4* Raymon Taylor considering Michigan

4* Raymon Taylor considering Michigan

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on December 7th, 2010 at 5:26 PM

A past Indiana commit, Taylor decomitted from IU after Lynch was let go.  Michigan liked Taylor but never did extend an offer, but that may change very soon.

"I always wanted to be a wolverine since I was little"- Raymon Taylor

No dreads but would be an excellent additon to the class and secondary

LINK http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1162497

Article link - Mississippi State praise for Robinson . . .

Article link - Mississippi State praise for Robinson . . .

Submitted by ImSoBlue on December 7th, 2010 at 4:15 PM

Nice quote from the DC: "They don't have to throw it to a guy that can score or hand it to a guy that can score because they already snap it to a guy that can score on every play,"



note: Title edited from "MSU" to "Mississippi State" so as not to confuse anyone.

Ugly Game of the Week - Bowl Preview Special

Ugly Game of the Week - Bowl Preview Special

Submitted by stubob on December 7th, 2010 at 2:44 PM

I sadly put the column back on the shelf for another season, but first look forward to the upcoming bowl season with the usual eye towards the lopsided, shorthanded, or just plain visually offensive. But first:

Last Week
Nothing exciting happened in the Big East, which actually shouldn't be that noteworthy given the rest of the season. So instead, we'll review the Arizona/Arizona State debacle. In the first half, nothing happened. Well, lots happened, just very little of it was good. Two field goals, maybe seven first downs, and 14 punts worth of "action." In the second half, Arizona managed a 14-6 lead but gave up two FGs in a long day of FGs and ASU's lone TD to fall behind 14-20. Arizona scored a late TD, but had the extra point blocked to tie at 20-20 and go into overtime. Both teams traded FGs in the first OT, and ASU scored first in the second OT. Arizona scored a TD as well, but had their second extra point blocked, giving the win to Arizona State.

Bowl Preview

The "Racial Integration is a State Right" Bowl, aka the BBVA Compass Bowl, brings us Pitt versus Kentucky. Kentucky has beaten everyone they should have beaten, and lost to everyone they should have lost to. Wins: Louisville, Western Kentucky, Akron, Charleston Southern, and Vandy. Losses: Florida, Mississippi, Auburn, Georgia, MissState, Tennessee to finish 6-6. They do have the win against South Carolina but managed only one more conference win. Pitt, was two Big East-shenanigans games away from a BCS bowl, even though they lost to both of the teams that they would have moved a head of. The best thing I can say about Pitt is that they're not better than UConn or West Virginia.

The New Mexico Bowl is the "Someone gets to be over .500" Bowl for the second year running, pitting BYU against UTEP in the Alphabet Soup game of the week. UTEP limped in with a 3-5 record in Conference USA. They ended their season with a loss to Tulsa and also have a loss to Tulane on their record. BYU has first week win against Washington and a season-ending close loss to Utah to bookend their season.

I propose some sort of playoff between the winners of the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl, and the Autozone Liberty Bowl to play for some sort of "Symbol of the American Economy - Rusted-out Car On Blocks" Trophy. Oh right, I forgot, there already is one:

The "Great Game - 20 Years Ago" Bowl is a toss-up between Florida v Penn State and Notre Dame v Miami. Florida and Penn State are both "offensively challenged," Penn State and walk-on QBs moreso. Miami has been bi-polar all season, so it's anybody's guess as to which team will show up: the one that beat Maryland and Pitt, or the one that lost to USF and Virginia.

The "Perseverance in the Face of Insurmountable Odds aka The Bunny in a Chipper-Shredder" award is between Michigan State against Alabama, or UConn against Oklahoma. Both of these games look like the results of picking sides for a game at recess: both teams are left standing in their Horace Grant glasses, knee socks and bony white elbows. "I had UConn last time!" And yeah, I don't care that State is ranked higher. Alabama is the 5th ranked scoring defense. It's going to look like this:

So goodnight until next season, and now maybe I'll get a chance to work on the OSU UFR.

4* Dual-threat QB Teddy Bridgewater decommits from Miami

4* Dual-threat QB Teddy Bridgewater decommits from Miami

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on December 7th, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Michigan was in his top ten at one point,  they have not offered Bridgewater as of yet. 

HT 6'3"

Wt 185 lbs

40: 4.6 sec

Rivals has him as the #2 Dual Threat QB and # 70 overall player in the country.


David Brandon and the press.

David Brandon and the press.

Submitted by Section 1 on December 7th, 2010 at 12:57 PM

I've delayed a few days in posting this; I had doubts about whether I would post or not.  It is a story (cool story, bro!) that sheds just a little light on the intersection of Dave Brandon, the press and the Michigan alumni/fan base.  Anecdotally only, of course.

One year ago, I attended the annual dinner of one of the suburban Detroit alumni groups.  The alumni members of that group do an amazing job of raising money for scholarships; there are a handful of kids getting degrees right now, who wouldn't be there without this group of loyal interested alums.  They have an annual fundraising dinner at a golf club, and last year, December of 2009, the invited dinner speaker was Michael Rosenberg of the Free Press, who was ostensibly there to talk about his book, "War As They Knew It."

