DetNews opine: Is Michigan on road to Final Four?

DetNews opine: Is Michigan on road to Final Four?

Submitted by markinmsp on December 22nd, 2012 at 8:27 AM

 Maybe a bit early for the headline, but still pleasing to read impressions of UM basketball beat writer Rod Beard for DetNews on UM hoops this season. Discusses 5 things learned about team at this juncture prior to opening B1G season.

LINK:  Is Michigan on road to Final Four?

Six weeks into the season, Michigan has risen to from fifth to second in the national polls and looking like a squad that will challenge for the title in a stacked Big Ten — and certainly get past the first weekend when March rolls back around.

 Quick listing of his "5 Things" for those not able or desirous of clicking; though each has an interesting synopsis in the article.

Burke's even better

No one-man show - Strong rotation

Fresh faces - Freshman play

Hitting the boards - Rebounding

Going for it - Beilein


 Love the last paragraph. Hoping we are in for a special season also.

Beilein won't talk about the good start or the No. 2 ranking, but in his mind, he knows this is a special group and he probably won't have all of the pieces back next year — so he'll look to seize the opportunity now.

NBA Draft Projections for Michigan Players

NBA Draft Projections for Michigan Players

Submitted by Cold War on December 20th, 2012 at 9:32 PM

The folks at NBA pretty much spend their lives speculating on that very subject and have projected three Michigan players in the 2013 draft.


Glenn Robinson, Fr., SF, #15 to Atlanta

Trey Burke, So., PG, #25 to San Antonio

Tim Hardaway Jr., Jr., SG, #31 to Washington


I'm a little surprised Burke and Hardaway aren't rated higher, particularly Burke. From a selfish perspective, they would be less likely to leave.

OT: NCAA investigator & OSU alum Abigail Grantstein allegedly fired by NCAA

OT: NCAA investigator & OSU alum Abigail Grantstein allegedly fired by NCAA

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OSU alum Abigail Grantstein was the lead investigator who was in charge of the Shabazz Muhammad case and reportedly was the investigator responsible for disclosing confidential information about the case and prejudging Muhammad & UCLA before full investigation complete. The OSU kidding stuff aside, the more you learn about NCAA investigations, the more you realize what a shammockery they are.

John Infante @John_Infante

Whoa. RT @BaxterHolmes: Sources say the NCAA has fired Abigail Grantstein, its lead investigator in the Shabazz Muhammad case.

Summary of the whole UCLA investigation debacle:

ESPN: NCAAB Freshman Rankings

ESPN: NCAAB Freshman Rankings

Submitted by Indonacious on December 20th, 2012 at 3:34 PM

Our very own Nik Stauskas comes in at #10, as the lowest ranked recruit on that list with respect to espn's recruiting rankings. Nice to see him greatly out-peforming his recruiting rankings thus far.

They also mention he is on pace to break the freshman 3pt % record.…

ESPN: Trey Burke: Wooden Watch (#4), Matchup Nightmare (#2)

ESPN: Trey Burke: Wooden Watch (#4), Matchup Nightmare (#2)

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LINK (Wooden Watch)

1. Mason Plumlee, Duke

2. Doug McDermott, Creighton

3. Michael Carter - Williams, Syracuse

Our own Trey Burke comes in at #4

Trey Burke, Michigan -- The No. 2-ranked Wolverines would be merely average if not for Burke, whose 18 points and seven assists per game have helped keep Michigan undefeated. Burke shoots 53.5 percent from the field and combines with Tim Hardaway Jr. (15.7 points) to form arguably the nation’s top backcourt.

5. Jeff Withey, Kansas

Big Ten Players on the cusp of top 5:

Victor Oladipo, Indiana

Brandon Paul, Illinois

Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State

Cody Zeller, Indiana


LINK ($$$) (Matchup Nightmares)

He comes in at #2, just behind Russ Smith, Louisville

Burke sets the tone and pace for the Michigan offense and defense. He brings the ball in transition at warp speed, and his ability to stop on a dime and change speed and direction makes him tough to keep out of the lane.

EDIT - Jabari Parker to Duke (wheew)

EDIT - Jabari Parker to Duke (wheew)

Submitted by robbyt003 on December 20th, 2012 at 11:54 AM

ESPN Player Profile

It has been said that it is between MSU and Duke, with Duke being the favorite.  I know some of you are all about the BIG being stronger and want him to land at MSU, but I would rather not see Michigan play against this kid two times a year.

6'8" 220 lbs, SF.  He is currently the #2 recruit in the nation for the class of 2013.

As a junior, Parker was named the Player of the Year, Illinois' Mr. Basketball and the national Gatorade Player of the Year. He averaged 19.5 points, 8.9 rebounds, 4.9 assists, 3.3 blocks and 1.4 steals a game.


edit - MSU prematurely (common for them) came out with an article saying Parker to MSU around 2:30 ET. LINK (It has been taken down, but you can still see the title)

Twas the Night Before Eastern

Twas the Night Before Eastern

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Twas the night before Eastern

And all through my house

Not a creature was stirring

The twins were knocked out

The Dukies had long since put the Red Bears to bed


#2 for another week shrugged my shoulders and said...


If Michigan can break 50 they have nothing to fear

They may be Boilerslayers, but Purdue sucks this year.

Daylen Harrison is their best player 49% for 10 points a game

Leads the Eagles grabbing 7 rebounds with his lanky 6-6 frame.


Glenn Bryant runs the post, his shooting couldn't be colder

10 points on 40% from the field, 7% from Boulder.

Derek Thompson leads them in scoring at 12 points a contest

38% averaging 7 tries, their only deep shooter and best.


Jalen Ross runs the point dealing 3 dimes and 2 refunds

shoots 23% from the floor and 17% on the long ones.


Got pounded by 18 on the boards, but beat Purdue by 3.

Boilers gave 'em 18 Christmas presents, Mike Hart tweeted “Yipee!”

Nearly doubled up by the “Cuse, Eagles really can't score

Forced 18 orange turnovers, but gave back 24.


When Michigan they play they have not a chance

All of the rebounds to McGary, then he will do a Beiber dance


The Eagles play good defense and make you turn the ball over

But Trey Burke is slicker than Gene Keady's combover.

In the end Tim and St. Nick will make them look terrible

Any defense they play, Trey will never lose his dribble.


And the announcer will call as we walk out of sight

85-44 Michigan, and to all a good night!


Gasaway lists UM no. 2 in his list of serious contenders

Gasaway lists UM no. 2 in his list of serious contenders

Submitted by ish on December 18th, 2012 at 9:09 PM… $ unfortunately. His metric is scoring margin per possession. Ours is +.3 per. His other solid contenders are Duke, Cuse, Louisville, AZ, IU, and Florida. Sucks to your assmar, Sparty.

Upset Watch: MSU & Ohio (Upsets Averted)

Upset Watch: MSU & Ohio (Upsets Averted)

Submitted by robmorren2 on December 18th, 2012 at 7:57 PM
At halftime in both games: Ohio State up 1 at home to Winthrop (YTW). Sparty up 5 at Bowling Green. I'm not sure if I should root for the upsets or not. Ohio is on BTN. State is on ESPNU... FYI UPDATE: Both teams pulled away in the 2nd halves. However, neither team covered the spread ... and Sparty looked very sloppy.