DVR Alert: Michigan featured on BTN Monday

DVR Alert: Michigan featured on BTN Monday

Submitted by Victor Hale II on June 21st, 2014 at 7:07 AM

In case you haven't recorded these and/or find yourself horribly deprived of football, this may help.

Copied and pasted from a Detroit News article:

"Ann Arbor -- The Big Ten Network will celebrate all things Maize and Blue on Monday in the Michigan edition of the network's "School Days." Among the classic games featured are Michigan's overtime win over Alabama in the 2000 Orange Bowl, 2009's last-second victory over Notre Dame engineered by Tate Forcier, and the network debut of the 1995 Michigan-Ohio State game, when running back Tim Biakabutuka ran for 313 yards to lead the Wolverines past the undefeated Buckeyes. The network also will air one-hour specials on Charles Woodson, Drew Henson and Dr. Billy Taylor."

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UM 2014 Football Team Pipeline as Expressed by Stars*

UM 2014 Football Team Pipeline as Expressed by Stars*

Submitted by alum96 on June 21st, 2014 at 6:42 AM

Many of us have heard about how "Michigan is wasting all that 4/5 star" talent, especially those of us who live in Michigan and have very haughty neighbors all the sudden.  I bought in this myself as the program has obviously underachieved substantially of late.  We all know the 2010 class was a disaster but obvioulsly the "transition" year also created issues - at least on the offensive side of the ball. 

I was curious how the data lined up with the meme - where were all these 4/5 stars I keep hearing about?  So I put together a chart of 4 years worth of recruits as I haven't seen it before in that format.  This group of players (past and present) are the the heart of the 2014 team; this would be the 2nd thru 5th year players.  I purposely excluded the 2014 class because I don't believe teams that are of championship contention caliber regularly throw out a bunch of true freshman as significant contributors (of course there are the Bosa's of the world as exception but not rule).  Most are 2nd/3rd string backups or redshirting.

I think the results might change the narrative a bit - with the caveat that again, a lot of talent via "recruiting services" either was not developed, went to waste, or never panned out.  In total there were 99 recruits in these 4 classes and unlike the narrative we hear - the majority were actually 3 stars (56%).  At the very top end and bottom end we have 3 five stars and 3 two stars, leaving 38% to the 4 stars.  Please note I used Rivals, not a composite - hence a guy like D. Smith is a 3 star not a 4.

Some quick thoughts:

  • All other things equal, if you believe starz matter, one should be more bullish on the future as the 2010 class was very heavy in 3 stars, and the 2011 class was pretty evenly split, whereas things improve a lot in 2012-2013.
  • Some of our best players of course are 3 stars - see Ryan and Funchess and potentially Henry/Wormley/Smith?.
  • We're young esp on offense (duh).
  • If this team had just 4 more offensive contributors out of the 2010+2011 classes (2 OL, 2 WR) we'd have zero significant "weaknesses" on paper.  Just 4 out of what...20-25 kids.  SMH.
  • This team has to show significant improvement between September and November 2014 like a Beilein team does between December and February - the young talent per starz via the 2012s and 2013s is peppered in the 2 deep. (pun intended)
  • This is not a team loaded (or "wasting) 5 stars - we have 4 total... a whopping 1 more than our friends to the west who tell us they do it all with 2/3 stars.  And none are 2010/2011s.
  • As for 4 stars, 2010 was a washout aside from Devin, and half of the 2011s are starters (ok %).  Most of the 4 stars are again 2nd/3rd year players not 4th/5th.

I have other thoughts but this is already TL;DR so for your inspection here is the 2014 football team expressed in starz.  (some of the formatting I used in Excel did not carry over in the cut and paste so a bit more difficult to read on Mgo)

