The Dream I had last night

The Dream I had last night

Submitted by Darker Blue on September 24th, 2014 at 2:23 PM

Okay let me start this by informing you I am an insulin dependent diabetic (20 + years ) and awoke this morning to a severely low blood sugar. This may have effected my dream. 

While sleeping last night, I had a dream which involved an in depth conversation with the Michigan football team. The convo came at the end of this season, a season in which we ended up going 10-2. 

I'm not a prophet, or a psychic. Unless I am. Maybe we can go 8-0 to close out the season. I know that the product on the field hasn't been good so far, but things can change. Let's not give up yet. Jump back on the wagon. It starts with Minnesota on Saturday. 23-3 Michigan. Hail. 


EDIT: Spelling and stuff. 

Disagreements In Jameis Winston Settlement Talks

Disagreements In Jameis Winston Settlement Talks

Submitted by TooFratToFail on September 24th, 2014 at 1:48 PM

TMZ (and now other outlets) is reporting that Jameis Winston's accuser sought $7 million dollars in exchange for never hearing from her or her attorney again.  This comes from a recent  letter from Winston's legal advisor, David Cronwell (BIG time sports attorney), regarding Winston's agreeing to participate in the Title IX investigation.  Cronwell states in the letter that four days after he received the letter, the accuser's attorney went to the media.  The accuser's attorney insinuated that the encounter had to be rape because she would never sleep with a "black boy."   

Take into account the attorneys in play and their respective careers.  Cronwell is a highly respected and successful national attorney.  Saying something like this without proof is very iffy, especially under Florida's pretty strict Prof. Conduct rules.  Interesting to say the least.  Also, the use of the word "settle" is questionable in this context, if it pertained to a criminal action.  Dropping criminal charges in exchange for payment is a no-no.  In civil cases, fine. The word extortion has been tossed around and might be more appropriate.………

MOD EDIT - I saw MGlobules comments, and admittedly I didn't really think about the title of this thread as it came into being while I was in a meeting and then rather distracted by other things for much of the evening. On more thoughtful examination, yeah, the title needs some changing. Hopefully, this works - LSA

We won't know who's starting at QB until game time

We won't know who's starting at QB until game time

Submitted by dnak438 on September 24th, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Hoke, on naming the starting QB vs. Minnesota: We'll wait until game time.

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 24, 2014


Hoke says Michigan has an idea of what it wants to do. Sounds like the decision has been made. He's just going to wait to announce it.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) September 24, 2014

No clarity until Saturday, it seems. Let the speculation commence:

Baseless speculation: Shane Morris will start. Not much reason to wait to announce the QB starter if there's not going to be a change.

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) September 24, 2014

Nick Saban on Lane Kiffin

Nick Saban on Lane Kiffin

Submitted by Drew_Silver on September 24th, 2014 at 11:20 AM…


Saban took heat when he hired Kiffin - so he is mocking the 2nd guessers.


Interesting quote from Saban - Would love to see some 1 / 2 down passing plays

Saban had previously been asked if Kiffin had been allowed to open up the offense more than his offensive coordinating predecessors.

"No, no," Saban said. "I've been begging the offensive coordinators around here to open it up ever since I've been here ... My philosophy hasn't changed at all. I've always asked for this. 'Why don't we throw the ball on this look instead of running this play where we can't block everybody?'"



B1G Offensive Line Sizes

B1G Offensive Line Sizes

Submitted by BlueGoM on September 23rd, 2014 at 11:17 PM

Hello.  First Diary entry, woo! [ EDIT: Lol nope, my 2nd. forgot about the one I did  in '09]

So, when the offensive line struggles, the claim is frequently made that the offensive line is too small.   I heard this alot on call-in radio shows during the RR era, and it's starting to creep back into style, or so it seems to me.

So, I thought let's see just how big Michigan's line is compared to the rest of the B1G.   I basically went through every B1G teams site, got the roster and then checked the game participation notes from the most recent game they were in to see who was listed as starting on the OL.

I then computed the average weight of the OL for that team/game.

Notes: I didn't include any TE's or FB.  Just  from one tackle to the other.

I didn't check for situation subs (unbalanced lines, etc.)

I went by weight alone, didn't look at height.  Perhaps I should have gone by body mass index?

Would be nice to do a comparison of games played / experience as well.  Maybe next time.

Also some teams rather suspiciously seemed to have players weights in exact increments of 5 pounds. Some teams roster's were worse than others in this regard.  But the roster is all I really have to go on, so, it is what it is.

