Can DG be fixed? Who Broke Him?

Can DG be fixed? Who Broke Him?

Submitted by JeepinBen on September 23rd, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Interesting write up from Matt Hinton over at Grantland, discussing DG and how the wheels fell off. I agree with Hinton saying that when DG is on, it's a Wow Experience. ND last year, the OSU game, etc. Devin IS a damn good QB (at times). Last summer scouts were salivating over him at the Manning Passing Academy. He graduated and is working on an MSW. He does great work in the community and has always been a model citizen. He's also now in his 3rd system, with a new QB coach, as the unquestioned team leader and his fundamentals (and probably his Mental-mentals) are a mess.…


To Saturday and Beyond: We should find out today whether Gardner or Morris is slated to start this weekend’s Big Ten opener against Minnesota, which seems like a damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don’t scenario. The general feeling among the fans is that Gardner is a lost cause, and it’s time to move on. (He appeared so out of sorts against Utah that some observers left wondering if Gardner is harboring a secret injury.) On the other hand, Morris has done nothing whatsoever in his relief appearances to suggest he’s going to fare any better; his only career start, in last year’s Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, went poorly, and his first possession against Utah, following Gardner’s second interception, ended with an even uglier interception. Hoke is in no position to sacrifice the present for the future.

Lane Kiffin for Next Michigan HC

Lane Kiffin for Next Michigan HC

Submitted by Space Coyote on September 23rd, 2014 at 9:50 AM

I know I said I wasn't going to talk coaching changes at Michigan, but then it struck me.

People keep bringing up names like Nussmeier or Butch Jones from Tennessee. People say we need to find our Nick Saban or Pete Carroll from his USC days. I combined those thoughts together when it dawned on me.

Facts: Lane Kiffin is the perfect candidate for the Michigan Head Coaching position. 

  • He is a former head coach both in the NFL and at major college football programs (Tennessee and USC)
  • He currently owns a 62.5% winning record, which can surely only improve at Michigan
  • He's been a position coach at OL, WR, TE, and QB, and has been an OC.
  • His offense is similar to the offense brought in by Nussmeier, so no brand new system needs to be learned immediately
  • But he's an upgrade over Nussmeier, because he took Nussmeier's job.
  • He is a Nick Saban disciple, the most successful coach in college football.
  • He was a dynamic recruiter at his previous stops
  • He has connections to Southern California and Florida, recruiting hot beds. On top of that, he has connections within the B1G footprint in Minnesota and Nebraska.
  • He's the son of a former great NFL DC. He could be brought on to implement a zone blitz heavy defense similar to the one brought in by Mattison that can teach players what they need to learn to make it to the NFL
  • His brother is the current DL coach at Ole Miss. He can install that SEC speed.
  • He's only 39 years old. He could run this program for 25 years, build a great coaching tree, and have Michigan at elite status for several decades.

Lane Kiffin for the next head coach of Michigan!

EDIT: This has been up long enough now. This was satire, fighting the insanity of this blog with maximum insanity. "In a mad world, only the mad are sane." So this doesn't totally come back to bite me in the ass later when someone links this and says "YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY, YOU WANTED KIFFIN TO BE THE MICHIGAN COACH" (which, no), for those on phone apps that can't see the tags or those that don't look at the tags below:


Gregg Henson: Sources- Dave Brandon next domino to fall

Gregg Henson: Sources- Dave Brandon next domino to fall

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on September 22nd, 2014 at 11:47 PM

Saw this in the thread below this one.

This was just posted 20 minutes ago. He details his sources (without naming them), talks about the Regents not being DB's corner anymore and that they will not pursue a new HC without a new AD.

My three separate sources tell me that the next domino to fall is Brandon.  He must go before any potential football coach can be approached as he totally botched the Hoke hire, never offering the gig to Miles or either Harbaugh.  As a matter of fact, he never even returned calls to Les Miles when he was interested.  In his mind Hoke was the only option from day one.

The two names surfacing in the AD hunt are Ward Manuel the AD at Uconn and Brad Bates, the current AD at Boston College.


Kool Aid For Sale

Kool Aid For Sale

Submitted by MGlobules on September 22nd, 2014 at 10:54 PM

Terry Foster has an interview with EMU Regent Jim Stapleton about why only six yards etcetera can work in the B1G and why Hoke is a true Michigan man, destined to become a legendary coach:

If thinking like this really prevails at the top--and it certainly has in the past--they will find our players' bones in the La Brea tar pit before we are ever good again. 