    5 STARS (3)       3 STARS (55)
2012   Kyle Kalis   2010   Jibreel Black
2012   Ondre Pipkins   2010   Josh Furman
2013   Derrick Green   2010   Carvin Johnson
        2010   Ricardo Miller
    4 STARS (38)   2010   Christian Pace
2010   Cullen Christian   2010   Jerald Robinson
2010   Devin Gardner   2010   Davion Rogers
2010   Richard Ash   2010   Terry Talbott
2010   Demar Dorsey   2010   Austin White
2010   Marvin Robinson   2010   Drew Dileo
2010   Ken Wilkins   2010   Conelius Jones
2011   Justice Hayes   2010   Jordan Paskorz
2011   Chris Barnett   2010   Jake Ryan
2011   Brennen Beyer   2010   Courtney Avery
2011   Chris Bryant   2010   Will Hagerup
2011   Blake Countess   2010   Stephen Hopkins
2011   Raymon Taylor   2010   Jeremy Jackson
2012   Erik Magnuson   2010   Antonio Kinard
2012   Blake Bars   2010   Terrance Talbott
2012   Joe Bolden   2010   DJ Williamson
2012   Amara Darboh   2010    
2012   Royce Jenkins-Stone   2011   Delonte Hollowell
2012   Dennis Nortfleet   2011   Kellen Jones
2012   Terry Richardson   2011   Antonio Poole
2012   James Ross   2011   Frank Clark
2012   Tom Strobel   2011   Thomas Rawls
2012   Jarrod Wilson   2011   Chris Rock
2013   Patrick Kugler   2011   Russell Bellomy
2013   Shane Morris   2011   Greg Brown
2013   Henry Poggi   2011   Tamani Carter
2013   Kyle Bosch   2011   Keith Heitzman
2013   Jake Butt   2011   Jack Miller
2013   Chris Fox   2011   Desmond Morgan
2013   Jourdan Lewis   2011   Tony Posada
2013   Mike McCray   2012   Ben Braden
2013   Dymonte Thomas   2012   Jeremy Clark
2013   Taco Charlton   2012   Devin Funchess
2013   David Dawson   2012   Matthew Godin
2013   Ross Douglas   2012   Mario Ojemudia
2013   Ben Gedeon   2012   Kaleb Ringer
2013   Delano Hill   2012   AJ Williams
2013   Wyatt Shallman   2012   Chris Wormley
2013   Logan Tuley-Tillman   2012   Jehu Chesson
        2012   Allen Gant
        2012   Willie Henry
        2012   Drake Johnson
        2012   Sione Houma
        2013   Jaron Dukes
        2013   Maurice Hurst Jr
        2013   Deveon Smith
        2013   Channing Stribling
        2013   Csont'e York
        2013   Reon Dawson
        2013   Khalid Hill
        2013   Da'Mario Jones
        2013   Dan Samuelson
            2 STARS (3)
        2010   Ray Vinopal
        2011   Matt Wile
        2013   Scott Sypniewski


Legal & Practical Aspects of Recruiting

Legal & Practical Aspects of Recruiting

Submitted by LKLIII on June 20th, 2014 at 7:54 PM

I'm relatively new to the boards and have only recently gotten sucked into the world of college football recruiting.  As a result, I have some very simple questions that I'm helping the board can help me out with.  I've tried searching on the internet, but thus far I haven't found a page that answers my questions.  I'm hoping the folks here could either:

1) Post links that answer my questions; or

2) Kindly answer my questions directly here.

I also don't think my quesitons necessarily pertain to over-signing, as my questions are assuming that the school is ethical and is trying to play by the normal rules.  I'm asking what most schools should/could/actually do under the following circumstances:

Here goes...

For obvious reasons, programs map out what their needs & goals are for a particular recruiting class.  And for obvious reasons teams send out more offers than actual slots available.    Some schools strategize and perhaps pursue a ton of kids but will have less time to spend on each one.  Other schools cast their nets not as wide but try to shower a smaller number with more attention and TLC.  But ultimately, schools are sending out more offers than they have slots on the team.

1)  What happens when those slots get occupied (at least preliminarily) by verbal committments, particularly at a faster or greater matriculation rate than anticipated?

 Example:  Team X wants to take 2-3 offensive linemen in a class.  They give offers to 25, sensibly thinking that they won't get them all.  But what happens if in a matter of a week or two, some number much higher than 2-3 decide to committ?  I could see one extra OL sliding in there no big deal.  But if you're trying to be as efficient as possible, especially with a small recruiting class, you don't want to have 4 or 5 OLs on board when you really wanted 2-3.  Does this ever happen?  Or are the teams much more on top of the current state of affairs?  Do the kids self police and eyeball each other such that highly ranked guys won't enter a school's recruiting class if it's perceived that the class will be too stacked at that position in that class?  Or is it first come first served?  Schools give 25 offers, but tell each kid 'we are only taking 2-3 so wait at your own risk'?  Can a school revoke the offers once a class gets it's desired quota filled for that position?

