Real-Time MGo-Map of Evanston for Saturday

Real-Time MGo-Map of Evanston for Saturday

Submitted by Seth on November 8th, 2014 at 10:55 AM
Thank you to everyone who contributed. The final map is now live. Take the link below.

When do they do this? Where is that on the map? I have answers.

A startup called City Data Company makes these three-dimensional (North-South, East-West, and Time) maps for walkable spaces, usually for local festivals and the like.

The founder, fellow 2002 alum Tres Crow, offered to make one for MGoBloggers looking for stuff to see and do on game days so traveling readers can find each other and locals can let everyone know where the good things are.

Here's the current map:

Pretty empty so far. So if you've got some place to add to the map before Saturday, respond below with what it is, the time (start and finish), the address or Google Map geo-location (latitude and longitude), and like half a sentence of description.

Examples of things to put in:

  • Your tailgates
  • Best places to park
  • Best places to eat on a game day
  • Favorite bars on a game day
  • Where the bus leaves from
  • Where Bacon's signing something
  • Where the Michigan players get off the bus
  • Pretty things on campus that you ought to see
  • Where cool Northwestern gameday traditions occur
  • The Alumni Association's official tailgate (one of the best)
  • The bar where alumni gather on Friday night
  • The spot to go to after the game if you want to stand around chanting the "It's great! To be! .." cheer. You know, like ironically.
  • Whatever other readers would be interested in on gameday.

Come Saturday people will be able to download the map to their phones from this site, and use it to kill time awesomely before the game.

ESPN GameDay in East Lansing open thread

ESPN GameDay in East Lansing open thread

Submitted by Moonlight Graham on November 8th, 2014 at 9:23 AM

No open thread created yet, so thought I'd kick things off. Sparty fans' signs are getting a lot of mileage out of Urban's late-night pizza run in Indy. Here's to GameDay being in AA for The Game next year because it's relevant to the B1G East title, and we can have our own fun. Go Blue. 

CC: Miami v San Fran Season Prospects

CC: Miami v San Fran Season Prospects

Submitted by alum96 on November 8th, 2014 at 7:33 AM

Ah, the traditional waking up Saturday morning and your first thoughts turning to....those games at Ford Field and the Superdome.  We're not in Kansas anymore.

The "crowned one" has a new blog posting up that indicating again Jim H is in play and while no sure thing there will be interest if he is approached "respectfully" and "appropriately".  Appropriately = no direct contact during NFL season (duh) and respectfully means bring a lot of suitcases of cash.  Don't lowball.  Common sense. 

If you don't know who the crowned one is, the first rule of MGoBlog is don't link to the crowned one.

So let us look at the remaining schedules of the Dolphins (most likely the strongest NFL suitor) and 49ers the rest of the way and project, because as we all know NFL games are won on message boards and with statistics.  The Raiders can be skipped because any decision to go across the bay is a bet on Jim's views on Derek Carr and Mrs. Harbaugh's demands.

As for San Fran, it is not so much about Jim's future there but Jim's availability i.e. when can "respectful" (i.e. official) contact be made.  If San Fran falls out of the playoffs, that day could be Dec 29th (or whatever day Jim would be let go). As for Miami, a playoff bound Miami would be good for business and make it difficult to fire a coach, although we've seen NFL teams fire 10-6 coaches in the past, when a better option presents itself.  Something that would seem like a no brainer except for those inside the UM administration apparently. (ugh)  But I digress.


Analysis:  Can we call Jim H on Dec 29th?

San Fran remaining games

  • Home:  Redskins, Seahawks, Chargers, Cardinals
  • Away: Saints, Giants, Raiders, Seahawks

Caveat - San Fran somehow lost at home to St Louis last week, which per science should not have happened!  Here is how San Fran compares to remaining opponents per Football Outsiders offense/defense efficiency.

  Off  Def
SF 23 7
WAS 17 19
SEA 12 5
SD 6 31
ARI 24 6
NO 4 29
NYG 21 18
OAK 29 25

Wins - Raiders (they suck), Washington (hosting a midde of pack team), Chargers (hosting a team that plays no defense), Seattle at home (hosting a hatefest for personal pride)

Losses - @Seattle (traveling to a hatefest), NYG (traveling to a middle of the pack team), NO (traveling to a team that plays no defense), 'Zona (playing for home field advantage throughout playoffs most likely)

Science indicates an 8-8 record and if science is off by 1, best case 9-7.

