OSU vs. MSU - Prediction thread

OSU vs. MSU - Prediction thread

Submitted by Drew_Silver on November 7th, 2014 at 3:58 PM

In the B1G's other marquee matchup  this weekend (besides UofM vs. NU)

Spartans meet the Buckeyes, I generally root for State every game they play besides against Michigan, I really can't root for the bucks

state is 18-5 in nov under mark d.  

bucks have a 20 game B1G regular season winning streak - I would love to see snapped

I think Spartans win a close game


(EDIT) updated to reflect the proper home away naming protocol


Tomorrow, 8:00 PM on ABC, ESP3
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, Michigan
13Ohio State

7Michigan State


CC: Mark Richt

CC: Mark Richt

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on November 7th, 2014 at 3:36 PM

I know we've bandied this about in general CC threads, but thought it was worthwhile to discuss a high-major coach who may be on the market after this season. Bulldog fans are getting a bit restless and Richt (or UGA) may be looking to make a change. What would you say to having Richt in Ann Arbor?

Note: One of the Michigan Rivals mods is saying he's heard Richt may be in play absent an SEC Championship win, and that he'd be looking to land at a major non-SEC program in that event.

MGoDrone: Ryan Field via Quad Rotor

MGoDrone: Ryan Field via Quad Rotor

Submitted by BlueBarron on November 7th, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Just in time for the Northwestern game, here's some Ryan Field video via my quad rotor! This is from a few weeks ago, hence the green trees. I live in Wisconsin now and Northwestern is right along the way on my drive home to Michigan.



(sorry, don't know how to imbed).


Go Blue!

Exerpts from JUB on WTKA this morning

Exerpts from JUB on WTKA this morning

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on November 7th, 2014 at 11:12 AM

John U. Bacon talked to Sam on WTKA this morning.  Here are some of the more interesting things he said:

1. The administration's timeline for picking a new AD may be very different than the fans' timeline.  He referenced athletics/football as being "not Schlissel's thing." 

Neither JUB nor Sam have heard anything about having a new AD by the end of this month.  JUB referred to "very good sources" who haven't mentioned this...Note: JUB was not saying that Michigan won't have a new AD by the end of the month.  He just hasn't heard that it will.

2. He mentioned that, in his opinion, it's easier to hire a new AD quickly than it is a coach.  He also said that it might be more important for the new AD to have Michigan ties than the new coach, because the new AD will have to unify various factions.

3. Hackett, not Schlissel, appears to be running things as far as finding a permanent AD. 

4. He thinks Coach Hoke will be back if he manages to beat OSU and finish 7-5.  He believes Michigan would prefer not to make a change.  EDIT: Let me add one thing:  He was talking about this in the context of saying Michigan is conservative (in a non-political sense) when it comes to making changes with regard to any issue. 

5. He thinks there's a 50-50 chance of landing Jim Harbaugh if Michigan fires Coach Hoke.  He said it's "far from a done deal" and said Harbaugh wouldn't come back to college for any other program.

6. He thinks an experienced AD will be important if Michigan can't land Jim Harbaugh.

7.  He would "bet against" Michigan landing John Harbaugh.

8.  The "Michigan Man factor" will be an issue when hiring a coach but not an overwhelming one.  He thinks Michigan learned from hiring Coach Hoke that being a "Michigan Man" is overrated. 



