Did Graham Couch write a good article?

Did Graham Couch write a good article?

Submitted by Trip McNeely on April 12th, 2018 at 11:04 AM

So, it looks like Graham Couch has now “turned” on Izzo/MSU. In the article he seems to realize that this is not a bunch of isolated incidents and that maybe there was some substance to the ESPN reports.

“If the school’s counselors aren’t believing victims of sexual assault and, instead, are protecting their alleged perpetrators, beloved athletes in this case, MSU is sicker than we realized.”

I think Izzo said after he lost to eleven seeded Syracuse that “You’re not breaking me, I know that.” Well if his biggest slappies and supporters in the media are turning on him too, what will break him? Is there going to have to be two, three, four more stories like this for something to happen?

I know people will say we post to much about MSU and I don’t care about them. Thought it was relevant after he wrote some stupid s*** after the ESPN report first broke. Just seems to be seeing everything in a different light now that more info/more cases are out there.


Basketball awards banquet was tonight

Basketball awards banquet was tonight

Submitted by PeteM on April 11th, 2018 at 9:50 PM

The basketball awards banquet was tonight, and I thougtht that I'd share a quick report.  As might be expected the crowd was definitely into it giving Beilein a standing ovation when he took the podium. 

The awards are mix of performance (MVP etc.) recognition voted on by both players and coaches as well as fun, non-basketball prizes (best dressed) voted on by the players alone.  Rakh and Wagner shared MVP while Simpson won the Steve Grote hustle, the best defender and most improved awards.  Duncan was named best 6th man (obviously not a shock), and best team leader. 

From the voted on by players only awards category Poole got best dancer (doing a few moves on his way to the podium as he picked up the award) and best dressed with Beilein making fun of his very short tie when he came up.  Duncan got an odd combination of the most likely to succeed and "talks most knows least" awards.  Duncan gave a nice senior speech about his first collegiate game being at Williams playing in front of 394, and his last game as senior being in front 80,000 in San Antonio and a worldwide TV audience.  Austin Hatch talked about how much he appreciated being allowed to stick around as part of the team. 

Austin Davis shoots down transfer noise

Austin Davis shoots down transfer noise

Submitted by Brian Griese on April 10th, 2018 at 9:33 PM

A few of my family members are in the inner circle of the Davis’ family and I had heard before the tourney he wasn’t planning to leave but since it’s in writing now I figured I would share. As discussed in a prior thread, some may construe this as more evidence Moe is considering leaving.

“I’ll be here,” Davis said. “I committed to Michigan, and I’m not going anywhere. This season just showed me what I need to do differently.”


OT: Kansas and NC State get pointed at in Adidas scandal

OT: Kansas and NC State get pointed at in Adidas scandal

Submitted by Ihatebux on April 10th, 2018 at 8:49 PM

Looks like Kansas is a "victim" of the Adidas scandal.  Wow, quite the victim of having a player's parents getting paid $100k and NC State coach was flat out given the money to pay players.   Once again, God bless Beilien.



MBB Recruiting: Beilein likely to visit S. Dakota grad transfer Matt Mooney

MBB Recruiting: Beilein likely to visit S. Dakota grad transfer Matt Mooney

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on April 10th, 2018 at 3:07 PM

Matt Mooney, a 6'3" guard from S Dakota, is seriously considering Michigan per 247. Sounds like Beilein has a tentative visit in place. He averaged 18.7 ppg, 4 reb, 3 ast, and 2 steals a game last year, and scored 1,271 points in 2 years there.

Looks like he was at Air Force for a year, then spent two years at S Dakota, and will now transfer again.


This could just be Beilein covering his bases, but we're already oversigned by 1 so a transfer like this would require at least 2 guys to leave. My bet is that Mo goes, and one of the younger guys at the 1-3 spots transfers.

So are we going to get that recruiting bump in MBB?

So are we going to get that recruiting bump in MBB?

Submitted by WindyCityBlue on April 6th, 2018 at 1:12 PM

This has been talked about here and there in other threads, but thought I would make one dedicated post to this topic. 

We all remember what happened last time we made it to the NCAA tournament finals.  From the increased exposure and success, we thought we'd start getting higher profile recruits.  Bubcus!  Excuses were abound, including:

1. JB's archaic approach to recruiting

2. Recruiting is a dirty game of which we do not play

3. It takes time to garner the right relationships with the right recruits, so don't expect a recruiting bump right away.

So, are things different now?  We've had a very successful 6 years and have sent many kids to the NBA.  Are kids going to notice now?  Will the FBI investigation help the clean recruiters like JB?

What say you MGoBoard?