Presser Classics

Presser Classics

Submitted by Ziff72 on January 12th, 2011 at 3:47 PM

I love the media. I thought the presser had 2 classics.

1. What about the 3-3-5?   Basically said what every other person who knows football has said.  Any scheme can work if you have the right people and teach it correctly.  Summarized-Listen nerd anybody who says the 3-3-5 can't work has never played.  I was impressed he didn't just follow the media creation and say "The Big Ten is MANBALL we'll play a 4-3"  So that was refreshing.

2. Drew with his BCS/Big Ten conundrum.   Yes Drew you we're right we are a mediocre program because we just want to win the Big Ten.   The key is finding players talented enough to beat OSU, but just not good enough to win the BCS.  That is difficult, but because we are Michigan and do not want to be elite we can find those players and coach them to that unique level.  We are striving for that narrow window of finishing between 2-5 in the country each year Drew.  Please right that insightful column now about our mediocrity.  

A question for anyone in attendence or knows.  When Hoke asked who said Michigan isn't elite anymore was Drew hiding under the desk or did he raise his hand?  Sharp and Valenti are the 2 guys pushing that meme the hardest,  if Drew has the balls he claims he does he should have raised his hand.

Barwis out? (per Chengelis)

Barwis out? (per Chengelis)

Submitted by chillmodious on January 12th, 2011 at 3:22 PM
@chengelis angelique
Hoke says he's bringing strenth coach
No elaboration on whether he's replacing Barwis or simply importing a strength coach.  Doesn't look good though.  Pardon me if this was posted elsewhere.
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notes from the press conference

notes from the press conference

Submitted by ish on January 12th, 2011 at 1:46 PM


National search - went to five cities in six days.

Interviewed several candidates.

Had never really met BH before this search.

Received feedback from former coaches, players and opposing coaches.


"We would've walked to the University of Michigan."

Football teaches young men life skills.

Thanks RR.

Thanks his mentors.

Grew up in Ohio, but was a UM fan.  Wouldn't say "OSU" or anything like that.  "That team in Ohio."

"This is about a team."  And "character" and "toughness."

A few tears.  Ends with "Go Blue."


Don't want divides.

Our staff will understand that we have a special guy in Denard.  We know he loves UM.  We will spend more time with him.  If you have talented players you have to mold that to what's best for your team and most of the time that's what's best for the players.

Re rivalries "You want to win them.  They are front and center for the program."  We have three rivalries.

Lifeblood in recruiting is midwest so have to win.  "That school in Ohio."  Won't say its name.

Hard to leave SDSU.

My players are like my sons.

Re recruiting and retention: meeting today, will meet with seniors, will meet again with team on friday and certain players individually.  Will call all commits.  Will make all decisions as is best for the program.

"Is this where you want to be forever?" --- "Yes."

"Recruiting is a people business."  We have something special to give recruits.

"This is an elite job.  This is Michigan for godsakes.  This is Michigan"

"There's great kids in this program."  "Everyone who works with these kids will have a fanatical love for the Univeristy of Michigan or they won't work here."

"We're not a gray area program."

OSU: (banging table) "It is the most important game on that schedule.  It's almost personal"

There will be no recruiting visits this weekend.

Michigan Daily Breaking News: Tate Forcier not yet enrolled in classes this semester

Michigan Daily Breaking News: Tate Forcier not yet enrolled in classes this semester

Submitted by DubbaEwwTeeEff on January 12th, 2011 at 1:22 PM

As if we didn't have enough to cry about right now:…

He's got until January 25 to enroll but has not done so yet. Does this mean he's on his way out, or is he slacking on picking his classes, or what?