Submitted by PasadenaFan on October 15th, 2014 at 5:36 PM

I must have missed something.

When MICHIGAN got a safety on PSU, doesn't PSU have to punt the ball???  


They went for a kick-off and on-sides. No punt?  I thought that's what happens after a safety.  WTF?


Would Ann Arbor accept Todd Graham?

Would Ann Arbor accept Todd Graham?

Submitted by Ron Utah on October 15th, 2014 at 2:21 PM

With the rumors of the Brandon's impending removal starting to get downright frothy, the CC talk becomes even more likely.

One candidate that's getting a lot of attention is Todd Graham.  He's got a great track record, though some question his loyalty after a one-year stint at Pitt.  But my question has a lot more to do with culture...could a guy who sounds like Graham and says things like this in the locker room (following the hail mary win over USC):

The good Lord blessed us. Let me tell you something: Give the glory where it should be. There's no doubt in my mind.

A bad haircut, a thick southern accent, and giving the glory to God after a win...would Michigan embrace this man?  I am not passing judgment on him--I'm in favor of Graham being considered.  I'm just curious to read what the board thinks.

Video in comments.

CC - Where we stand - Part V (Herman and Frost)

CC - Where we stand - Part V (Herman and Frost)

Submitted by Ron Utah on October 15th, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Part I.  Part II.  Part III.  Part IV.

Rapid balding makes him look older

All of the viable top-tier HC candidates are off the table, and now I'll review a few coordinators and NFL-types.  I'll finish with some fringe candidates.

Tom Herman, OC Ohio State

  • Track Record: B. Herman's offenses have been successful at every stop. He has never coached defense at any level.

  • Michigan Ties: D+. Born in Cincinnati. Went to college in California and, until 2012, coached in the south and west. Does he have any love for Michigan?

  • Recruiting: B+. Known as one of the best recruiting assistant coaches in the country.

  • Chances/Loyalty: C. Would Herman leave Meyer to coach against him? Does he have ANY desire to coach at Michigan?

  • Demeanor: B. There are still a lot of unknowns with a 39-year-old assistant coach. Highly-intelligent (Mensa member) but is not the most polished public speaker. Still, seems like an honest, smart, and motivational coach.

  • Three Phases: C+. Spread offense has adapted to some very different personnel types, highlighted by using a power running game with Hyde. Not sure there are many better OCs in the country. But...defense? Special teams? Who knows.

  • Roster Fit: B. Was surprisingly successful making use of Ohio State's “old” roster as they transition to Meyer's preferred space players. I think he could find a way to win with whatever he's given.

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.57 (B-/C+). Of the non-HCs, Herman may be my favorite option. He's a gamble, as he would need a GREAT defensive mind as his DC, and who knows if he can manage a program. But I think he's a rising star and will be a very good HC someday.


Scott Frost, OC Oregon

  • Track Record: C+. Not much to go on here. Has only been the OC for a season-and-a-half. Coached WRs at Oregon from 2009-2012. Before that, coached defense for two years at Northern Iowa. Has been successful and risen quickly through the ranks.

  • Michigan Ties: D+. Born in Nebraska, graduated from Nebraska, won a MNC (or a half of one) at Nebraska. Played at Cleveland and Green Bay in the NFL.

  • Recruiting: B+. Has a strong reputation as a successful recruiter.

  • Chances/Loyalty: C. I think Frost wants a HC position. I also think he wants it at Nebraska, and would take that job over any other.

  • Demeanor: B+. Frost is known for integrity and authenticity. His players love him, and he is another of “second father” type.

  • Three Phases: B-. Has coached both sides of the ball. His first season as OC at Oregon, the team set the school record (at Oregon!) for offense and scored 45.5 pts/gm.

  • Roster Fit: D+. Spread option demands a QB we don't have. Skill players are meant to be fast, not big. O-Line needs to be nimble. But the defense might be okay?