U-M Spokesperson: Coke promotion was a "miscommunication" (update)

U-M Spokesperson: Coke promotion was a "miscommunication" (update)

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:58 PM

They just didn't execute. 


Michigan spokesperson tells @McMurphyESPN that Coke promo tweeted by @ByAZuniga was a miscommunication

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) September 23, 2014



All purchases made so far through this promotion, though, will be honored -- per Michigan RE: Coca Cola-gate.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) September 23, 2014


In other news, my followers on Twitter (several post here) have held me to this: if he's hired, I will buy the same cheap ass pleated khakis that Harbaugh buys from Walmart (yeah, yeah) and wear them for every single game he coaches at Michigan, if he is hired. Even if it's 80-plus degrees.

From the Student Section Just Wants to Sit Down

From the Student Section Just Wants to Sit Down

Submitted by SaddestTailgateEver on September 22nd, 2014 at 6:32 PM

My first game at the Big House was, like it is for many people, my freshman year. I’d grown up in a Michigan State house through the 90s, I was a Cubs fan, my high school football team went 0 and 9 my senior year. I was pretty accustomed to sports pain, or so I thought. Here I was coming to Michigan, the winningest football program and so things would be different. And for part of that game, watching from all the way up in Row 96, it looked like I was going to be right. Things didn’t quite go as planned in that game against Utah in 2008, and they didn’t go much better 6 years later, and as I sat in the upper concourse waiting out the rain delay I had a moment to reflect on where things have come since then and what has changed.

From a program standpoint, it’s hard to pin it. Is it the play calling? Is it lack of player development? Is it blown assignments? Lack of execution? A young line that’s still learning and has busts just often enough to make Gardner skittish? Is Gardner still living in fear of the ghosts of last season? And if so who could really blame him? Fortunately for me, that’s not an analysis I’ve undertaken to dissect. There are people much more qualified to speak on the state of the team and the staff than I.

From a fan experience, however, it’s lamentably easy to pin it. And after the third straight home game with a sub-sellout crowd, the students wanted those on the field to understand it as easily as we did. Immediately after the home attendance was announced (a 103k figure that no one around me believed was accurate for even a second) the students started a cheer. Quiet at first but soon growing to include much of Section 26 as well as surrounding sections.

“FI-RE BRAN-DON” clap clap clap clap clap “FI-RE BRAN-DON”…

In a game that will likely see some subset of the coaching staff placed in the crosshairs, the students wanted to make it abundantly clear that they had one person in particular they want gone. And to be fair, I’m, ordinarily one of the last to jump on the “fire someone” bandwagon. I was in the “give RichRod one more year” camp. Until today I was in the “we’re not going to fire Hoke” camp, and truthfully, I’m still not quite ready to declare that the sky is falling. Basically since the get-go, however, I’ve wanted Brandon gone. As much as we harp on “this is Michigan” and “it’s gonna be Michigan again” and every other thing about “being Michigan” every single game, the athletic department continues to demonstrate that it doesn’t have a clue what it means to “be Michigan”.

Up until the rain delay, I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t have much content to fill this out with. —    The real people seats above the student section stayed empty the whole game #ThanksDaveBrandon. The student section by and large was on time #ActuallyThanksMichaelProppe. And the student section stayed mostly intact until we were forced to leave our seats. — Then the content flood began. We walked from Row A all the way to upper concourse to take shelter. We talked with friends from other seating groups and tried to take stock of the weather and how long a delay we were expecting. As the time wore on, and lightning kept flashing, and Grapentine did his level best to make each further delay somewhat interesting, we were getting tired and thirsty, and looked for a spot to sit down. By this point there were maybe 60 people in the upper concourse. Maybe. And the athletic department had already literally locked up folding chairs. Locked them to the fence so that people could not sit down in them during a 2.5 hour delay. Trying to sit somewhere, we asked if we could sit in some of the chairs that were currently going unused. The event staff person obliged and unlocked them for us and we started to sit down. No sooner did we unfold the first chair then we were told by Jim, another event staffer working in the upper concourse, that we could not use those chairs. We asked why. He said it was a handicapped section and—unfathomably, despite the 20 or so people already sitting in chairs much like these, despite them being unused, and despite them being unlocked expressly so that we could use them—we were not allowed to.  

