Facility Fail during Weather Delay

Facility Fail during Weather Delay

Submitted by I dumped the Dope on September 21st, 2014 at 7:55 AM

So this is an objective post not related to anything on the actual field of play but more about the stadium itself and how I would like to see my ticket dollars spent in the future.

During the weather delay our beloved PA announcer was making regular updates to a completely empty stadium (some lolz) but the more serious problem is that under the cover of the canopy this could not be heard by anyone unless they were standing in the mouth of one of the entry portals...an undesirable position due to the heavy spray.

After wandering around for awhile waiting out a ride, hearing the noise of PA but not being able to comprehend any of it, my wife went into a family restroom and came back with a complete update (thinking this was radio guys piped in to the restrooms)

However, I feel like its a serious problem that needs to be addressed in the facility planning for the future.  The crowd needs information and direction, and I for one, will do whatever benevolent Mr. Grapentine recommends but I'd like to be able to hear it also.  What I'd like to see is a system to be able to switch gears (selector switch if you will) to broadcast Public Address under the covered areas of the stadium while under weather delay.  We are bound to have more weather delays just by probability in the future and this would be really helpful as a fan attending the game.  Note for clarity that I'm not asking for PA to be broadcast underneath for any other circumstances.


Oregon Vs. Wazzu. A good Football game. Anyone watching with me?!

Oregon Vs. Wazzu. A good Football game. Anyone watching with me?!

Submitted by B-Nut-GoBlue on September 21st, 2014 at 12:54 AM

Delete if necessary.  I haven't been watching football for most of the day, other than parts of the Michigan game, or whatever you'd like to call that, and so it's nice to watch a quality football game.  I hope I'm not jinxing the Cougars, but they're playing Oregon well, 5:00 to go in the 3rd Quarter, 21 - 21.

Inside the Boxsc

Inside the Boxsc

Submitted by ST3 on September 21st, 2014 at 12:53 AM

     I'm having a little {BANG - BANG - BANG } trouble tonight, stringing together my {BANG - BANG - BANG} thoughts into one coherent {BANG - BANG - BANG} narrative. You see, my wife decided today was a good day to have the {BANG - BANG - BANG} carpets replaced. I've read many MGoPosts about clueless friends who schedule their weddings on Fall football Saturdays. I envy those people. I would much rather have gone to a wedding today than have stayed home watching that game while putting up with that incessant hammering. After 14 years of marriage, my wife still doesn't understand the importance of football Saturdays to me. Though I must admit, with so many recent games being like todays, that importance is waning. She also doesn't understand football. After one particular play she asked, "is it OK to tackle from behind?" Yes, Honey, it's OK to tackle from behind. Since the game started at 3:30PM (more on that later), I was able to watch with my wife and son. He goes to Chinese school Saturday mornings and usually misses the early games. He's only nine, and up until today, he had shown no interest in football. But today, he decided to join me for the second half. In honor of that, I will be using things he said as my section headings. I think you will find them rather insightful.

     I took an Intro to Philosophy course many years ago at UofM. I probably mentioned that before. It's one of the few classes that stuck with me. EECS 216 I've forgotten completely. Anyway, the Professor had an enormous, Jay Leno-like chin, that he used to great affect. He would stroke that chin and ask questions like, "How can you be sure that barn you see in the distance is real, and not just a paper mache barn?" He stressed the 'MA' in mache as if he were Beth Mowins, but I digress. I only mention this as a literary device to introduce the major philosophical questions I am currently pondering. For example, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound? That one has bothered me for years. Likewise, if a football team plays a game and no one is there to see the ending, did they still lose to Utah? Sadly, the answer to the latter is yes. #Boxscoredon'tlie (Is that how I do the hashtag thing? Can I use apostrophe's? That just doesn't look right.)