NFC playoffs - Jimbo is playing for a wildcard - his competition is projected to be, (1) loser of Green Bay (5-3) / Detroit (6-2), (2) Seattle (5-3), and (3) loser of Philly (6-2) / Dallas (6-3).  So Jim being let go in late December counts on the Detroit Lions and Tony Romo coming through in the clutch.  (deepsigh.gif)   My prediction is loser of GB/Detroit and Seattle (a good statistical team taking everyone's best punch) edge out Jimbo for the 2 wildcards.  Official UM calls commence late December.


Due to length of post I won't break out Miami's to such a degree but here are the games and the chart.

Miami remaining games

  • Home:  Bills, Ravens, Vikings, Jets
  • Away: Lions, Broncos, Jets, Patriots
  Off  Def
MIA 13 2
DET 25 1
BUF 27 4
NYJ 28 20
NE 9 17
BAL 10 9
DEN 1 3
MIN 30 11

Miami faces a litany of tough defenses ahead, but quite a few struggling offenses as well.  It will be all about which Tannehill shows up.  Science projects them with 2 guaranteed losses to @NE, @DEN so to get to 10-6 from current 5-3, they will need to go 5-1 against everyone else.  Doubtful that happens even with 2 byes vs the Jets and a sort of bye v Vikings.  Ravens, Bills, Lions are all Dolphins level and toss up games, and more teams are "in play" in the AFC for the playoffs than in the NFC.

Takeaway - Mr. Ross keep your 9-7 coach.  Thanks.


OT: Jameis Winston linked in possible point-shaving scandal

OT: Jameis Winston linked in possible point-shaving scandal

Submitted by Kermits Blue Key on November 8th, 2014 at 6:54 AM

A friend and former high school teammate of Winston placed a $5,500 bet on the first-half spread of the FSU-Louisville game, and Winston coincidentally threw 2 int's and FSU trailed 7-21 at the half. We all know how the second half went.

OT: Citrus Bowl name returns

OT: Citrus Bowl name returns

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 7th, 2014 at 9:54 PM

Just noticed this the other day. 

Nice to see the Citrus Bowl name is back. Sure, it seems silly with the sponsor but I'm glad the corporations have allowed the traditional bowl names back.

It appears Capital One is now the sponsor of the Orange Bowl. 

Introducing the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl

Maybe we can play in this bowl again some day. 

Here's the new Orange Bowl logo.

And the Fiesta

Boo to those. I grew up with the FedEx, Nokia and Tostitos logos for the Orange, Sugar and Fiesta Bowl respectively. 



Submitted by jared32696 on November 7th, 2014 at 8:31 PM

I figured since everyday, all day someone is putting up a thread about multiple D-1 coaches. Which also they  DO NOT have any business being posted on this board about a Michigan coaching change.... I figured I would also add to the nonsense because no one seems to get a hint. So let's put up a name you guys probably have never heard of. Mark Hudspeth from the University of Louisiana. The guy is intense and turned a terrible program around in 1 year. Rich Rod was going to coach there after being turned down for the Tulane HC job. He wanted to go coach for retribution because UL played Tulane every year. But Rita told him not to go because it was a dead end job. So I believe he went to Clemson instead, to be the OC.

OSU vs. MSU - Prediction thread

OSU vs. MSU - Prediction thread

Submitted by Drew_Silver on November 7th, 2014 at 3:58 PM

In the B1G's other marquee matchup  this weekend (besides UofM vs. NU)

Spartans meet the Buckeyes, I generally root for State every game they play besides against Michigan, I really can't root for the bucks

state is 18-5 in nov under mark d.  

bucks have a 20 game B1G regular season winning streak - I would love to see snapped

I think Spartans win a close game


(EDIT) updated to reflect the proper home away naming protocol


Tomorrow, 8:00 PM on ABC, ESP3
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, Michigan
13Ohio State

7Michigan State


CC: Mark Richt

CC: Mark Richt

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on November 7th, 2014 at 3:36 PM

I know we've bandied this about in general CC threads, but thought it was worthwhile to discuss a high-major coach who may be on the market after this season. Bulldog fans are getting a bit restless and Richt (or UGA) may be looking to make a change. What would you say to having Richt in Ann Arbor?

Note: One of the Michigan Rivals mods is saying he's heard Richt may be in play absent an SEC Championship win, and that he'd be looking to land at a major non-SEC program in that event.