Rutgers Star RB Paul James Out for Year with ACL Injury

Rutgers Star RB Paul James Out for Year with ACL Injury

Submitted by alum96 on September 22nd, 2014 at 12:06 PM

Very bad news for Rutgers football as their best offensive player by a country mile was injured in their win versus Navy.  James is not quite at the level of the Abdullahs, Gordons, Tevin Colemans, but would be in the next tier and relative to Rutgers offense it is a quite massive blow.  This leaves the offense in the hands of.... Gary Nova. 

The backup RBs did seem to do a solid job against Navy but obviously there will be a step down in talent.

James will miss the remainder of the season after rushing for 363 yards on 5.76 yards per carry through the Scarlet Knights' first four games. The fourth-year junior had rushed for 96 yards with a touchdown on seven carries against the Midshipmen before taking a helmet to the knee.

James' injury will put more pressure on senior quarterback Gary Nova, who through Rutgers' 3-1 start has averaged more than 10 yards per attempt and thrown for six touchdowns, but also threw five interceptions in the team's loss to Penn State.


Opposite Problems

Opposite Problems

Submitted by Ron Utah on September 22nd, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Deja Vu

Consistency.  It may the most talked about word in Michigan football right now.  It's what Coach Hoke says is holding us back.  It's what Coach Nussmeier says is holding us back.  It's what the players say is holding us back.

They're not wrong.  While many here on the board (myself included) may have underrated both Notre Dame and Utah, it's clear that we also overrated Michigan.  Once again, we find our offense is unable to do anything against a good-but-not-great opponent.

In 2014, Michigan is currently ranked #94 in scoring offense.  This figure is glaring not only in its ineptitude, but also because we have already faced the two worst defenses we'll see all season in App. State and Miami (NTM).  We are 97th in TFLs allowed.  We are #128--dead last--in turnover margin.  Yes, Notre Dame and Utah are pretty good, but App. State and Miami (NTM) are terrible.

There is a glaringly bright side: Michigan's defense is #8 in the country.  It appears that while our CBs aren't the lockdown, interception-machines we hoped for, they are at least adequate and are paired with a run defense that is absurdly good.  Lewis and Peppers look to be capabe and constantly improving.  That said, in the red zone against Notre Dame, Utah, and even ASU and NTM, TDs came far too easily.  It's a very, very good defense.  Good enough to win a B1G championship.  It's not yet an elite defense that can cover for its offense's sins.

What's so awful about this state of affairs is that we were just here.

In 2010, Michigan finished the season ranked 107th in the country in scoring defense.  We were 93rd in sacks and #109 in turnover margin.  The level of incompetence of that defense is an almost perfect match for the 2014 offense.  While we could argue all day about whether or not the 2010 offense was as good as our 2014 defense is, the point is that both units were very good, but not elite enough to paper over the struggles of their counterparts.

The opposite comparisons don't stop there.  Rich Rod was famous for his stubborn adherence to a set of defensive principles that didn't seem to fit his players or his matchups.  Brady Hoke continues to run under-center play action passes despite his O-line's inability to block the plays, even against high-pressure, blitzing opponents like Utah.  Rich Rod was a revolutionary, schematic genius on offense, Hoke is a players' coach that understands old-school, championship defense.  Rich Rod was almost buttery soft--crying in press conferences and summoning Josh Groban as a motivational tool; Hoke is all about MANBALL and "physicalness" or "physicality" or whatever.  Rich Rod seemed oblivious to Michigan's past, Hoke seems firmly cemented to the 1990s in virtually every way.  Rich Rod's teams improved a bit each year, Hoke's seem to take a step back each season.

I could go on, but the point is clear: Hoke, in coaching terms, is almost the perfect opposite of Rich Rodriguez.

I have not given up hope that this offense can turn it around and be good enough to allow this defense the chance to win a B1G Championship.  I will root as hard as I can for Michigan on every down of every game we have left on the schedule.  But I feel like I've seen this movie before--or rather, I've seen the opposite of this movie before--and it's hard not to feel like I already know the ending.

The only question that remains is one of consistency: will Dave Brandon judge Brady Hoke's incomptence the same way he judged Rich Rod's?  Because if this season finishes it appears it is destined to do, the only logical conclusion is another "process" from the AD...or perhaps another "process" for an AD.

Chicken Littles vs Polly Annas Betting Thread (For Charity) - week 3

Chicken Littles vs Polly Annas Betting Thread (For Charity) - week 3

Submitted by reshp1 on September 22nd, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Ugh, I'm thinking of betting on the Chicken Little side this week after that. We could all use some positive karma here so donate if you lost and make a new bet for this week.

Week 1 thread here.

Week 2 thread here.

If you missed it, the premise of the thread was for the pessimists and optimists to make bets against each other on predictions for the game or season, with the loser donating to the charity of the winner's choice. The terms of the bet were proposed and any takers would respond with a "I'll take that bet." Detailed instructions in the OP of the linked thread if you want to make propose bets for this week (put proposals in this thread)

vs Utah bets (pay up!)