     Before getting to the links, I have to note that Dave Brandon continues to mess with my boxscore. This week, he put a Dodge Dart advertisement right in the middle of it. I've got to upgrade my browser. Anyway, here are the links:

Boxscore link: http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/092014aaa.html

Play-by-play link: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/mich/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/2014-15/box_score/stats_20140921aaa.pdf

Burst of Impetus
* My brother was at the game and texted me, "burst of impetus" after the Willie Henry pick-six. While I'm always on the lookout for impetus-bursting plays, I'll wait for a few plays to see if the momentum has shifted sides, or if that seemingly momentum-swinging play was just a one-off, crazy play. Sadly, that pick-six seemed to wake up Utah (more on that later) and give them the impetus.
* After Henry's touchdown, Utah had a drive to end the half that ended in a field goal, and started the second half with a drive that ended in a touchdown. So instead of momentum switching to Michigan, Utah had the ball for the next 21 plays, gained 121 yards, and scored 10 points before we got the ball back.
* Then it started raining really hard and the impetus didn't matter any more. OK, time to switch to cute things said by a 9-year old.

"What kind of throw was that?"
* Devin Gardner was 14 for 26 for 148 yards, with no TDs and 2 interceptions.
* I'm guessing the DSR in the UFR is going to be really ugly. Even on the completed passes, Gardner was consistently throwing behind his receivers, making them break stride and limiting the YAC.
* The one nicely thrown ball so surprised Funchess that he only reached out for it with one hand, deflecting the ball and causing an interception. Prior to that throw, Gardner had led Funchess into some really big hits over the middle, so that may have been the cause of the alligator arms.
* I'm getting to the point where I'm going to stop reading Brian's previews. I was expecting an offensive explosion due to Utah's position-switchers and whatnot in the secondary. However, after watching them play and hearing Chris Spielman slobber all over them, I'm expecting to see the entire secondary drafted in the first round of the NFL draft next year.

"I thought he was good."
* Yeah, this was also about Devin Gardner.
* He did distribute the ball to 10 different receivers, and finally started using his RBs in the passing game. Green and Hayes caught two passes each.

"That doesn't help at all."
* Referring to Nussmeier's decision to run the ball on 2nd and 22. The play gained zero yards. BRING BACK BORGES! (/ducks for cover.)
* This could also refer to Brady's stubborn decision to stay with the NFL-style punt. We can only hope that giving up a TD on a punt return to Utah finally clues him in. Utah netted 42 yards per punt from a 42.6 yard punt average. Michigan netted 18.2 yards per punt. My crystal ball shows an MGoQuestion coming about the shield punt approach and a, "next question" response from Brady, followed by Brandon revoking the MGoPressPass. I haz a sad.

"I could run better than that. He just stops."
* This was probably after another Michigan run where the ballcarrier was upright and motionless, and got hammered into the turf by a Ute.
* Green did have a somewhat successful day, carrying 14 times for 59 net yards and a 4.2 YPC average. The problem is he gained 20 of those on one carry, and was not able to break free on anything else. It's difficult to sustain a long drive when every set of downs sees you facing a 3rd and 7 or a 3rd and 9 because a run gets stuffed and a pass is thrown behind the receiver. So far, we haven't demonstrated explosive players capable of making explosive plays, so drives plod along, and there is no room for error, but we have a young team and errors are proving to be unavoidable over the course of a 10 play drive.

"Is this live?"
* The problem with the DVR is that my son has lost all touch with temporal reality. I first suspected there was a problem when I saw him watching a cartoon and he asked the same question. No, son, it's a cartoon.
* Unfortunately, I was watching the Michigan game in real-time and had to sit through the commercials {BANG - BANG - BANG} and the hammering, which further dragged out the depressing effects of the game.
* I was hoping it was just a nightmare, but I checked the boxscore, and it was live. #boxscoredon'tlie

"Another huddle? Really?"
* Seriously, my son actually said that. I don't think he reads MGoBlog, and I hadn't said anything about tempo or huddling. So if a 9-year old can watch Utah succeeding with pace, watch Michigan plodding along, and gets exasperated at the huddling, why can't Brady figure this out?

