Dave Brandon sends snarky email back to alum

Dave Brandon sends snarky email back to alum

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on October 2nd, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Ed-Ace: Did some digging on this and while I haven't been able to get my hands on the original email, I can confirm that if real it is from December of 2013 or earlier, not last weekend. Doesn't change the content of the email, of course, but it does change the context.

Just some background here, my friend comes from a family of Michigan alums. Her aunt who is an alum had enough of this garbage so she decided to speak up.

She sent a very respectful email to Dave Brandon that was well-written on their families' opinion of the job he is doing and she said that they no longer were season ticket holders.

This is by no means a fake. This is his actual email which I have confirmed on here before, as has another poster when he posted a story about DB snapping back at him. 

She thought I should pass this along and I found this very interesting given the interview coming out today. 

I guess we found out those more important things that Dave had to do...


When asked why he didn't address questions sooner: "Frankly, I've been busy doing things that I think are frankly more important." — Brandon

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) October 2, 2014

EDIT: Apologies! I originally posted the photo from a direct message on twitter but I've uploaded it onto another site.

WATCHA DRINKIN TONIGHT???: FYI, Michigan plays at Rutgers this Saturday night

WATCHA DRINKIN TONIGHT???: FYI, Michigan plays at Rutgers this Saturday night

Submitted by timtebro on October 2nd, 2014 at 8:02 PM

I, for one, am going to the Michigan game this Saturday night; driving from goddamned Indiana tomorrow (yup, tickets purchased a LONG time ago...).

I have no clue what to expect. Win or lose, bleed maize and blue forever. My dad, brother, and I will be rooting like hell for the Wolverines. Though the season may be is lost, the record books don't give a shit. Fuck ND, Michigan needs the highest win % back!!! / MichiganArrogance


Thursday night football - open thread

Thursday night football - open thread

Submitted by Voltron is Handsome on October 2nd, 2014 at 7:15 PM

For anyone who wants to get away from the ridiculousness that is the Michigan football program for a night, there is football to watch tonight. Tonight's slate features:

UCF at Houston, 7:00 on ESPN

Florida Atlantic at Florida International, 7:00 and not on television

Arizona at Oregon, 10:30 on ESPN

I'm not a big NFL fan, but the Vikings play in Green Bay at 8:30 on NFL Network.

Brandon: I don't think Brady deserves any blame for what happened on the sidelines

Brandon: I don't think Brady deserves any blame for what happened on the sidelines

Submitted by wlubd on October 2nd, 2014 at 5:29 PM

WARNING - This is a Freep article. I will put link at bottom but have copied a few relevant quotes from their story just published.

Not trying to bombard the board but this was just posted and wow. Presented without further comment.


Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said today that Brady Hoke had no fault in the handling of his quarterback's brain injury and that the ensuing firestorm will not affect how he evaluates the football coach's job status.
Brandon placed the blame on the school's medical staff for not quickly diagnosing the injury to Shane Morris and relaying the information to coaches, which led to the concussed quarterback staying in for another play and re-entering the game a few minutes later for yet another play.
"I don't think Brady deserves any blame for what happened on the sidelines," Brandon said. "Because Brady is responsible for coaching.

Trying to move forward and salvage this season from a fan's perspective

Trying to move forward and salvage this season from a fan's perspective

Submitted by michgoblue on October 2nd, 2014 at 5:06 PM

Given the Brandon is on a press circuit, it looks like he will be our AD for a while now (people about to resign or facing termination don't usually give interviews).  Based upon Brandon's comments, it also doesn't look like Hoke is going anywhere this season. 