Messiah DeWeaver Interview

Messiah DeWeaver Interview

Submitted by WolverineBeastBoy on November 7th, 2014 at 7:55 AM
I did this interview by myslef. I did it via email.
Messiah DeWeaver, a 2016 quarterback commit for U of M out of Trotwood, Ohio measures in at 6’3 and weighs in at 202 lbs. He is a four star pro-style quarterback who committed to the Wolverines on June 18th, 2014.
Question: Who do you look up to who is a current or former Michigan Wolverine?
Answer: I look up to Tom Brady 
Question: Does you star rating personally mean much to you?
Answer: My rating doesn’t mean a lot to me. I’ve seen 5 stars and no stars both make it! 
Question: Why Michigan out of your other 6 offers?
Answer: I feel Michigan best fit my play style. I love the coaches. I love the atmosphere and fans. Great academics. 
Question: Were you surprised or upset The Ohio State University never offered you a scholarship? 
Answer: I believe they are going to offer me in the near future but I’m a Michigan man. 
Question: Who is your favorite Michigan alumni who is in the NFL or has previously played in the NFL?
Answer: Favorite alumni is The Tom Brady 
Question: If you played defense, what position would you be?
Answer: I like to watch Corners make plays haha so probably corner. 
Question:Who recruited you from the Michigan coaching staff?
Answer: Coach Smith and coach Nussmeier.
Question: What is your opinion on the rivalries of U of M?
Answer: Us vs Ohio is the best rivalry in sports.
Question:Did you know many Michigan fans from your school growing up in Trotwood, Ohio?
Answer: We’ve sent 6 guys to Michigan so they’re very popular in Trotwood but not any die hard fans.
Question: How many visits to U of M did you make?
Answer: I made at least 8 or 9 visits.
Question: Have you seen a game in The Big House? If so, what game?
Answer: Seen two games in The Big House. Notre Dame game and Ohio game. 
Question: Do you play any other sports?
Answer: I play basketball.
Question: What will be your major at U of M?
Answer: I think I’ll major in personal finance.
Question: To you, what is a Michigan Man?
Answer: Character, loyalty, integrity, commitment, honesty, and a winner!
Question: If you were hitting campus tomorrow, who would you room with?
Answer: I would want to room with one of my former teammates, Mike McCray or Reon Dawson.
-Interviewed by Bobby Kunz (WolverinePatron) 10/18/14

cc: Dabo Swinney

cc: Dabo Swinney

Submitted by Blueinsconsin on November 6th, 2014 at 10:20 PM

Dabo Swinney, 44 years old

Head Coach - Clemson (2008-present)

57-25 overall record, 3-3 in Bowl Games (1 Orange Bowl win in 2014)

2011 ACC Championship, 2011 Bobby Dodd winner

All of his coaching experience has been at two schools - Alabama under Mike DuBose and Clemson under Tommy Bowden before taking over the HC position in the middle of the 2008 season.  Swinney's first full season as head football coach the team went 9-5, 2010 they dropped to 6-7, but then saw a climb to 10-4 in 2011, followed by back-to-back 11-2 season in 2012 and 2013.  Currently the Tigers are 6-2 with losses to Georgia and Florida State.  

Here's how his total offense/defenes have ranked:

'09: 37th O / 46th D

'10: 82nd O / 18th D

'11: 16th O / 100th D

'12: 8th O / 74th D

'13: 12th O / 29th D

'14: 70th O / 2nd D (season obviously not complete)

As for recruiting (per Rivals) his 2009 class was 37th in the country followed by the 19th in 2010, 8th in 2011, 14th in 2012, 14th in 2013 and 13th in 2014.  Clemson currently has the #2 class in the nation with two 5 stars and nine 4 stars (21 total commits) 

Swinney's entire career has been in the South, so it would seem hard to be able to pull him to Michigan, but maybe opening the checkbook could sway him up North.  He currently earns $3.3mil while Hoke is at $4.3 (per coacheshotseat.com).  Despite not having ties to Michigan, he seems like a candidate I would like to see the school go after or at the very least, reach out to.  Not a flashy candidate, but seems like a coach who will put his teams in the top 25 every year and keep them contended year in and year out.  Thoughts?

CC: Bob Stoops?

CC: Bob Stoops?

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on November 6th, 2014 at 7:28 PM

Dan Wetzel suggests that Michigan should pursue Bob Stoops. Dan thinks that if Coach Stoops were going to leave OU, there would be no better time, and no better place than Michigan. While I would never say never, this appears about as likely as a Freaks and Geeks reunion show. Which now, come to think of it, begs the question why there isn't a Freaks and Geeks reunion show, but I digress.