Which brings me to.....

2)  What happens if a somewhat less desireable target to fill a needed position verbally committs when there is a more highly desired target that is still uncommitted for that same position?  

Example:  The class only has room for 3 O-Linemen.  Five star OT Bob is given an offer but keeps it cool and doesn't commit right away becasue a ton of other options.  Three star OT Joe is given an offer one month later and takes about a nanosecond to commit because he's just happy to be there.  Is Bob out of luck? Is the team obligated to take Joe, and if they want Bob do they need to "find room" by not taking a WR or CB in that same class?  And even so, once the class fills up towards the end of the year, even if a team WANTED to just forego getting a WR or CB that year and take Bob, if things get jam packed, the team would basically have to turn away Bob in favor of Joe at that point, no?  Or do we now get into the murky world of over-signing & having coaches tell a kid "look, you can sign your LOI and block Bob from coming here, but if you do, you won't see a minute of playing time so you may as well look for another home"?  Or do certain schools just make damned sure that if they only have one slot for a certain position type, that every single offer they send out, they are OK and at peace with the fact that any given kid could accept the offer, shut down the rest of the position group from that class, even if the rest of the position group has more highly coveted players?


Thank you in advance.





Countess will wear #2(!), Peppers is #5. + other freshmen numbers

Countess will wear #2(!), Peppers is #5. + other freshmen numbers

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on June 20th, 2014 at 4:18 PM

Here it is!

Good for Countess. I remember the day he committed. It was around the time I really started getting into the recruiting side of things. 

Freshmen numbers for those who will be on campus now-

  • #5 Jabrill Peppers
  • #19 Jared Wangler
  • #54 Brady Pallante
  • #58 Chase Winovich
  • #59 Noah Furbush
  • #76 Juwann Bushell-Beatty
  • #85 Maurice Ways
  • #93 Lawrence Marshall
  • #94 Ian Bunting
  • incoming tranfer Ty Isaac will wear #32. The number he wore in HS.



Troubles Continue for Darryl Stonum

Troubles Continue for Darryl Stonum

Submitted by MGoChippewa on June 20th, 2014 at 3:42 PM

Looks like the former Michigan WR is being charged with a couple counts of felony assault from an incident involving an ex-girlfriend back in September 2013 in Southfield.  The charges allege he pushed her and threatened her with a knife in one incident and with a hammer in another.  Stonum alleges the charges are false, claiming the woman to be "jealous, manipulative and controlling" through his attorney.  Innocent until proven guilty, but this doesn't look good one bit.  Trial began on Thursday in Oakland County.



Hoke says Peppers will "get his feet wet" on returns

Hoke says Peppers will "get his feet wet" on returns

Submitted by BlueCube on June 20th, 2014 at 7:42 AM

Brady Hoke said he expects Peppers to get his feet wet on returns to see how he does. He also hints he might get some time with Nuss. I don't think this is any huge revelation. He's a coach and he's going to put him in situations he can handle and be successful. I'm sure he sees the talent and it's hard to get excited.

He also said he's thinks Canteen and Mone to have an impact this year.

Video from Campus Insiders interview is auto play so the link is provided.


It's a day early but since I have to head to that cesspool known as Columbus, OH this later today, I'd like to welcome Jabrill as well as the other freshmen coming to campus this weekend and wish them huge success in their Michigan careers. Go Blue!


Michigan extends 2017 offer: Anthony Hines III

Michigan extends 2017 offer: Anthony Hines III

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on June 19th, 2014 at 6:53 PM

Noticed this checking out the offer list on ESPN RN.

Anthony Hines III, a 6'2/218 linebacker out of East Plano in Plano, Texas.

He is currently committed to Mississippi State but has quite the offer list built already.

Did a quick search on Twitter to see when he was offered since I didn't hear about it, but I guess not too many others heard about it either since it was yesterday.


I'm blessed to have received my second offer of the day from The University of Michigan!!!! #SoBlessed #42

— Anthony Hines III (@2017D1Prospect) June 18, 2014