Question on DB/S Recruiting

Question on DB/S Recruiting

Submitted by Chi-Blue on May 2nd, 2013 at 2:10 PM

So on the Scout/Michigan front page they list an offer going out to 3 star saftey prospect from Florida Quincy Wilson. I know many of us are hopefull/confident about getting Peppers, but what position are we recruiting him for? How many DB's are we taking? Last I saw I thought it was 3 with the hope of . . .

J. Peppers - Safety

P. Westphaul - CB

M. Nicholson - S

Obviously any attrition would change this, does anyone know out DB recruiting situation?

Recalling My First Experiences With MGoCulture

Recalling My First Experiences With MGoCulture

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on May 2nd, 2013 at 8:56 AM

I thought I might share some background on my first experiences with deep dives into MGoCulture, if you will.

It began in the early 1980s on an unassuming street in Northville, and it began with a 1977 Ford Econoline and its owner –both pictured on this page for the University Of Michigan Club Of Greater Northville (LINK). I spent many hours, when I was a wee lad, sitting in this van as it sat in a driveway wondering what it would be like to be at a Michigan game before I actually went to my first one in 1985.

Lou was our next door neighbor, and his daughters babysat me and my sisters quite often, so we spent an awful lot of time at their house. Actually, we even spent mornings before school there once in a while, waiting for the bus, whenever my parents had to go into work especially early. I was in elementary school, and like so many kids in southeast Michigan, I was a Michigan fan, but I suppose at the time that I didn’t know what this meant precisely. Lou knew in meticulous detail, and it still impacts my life to this day.

Most of their house was similar to the colonials around it (including ours). At the time, most of us on the street had not graduated from 1970s décor, so browns and burnt sienna were not uncommon, and linoleum floors ruled the day along with the odd shag carpet. There was one room in that house next door that was an aberration, but a beautiful aberration – the office.

I still remember first stepping into that office and being awestruck – if it had a block “M” on it, or Bo’s likeness (even Bump’s likeness, as Lou went to school mostly during Elliott’s tenure) or if it was simply Michigan-related, it was in there.  There was a board on one wall with dollar bills signed by names as diverse as Dan Dierdorf, Reggie McKenzie, Don Canham and even Bennie Oosterbaan. It was just dollar bills, but also signed photos, a few game balls from different decades, pennants and so on. Even though he likely had better things to do than explain all of these things to me, that is precisely what Lou did – the beginnings of my knowledge of MGoHistory and MGoCulture begin in that office just off the kitchen of the house next door.

Lou taught me “The Victors”, and not just the chorus. He even taught us “The Yellow And The Blue” and even let us attempt to play these songs on the organ in his living room. Actually, when we came over to the house sometimes, we would be quizzed on our MGoKnowledge. He took his self-imposed role as the neighborhood purveyor of all things Michigan quite seriously, and I know he still does even now. When I find myself buying MGoGear and supplying MGoTrivia to my niece and nephew, as well as my kids and my meighbors, I know exactly who I am channeling.

The Michigan flag flew proudly on the flagpole in Lou’s front garden. When the pole was ripped from the ground and thrown into the street by a June 1983 storm, it was actually the first thing that was replaced. Not even nature would prevent Michigan from reigning supreme over Morgan Circle. I watched as he installed the new pole, saying not a word, and at the end of that back-breaking day, in a ceremony to which we were all invited, the new Michigan flag (the old one was never found after the storm) went up with a “Go Blue!” and then some grilled delights on his back porch. He was dedicated to his university, and I think I picked that up as well, for the first thing that goes up every game day is the flag.

I don’t think I ever told him, and maybe I should this season as I walk past Edgewood and Snyder, where he tailgates more often than not, but I credit him primarily with starting me down the path that made me not just a knowledgeable Michigan fan, but a proud alum and MGoFanatic. Indeed, there are times on MGoBlog when, in the middle of a post, I stop to ask myself how Lou would respond.

Like many on this board, I come from a family that has Michigan ties from within as well, but when I think about who inspired this level of fandom and who inspired me to want to be part of that culture, I think of that house next door to ours in Northville and its resident Wolverine.

Thanks, Lou.

Scouting Report: Alex Bars

Scouting Report: Alex Bars

Submitted by Magnus on May 2nd, 2013 at 8:42 AM

This week's scouting report is on Nashville (TN) Montgomery Bell offensive tackle Alex Bars.  He's obviously the brother of redshirt freshman OG Blake Bars.  I think Alex, who could play everywhere but center, is a significantly better player than Blake.…

The Atlantic article on how NCAA abandons athletes after injuries

The Atlantic article on how NCAA abandons athletes after injuries

Submitted by Gameboy on May 2nd, 2013 at 12:47 AM

There is a great article from The Atlantic about NCAA players who get abandoned to fend for themselves after they are injured. It is a pretty damning portrayals on how universities take advantage of naive kids and families. I don't understand why NCAA cannot provide 5 year free insurance coverage for athletes after they graduate if they are injured during their athletic career.

To relate this back to us, if Michigan does things the right way (but I do not have any real evidence that we do - just hope that we do things the right way and how we have handled Austin Hatch so far makes me believe that we do), shouldn't this be a real emphasis during recruiting?

Additionally, shouldn't sites like Mgoblog keep track of stories like this so that recruits can make informed decisions when it comes to which schools keep promises and which schools don't? I would hope doing would help Michigan be even more attractive to kids.

OT: Kyle Field Expanding to 102,500 Capacity

OT: Kyle Field Expanding to 102,500 Capacity

Submitted by MichGoBlue858 on May 1st, 2013 at 8:31 PM

Texas A&M is adding about 20,000 seats to become the third largest stadium in college football, trailing only Michigan and Penn State. Kyle Field is already known for being extremely loud, so Texas A&M has a very good chance to have the best home field advantage in college football. Its been a good year for them: Moving to the SEC, beating Alabama, Heisman winning QB, now this. They also have a great recruiting class coming in. Texas can't be too happy right now. 


NCAA Bans on-field hashtags

NCAA Bans on-field hashtags

Submitted by Fort Wayne Blue on May 1st, 2013 at 5:26 PM

so I guess this is the Dave Brandon Rule?!?!?

" was revealed Wednesday that the NCAA has ruled that hashtags—like #NCAA—would be banned from the field of play because it can be used as advertising.

The only permissible markings are NCAA, conference and team/universities logos, the name of a commercial sponsor with naming rights and for a postseason game, the name/commercial logo of the title sponsor associated with the name of the postseason game." 

Alex Bars getting "close" to a decision per 247

Alex Bars getting "close" to a decision per 247

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on May 1st, 2013 at 2:28 PM

Alex Bars, a 4 star OT out of TN and younger brother of current Michigan OL Blake Bars, is getting close to a decision per a Steve Wiltfong tweet:

Steve Wiltfong @SWiltfong247 11m

Top247 offensive tackle Alex Bars getting 'close' to decision #Michigan #NotreDame #PennState #Vols  via @247Sports

He's the 107 overall composite player according to 247. The article is paywalled and posted on the Tennessee 247 site, but 247 also lists his top 5 as Florida, Floridat St., Michigan, Notre Dame, and OSU with the only 3 crystal ball predictions all having him going to Michigan. If he does indeed pull the trigger soon it may be good news for Hoke and co.

ESPN Article Suggesting that the NCAA should limit contact in spring

ESPN Article Suggesting that the NCAA should limit contact in spring

Submitted by bluebyyou on May 1st, 2013 at 8:32 AM

The title says it all.

The article indicates that the NFL is going to eliminate all pads and contact during the nine week offseason practice program, and that the NCAA should significantly reduce the amount of contact allowed during spring practice.

A couple of weeks from now, newly drafted former college players will join their NFL teammates in the NFL's nine-week offseason practice program. But not a single player will wear pads or have live contact during any of those practices. The NFL doesn't allow it. The league determined that it's not good for the long-term brain health of its players to have that offseason contact.

Why do this? Because it's necessary. According to medical experts, every block and every tackle in the spring is one more hit that brings a player closer to having long-term brain damage. Each tackle and each block jars the body -- much like being in a car crash. Each time that happens, the brain hits the inside of the skull. (It is difficult to determine the actual amount of contact players have during practices since it varies by coaches, drills and repetitions for players. Some research suggests that the number approximates an estimated 200-plus hits per game.) The cumulative effect of all those crashes over time creates the risk of long-term brain damage. As a result of this, the NFL eliminated live contact during the offseason last year in order to reduce that risk.