Michigan covers spread (lol), $20 to CAN (child abuse and neglect) council, reshp1 vs UM2k1

Gardner throws no INTs (lol), $30 to Washington Animal Rescue League, notYOURmom vs LBSS


The season long bets:

Lemon bet for Michigan Beating Ohio, Uniqenam vs Reader71

25:1 bet for Michigan winning the BIG TEN, $250(!):$10 to Motts, BloomingtonBlue vs reshp1

Jabrill Peppers returns a punt AND INT for TD by end of season, $30 to Prostate Cancer Awareness/Movember, boliver46 vs umfan323

Morris starts at least one game, blood donation to Red Cross, double if not injury related, bleu vs JeepinBen

Michigan wins more than 8 games this year, $50 to Hope for Pahokee, Erik-in-Dayton vs YoOoBoMoLloRoHo


2014 NCAAF Week 4 Torrents - Utah at Michigan [Every Snap now, too]

2014 NCAAF Week 4 Torrents - Utah at Michigan [Every Snap now, too]

Submitted by MGoArchive on September 22nd, 2014 at 10:50 AM

2014.09.20 NCAAF - Utah at Michigan -

Includes final 7:51.


New! Every snap torrents.

Defense -

Offense - [tonight by 9PM EST]

Special Team - [Wednesday by 9PM EST[


Although Brian does his own UFR's, I'd like to see more analsis out of the community. Everyone can contribute something, however small.

michigan state and ohio state every snap packages of all their games are coming too. one big file of all their video coming a week before the resepective games + an addendum for that weekend's game

michigan state deliverable - october 15th by 9pm est (will include jacksonville state, oregon, eastern wyoming, nebraska, and purdue). indiana game will be posted by october 17th at 3pm EST.


We can all improve and get better. Let's go.

(For Google/Archival purposes) Torrent no longer working/lack of uploaders? send me an email; mgovault at gmail dot com
Enjoy the torrents? Please consider a bitcoin donation - 13B1xiCRsg9fZt5unU3QnzA5qSGGrm3aWE


Any ticket deals for Minnesota announced yet?

Any ticket deals for Minnesota announced yet?

Submitted by HenneGivenSunday on September 22nd, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Has anyone heard of any ticket deals for this weekends game against Minnesota?  I would imagine that given the direction of things at the moment, there should be plenty of tickets available on the secondary market, but thought I'd see if anyone had heard of anything else. 

I've made the decision to lean into it this year.  I guess my love of Michigan Football withstands numerous punches to the "Soul Dong"

Go Blue!

Which start to a season appears better?

Which start to a season appears better?

Submitted by UM2k1 on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:50 AM

I got to thinking yesterday; I have seen this season before.  The opponents seemed familiar, the offensive ineptitude - it is quite haunting. Below I am giving result through 4 games for 2 Michigan seasons, guess which is which.

Season 'A' Season 'B
Lose to Notre Dame by 18 Lose to Notre Dame by 31
Lose to Utah by 2 Lose to Utah by 16
Beat Miami (NTM) Beat Miami (NTM)
Beat #9 team Beat #140 team

By now, I'm pretty sure you have figured out that Saeason 'A' is 2008 and Season 'B' is 2014.  I have to say that through 4 games in 2008, I was more optomistic about the remainder of the season than I am today.  The only benefit of the 2014 season is the rest of the B1G (excluding MSU, OSU, PSU?, Neb?) appears to be terrible.

Hoke Uber Alles?

What changes do you make heading into conference play?

What changes do you make heading into conference play?

Submitted by Sauce Castillo on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:48 AM

If you were the coach of this team and are now heading into conference play what changes do you make to try and get things back on track?

1)      Who is your starter at QB moving forward?

2)      What is your defensive philosophy? (more press man/ more zone/ good mix of both)

3)      How do you cure the offense?

4)      Are you changing any of the starters?

This isn’t a bitch about Hoke and company thread, strictly if this is your team what do you do?

43-37 since Lloyd retired

43-37 since Lloyd retired

Submitted by MGlobules on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:19 AM

Let's all sear this into our craniums/a, and have it tatooed on our chests, what do you say? 43-37 since Lloyd. When was the last time you saw this team play with swagger? 

We need a new coach with fire. We need to shut up about the tradition for half a decade. And then--if we've got anywhere--let's quietly reference it as something we're trying to live up to. The 1940s are well and truly over.  

Can we see a 2013-type Gardner turnaround?

Can we see a 2013-type Gardner turnaround?

Submitted by Yo_Blue on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:13 AM

Everyone talks about Gardner's poor performance last year and about him being a turnover machine.  Does it surprise anyone that he had three (3) interceptions in B1G play?  How about 1 INT in the last 6 games?  While he struggled in out of conference play, he cleaned up considerably once the conference started.


CMU 10 15 67% 162 1 2
ND 21 33 64% 294 4 1
Akron 16 30 53% 248 2 3
@Conn 11 23 48% 97 0 2
Minn 13 17 76% 235 1 0
@PSU 15 28 54% 240 3 2
Indiana 21 29 72% 503 2 0
@MSU 14 27 52% 210 0 1
Neb 18 27 67% 196 1 0
@NW 24 43 56% 226 1 0
@Iowa 13 28 46% 98 2 0
OSU 32 45 71% 451 4 0

Is it unreasonable to expect this kind of improvement or is it wishful thinking? 

If the play calling could help Gardner out (less under center play action where he doesn't see the defense for 3 seconds at a time, more screens and quick slants to defeat blitzes, etc.).  We saw how Utah played against our blitzes - most of the time the ball was out before we could get close to the QB.

Looking at Devin's numbers from last year, consider that we didn't have anything close to the running attack we have this year.