OT: FSU RB under investigation for domestic assault, Jimbo buries head

OT: FSU RB under investigation for domestic assault, Jimbo buries head

Submitted by iawolve on October 27th, 2014 at 4:48 PM

I actually liked Jimbo Fisher at one point, this guy seems to have gone off the deep end or is not "fully aware". Friday he is crying about false reports and how good of kid his RB is. On Monday the police department relases a statement regarding a pending investigation. Below is the gist of it regarding Fisher, can click over for the full story.

On Friday, Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher denied a report by a radio station in Jacksonville, Florida, that Williams would be suspended from the team. At the time, Fisher called it "another false report."

"There's another false report, and that's amazing how things happen," Fisher told reporters. "Whoever has sources, whoever has rumors, needs to check who they are talking to -- because that is about as far from truth as there is."

Fisher also said: "It's funny. That guy, who's a tremendous kid, a tremendous ambassador, I don't even know where that [suspension report] would come from. It kind of caught me off guard like 'Whoa.' Karlos has been wonderful." 



Mike and Mike discuss coaching change this morning - according to them, there will be one

Mike and Mike discuss coaching change this morning - according to them, there will be one

Submitted by Wendyk5 on October 27th, 2014 at 12:49 PM

On Mike and Mike this morning, the two of them, along with Cris Carter, briefly discussed the stake incident, and the follow-up apology. They then went on to say Hoke clearly will not be around next season, and discussed the pros and cons of firing him mid-season instead of after the Ohio State game. Cris Carter described it as "waiting until after the beat down by Ohio State" to do it, or something to that effect. I actually didn't even attribute that to homerism, but as a statistically probable fact. In any event, it's very hard at this point, with this much negative press about non-football stuff coupled with our onfield performance, to think that Hoke will still have the big office in Schembechler Hall next season. 

MSU v. Michigan: Recruiting & Development -- Why do we suck?

MSU v. Michigan: Recruiting & Development -- Why do we suck?

Submitted by Sten Carlson on October 27th, 2014 at 12:14 PM

Watching the game Saturday was painful, embarassing, and downright demoralizing.  All game long we watched Langford, Cook, et. al., shred us, and hear the commentators say, "his only scholarship offers were from school like Indiana, Akron, and other MAC programs," and how they didn't have any interest from Michigan.

Speilman commented specifically on the fact that Michigan has been recruiting at a high level, but that their is no development whatsoever in Ann Arbor, and by contrast, an amazing amount in E. Lansing.  Listenting to this was almost more infuriating than watching the game (until Devin threw that explicable shovel-pass INT).

I know, I know, bad coaching.  But, I'd like to have a discussion about the "player development" and "motivation" that doesn't devolve into another, "Hoke sucks, fire them all."  I agree, he sucks, and that they ALL should be fired.  But, more importantly, how does the next coach "pick up the pieces" as this seems to have been an issue at Michigan since before Hoke  -- I remember Ted Ginn Sr. commenting on how under Carr player, "never got any better, and/or got injured."  It seems we're in the same boat, again. 

Coaches, football experts, interested Michigan fans -- why do we suck?  What is the key to "player development?"  What is this staff missing?  Why do other programs (even before Hoke) seem to get so much more out of their players than Michigan does?  Is that perception even correct?  Is Michigan recruiting soft, coddled players?  I am just so beside myself here and searching for answers, and my fear is that even the "next guy" will experience the same issues.

Again, please guys, let's talk about the specifics of development and motivation, not just ripping on the coaches -- again, why do we suck?

Jake Ryan Butkus Award semi-finalist

Jake Ryan Butkus Award semi-finalist

Submitted by Zoltanrules on October 27th, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Congrats to Jake! He has represented Michigan well on and off the field despite not being named a team captain.



from MLlive... ANN ARBOR -- Michigan fifth-year senior Jake Ryan is playing a new position this season. And, according to those responsible for selecting the top linebacker in America every year, Ryan's playing it pretty well. The 6-foot-3, 236-pound Ryan was the only Big Ten player to land on the 2014 Dick Butkus Award semifinalist list. The Butkus Award -- which unveiled its 15 semifinalists Monday -- is presented annually to the nation's top linebacker. Ryan has 68 tackles, 10 for a loss, in eight games this season. He also has a pair of sacks. His 10 tackles for a loss are tied for fourth in the Big Ten, and he's the league's 10th-leading tackler. The rest of the Butkus Award semifinalists are: Clemson's Stephone Anthony, UCLA's Myles Jack, Georgia's Jordan Jenkins, Tennessee's A.J. Johnson, UCLA's Eric Kendricks, Washington's Hau'oli Kikaha, Mississippi State's Benardrick McKinney, Miami (Fla.)'s Denzel Perryman, USC's Hayes Pullard, Alabama's Reggie Ragland, Notre Dame's Jaylon Smith, Oklahoma's Eric Striker, Washington's Shaq Thompson and Georgia's Ramik Wilson. The finalists for the Butkus Award will be named Nov. 24. The winners will be announced on Dec. 9.

CC: Rex Ryan? just a question not a scoop

CC: Rex Ryan? just a question not a scoop

Submitted by superstringer on October 27th, 2014 at 11:34 AM


Heck, at this point, I'd settle for more of Greg Henson's fantasy ramblings...

Anyway, since Rex Ryan is about to be filed by the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, it comes to mind that he might make more in a college HC gig than the next, upcoming NFL DC gig.  Assuming his wife can keep her shoes on (not that there's anything wrong with it), you'd think some school might see him as a potential Pete Carroll... a smart guy failed at the NFL, well at least failed at the Jets, where everyone has failed, and who might attract some talent to a school given his NFL background.  He certainly is "old school," favoring defense and a strong running game.

Not saying I want Rex Ryan.  Not saying he's better suited for college.  But he does have a bunch of college jobs earlier in his career.  Am I crazy for thinking that he shouldn't at least be considered as an outside candidate?

Leadership (or lack thereof)

Leadership (or lack thereof)

Submitted by Rufus X on October 27th, 2014 at 8:27 AM

You know when you are sitting at a restaurant next to a family of four, and the two kids are running around acting like monsters while the parents look around meekly and apologize to the other customers, rather than controlling the kids themselves?  You want to be irritated by the kids, but it's really not their fault - it's the parents' fault, that have never taught the kids how to act.  That's what Brady's apology is.  It's too late for him to actually guide these young men on how to act, so now all he is left with is making weak apologies for them.

We should have all seen this kind of bush-league garbage coming when Hoke didn't name captains.  The head coach is the CEO of the program and is 100% accountable for everything, from tent stakes to backup QB concussions.  Period.  

We know Hoke has failed to develop players on the field, as is evidenced by Jake Ryan, Devin Gardner, Devin Funchess, Blake Countess, et al basically being the same players today that they were the day they walked into Schembecler - magnificently talented but still making bad decisions or, in the case of Funchess, giving up on plays.  

But all HCs, especially in college programs, also need to develop player leaders (a.k.a. captains) that reflect  their vision, and those leaders have the maturity, credibility, and consent of the governed among their teammates to control the locker room when the coach isn’t around.  Getting players who have that authority takes development and guidance from the HC just like their skills on the field.  The fact that the coaching staff couldn't come up with two players that they felt would control the locker room and keep the players in line speaks volumes about the leadership development being completely nonexistent.  

Brady may or may not have been aware of the stake being driven into the field, but he is still accountable for the lack of leadership among the players that would allow such a ridiculously childish and Spartan-esque action to take place to begin with.  The Bobby Williams comparisons are telling - as much as we all despise Dantonio, at least you know who is in charge in EL.