Sid Hartman loses his mind re: Kill v Hoke

Sid Hartman loses his mind re: Kill v Hoke

Submitted by jg2112 on April 5th, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Hello Board:

I just read something that has me flabbergasted. Sid Hartman is a 93-year-old blowhard who used to GM the Minneapolis Lakers, and is famous up here in the Twin Cities for being ridiculous. This comment might take the cake.

He's ticked off that his buddy Bob Knight wasn't considered for the Gophers' job, and he wonders how Richard Pitino can follow a "legend" like Tubby. But here's what he writes this morning:

Still, Pitino might turn out be a great coach despite his youth (30) and having only one year of experience as a head coach.

Hiring a big-time football or basketball coach has been difficult in the past for the Gophers, but some great coaches are out there that haven’t received as much publicity.

For instance, Jerry Kill wasn’t contacted for the Gophers football job in 2010 until a number of others turned it down. Kill was fifth on the Gophers’ list but he has turned out better than the No. 1 candidate, who supposedly was Brady Hoke, who was at San Diego State and was hired by Michigan in 2011. 


OT - Jason Hanson calls it quits after 21 seasons

OT - Jason Hanson calls it quits after 21 seasons

Submitted by JHendo on April 4th, 2013 at 4:49 PM

After 21 years (all amazingly with the Lions), Jason Hanson is finally hanging it up.  It was a heck of a run.  If there was one (positive) thing us Lions fans could count on over the years, it was him.  What incredible loyalty to go along with pure class and talent.  The NFL will miss him.

Borges Letting Gardner Audible

Borges Letting Gardner Audible

Submitted by GotBlueOnMyMind on April 4th, 2013 at 3:02 PM

Great article on the Borges-Gardner dynamic we will get to see this fall. The most interesting quote to me was this:

"We don't want him calling the whole game," Borges said, "but there are instances where there are things he can take advantage of. There are situations where I don't call the right play, and he's got to get us out of that." 

A common complaint around these parts seemed to be that we would run into stacked fronts and that our QBs did not appear to have the power to audible at the line. That apparently will not be the case next year.




OT - Sun rises in east, Auburn pays players, alters grades

OT - Sun rises in east, Auburn pays players, alters grades

Submitted by Butterfield on April 3rd, 2013 at 8:26 PM

Selena Roberts, formerly of Sports Illustrated, has released a new investegative piece for her own blog in regards to Auburn University paying football players and altering grades under the watchful eye of Gene Chizik.  Roberts has credibility - she was the first journalist to do an investagative piece on A-Rod's use of steroids - so this can probably be taken fairly seriously....   

Rumors have been rampant forever, but now we have some specifics:

Three players say that before the BCS Championship game the team was told that as many as nine of their teammates would not be able to play in the title game because they were academically ineligible. “We thought we would be without Mike Dyer because he said he was one of them, but Auburn found a way to make those dudes eligible,” says Mike Blanc, a teammate and roommate of Mike McNeil’s. 

Receiver Darvin Adams, a star player with NFL dreams and a family to support, wrestled with whether to turn pro after the championship season. He discussed his plans with teammates and told them how much pressure he was under by Auburn coaches to stay. McNeil and Blanc say Auburn coaches offered Adams several thousand dollars to stay for his senior year. 


Also, a USA today piece which provides some background and links to Roberts' piece: 

James Ross beast mode!

James Ross beast mode!

Submitted by Moleskyn on April 3rd, 2013 at 11:56 AM

I'd never heard of Cinemagram before I saw this, but this is awesome. I believe that's Dan Gibbs he destroys, then takes on Drake Johnson for the tackle.

Having trouble with the embed, so here's the link.

I am excite!

EDIT: Figured out the embed. Not sure why it's so small though.

EDIT #2: I wanted to capture this in an image, so I got a freeze-frame. I didn't notice Gibbs' leg in Ross' crotch before this.