Preemptively Meta: No Ace Williams [locked]

Preemptively Meta: No Ace Williams [locked]

Submitted by Seth on April 16th, 2013 at 11:04 AM

Some people who imagine themselves to be media make up utter lies to get attention.

Some people believe these lies because it stretches credulity that a person with pretensions of being "media" could be such an utter horse's patoot that they'd actually make something up about a college player just to get attention.

Unfortunately the latter is true in at least one case. Unfortunately on occasion, the random wheel of Ace Williams allegations lands on a person with ties to Michigan and people pass the tweet around and stuff.

I STRONGLY urge you to suppress any natural curiosity to find out what it was this time and just respond "Ace Williams's existence is an appreciable net injury to honesty and the institution of human communication" to anyone who brings it up. If you must know and go googling, I remind you not to post it here or find yourself the victim of a remorseless banhammer.

Det News article Michigan Stadium ranked No. 1 in home field advantage for 2012

Det News article Michigan Stadium ranked No. 1 in home field advantage for 2012

Submitted by TdK71 on April 16th, 2013 at 10:54 AM

I think this has more to do with our 2 year Home winning streak than anything else, it is good to see the Big House getting love again!

OT: EA Sports Class Action re: NCAA/Madden/etc

OT: EA Sports Class Action re: NCAA/Madden/etc

Submitted by JeepinBen on April 16th, 2013 at 10:09 AM

I got an email the other day notifying me of a Class-Action lawsuit against EA Sports.

Supplemental Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action
United States Federal District Court for the Northern District of California

1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94612
Para ver este aviso en español, visita
· Customers of Electronic Arts Inc. have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Electronic Arts violated their rights under federal and California law. The Court has not decided whether the Plaintiffs’ claims have any merit, and Electronic Arts has denied any liability and all allegations of misconduct. A proposed settlement has been reached, and your legal rights are affected. You have a choice to make now:


Did anyone else get this email? did you submit a claim? Do any lawyers know what this is about? I've bought NCAA 2011, 12, and 13 for Xbox, and according to this I could get about $20+ back per title up to 8 titles. Any thoughts?

Who do you think gets vacant Legends numbers?

Who do you think gets vacant Legends numbers?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on April 16th, 2013 at 8:51 AM

Since the dead period is upon us now, I thought I'd try to generate some discussion on football.

Who do you think will wear the vacant Legends numbers? They are #21, #11 and #87. Plus #98 will be unretired at the night game. Unfortunately. 

My picks-

#21- Gallon

#87- Funchess

#11- Q. Washington

#98- No idea what their criteria is. I believe that number is sacred and never should be worn again. 

My theme for the Legends numbers is for them to make sense. Howard at WR, Kramer at TE, Wisterts at DT. 

5 Star RB/ATH Bo Scarbrough to visit Michigan soon

5 Star RB/ATH Bo Scarbrough to visit Michigan soon

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on April 16th, 2013 at 1:52 AM

Keeping the great recruiting momentum going,  Coach Brown tweeted that Bo Scarbrough will visit soon. He is currently an Alabama commit who lives in Tuscaloosa. I never thought we had a great chance before he commited to Alabama, but getting him on campus is a bigger step than we ever got from Rueben Foster. Gotta love all the great players that want to come visit Michigan and see what it's all about.


2014 ATH/Manchild Bo Scarbrough hopes his visit to #Michigan next month happens. He's not solid to Alabama, wishes M recruited him more.

— CoachBrown TheMBlock (@CoachBrown3) April 16, 2013

Tom Strobel: Three Tech

Tom Strobel: Three Tech

Submitted by Blazefire on April 16th, 2013 at 12:02 AM

So this is something I pulled out of the presser with Mattison:

Tom Strobel is a guy we’re very very happy with at the end of spring because here’s a guy that plays the 5-technique and because of an injury, we moved him to the three.

I thought this was an interesting quote and bore further examination, since I hadn't heard anything about him being moved to three-tech prior to this.

For the uninitiated, the difference between Three Tech and Five Tech is as follows (Descriptions from Touch the Banner):

Alignment: 5-technique, which is on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle
Gap responsibility: C gap (between offensive tackle and tight end)
What should he look like? It's only a matter of semantics, but head coach Brady Hoke and new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison appear to be referring to this position as the 5-technique defensive tackle.  Don't get caught up in the terminology - the term "5-tech" is more important than whatever comes after it.  This player needs to be able to stand up to double-teams by the tight end and tackle, which will come with some regularity.  He also needs to be able to rush the passer when the tight end releases or when the offense goes to the spread.
Best physical fit: Ryan Van Bergen (6'6", 283 lbs.)

