OT - CYO Philly ends 11 year old girl's football career

OT - CYO Philly ends 11 year old girl's football career

Submitted by Blazefire on February 14th, 2013 at 9:50 AM

So, I'll get to the link really quickly here, so you all have a chance to read it.

CYO Philly tells 11 year old, only girl in program, football is "boys only".

This has been rehashed several times now, but I feel that it never really comes to a clear answer, in part because of some extenuating circumstance (the girl only plays kicker, and has a no contact rule for her, opposing players complained, etc). In this case, this 5th grade girl, pretty good sized at over 5 feet and 110lbs, plays defensive end and is evidently pretty darn good at it.

Where does everyone come down on this issue. I think it's stupid to ban her for the following reasons.

1. CYO's have women's locker room facilities available. She can dress and then they can hold pre-game meetings in one of the facility's multi-purpose rooms, no problem.

2. She's playing defensive end. She's not asking for any special treatment. She wants to hit, and be hit.

3. At the 5th grade level, the girls are often BIGGER than the boys. This is not a safety concern right now.

4. There is not enough girl's interest in football to start a girl's only league,

The nature of football as a contact sport is such that if you are small and weak enough to get seriously hurt playing it, you're gonna be too small and weak to actually see the field. Let her play until puberty takes over and she can't compete well enough to keep her spot.  That will happen long before there's an injury risk more appreciable than for any other player.

OT: Mack Brown Institutes the "Brady Hoke" Visit Policy

OT: Mack Brown Institutes the "Brady Hoke" Visit Policy

Submitted by MilkSteak on February 13th, 2013 at 10:08 PM

Looks as though other schools including Texas, Oregon, and Georgia Tech (do they have the recruiting clout to do this?? edit: Talking about GT here) are instituting a similar policy on recruit visits. 


Right from the old man's mouth:

"The thing that we will do is we have allowed the kids to commit and still look around the last couple of years -- we're not doing that anymore," Brown said last week on Signing Day. "If you are committed to us, be committed. If you're going to go look, we're going to go look."

YouTube issues

YouTube issues

Submitted by WolverineHistorian on February 13th, 2013 at 7:34 PM

A question for anyone here that has a YouTube account and has ever uploaded Michigan sports to it.  Are any of your videos suddenly being blocked or written up as matching third party content? 

My YouTube account is currently in shambles but it's somehow still standing.  Of my 402 videos, over 200 of them are now currently blocked world wide.  These videos include all sorts of classic football victories going all the way back to the 1970's, some basketball vids with the Fab Five and the majority of my player tributes.  

The same common theme on every video that is blocked globally is thanks to audio visual content administered by ZEFR.  I don't even know what the hell ZEFR is or what it stands for.  

What's most puzzling is that there is no pattern to any of the vids that were marked up.  Some basketball vids are blocked, others are fine.  Part 1 of the 2010 UConn FB game is blocked but part 2 is fine.  Even silent coaches film from the 1970 MSU football game is blocked by ZEFR despite the fact that it never aired on TV!!! 

Is anyone else having this problem?  I'm trying to think of the next step to take because I don't want my account removed altogether.  I've put 5 years into it and I'd rather not stop doing one of my favorite hobbies. 

New rules proposed by NCAA rules committee

New rules proposed by NCAA rules committee

Submitted by dnak438 on February 13th, 2013 at 2:30 PM

The NCAA Rules Committee has made some new recommendations for changes to the NCAA football rulebook. (More here

Most controversial is that "targeting" would result in a 15 yard penalty and the ejection of the offending player. This would be added to the existing rules, which are:

  • Rule 9, Article 3: "No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. When in question, it is a foul."
  • Rule 9, Article 4: "No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul."


The proposed rule will mirror the penalty for fighting. If the foul occurs in the first half of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game. If the foul occurs in the second half or overtime of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game and the first half of the next contest.

Video replay would be allowed to overturn the ejection.

Less controversial, probably, are the other recommendations:

  • To make blocks below the waist from the side and back illegal, but legal if the blocked player is facing the player blocking below the waist.
  • To add a 10-second runoff with less than a minute remaining in either half when the sole reason for the clock to stop is an injury.
  • To establish three seconds as the minimum amount of time required to be on the game clock in order to spike the ball to stop the clock. If one or two seconds remain on the clock, there is only time for the offense to run one more play.
  • To require a player that changes numbers during the game to report this to the referee, who will announce this.
  • To only allow one player number to be worn by the same team and participate at the same position (e.g., two quarterbacks on the same team are not allowed to have the same number).
  • To require teams to have either their jersey or pants contrast in color to the playing field.
  • To allow the use of electronic communication by the on-field officiating crew after successful experimentation by the Southeastern Conference. This is not a required piece of equipment but will allow officiating crews to use this tool.
  • To allow the Big 12 Conference to experiment with using an eighth official on the field in conference games. This official would be placed in the backfield opposite the referee.
  • To allow instant replay to adjust the clock at the end of each quarter. Previously this provision was only in place for the end of each half.

At the moment these are just proposals; they will be voted on in under a month (March 6).

Ejection seems extreme to me; I would prefer to warn a first-time offender and then perhaps eject him if he continues to target in a way that is dangerous. It will be difficult in some cases for referees to determine intent (which it seems to me is part of the rule as currently stated: "target and initiate contact").

(Updated - thanks) FBS teams vs. High school stats

(Updated - thanks) FBS teams vs. High school stats

Submitted by I Wrote a 4 Wo… on February 13th, 2013 at 11:57 AM

I remember during the football season someone posted the stats on how many high school teams were played by each FBS team that did so, and was just wondering if anyone still had that link. I've Google'd it and searched on MGoBlog but haven't found it.




EDIT/UPDATE: Thanks. The conversation started with an MSU fan who brought in an OSU fan for some reason, who both kept saying Michigan has sucked at everything since 1930, so records only after 1930 should be shown since that's when these "gimme" games ended. Showing statistics & facts for all 3 schools (and the other actual top programs) has helped shut them up. 

FCS opponents no longer allowed on B1G schedule

FCS opponents no longer allowed on B1G schedule

Submitted by jaggs on February 12th, 2013 at 10:44 PM

Looks like with the 9 or 10 game schedule the B1G is looking at getting rid of baby seals from the schedule. Nice for fans I suppose.



There's nothing else on right now so chat away.

Urban Meyer's fable in which Earl Bruce gets bit in the buckeyes by a turtle is in fact a fable.

Urban Meyer's fable in which Earl Bruce gets bit in the buckeyes by a turtle is in fact a fable.

Submitted by Leaders And Best on February 12th, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Or Urban Legend. Not even been 24 hours, and Ohio State has already put out a release saying Urban Meyer's turtle story was an "exaggeration." I wonder if it was because the story got out he used the same lie about Earle Bruce last year.

Paul Myerberg @PaulMyerberg

Ohio State sends out an advisory saying a turtle never bit Woody Hayes in the privates. Urban was exaggerating in a joking fashion, per OSU.

Tony Gerdeman @GerdOzone

Here is Urban Meyer telling the turtle story about Earle Bruce last year. Start at the 10:20 mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ2Rvb68pwc