The rest of these are my thoughts...

Brain Abnormality
* Normally, brain abnormalities are off-limits for me humor-wise, but it was pointed out more than once that Utah's starting quarterback has a special helmet due to his brain abnormality. More importantly, he recovered from falling on his head and possibly being concussed to lead Utah to victory, so I feel like it's OK to make an exception in this case. Michigan's football team got beat by a QB with a brain abnormality. Que the Morrissey, "That's the story of my life, the story of my life, 16, clumsy and shy, I went to Ann Arbor and I, was beat by a QB with a brain abnormality, a brain ab-nor-mal-i-ty..." You can sort of make it work if you stretch out a few of the syllables.
* Michigan outgained Utah, 308 to 286 yards. Michigan had 19 first downs to Utah's 13. Stop it, now my brain is starting to hurt.
* So how does this happen, again? Outgaining an opponent and yet, getting clubbed like an immature seal? (We're better than a baby seal, but still... 3 offensive points in 2 games against real teams? Immature seal, man, immature seal.) Obviously, turnovers and special teams factor in. The other thing that's really weird about this team is that the offense can consistently gain some yards, but they can't sustain any long drives. Meanwhile, the defense can sometimes be great and force a three-and-out, or they give up a 9 play, 79 yard drive. There's no in-between with the defense. It's really weird.
* So in really simplistic terms, it's like Michigan has 8 drives of 40 yards per drive resulting in zero points, while the opponents have 4 drives of 0 yards and 4 drives of 80 yards. Advanced baseball stats look at expected runs based on the number of hits you get. If the hits are clustered, you'll score a lot of runs. If you are unlucky, the hits get spread out evenly over 9 innings and you get shutout. Are we just extremely unlucky this year? Might there be some truth to that pissed off gypsy Brian keeps mentioning?

* I can't believe they threw the ball to Funchess on the first play of the game and got him injured in the process. There's a whole game to play, how can you risk getting him hurt on the first play? /s
* The boxscore shows the game starting at 3:36. Weather is listed as, "Cloudy with rain." The next line reads, "GAME INCLUDES A WEATHER DELAY OF 2:24." Good God, they finished that thing?!? And why is my boxscore yelling at me?
* So I've been promising a discussion of the start time. Well, here it is. Everyone knew the rain was coming. I even saw someone on Friday predict a 29-29 score with the game cancelled by lighting in the third quarter. How was this game allowed to start at 3:30PM? I've witnessed numerous occasions where games were moved DAYS due to weather concerns, although this usually only happens in Florida during hurricane season. Why didn't someone from the Athletic Department tell ABC to shove their 3:30 kickoff and do what was best for the players and the fans in attendance and move that game up to noon? This would also have the beneficial aspect of getting the west coast (well, mountain west) team to play the early game in the eastern timezone, which for anyone who bets pro football knows is a lock for the home team. But no, the game had to start at 3:30, Utah got their wake up call from Henry's TD, and the yardage-balanced rout was on.
* I'm skipping TFLs this week. That would just be piling on at this point.

Since it's "Bo's Lasting Lessons" theme-year here at ItBS, let me leave you with this quote from the book:


The top job is too complicated to rely on instincts and inspiration alone. If you're not organized, you'll end up spending too much time taking care of the small stuff when you should be taking care of your people and their concerns.
That's why we organized everything we could months before our guys got into that huddle. Twenty-five seconds!


Does that sound like a Brady Hoke coached team? I mean, it's year four already. I'm starting to think he didn't learn enough from Bo.