Alignment: 3-technique, which is on the outside shoulder of the weakside guard
Gap responsibility: B gap (between weakside guard and tackle)
What should he look like?  Rather than size, the key at this position is the ability to get penetration.  Whether it's by brute strength or pure quickness, it doesn't really matter.  Most running plays go to an offense's strength, which means the 3-tech is expected to play the B gap while simultaneously squeezing the A gap and trying to prevent cutbacks.  In passing situations, the 3-tech ought to be able to beat a single block (typically the guard) and push the pocket.  Because of the job description, players of various shapes and sizes can play the 3-tech.  Albert Haynesworth was a great 3-tech at 6'6" and 335 lbs., but so was Warren Sapp at 6'2" and 300 lbs.
Best physical fits: Mike Martin (6'2", 299 lbs.) and William Campbell (6'5", 333 lbs.)

So, according to Mattison, because there was some form of injury (though I don't recall of hearing about any injury to a DT), Strobel came inside. Can Strobel play the 3-Tech? Does this move make any sense? Lets find out.


Player Size Weight
Tom Strobel 6'6" 262

According to, Strobel is currently 262 and 6'6".vs. the ideal 6:2", 299 lbs Mike Martin or 6'5" 333 Lbs William Cambell, this id not particularly good. However, Albert Haynesworth played very, very well at 3-Tech at 6'6", 335 lbs, so if Strobel can add 40 lbs from last update by start of RS Frosh year, not an unreasonable goal for a 6'6" guy, he's got a chance to fit the right mold, more or less.

However, if he's going to be Albert Haynesworth, we'd better ensure that he really does fit that mold. First of all, what does it take to be a three tech?

A: Ability to get penetration.

Unfortunately, according to scout, his areas for improvement before signing were strength and technique & moves. These are two key attributes that a player uses to get penetration. However, his highlight tape does reveal great speed for beating his man whenever not blocked properly or by design.

So, if he can add the necessary bulk to be a bull rusher, there is always the chance. Lets compare that with what he's leaving behind by leaving the 5-Tech spot.

Unfortunately, the 50 Tech sounds like a great fit for the Tom Strobel that is, a speed rusher, tall enough to take on most TE's, that can also speed rush whenever given the opportunity. There's not much to say here. Tom Strobel already really fit the role of 5-tech well, and I have trouble seeing moving a somewhat slight guy to 3-tech as a great option.

As a caveat, I came today from a funeral, and I am drunk. Perhaps there's something I'm missing. What do you guys think?

Hicks to Replace Hammond for ND games

Hicks to Replace Hammond for ND games

Submitted by Chi-Blue on April 15th, 2013 at 1:49 PM

According to the Chicago Tribune Dan Hicks will replace Tom Hammond for the ND football broadcasts starting this fall. If you are like me you generally keep an eye on their games. This may change as our scheduling them comes to a close, but I really could not stand Tom Hammond. Mayock has his moments, but generally does good work both on the ND games and the NFL Network. I'm sure some of you may not care, but just an FYI.,0,5666045.story 

Marginal OT*: Detroit Pizza

Marginal OT*: Detroit Pizza

Submitted by lexus larry on April 15th, 2013 at 11:58 AM

*Marginal due to Jeff Smokevitch being quoted.

Agree with the statements in the article about what Detroit Pizza is all about...just don't blow up into a Zingerman's is/isn't debate, please!  (And don't blame me for the source article...thought it was a fun subject in these dark days before 2-a-days.)

Another Reason to Appreciate This Basketball Season - Football Recruiting

Another Reason to Appreciate This Basketball Season - Football Recruiting

Submitted by Michael Scarn on April 15th, 2013 at 11:13 AM

As if coming close a national championship wasn't fun enough in it's own right, Michigan got the added benefit of even more exposure with top football recruits.  Not that these kids don't like Michigan, but Trey's game is incredibly entertaining even if you're not a fan of any particular school and just like watching basketball.

A few examples that have popped across my twitter from following various Michigan football outlets, as I find the idea of following a high school junior on twitter slightly disturbing unless it's your job (or you're a high school junior).  Yes, interest in the tweets vs. following them directly is a fine distinction, but one that lets me justify my Michigan Football addiction.  If I were Dantonio and company, I wouldn't get too comfortable about Lawrence Marshall just because he's had some kind words to say about MSU, that recruitment is far from over.

Here's top defensive end prospect Malik McDowell

It's already over Trey about to go nutz.

— Dream Team LEEK (@D1_LEEK) April 9, 2013


Fellow top DE prospect Lawrence Marshall 



— Lawrence Marshall Jr (@ESPN_Lo) April 9, 2013