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.33 (C+). Frost seems like a good man and a very good coach. But I don't want a guy that is just itching for his chance to get to Nebraska—a chance that will probably come after Pelini has one bad season.

ND Star Safety with high praise for college life

ND Star Safety with high praise for college life

Submitted by Bluesnu on October 15th, 2014 at 9:31 AM

I came across an SI article on Max Redfield, a star safety for Notre Dame who was once committed to USC.  What's funny is his (spot on) quote about life at ND. 


"“I knew it was going to be rough,” says Redfield, who committed to Notre Dame at the 2013 Under Armour All-America Game. “Nightlife would be a lot worse, the women would be a lot worse, the weather -- a lot worse. But it’s a business decision. I know for a fact it will pay off in the future even though it’s rough now.”



Rutgers @ OSU as a Reasonable Proxy for UM @ OSU

Rutgers @ OSU as a Reasonable Proxy for UM @ OSU

Submitted by alum96 on October 15th, 2014 at 6:44 AM

Having watched the pillow fights that were PSU v Rutgers, UM v Rutgers (could be upgraded to comforter fight), and PSU v UM, one can see a lot of similarities in these 3 teams even though the records vary significantly.   In fact the PSU v Rutgers and PSU v UM games were remarkably similar in their parallel to watching 2 cows wrestle in mud.  Therefore, I wonder if we will be able to learn alot about how we will fare in Columbus by watching this week's Rutgers v OSU game. 

It is not a perfect parallel - nothing is - and we can always throw out the cliche "rivalry game! anything can happen!" as something to clutch to for hope.... but those things generally tend to be more true when the massive underdog is playing at home rather than on the road.  So I think we'll get a reasonable facsimile of the type of game UM can expect  in this Rutgers-OSU matchup Saturday ....while allowing OSU is well coached and will be better in late November than it is today.  Something we can't say about ourselves.

Before the season if I handed you Hackenberg, Gardner, and Nova and said pick 1, most neutral observors (including Rutgers fans) would have picked Hack, while most of the UM crowd would have picked Gardner.   But per Seth's front page analysis, Nova has been the best of the bunch.  I was pretty shocked how bad Hackenberg looked Saturday night and I am seeing a lot of parallels to Devin mid 2013 - when it became clear a sieve OL was creating PTSD like symptoms.  So on that alone Rutgers might have the competitive advantage at QB over UM; then we have to allow that by late November Devin might be like that knight in Monty Python's The Holy Grail; wondering where his limbs are.  But defiant even without them....because otherwise Shanellomy must play.

  • RBs?  Rutgers had a top 5 type in the Big 10, but he was hurt.  Likewise, UM's top option - not a top 5 in Big 10 back - is hurt.
  • OL?  The only OL UM holds an advantage on is PSU's.  Advantage Rutgers.
  • We obviously have the top option on the 2 teams for best WR but see paragraph about Gary Nova - you need someone to deliver the ball consistently or it doesnt matter how good (or not) your WRs/TEs are.

So right now I'd take Rutgers offense over UMs.  In fact outside of Illinois (which is basically nothing but the Wes Lunt show EDIT: broken leg) and PSU, I'd probably take any Big 10 offense over UM.  So advantage Rutgers.

The defenses are likewise very similar - talented DLs, with questions in the back 7.  A dual threat QB from OSU who seems to be growing by leaps and bounds weekly, behind a makeshift OL would reasonably be expected to attack both Rutgers and UM where they are weak - through the air. 

And Rutgers can field 11 players often on punts and then proceeds to block kicks a lot so advantage Rutgers.

So here is rooting for Rutgers (-19.5!) to pull the upset!  Not just to make those Buckeyes sad but to offer a fighting chance for our Wolverines.

Fun fact:  Rutgers' four wins over FBS competition have come against teams with a combined 10-17 record, while Ohio State's four victories have come against teams with a combined 9-15 mark.  (UM's mark is 6-11) BIG TEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN!