So, here is the sorted list of average weight of offensive lines in the Big Ten.

Weight Team
321.0  Wisconsin
312.8  Penn_State
312.0  Minnesota
308.0  Illinois
304.8  Purdue
303.8  OSU
303.6  Michigan*
302.0  Nebraska
300.6  MSU
299.0  Rutgers
299.0  Maryland
298.0  Iowa
295.0  Indiana
294.0  Northwestern

*If Kalis is in UM's line instead of Glasgow, the average drops to 301.0

Michigan is smack right in the middle.  No surprise Wisconsin is tops, by a relatively large margin.  Iowa, a somewhat run-first offense, is surprisingly near the bottom.  Indiana's potent offense is also only at 295.

The most notable thing here is probably that in terms of weight most lines are roughly the same.

So IMO this shows that Michigan's line isn't undersized.  To some this may not be a big deal, but I've always bristled at the claims of UM's line being small for a reason for them struggling.  I always felt that is just a knee jerk superficial criticism. It's kind of a pet peeve and I wanted to dispel any such notion.

Raw data below

52    Mason Cole    OL    6-5    292    FR
78    Erik Magnuson    OL    6-6    294    RS SO
60    Jack Miller    OL    6-4    299     RS JR
61    Graham Glasgow    OL    6-6    311    RS JR
71    Ben Braden    OL    6-6    322    RS SO

67    Kyle Kalis    OL    6-5    298    RS SO

average weight: 303.6
w/Kalis instead of Glasgow:  301.0


LT 71 Lewis, Alex 290
LG 68 Cotton, Jake  305
C 56 Pelini, Mark  290
RG 74 Moudy, Mike  305
RT 57 Sterup, Zach 320

LT       66      Cermin, Cameron  303
LG       72      King, Jason      309
C       57      Kugler, Robert   298
RG       70      Roos, Jordan     312
RT       73      Prince, J.J.     302


LT       68      Cvijanovic, S.  310
LG       5H      Hill, Alex      310
C       71      Spencer, Joe    300
RG       69      Karras, Ted     310
RT       74      Heitz, Michael  310


LT       65      Campion, Josh  317
LG       52      Epping, Zac    318
C       58      Olson, Tommy   306
RG       77      Bush, Foster   304
RT       78      Lauer, Ben     315

LT       78      Jorgensen, Paul 295
LG       53      Mogus, Geoff     295
C       66      Vitabile, B.     300
RG       57      Frazier, Matt    290
RT       76      Olson, Eric      290

LT       68      Scherff, B.     320
LG       79      Welsh, Sean     285
C       63      Blythe, Austin  290
RG       65      Walsh, Jordan   290
RT       78      Donnal, Andrew  305

LT       68      Decker, Taylor   315
LG       65      Elflein, Pat     300
C       50      Boren, Jacoby    285
RG       54      Price, Billy     312
RT       76      Baldwin, Darryl  307

RT       59      Nelson, Andrew  305
RG       53      Dowrey, Derek   323
C       66      Mangiro, Angelo 309
LG       70      Mahon, Brendan  292
LT       76      Smith, Donovan  335


74    Jack Conklin    OT    6-6    303    SO
63    Travis Jackson    OL    6-4    291    SR
66    Jack Allen    C    6-2    299    JR
76    Donavon Clark    OL    6-4    306    JR
79    Kodi Kieler    OL    6-6    304    SO
average weight:  300.6


61    Marz, Tyler    OL    6-5    321    RS JR
73    Lewallen, DallasOL    6-6    321    RS SR
70    Voltz, Dan    OL    6-3    311    RS SO
54    Costigan, Kyle    OL    6-5    319    RS SR
78    Havenstein, Rob    OL    6-8    333    RS SR

average: 321


Lumpkin 310
Johnson 300
Bujari 295
Muller 300
Alexander 290
average: 299


LT   78 Spriggs, Jason    300                
LG   68 Kaminski, David   295              
C    64 Rahrig, Collin    285                
RG   67 Feeney, Dan       305             
RT   62 Evans, Ralston    290
average 295


T       76      Dunn        300
G       68      Altamirano  290
C       65      Conaboy     295
G       66      Zeller      310
T       55      Doyle       300
avg 299


Week 4 In The Big Ten: Here Comes The Conference

Week 4 In The Big Ten: Here Comes The Conference

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on September 23rd, 2014 at 8:33 PM


For better or worse, the out-of-conference schedule is now firmly behind Michigan and we look towards the next eight games to see how the regular season will shake out for us. Admittedly, right now, the anxiety level if elevated even for me for a lot of reasons which have been discussed ad nauseam on the board in the last few days, so I would rather not spend time dwelling.

