recruits

Academic Requirements for Recruits

Submitted by Vader on January 7th, 2013 at 11:24 AM

Does anyone know what the exact academic requirements are for Big Ten schools (or Michigan if it gets that specific)? All of my Notre Dame friends think that the only reason Michigan will even be able to compete with ND the next few years is because their academic requirements are much tougher so they won't be able to take everyone they want. So does anybody know anything regarding ND's requirements as well?

questions about the de-recruiting process

questions about the de-recruiting process

Submitted by bluesouth on January 7th, 2013 at 10:47 AM

The early enrollees will be hitting campus sometime in the coming week or so.

Heard a term used by a coach and also heard the term used in one of the All Star games.

De-recruiting I belive.  Anybody familiar with this process. I appreciate any feedback thanks.