Midseason Review of Losses: Opponents' Records

Midseason Review of Losses: Opponents' Records

Submitted by Humen on October 14th, 2014 at 7:28 PM

We're slightly more than halfway through the regular season and sitting at 3-4 with losses to:

#5 6-0 Notre Dame (best win: #14 Stanford)

#20 4-1 Utah (best win: #8 UCLA)

5-1 Minnesota (best win: Northwestern/Michigan)

5-1 Rutgers (best win: Michigan)

That works out to 20-3. Heading into the bye, we just beat a PSU team that was 4-1. One could make the case that we haven't lost to a bad team. One could defend Hoke on that ground, but I'm not going to make that case. 

Notre Dame has @FSU (#2), @Navy, @ASU (#17), Northwestern, Lousville, and @USC (#22). FSU will be favored by about 10 if Winston plays and about -3.5 if not. It's likely they finish 9-3 or better. 

Utah has @OSU (NTOSU), USC (#22), @ASU (#17), ORE (#9), @TREE (#23), UA (#16), and @CO. That's brutal. Your guess is as good as anyone's in this year's PAC12, but mine is that they lose to USC, ASU, ORE, TREE, and UA, finishing 6-6. 

Minnesota still has to face Purdue, @Illinois, Iowa, OSU, @Nebraska, and @Wisconsin. This is looking like a team that will win at least 8(!) games, possibly more. 

Rutgers still has to face @Nebraska, @OSU, Wisky, Indiana, @MSU, and @Maryland. It's likely they finish 6-6 or worse. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, the teams we've lost to will all prove to be decent teams.

AD Jeff Long

AD Jeff Long

Submitted by BoFan on October 14th, 2014 at 4:56 PM

I’m not a fan of discussing job candidates for a job that is currently filled and is likely to be filled at least to the end of the year.

But everyone keeps bringing up these tier II and tier III AD candidates, and I can’t believe no one is talking about Jeff Long:

- He dealt with a very difficult PR situation at Arkansas.

- He fired Bobby Petrino.

- He has SEC experience.

- He has Michigan experience.

- His new coach almost beat Alabama last week (Kiffin’s weak offense get’s an assist).

- His wife is from Ann Arbor.

- And…

...He is very well respected and chairman of the new college football playoff committee.

The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here!

The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here!

Submitted by OysterMonkey on October 14th, 2014 at 3:40 PM

Football Outsiders stats are now opponent adjusted and no longer completely insane. F/+ ratings for top ten, BIG, opponents, plus my best guess for UM's Rose Bowl opponent at the end of the year.

Rank Team Record F/+
1 Ole Miss 6-0 36.20%
2 Mississippi State 6-0 33.30%
3 Auburn 5-1 29.70%
4 Oklahoma 5-1 29.60%
5 TCU 4-1 28.90%
6 Oregon 5-1 28.80%
7 Baylor 6-0 26.60%
8 Stanford 4-2 26.00%
9 Georgia 5-1 25.70%
10 Alabama 5-1 25.40%
13 Notre Dame 6-0 23.20%
16 Ohio State 4-1 21.10%
19 Michigan State 5-1 20.10%
22 Nebraska 5-1 18.90%
24 Rutgers 5-1 16.80%
26 Arizona 5-1 16.20%
28 Utah 4-1 16.00%
39 Minnesota 5-1 12.50%
40 Penn State 4-2 12.10%
46 Maryland 4-2 8.20%
51 Wisconsin 4-2 6.40%
52 Iowa 5-1 5.20%
53 Michigan 3-4 4.90%
54 Northwestern 3-3 4.90%
70 Purdue 3-4 -2.20%
85 Indiana 3-3 -8.60%
86 Illinois 3-4 -8.70%
95 Miami (Ohio) 1-6 -14.80%
128 Appalachian State 1-5 -39.40%