This is what the Michigan fan experience has become with Brandon at the helm—a, probably otherwise kind, old man telling the kids they can’t sit down. It’s not that they’re evil or poorly intentioned, it’s that at a fundamental level they just don’t get it anymore, or in some cases they never did. The athletic department has prioritized branding over winning, profits over performance, gimmicks over actually addressing issues raised, and as a result has driven the students—much of the lifeblood of the stadium experience—away. I recall a quote from the athletic department a year or so ago regarding the severe drop in student ticket sales where it was asserted that the students not buying tickets were the ones unlikely to show up anyways. Keeping an eye on the section above the student section through the first three games of this season it has become readily apparent that no one is going to show up for those seats anyways. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get students to take those seats back? I guess we’re trying that with $40 single game tickets that students are unsurprisingly not jumping through hoops for.  I know his years at Dominos likely didn’t prepare him for husbandry metaphors but the adage “you can shear a sheep many times but you can only skin him once” comes to mind, and Dave just doesn’t know how to shear.

Michigan special teams by the numbers: plenty bad so far

Michigan special teams by the numbers: plenty bad so far

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on September 22nd, 2014 at 6:18 PM

Sam Webb mentioned this morning that Michigan is 123 ouf of 125 D-1/FBS teams in net punting.  It made me curious about the rest of the special teams stats.  They are below.

Kick return defense: 47th (19.25 yards per return)

Kick returns: Tied at 87th (19.00 yards per return)

Net punting: 123rd (28.9 yards per punt) (in your face, Tulane and San Jose St.!)

Punt returns:  Tied at 51st (9.8 yards per return)(this includes Gedeon's punt block return)

Blocked kicks allowed: Tied at 84th (1)

Special teams efficiency: 103rd (-2.22)

FG percentage: Wile is 110th (57.1%).  I'm not sure where Michigan is as a team.

And to end on some high notes:

Blocked kicks: Tied at 18th (1)(this is the App. State punt block)

Blocked punts: 4th (1)

Blocked punts allowed: Tied at 1st with much of the country (0)(We're No.1! We're No. 1!)

I couldn't find a "special teams turnovers" list, so I can't say where Michigan's non-recovery of Miami's popped up kickoff puts the Wolverines with respect to the rest of the country.  I also couldn't find a "number of players used per kick/punt" list, so I don't know how many other teams sometimes use ten or fewer guys. 

"I Stopped Watching UM Football Games" Comments

"I Stopped Watching UM Football Games" Comments

Submitted by alum96 on September 22nd, 2014 at 6:06 PM

As a long time Lions fan I am a bit surprised at what I am reading on Brian's main post today in the comments section.  It seems like quite a few fans have reached the point of not even watching Michigan football games anymore.  I am surprised by that because of my own condition which is even as my team sucks, AND I feel less and less emotion each year about those losses I still watch football because well... it is football.  And its Michigan.  I might know the outcome is doom but I still will watch.

Background:  I've watched just about every Detroit Lions game (that was not blacked out) even in the darkest Matt Millen era.  I've watched them in the 80s - the 90s - the 00s and the 10s.  All with the same result.  Mostly bad.  I only mention that because if there is any franchise I can compare to modern UM it is the Lions.  .. ONLY in terms of "no matter who the coaches are, who the players are, who the GM is - the product on the field is the same."   Whatever we change, the end result is identical - that Lions football for 50 years and its UM football for the past 7. 

I would think the average MGo poster is a fringe 5-10% of the UM fan base who is REALLY engaged with UM sports far more than the average UM fan.  Hence I am shocked to see so many comments about not even bothering to watch the games.  If this fringe 5-10% of the UM fan base doesnt even turn on the game anymore, I can only imagine what is happening to the greater fan base. 

Am I just picking out the 10 people who make this comment or is this happening to a lot more of you? I get turning it off in disgust after ND goes up 28-0 but waking up each Saturday in fall and not even turning on the game?  Gotta say it shocks me.

p.s. not judging you for doing so :)  we all cope in different ways!  And I admit to not watching a lot of basketball during the Ellerbe era but football and Michigan are intertwined.