Instead, let’s take a look at where Michigan sits with respect to the conference on some basic metrics. Actually, let’s switch this up a bit and start with some tempo-free stuff – these are not all that bad relatively speaking.

We’ll start with point differentials on scoring offense – there is one team in the negative, and it is actually Purdue at -1.6 points. Michigan is not that much higher at 9th, but 3.8 points for a differential is, well, positive. I will put it that way. Here are the conference averages:

 photo Week4SO_zps471aa633.png

 photo Week4SD_zpsa900b8f4.png

Michigan is actually fourth in yards per play differential, largely thanks to great defense, at 1.9 yards per play. Only Wisconsin, Nebraska and Ohio State are doing better in this respect. Of course, the number is in our case a synthesis of being 1st in total defense but 9th in total offense. The relative positioning of the conference members as a function of total yards is below:

 photo Week4TO_zps6f466a47.png

 photo Week4TD_zpsaf0711d5.png

Rushing offense is what you might expect from the Big Ten lately – there is Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana and others, but for the moment, we do fall in at 6th in the conference on this metric, averaging 211 yards per game. That’s still a massive improvement from last year, especially late last year. When it comes to run defense, we’re rather stout, as you will note below:

 photo Week4RO_zps892212b5.png

 photo Week4RD_zps313f3833.png

Our passing numbers…well….we’re 12th in the conference at 193.2 yards per game on average, but 3rd in passing defense. Again, the idea that the defense is carrying the brunt of the load right now seems to play out in the stats this season.

 photo Week4PO_zpsf35a267b.png

 photo Week4PD_zpsa866c857.png

How about some stuff on down differentials? I didn’t do formal charts this time around, but perhaps next week and I know people enjoyed the discussion topic in the past. For both first and third down differentials, Michigan sits nicely in the upper half of Big Ten teams at +6.5 for first downs and +12.5% for third downs. In other words, despite what it looks like sometimes, we are winning some rather key battles on the field for the time being. Our next two Big Ten opponents are in the negative on both these metrics, which on paper is hopeful.


Norfleet Interview

Norfleet Interview

Submitted by Shop Smart Sho… on September 23rd, 2014 at 8:27 PM

Saw this pop up on twitter:…


While I think it is great that the players support Hoke, I am very surprised that the program is allowing them to talk to the media.

If given the chance, I'm sure we would all like to reassure the kids that we aren't criticizing their play or effort.  And maybe ask them to talk to someone like Devin who was here when RR got canned.  I'm sure Devin thought RR was a great guy who supported him, and all of the players.  That doesn't mean he was the right coach, at the right time, for Michigan.

Did Jim Boccher scare Brady away from the spread punt?

Did Jim Boccher scare Brady away from the spread punt?

Submitted by iawolve on September 23rd, 2014 at 7:05 PM

I may have the tin foil hat on here, but I struggle when people don't do things that are obvious based on overwhelming evidence and the answer not to do them is "just because". There is always a reason for the behavior. It is possible that there is a deeply held belief system that is interfering with rational action or a past negative experience that simply cannot be overcome to take a different action.

My theory involves a negative experience resulting from Jim Boccher who was on the Michigan staff in 2001 and 2002 before Lloyd promoted him from graduate assistant to special teams coach in 2003, the year Brady left for Ball State. Boccher was early in adopting the spread punt, but to a disasterous effect where in a three game span the results were:

  • Close loss to Oregon who blocked and returned a punt for a TD
  • Win against Indiana who 1 blocked a punt
  • Close loss to Iowa who blocked and returned a punt for a TD

Boccher then left the team for personal reasons the next week in the middle of an absolute fan sh*tstorm and I don't think he ever coached again. I am pretty sure we ended the spread that next week or shortly thereafter. That was the only midseason coaching change I remember Lloyd ever making so I am sure the decision did not come easy. Brady would have been on the staff with Jim in 2001 and 2002, I know he had to be following what was happening in 2003 to UM and his mentor that helped get him a HC job.

I don't know, just something crazy you think about when you have too much time on the plane and trying to make any sense out of this.