Wallpaper Season - Notre Dame

Wallpaper Season - Notre Dame

Submitted by jonvalk on September 5th, 2014 at 12:59 AM

The fact that this is the last time in a WHILE that I will be able to do a wallpaper for this game is depressing.  I went with a vintage poster look, inspired by the official program from the 1942 game.  I hope you enjoy it - I am tired.  Goodnight!

Desktop (16:9)

Mobile (iPhone, etc)

- JonValk

A Lemon Twist - MGrowOld Responds to the Challenge

A Lemon Twist - MGrowOld Responds to the Challenge

Submitted by mGrowOld on September 4th, 2014 at 11:40 PM

As promised I have met the lemon challenge my friend Wolverine Devotee issued on Monday night with a friend I'm sure you will all recognize.

I hope you like it.



A random act of kindness from the Schembechler family to mine

A random act of kindness from the Schembechler family to mine

Submitted by SteelBrad on September 4th, 2014 at 9:28 PM

I'm hoping this is ok to share. This is my first post so my images may not work or may be too large. I apologize in advance.

Sunday evening I was browsing eBay looking for cool Michigan items to display in my basement. One of the items I've been looking for is a seat from the stadium renovations that happened in the late 90's and early 00's. I've missed on a few of them but found a seller with a handful of them listed. Without reading too much of the description I messaged to ask the seller a question concerning missing items from the certification.

The seller got back to me quickly and answered my question while striking up a conversation based on my Pittsburgh related user id. Sending messages back and forth, I informed him although I love Pittsburgh pro sports I am a Michigan fan first and foremost. I also told him I fell in love with Ann Arbor when I made my first trip there. On that trip my brother donated a kidney to my Mom.

After a few more messages, and out of the blue, the seller told me he'd like to send me a seat free of charge from his Mom to my Mom. I was floored. I offered to at least pay shipping but he refused. After this, I also shared that my Mom was undergoing a mastectomy the following day to remove a cancerous lump. I also read more of the description and connected the dots the best I could. Seeing his signed his last message "M" I believed I was talking to Matt Schembechler, son of Millie and Bo.

2 days later, this arrived (accompanied with a note signed by Matt with best wishes to my family): 

I'm hoping this was ok to share. I couldn't resist because it was one of the nicest things that could've happened to my family the night before surgery. My Mom really liked the story and couldn't believe he would do something so nice.

Lastly, Go Blue, Cancer Sucks!

Nice article on Jon Runyan, Jr.

Nice article on Jon Runyan, Jr.

Submitted by Victor Hale II on September 4th, 2014 at 7:25 PM
Thanks to the fine folks at Maize N Brew for providing the link to the maxpreps story. It's a great article that describes some things this young man has had to overcome, including a learning disability shared with his father. It's very much worth a read. You can either click here: http://www.maizenbrew.com/2014/9/4/6106841/michigan-football-recruiting… Or here: http://www.maxpreps.com/m/article.aspx?articleid=0d9837c3-908d-402e-937… Either way, you'll end up at maxpreps.

CFN Prediction: Michigan 34, Notre Dame 31

CFN Prediction: Michigan 34, Notre Dame 31

Submitted by markusr2007 on September 4th, 2014 at 6:49 PM

I know, I know. CFN. Consider the source, son!

But hey, they DID predict UM 52, App State 13 during Week 1, so there's that.


I think Michigan surprises everyone, improves from last week, and blows ND's house down in epic fashion thanks to Touchdown Neezus!

It won't even be that close.

Michigan 37, Notre Dame 20



Will Muschamp lets suspended Gators off the hook after 'terminated' game

Will Muschamp lets suspended Gators off the hook after 'terminated' game

Submitted by boliver46 on September 4th, 2014 at 2:15 PM

I actually like Will Muschamp.  His distaste for Urban Meyer is pretty well known around this blog, and certainly wins him points.

For those who don't know, Muschamp suspended 3 players for the opener against Idaho.  But then the game against Idaho was suspended due to weather and ultimately will never be played.

So then this:

But the non-game did serve one purpose. It allowed Florida coach Will Muschamp to free three players from disciplinary jail based on time served. Gators Darious Cummings, Demarcus Robinson and Jay-nard Bostwick were reinstated after being suspended for a game that wasn’t played.


So if there is a winner from The Opener That Never Happened, it’s the three Florida Gators who got off with time served. One play.

Thoughts?  Say the App State game was cancelled - would we be ok with Glasgow playing the next game?  


Rival related rant

Rival related rant

Submitted by MGolem on September 4th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
Maybe I will get slaughtered for this, I don't know, but I felt it needed to be stated if for no other reason than I cant argue with everyone who disagrees with me. Simply put, how can any Michigan fan root for MSU this weekend? I dont subscribe to the strength of conference perception argument. I dont root for MSU against anyone except OSU and possibly Notre Dame depending on who needs to lose to make Michigan look better by whatever metric I have decided to apply in my head. I dont care about the Big Ten, I care about Michigan. Rooting for MSU, OSU, or Notre Dame (except in rare examples cited above) is tantamount to treason. The fabrication that MSU is the Big Tens great hope is bullshit and I refuse to allow ESPN or any other site full of hacks to convince me otherwise. Where does ESPN (or any other site) come up with this theory??? Am I alone? Please tell me I'm not alone... Relevant ESPN link not included because, obviously.

MGoWallpaper: It Ends

MGoWallpaper: It Ends

Submitted by Blue and Joe on September 4th, 2014 at 11:16 AM

It's Notre Dame week. More specifically, it's the last Notre Dame week. I wanted to make a few different wallpapers for this game, but only had time finish one. I figure one is still better than none, right?

Anyway. The photo I used is from the 2012 game (I believe it was taken by ESPN). I chose this one because Michigan will be wearing away jerseys this week. It's also just a really cool photo. I used a color pop effect to really bring out the maize and blues. I think it looks pretty cool. Kinda neon-ish.

Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it. Go Blue! (click for full size)