Now that I have calmed down, my personal feeling is that this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Brandon has generally done a pretty good job as AD.  As Brian somewhat acknowledges in his front page post, most of our issues with him are either (1) pretty petty (the noodle, rawk music, etc) or (2) financial (tickets cost too much).  While Brandon has a pretty huge ego, even he must feel somewhat chastened from the demonstrations and petitions for his firing.  So, if he is staying on, I am hopeful that when he "balances" tradition against modernizing (as he discussed in his Daily interview), he will be less obviously in favor of modernization and somewhat more respectful of tradition.  As for ticket pricing issues, given this season, I think that it is safe to say that ticket priced are not going up for a while. 

As for Hoke, here's my view:  this season has been a disaster.  Something broke with this team last year and it has festered and gotten worse this year.  Sure, we are young, but we should still be able to roll over Minny, Utah and the like.  There are two possibilities that I see:  (1) this season continues on its path and Hoke as absolutely gone at year end, if not before, or (2) we go on a huge run, inclinding a road win against either or both of our rivals, Hoke is possibly retained.  If that happens, we all end up really enjoying the next 8 weeks and end up in a decent bowl with momentum going into the next season and Hoke can sell the turn around to salvage this recruiting class. 

So, as a fan, I have somewhat accepted where we are (stuck with Brandon for a while, and Hoke until at least December), and am just hoping for the best, which in my opinion is for us to win as many games as possible to get our kids those 15 extra practices for a bowl.  So, with that said, Go Blue, Beat Rutgers and let's start that 9 game winning streak to finish out the year!

CC: Scott Frost

CC: Scott Frost

Submitted by MichiganSports on October 2nd, 2014 at 3:18 PM

He hasn't been at the helm of the Ducks playcalling long but in his first season he set the team record for points scored and the previous high was done in a 14 game season. He knows both sides of the ball and has actually now coached as both a DC and OC. He seems to have the presence of a HC and is becoming a hot name around the country. When it looked as though Pelini was on his way out, most Nebraska fans were all on board for their former QB. So it would be cool to steal him away while we have the chance. 




Dave Brandon watches film w/coordinators WITHOUT Hoke

Dave Brandon watches film w/coordinators WITHOUT Hoke

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on October 2nd, 2014 at 3:09 PM

Saw this roll across my feed. These guys have 59,000 followers and are followed by some prominent people like Angelique, Bogenschutz and Bob Stitt(!).


The strangest thing I’ve heard about Dave Brandon is that he watches film on Sundays with the coordinators individually (without Hoke).

— FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) October 2, 2014

If now isn't the most necessary time to play this, I don't know when is.

Coach Nussmeier ... Offensive Perspective

Coach Nussmeier ... Offensive Perspective

Submitted by Indiana Blue on October 2nd, 2014 at 2:19 PM

Like a huge number of Michigan fans accross the world, the announcement of Doug Nussmeier gave me true confidence that our offense would never again ever wear a "27 for 27" tag.   And while we haven't sunk to that level (as of today), I think we are collectively at a loss why the offense hasn't shown really any spark in 2014.

When it was announced that Coach Nuss would be on the sidelines during the games, I initially thought that was odd, but agreed with the notion that this would give him direct contact with whoever he needed to talk with to straighten out those "occasional" miscues.  We are 1 game shy of the first half of the regular season, and in my mind I am seriously questioning Coach Nuss remaining on the sidelines.

Anyone ever sat in the first 10 rows at Michigan Stadium?  Awesome experience, you can "feel" the game ... as long as the game is right in front of you.  When the play is at either end - you typically watch the snap, then gaze up at the jumbo-tron to actually see the play - which sucks because the real advatage of being in the stadium is that you see the entire field, not just what the TV director shows America.

Again, maybe it's just me - but I believe its time for Coach Nuss to go upstairs into the booth.  It's a totally different perspective.  There is no way he can see how the opposing secondary is responding to our shifts, man in motion, or even passing route coverages from the sideline.  How about blitz packages?  There is a reason the vast majority of OC's are doing their job from the pressbox.  Something needs to change ... and perhaps Coach Nussmeier's move upstairs will give him a new view of what needs to change.

Go Blue!