The audience was, in the parlance of this blog, pure "blue-hair."  Most attendees were in their 60's, 70's and 80's.  If that makes some younger fans think less of them, so be it.  They are donors; loyal alums; many are season ticket holders; a number are former lettermen.  They mostly all read the Free Press, and if they don't like the Free Press it is probably because they are Republicans, not because they care about sportswriting.  And, as I already mentioned, they are making it possible for some great, worthy kids to go to Michigan.

There was the usual Q-and-A session after Rosenberg's short talk about his book.  And there were the usual questions about the history of Bo and Woody, and before that Bump Elliott, and some timid questions about whether the football team was going to start winning soon and how Mike Rosenberg thought that might happen.

I waited to the end of the general questions, then rose, and proceeded to ask Rosenberg a series of pointed questions about the Free Press story of August 30, 2009:

  • Q - Why didn't you ever talk to any of the people who actually understood Compliance Services operations and CARA reporting details?  A - That wasn't Rosenberg's story, he said.
  • Q - Why did you wait until the Friday before going to print on Saturday, to drop this bombshell on Martin, Rodriguez and Bruce Madej?  A - That was enough time for them to answer, and if they had something to say, we might have delayed publication, but they didn't.
  • Q - How do you justify the anonymity afforded to the unnamed "former" players, but meanwhile you named (and substantially traumatized) Je'Ron Stokes and Brandin Hawthorne, both of whom say they were misqoted and their commets were misused?  A - We gave anonymity to players who asked for it, and the two freshmen did not ask for it.
  • Q - What about Toney Clemons; he says he never asked for anonymity, and he admits that you interviewed him?  A - How do you know he was one of the sources we used for the story?
  • Q - What about Justin Boren; a guy who was so unconcerned about "retaliation" that he dressed up as Rich Rod for Halloween, with his girlfriend as a "Bunny/stripper" Rita?  A - No comment on Boren as a source, and as for the justification of anonymitiy, it would have been better to cite "general retribution" instead of "retribution from coaches."

At one point, Rosenberg asked, "Am I being cross-examined?"  The mood in the dining room was a bit tense.  It was not what a lot of the guests might have anticipated for a holiday-season dinner.  Rosenberg had no good answers, and the audience, not particularly well-attuned to the issues of what Jon Chait called "journalistic malpractice," probably didn't know quite what to think.  At that time, December of 2009, little was publicly known about the NCAA investigation.  The University had not yet responded to anything.  Bill Martin was the AD, and there was not much thought about David Brandon at that time, other than that he was a former Regent, was now at Domino's, he had made a lot of money, and some thought he might someday run for governor.

Fast-forward to December, 2010; last week, the night before the Football Bust.  The annual dinner takes place at the same golf club dining room.  The speaker, this year, is David Brandon.  

Brandon speaks for about 35 minutes, without a note, about his lifelong connections with Michigan, and it was so organized, so cogent and so well-crafted, that a transcript of the talk would look like it had been pre-written, carefully edited over a week or so, and then delivered with a TelePrompTer.  

Brandon then answered questions.  Everyone pretty much knew what he would and would not answer.   At one point a lady mischeivously asked Brandon what criteria he will grade his football coaches on; a cute way of asking about Rich Rodriguez.  People were laughing as she tried to ask the question from the back of the room.  Instead of fouling off the question and giving a nothing response, Brandon asked the lady to repeat the question, because the laughter drowned her out just a bit.  She rephrased the question, over more giggles and whispers.  Again, Brandon asked her to repeat a part of it, so that he had her exact question.  He was not going to dodge a single word, and he was going to answer the exact question, directly.

When all of the routine questions were done, I rose to let Brandon know who last year's speaker was, and relate what had happened.  As soon as I mentioned the name of Michael Rosenberg, there were scattered of boos and hisses from throughout the room.  What a difference a year makes, even to a group of older, conservative Free Press readers.  I let Brandon know what had happened last year, and aksed what was his feeling about the Free Press story of August 30, 2009.

Brandon said he was proud of the way that everyone had responded.  The investigation had been solid.  Naturally, it uncovered some problems and the University had to take full responsibility for what the investigation had found.  They did so, and they did it without whining to the media about how it had all gotten started.

Brandon said that he had spent more of his time and energy with the lawyers on the Michigan/NCAA football investigation, than he had on the biggest deal of his life in the corporate world, which was a 1.2 billion-dollar series of transactions.

Then Brandon opened up about the press.  He said that the newspaper story that had led to NCAA investigation had been "crap."  He said that he had taken a yellow highlighter to the printed story, and had highlighted all of the parts that were unfounded, untrue, exaggerated or eroneous.  He ended up with a story that was more yellow than not.  If there had been any doubt in the room about Rosenberg and the Free Press, the two December meetings, in 2009 and 2010, had erased it. 

