Submitted by MGomaha on November 1st, 2014 at 6:38 PM

No matter all the rumors, turmoil, and everything else surrounding the program, this is something that I think WE all needed as fans, alums, students, and everyone involved in or around the program. Seeing guys like Bo Dever and Drake Johnson shine is what this program is all about.

I don't like to get sappy, but damn is It Still Great To Be a Michigan Wolverine.

Go Blue.

Indiana pre-game: injuries etc.

Indiana pre-game: injuries etc.

Submitted by dnak438 on November 1st, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Per Twitter, no Maurice Hurst, Willie Henry, Jabrill Peppers, Jake Butt, Dymonte Thomas. I'll update as things become more clear. This is a little worrying:

No Jake Butt on the dress list this week. Suspended "for a violation of team expectations"

— Sam Webb (@SamWebb77) November 1, 2014

The safety situation:

Jarrod Wilson and Delano Hill running at safety with the first team in skeleton drills.

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) November 1, 2014

UPDATE: Jehu is back and will be starting:

Jehu Chesson announced on the big board as the starter across from Devin Funchess today.

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) November 1, 2014


Morris: 3 OCs, 3 QB Cs in 3 years

Morris: 3 OCs, 3 QB Cs in 3 years

Submitted by BornInA2 on November 1st, 2014 at 1:34 PM

First off: This is an honest question and I'm hoping to get some thoughtful conversation/input on it.

I think Gardner's biggest issue is that in his five years he's played under three OCs, three QB coaches, three offensive systems, and 3/4 of one year at receiver. When I look at it in this context, it makes a whole lot more sense to me that his play and decision-making is more like a sophomore than a 5th year senior.

If Nussmeier gets fired this year, Morris, our presumed started next year, will be on his third OC and third QB coach in three years. Which puts him on the same trajectory as Gardner. This seems to be somewhat borne out in his play this year.

I really and truly think we are missing just one thing to flip the script on this season: Good QB play. Yes, I know, our D hasn't been what was expected. But what was expected also included Peppers and Morgan (yes, I ate my lemon). We've also had various other defensive players out for some periods. When I look at the D and O-line, I thinik, yep, that's about right. Not great, but coming along.

Now, we can't run the ball. And I think we can't for the same reason we haven't been able to for five years now: We have zero tangible passing threat. Because our QB hasn't progressed as a passer. If we made teams play honest pass coverage, we'd have room to run. But we don't because we can't pass. Just like we couldn't with Denard.

I live in Seattle where a whole lot of my friends wanted Nussmeier as the head coach at Washington when Sark left. He had a great run with the Huskies as OC and was successful in Alabama, too. The guy can get it done. And, personally, I think our offensive line HAS improved this year, and it's certainly better than last year. Except, again, at QB.

So, and this is where I'm hoping folks will engage in some...ahem...civil conversation, I'd personally like to see Hoke, Mattison, and Nussmeier get one more year. I don't think it makes sense to fire them after one season or less with a new OC and I don't think it gets us much of anything in terms of improvement next year, especially at QB where I think we really need it. If there isn't a significant improvement next year, then make a change.

Thoughts? (running to closet for Nomex suit now...)

Indiana Tickets Free to Ill-Behaved (update: any) Reader

Indiana Tickets Free to Ill-Behaved (update: any) Reader

Submitted by Seth on November 1st, 2014 at 12:37 PM

UPDATE: So many readers gave us tickets. I still have six more after emailing winners from this thread. If you still wanna come, email me. I'll be going in via the Crisler steps at about 2:30]

The same reader who gave us a pair of freebies last month offered them to us again.

With all the older alumni there for Homecoming I'd like them to go to somebody who'll make up for the relative quiet elsewhere. SOMEBODY has to yell "H!" or else we're just spelling 

"M! I! C. ... i. g? a. n."

If you'd like a free pair of okay-ish, corner-ish tickets for this Saturday, tell us the craziest thing you ever did in Ann Arbor. Or if that could still get you in trouble, the second craziest thing you ever did in Ann Arbor.

Readers: vote with your Pos and Neg buttons.

(If you'd like to respond but don't need tickets, write "NO ENTRY" at the top of your reply).


  • Make sure you can print the tix or meet up w/ me before I go into the game
  • I'll pick the winner Friday afternoon at 3:00pm EST
  • I'll email the winner and you'll have an hour to respond or I move on to 2nd place
  • Please check with all spouses, travel schedules, etc. before entering.

CC and impact on assistants

CC and impact on assistants

Submitted by mi93 on November 1st, 2014 at 12:15 PM

Is it possible that given Mattison's relationship with John Harbaugh, known recruiting prowess, etc., the next HC (esp. if it's Jim) would keep Mattison?  Would you want to keep him?

Same goes for Nussmeier.  Have we seen enough of Nuss to know what he's truly capable of building given the talent and if able to reshape the O assistants?

My (distant) take is that both Coordinators are keepers (based on track record, not just this year) but the rest of the staff needs some shaking up and the leadership at the top has to be more demanding.  I'm interested in what any insiders may be hearing / thinking.  Would you all clean house?