Poor Special Teams On the Punt Return for TD (Also a good indicator that we should go to the spread punt formation)

Poor Special Teams On the Punt Return for TD (Also a good indicator that we should go to the spread punt formation)

Submitted by CoachBP6 on September 21st, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Did anyone else realize that Michigan only had 10 guys on the Utah punt return for TD?  I am at a loss.  Usually the first thing you do upon sending a unit on the field is making sure you have enough guys.  This makes me sad.  How about you MGOBLOGGERS?

End of game check-in

End of game check-in

Submitted by Gucci Mane on September 20th, 2014 at 11:44 PM
Who was at the game in the end ? I thought it was important to show my support for the team, so I came back to the Big House after I finished my dinner. The defense showed fight and held Utah to a missed field goal.

Even though I'm just one person and can't do much, I was shouting as loud as possible when Utah had the ball. I'm not happy with the results so far this year, but I'll be damned if I'm ever going to stop supporting them like they are a NC contender.

The Blue Ox in the Room

The Blue Ox in the Room

Submitted by jhackney on September 20th, 2014 at 11:41 PM

Utah is the only state where their national parks and most prominent letter in the state name match. Since first laid eyes upon, the arches in Arches National Park, have mesmerized humans to the point of graffiti in scorpion infested caves. The vivid images stick in my head from the words of Krakauer and Abbey. Utah is a place to go for outcasts, foolish miners, and spiritual cleansing. Tonight, The Utes brought a thorough spiritual cleansing to Ann Arbor in unusual style.

 Instead of arid air or peep stones, They brought a torrential downpour that cleaned out the already depopulated Big House and a long moment of clarity for Michigan, its coaches, and fans. Shortly after Hoke and Mattison got done arguing over who executed getting off the field least, the team was in the locker room for over an hour to sit there and realized that they were down 16 points to a vastly mediocre team. Fears also grew that Mattison may well have been without a headset after a violent spike on the tear soaked turn of Michigan Stadium. This long pause gave fans the feel of the game was over, but the punishment was on hold like some sick twisted NCAA version of the Green Mile. The thought that Shane Morris just threw a pic before the delay was even more depressing. Now even the hope of Shane Morris battling back the desert crusaders was deflated if not drowned in a pool of its own filth.

All of this is happening while the heavy fog of karma crushing the Michigan fan base’s consciousness. Like arches in Utah and the first letter of that enigma of a state, in a lesson of what goes around comes around. This or at least a hard lesson involving boomerangs and lack of proper hear gear. It was a loss to Utah that sent up many of maize blooded fans under Richard Rodriguez and has come around to nail our ever sagging faces again with more red flags that the ship is sinking and there will be nothing left but a nuclear hellscape populated with Nicholas Cage and his minions of komodo dragons.

This comes at the heels of an embarrassing win against Ben Cheeseburger University and even more humiliating drag through dog shit of a loss to the Green Weenies of South Bend School of Atlantic Coast Affiliations.  This leaves the only confident MANBAW win against a newly minted Sun Belt opponent that also beckoned a dark period approaching, Appalachian State. This isn’t how any of this was supposed to work.

We have sold our stadium for weddings, tradition for grotesque uniforms that Oregon turned down, and we have forced our coaches into being adopted by millionaire families. After chasing that damn hillbilly out of town and getting rid of the Lake Michigan, maize blazer wearing mariner, Bill Martin, we brought in two “Michigan Men.” Former CEO of a home grown Michigan pizza chain and former back up in the golden years combined with a former assistant that once was graced with being within smelling distance of having a good waft of flatulence from another “Michigan Man,” Lloyd Carr. Ergo, the baton has been passed to keep the blood line pure. However, I’d like to challenge the dominant logic behind that. I think Mary Sue Coleman would agree. All of this drama has driven Mary Sue Colman to drink publically and retire. 


A Michigan Man is real, but the way of arriving at that status is not always hereditary. Bo was from ohio. He became a “Michigan Man.”  Players come from all over the country come to Ann Arbor and become “Michigan Men.” Some do not.  In fact, some coaches and players, the fact of being on the team does not automatically inject you with the spirit of the ultimate “Michigan Man,” Paul Bunyan. One does not simply become a “Michigan Man” by association. One becomes a “Michigan Man” by thought and values. The very similar mentality of many of successful head coaches around the nation. Dave Brandon is a whiz at marketing and salesmanship and Hoke is a whiz at clapping his hands while keeping his ears the same color tan of his face and running a clean program. There needs to be a coach that is involved in at least one side of the ball. Saban would mutilate your skull with his championship rings if you tried taking his head set away.

Utah brought this moment of clarity between the haze of smoke and blur of vodka through their pilgrimage to the largest stage in football with brutality and a soaking rain that would make cows in a rock garden feel impotent. Although the experiment in branding and folksiness had its positives, we need to find the next “Michigan Man.” I mean, this is Michigan fergodssake. 

Player development / real NFL prospects?

Player development / real NFL prospects?

Submitted by Zoltanrules on September 20th, 2014 at 11:28 PM

I am past the depressed and mad stage and just trying to rationally analyze what has gone on these past few years. Really it boils down to a collapse in player development which of course has a lot to do with coaching. Players are not getting significantly better and we are void of big play makers. I don't see anyone being picked on day 1 of the NFL draft for the next few years. After watching four games this season, does anyone see future NFL skills on display?

Ute mascot in the stands

Ute mascot in the stands

Submitted by uofmdds96 on September 20th, 2014 at 10:39 PM
After halftime, "Swoop", the redtailed hawk mascot was walking up and down the aisle in Section 1 giving high fives to Utah fans. How is this permissible? How can the ushers let him in our stands to pump up their fans? What next, letting a part of their band walk around and play their fight song? This, combined with the halftime "talent" mentioning MSU winning the Rose Bowl is a little too much wound salting for my sobriety!

Where is your UM Football Fandom in the 5 Stages of Grief?

Where is your UM Football Fandom in the 5 Stages of Grief?

Submitted by alum96 on September 20th, 2014 at 9:23 PM

Just curious where you folks stand in the 5 stages of grief right now?  Feel free to give your answer and speak your mind - its like the internet's MichiganFanAnonymous forum.

The 5 stages are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

I know I have been in the small cabal of EMO (or as we call ourselves realists) peeps on the board so I viewed this staff with a more negative eye than many last year.  Like most I did pick up a little kool aid in August as we are all apt to do but the ND game (with a team down 6 players) turned me back to reality despite what the stats said.  That said I think the defense is the best part of the team despite the 31 pts given up that night...but the team did not pass the eye test to me.  It was the same as the 2013 team - when we plug one hole, another 2 spring up.

So I'd say for me, 2012 was bargaining.  I could explain away every loss - we didnt belong on the same field as Bama.  We lost to ND and OSU (#2, and #3 in the country).  Nebraska was due to Denard going down and not having a viable backup.  SC in the bowl was anyone's game - unlike VATech the prior year (where VATech looked faster and better) we looked pretty even with SC and either team could win.   All 5 losses bargained away.

Since I'm a realist at heart I dont have much depression - I sort of move quickly into acceptance from bargaining.  I will live a shorter life than many of you eternal optimists due to that per science. So that sucks.  But it helped me get thru 2013 much quicker.  I was shocked by Akron and UConn, and entered accpetance post PSU.  Wrong staff.  Even if  some good pieces on it (i.e. I'd keep Coach Heck no matter what)  Hoke is our Charlie Weiss - I said thag about 11 months to the tune of many downvotes.   So that was my acceptance. 

After tonight I still see a lot of anger out there (a bit surprising to me - we're past that no?)...some bargaining ...and some depression (not surprising) - but where are you now?  How does it compare to 3 weeks ago?  If you are holding out from acceptance what is keeping you in earlier stages?

(And no acceptance doesnt mean UM will suck for 20 years.  It means until we start over we dont have a chance to get back to a viable program. )