He thanked me for my question.

TVH Weekly: Big Chill Visits, Frost, Lucien, Lyons

TVH Weekly: Big Chill Visits, Frost, Lucien, Lyons

Submitted by TomVH on December 7th, 2010 at 11:53 AM

This past weekend was host to a few important official visitors, and this weekend will see even more prospects coming in for the Big Chill hockey game. A slightly different format:

Visitors from this Past Weekend (12/3)

There were no commitments from Maryland DB Blake Countess or Florida S Wayne Lyons. I spoke briefly with Lyons, and have a full interview scheduled for later today. He had this to say so far:

"It was a good trip. The academic side of it was good, and I know my mom liked that too."

More later.

Rumors had Michigan potentially leading for Countess, and this visit was a big one since it was his first official. Blake was tweeting the whole weekend; here's a few of them:

  • goblue !!!!!!!!!!
  • Michigan was great. i could def. see myself there!
  • I was with Josh Furman, Denard and Devin Gardner..and the other players that were there on officials.Delonte, wayne and G.Brown

His coaches aren't easy to get ahold of, so I'm still working on getting more from him. Lyons is expected to make his decision at the Army game, and will take a trip to Nebraska next.

Official Visitors for the Big Chill

This weekend is not only host to the Big Chill and fireworks, but a plethora of official visitors. Here's the list I have compiled so far. As always this list will be posted permanently in the diary section to add and remove recruits.

  • LB Desmond Morgan - This could be the last visit before Morgan makes his decision. I wouldn't be surprised if he announces his choice shortly after.
  • DE Anthony Zettel - This is Zettel's last official visit. He's already been to MSU, Penn State, and Iowa. 
  • OL Chris Bryant - This probably won't be the last visit for Chris. He's been wavering on when he wants to make his decision. He might wait until signing day, or he might just pull the trigger. Michigan is in a favorable position either way.

I'll continue to add to this as I confirm more names.

On to specific recruits:

Kris FrostKris Frost

6'3", 210 lbs.


Matthews, North Carolina

Frost is down to Auburn and Michigan, and has been for some time now. He still plans on enrolling early, and will be announcing his choice at the Army All American game in January. I'm in constant contact with Kris, and I believe that Michigan is in good position right now… as long as Rodriguez is retained. If Michigan were to make a change, then there might be some trouble. I don't believe that a defensive coaching change would make too much of a difference with Kris. The coaches have been on him, and are continuing to show him that they want him, as well:

Coach Rod will actually be out to my house on Thursday. They've just really been telling me how I fit in there, and how much I'm wanted. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it back up there for another visit, but that shouldn't matter too much anyway.

If you remember, Kris was going to try to come back up for another unofficial visit. That won't be happening, but it's not a big deal.

Devin LucienDevin Lucien

6'1", 189 lbs.

Wide Receiver

Encino, California

If you read my post yesterday you already know that Devin has scheduled his official visit out to Michigan for January 7th. Since Michigan has offered they have shot up Devin's list, and this visit could potentially vault the Wolverines into the top spot.

I love the overall tradition at Michigan. The tradition they have reminds me a lot of what we have at Crespi (High School). The brotherhood that the players have is amazing. I love the fans, and the whole community of Ann Arbor. I can't wait to visit.

A lot of people have wondered what recruits are thinking as far as the coaching situation with regards to Michigan. Devin felt comfortable enough to share how he was thinking.

I like Michigan for Michigan, so it doesn't really matter to me. I think it matters more to my parents just because they want me to be somewhere stable. Coach Dews has talked to both my parents and they both like him a lot. He's actually coming out this week on Thursday.

This is just one point of view but Devin is more interested in the program, and since he could probably play in most systems anyway, it won't matter much. The timing of this visit could help Michigan too, since Lucien is planning on making his decision on signing day, which is only 3 or 4 weeks from when he'll be on campus.

Other items [from the editor]

  • The Orlando Sentinel caught up with FL RB Dee Hart, who says he will remain committed to Michigan if Rodriguez is retained. If he isn't, he's going to Florida to play in the spread.
  • MI WR Shawn Conway will not qualify and is headed to a JUCO. He says he would like to return to the fold after his time there is finished but it is extremely rare for Michigan to take a JUCO kid who did not qualify out of high school. Austin Panter, the last JUCO at Michigan, was a qualifier who played seven on seven and went to JUCO for exposure, and the last one before that was Russell Shaw. Michigan's coaches have clearly known about this for a while given the offer to Lucien and late push for Arnett.

Cardale Jones and Shane Wynn: Not visiting for Big Chill per ESPN

Cardale Jones and Shane Wynn: Not visiting for Big Chill per ESPN

Submitted by 2014 on December 7th, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Cardale Jones & Shane Wynn won't be visiting this weekend for the Big Chill:

  • Cardale is taking the ACT. Still planning on visiting sometime in January
  • Wynn has a basketball game Friday night and "needs to discuss his visits with Ted Ginn Sr." (that's probably telling)

Article behind paywall: