IL TE Daniel Helm has UM in top four

IL TE Daniel Helm has UM in top four

Submitted by Lancer on April 14th, 2013 at 11:11 PM

Scout free article. Really enjoyed his spring game visit and has recently said that UM coaches are recruiting him the hardest. Ole Miss, UF, and UT are the other three schools in his top group. 

On Ohio:
“I enjoyed the visit a lot, but I’m not exactly sure if an offer may come,” said Helm. “Coach Hinton said they would continue to evaluate me after their spring game and I would know more later on, but I’m just unclear on how to consider them moving forward. It was a cool to see another campus and to check them out, but even if they decide to offer, I don’t think they would join my top four schools.”

Photos from the Spring Game

Photos from the Spring Game

Submitted by BlueBarron on April 13th, 2013 at 9:06 PM

I decided to bring my camera into the stadium for the game and arrived early so I could get a good seat. I was a little worried that they wouldn't want me bringing a 50-500mm lens in (it's not one of those huge ones you put on a tripod but its a little on the heavy side) but they didn't seem to care. Anyways, here's some of my shots from the game from the stands:


One of these jersey is not like the others.


Jake Ryan was in pretty good spirits after the game.

The safety

A definite Heisman candidate in my NCAA Dynasty at least.

Rockin' the Oregon State uni


Brady Hoke points at things. Naturally.

Brian Cleary: Servicable?

The ball that was almost caught about 5 times.

Hurray for 5'8" wideouts!

Pep Talk

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Oh, and FWIW, Taylor Lewan has a mustache now.

'13-'14 Post-Spring Game Depth Chart

'13-'14 Post-Spring Game Depth Chart

Submitted by Mr. Yost on April 13th, 2013 at 3:15 PM



1. Devin Gardner (RS Jr.)
2./rs: Shane Morris (Fr.)
3. Brian Cleary (RS Fr.)
4. Alex Swieca (RS So.)
nj: Russell Bellomy (RS So.)

1. Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Sr.) / Derrick Green (Fr.)
3. Thomas Rawls (Jr.) / Drake Johnson (RS Fr.)
5. Justice Hayes (RS So.) / Dennis Norfleet (So.)
rs: DeVeon Smith (Fr.)

1. Joey Kerridge (RS So.)
2. Sione Houma (So.)
rs: Wyatt Shallman (Fr.)

1. Jeremy Gallon (RS Sr.)
2. Jeremy Jackson (Sr.)
3. Joe Reynolds (RS Sr.)
rs: Da'Mario Jones (Fr.)

1. Amara Darboh (So.)
2. Jehu Chesson (RS Fr.)
3. Jaron Dukes (Fr.)
rs: Csont'e York (Fr.)

1. Drew Dileo (Sr.)
2. Dennis Norfleet (So.)

1. Devin Funchess (So.)
2. A.J. Williams (So.)
3. Jake Butt (Fr.)
4. Jordan Paskorz (RS Jr.)
rs: Khalid Hill (Fr.)

1. Taylor Lewan (RS Sr.)
2. Erik Magnuson (RS Fr.)
3. Kristian Mateus (RS Jr.)
rs: Logan Tuley-Tillman (Fr.)

1. Ben Braden (RS Fr.)
2. Joey Burzynski (RS Jr.)
3. Graham Glasgow (RS So.)
rs: Kyle Bosch (Fr.)

1. Jack Miller (RS So.)
2. Joey Burzynski (RS Jr.)
3. Graham Glasgow (RS So.)
rs: Patrick Kugler (Fr.)

1. Kyle Kalis (RS Fr.)
2. Joey Burzynski (RS Jr.)
3. Chris Bryant (RS So.) / Blake Bars (RS Fr.)
rs: David Dawson (Fr.)

1. Michael Schofield (RS Sr.)
2. Erik Gunderson (RS Sr.)
rs: Chris Fox (Fr.)
rs: Dan Samuelson (Fr.)


1. Frank Clark (Jr.)
2. Mario Ojemudia (So.)
3. Taco Charlton (Fr.)
inj: Jake Ryan (RS Jr.)

1. Quinton Washington (RS Sr.)
2. Ondre Pipkins (So.)
3. Richard Ash (RS Jr.)
rs: Maurice Hurst Jr. (Fr.)

1. Jibreel Black (Sr.)
2. Quinton Washington (RS Sr.)
3. Willie Henry (RS Fr.)
4. Chris Wormley (RS Fr.) / Matt Godin (RS Fr.)
rs: Henry Poggi (Fr.)

1. Chris Wormley (RS Fr.)
2. Keith Heitzman (RS So.)
3. Jibreel Black (Sr.)
4. Matt Godin (RS Fr.) / Tom Strobel (RS Fr.)

1. James Ross (So.)
2. Desmond Morgan (Jr.)
3. Antonio Poole (RS So.)

1. Desmond Morgan (Jr.)
2. Joe Bolden (So.)
3. Royce Jenkins-Stone (So.)
4. Kaleb Ringer (RS Fr.) / Mike Jones (RS Sr.)
rs: Ben Gedeon (Fr.)

1. Cam Gordon (RS Sr.)
2. Brennen Beyer (Jr.)
3. Royce Jenkins-Stone (So.)
inj: Jake Ryan (RS Jr.)
rs: Michael McCray (Fr.)

1. Blake Countess (RS So.)
2. Courtney Avery (Sr.)
rs: Jourdan Lewis (Fr.)
rs: Ross Douglas (Fr.)

1. Raymon Taylor (Jr.)
2. Delonte Hollowell (Jr.)
3. Channing Stribling (Fr.)
rs: Reon Dawson (Fr.)

1. Courtney Avery (Sr.)
2. Delonte Hollowell (Jr.)
3. Terry Richardson (So.)
s: Dymonte Thomas (Fr.)

1. Thomas Gordon (RS Sr.) / Jarrod Wilson (So.)
3. Jeremy Clark (RS Fr.)
rs: Delano Hill (Fr.)

1. Thomas Gordon (RS Sr.) / Marvin Robinson (Sr.)
3. Josh Furman (RS Jr.) / Allen Gant (RS Fr.)
rs: Dymonte Thomas (Fr.)

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 140: Lewan Interview

Countdown to Kickoff - Day 140: Lewan Interview

Submitted by Thorin on April 13th, 2013 at 4:56 AM

As we're about to enter the post-Spring Game mgoabyss where there's nothing to talk about except recruiting, the Fulmer Cup and baseball, here's an idea: an hour-long podcast of Brian, Doug Karsch and Elliott Mealer discussing only hair and facial hair. Think about the sponsorship opportunities, Seth. Barbasol? Herbal Essences? Ka-ching! You can thank me later.