Wallpaper Season - Road to March

Wallpaper Season - Road to March

Submitted by jonvalk on February 16th, 2013 at 9:01 PM

Working on another wallpaper this coming week, but here's another since the last one people were commenting that they didn't like the "artsy" stylings of the recent ones.  I like how this turned out, but as always, I'm open to constructive criticism to help me provide more of what the MGoCommunity is looking for.


EDIT: Already nitpicked at my own design.  Corrected the alignment of the "the road to march" text area.  Not sure why I didn't catch that since I'd originally had it right.  Oh well. Carry on.

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Mobile version to come!


RPI & Strength of Schedule...Huh?

RPI & Strength of Schedule...Huh?

Submitted by dahblue on February 15th, 2013 at 4:50 PM

I'm sure this makes sense to someone, but after just playing 4 top-20 teams (3 top 10) within 10 days, our strength of schedule is #25 in the country.  Who has played a "tougher" schedule so far (with SOS rank in parentheses):

-New Mexico (#4): played 0 (currently) ranked teams
-Miami (#1): played 4 ranked teams 
-Oklahoma (#7); played 5 ranked teams
-Arizona (#10): played 2 ranked teams
-Florida (#16): played 5 ranked teams 

In short, WTF? In a world where NMU is considered to have the 4th toughest schedule and #3 RPI, I wonder what the point is of any of these numbers.  Of course, they make for conversation, but clearly something is massively out of whack.  Maybe this is a reason that the B1G fairs not as well as expected come tourney time.  Thoughts?  Am I just looking at these ranking incorrectly?

Tubby Smith Dancing After Win Over Wisconsin

Tubby Smith Dancing After Win Over Wisconsin

Submitted by Soulfire21 on February 15th, 2013 at 2:48 PM

As promised:

Basically, it's also how I feel on a Friday at work.

There's a couple more of the team and such, I'll just post the link directly to them so as not to slow your browser




Thursday Night College Basketball (Primarily Big Ten) Thread. Watch OTHER Teams & Realize Their Fans Dread

Thursday Night College Basketball (Primarily Big Ten) Thread. Watch OTHER Teams & Realize Their Fans Dread

Submitted by B-Nut-GoBlue on February 14th, 2013 at 8:30 PM

NW @ Ohio State...On as we Speak.  Second Half.  NW is playing pretty damn good.  How does Ohio allow this yet they almost bite us in the ass at our own place.  Also, due to ridiculous "luck", NW is down to like, a few intramural players on their roster.

Wiscy @ Minnesota...On as we speak.  Second Half.

Iowa @ Penn St. 9:00 ET

St. Johns @ Lousiville 9:00 ET. Will Lousiville's struggles continue?  Probably not at home.

Gonzaga @ St. Mary's for the night owls, like myself.  11:00 ET.  Should be a good WCC game and is a game that can and will determine who wins said conference.

Josh Jackson class of 2016: The next great basketball player out of Detroit

Josh Jackson class of 2016: The next great basketball player out of Detroit

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on February 14th, 2013 at 3:22 PM

Josh Jackson - Detroit Consortium

Josh Jackson


Josh Jackson out of Consortium HS in Detroit, class of 2016, is going to be the most hotly contested Bball prodigy out of Michigan since? I don't know the answer to this question, he is only in 9th grade, but I can't remember a 9th grader this talented and polished in a long long time.

I've posted before, I was fortunate enough to see Mark Macon as a 9th grader at Saginaw Buena Vista, and thought his talent level was  jaw dropping. I watch Josh Jackson play basketball and I see jaw dropping talent.

I saw Chris Webber as a 9th grade, Shane Battier as a 9th grader and this kid is right up there with them.

This is going to be a recruiting battle you can be sure the Kentucky's and North Carolina's will be involved in

The kid would be perfect in Coach Beilein's offense. Smooth as silk, make the game look easy, nice mid range game, superior handle, you can tell he is just toying with some of the competition. Hell, he'd be great in any offense, even Wisconsin.

Jackson recently put up 23 in a close loss to Romulus (#2 in Class A), and followed that up with a 30 point effort in a win against 13-2 L'Anse Creuse North.

“Can you name 10 players better than him in the state? He’s the top five or 10 in the state, period, regardless of Class.”

-- Romulus coach Nate Oats talking about Detroit Consortium freshman Joshua Jackson. Jackson scored 23 points and grabbed eight rebounds in the loss to Romulus.


I will post a couple video's in the first post of Josh Jackson doing his thing.

Try to keep in mind: 9th grader

The role of attitude in basketball

The role of attitude in basketball

Submitted by trueblueintexas on February 14th, 2013 at 3:02 PM

After the Wisconsin and MSU loses I made comments about the attitude and will of Michigan’s basketball team. Even Dan Dakich (yes, who we all dislike) went on and on about Michigan’s lack of it during the MSU game. Sadly, he was right. Building on Ace’s piece the other day, there are a few pain points from the past four (I’m actually going to include the NW game as well, because 5 is more than 4) games which I thought I would focus on.


One of the best stories I ever heard was from a former NBA star talking about Larry Bird.  He said he was one of the very few players who could dominate a game while only taking 10 – 12 shots. He would make 8 or 9 shots with a couple from three. And the rest would come from free throws.  I checked it out and indeed Bird averaged 5 free throw attempts per game throughout his career.

Here’s Michigan’s free throw attempts from the past five games. I’m only looking at the five highest players in minutes played due to the smaller rotation with Morgan out.

Hardaway Jr. 0 0 5 0 0
Stauskas 1 3 0 0 0
GRIII 2 0 5 0 0
McGary 2 0 1 0 0
Bruke 6 4 0 2 1
TOTAL 11 7 11 2 1

Keep in mind, that’s attempts, from the 5 primary ball handlers. In the biggest games of the year. Between Hardaway Jr, Stauskas, GRIII, and McGary among 20 opportunities to take at least one free throw in a game they failed to do so in 65% of them. And that includes going up against notoriously aggressive MSU and OSU defenses.

I point this out because free throw attempts are indicative of attitude. Sometimes you just have to make the other team foul you so you get a chance to get two points (or at least one) at the end of a game. Too often Michigan has had late game possessions which end in jump shots (most of them fading away from 18+ feet).  Michigan (#6 in field goal percentage) is shooting 49% as a team. Michigan (#133 in free throw percentage) is shooting 70% as a team. I prefer 70% to 49% when I’m scrapping for points at the end of a close game.


Beilein has said in interviews he get’s just as excited about one of his players taking a charge as he does a dunk.  In watching this team, you can tell Beilein and the other coaches work with the players on taking charges. i.e. he is using a rule in basketball as part of his strategy. I personally disagree with this because it is a very passive defensive attitude. When a player sets up to take a charge he gives the opposing player the ability to get a vertical advantage. Keep in mind, most charges come within 5-8 feet of the basket. Having a vertical advantage really means something in that close of range.  Additionally,  there are three things which can happen when a player sets up for a charge: 1) they get the charge call which equates to a turn over (yay) 2) There is no call made and the player either makes or misses the shot (keep in mind this is a closer in shot with no vertical defender because he is planted firmly to the ground) (advantage offense) 3) The ref calls a blocking foul and the player has a chance at making an uncontested shot from close range (boo). So of the three things that could happen, only one of them is actually good for the team. Now rewind to the end of the Wisconsin game. Michigan up 3. Jared Berggren (all 6’10” of him) beats his man and is driving uncontested to the hoop. Burke (all 6’0” of him) sets up just outside the charge circle to take the charge. Berggren dunks and gets the blocking foul on Burke. Berggren makes the free throw. Tie game. No ref will ever call that a charging foul. Instead of going back down court at worst up one (at best up two or three depending on Berggren making both free throws) with the shot clock turned off meaning Wisconsin would have to foul. Michigan goes back down court tied. I would much rather Burke make a hard foul to force Berggren to shoot free throws. Again, it’s about attitude. Be passive and hope the ref makes the call, or proactively make the other team beat you.


Against MSU in the first half when it was still a 10-12 point game and all hope was not lost Burke picked up his dribble against the sideline with 15 seconds left on the shot clock. Hardaway Jr. was hanging out about 5 feet behind the three point line on the same side of the court as Burke. What he was going to do from that position I have no idea. The other Michigan players (all freshman, BTW) were properly spaced in the corner and on the other side of the court. The MSU defender immediately jumped Burke as the ref started counting the 5 second call. What happened? Nothing. That’s right nothing. Stauskas did not come to take the ball from Burke. Ok. Freshman. Hardaway (a Junior, not just Jr) was standing 10 feet away and continued standing there instead of helping his teammate out. I lost it. My 15 month old boy stood staring at the TV and his dad bewildered. The dog ran and hid under the table. The wife went to comfort the boy.

In the second half, when it was still a 16-18 point game with 12 minutes left, Valentine of MSU got a long rebound against the sideline. He was losing his balance and looking for someone to pass to. Stauskas was within 5 feet of him. Stauskas turned and ran back down court to play defense. Valentine regained his balance, came down court and Harris made an uncontested 3. The wife had taken the boy for his bath. The dog was still under the table.

This is about attitude. Do you jump at the opportunity to make a play or do you let opposing team dictate?

This is why I have concerns about this team for the tournament. Who will get that one point when you really need it without relying on a jump shot going in? Who will step up and make the other team react to your pressure?

One final point about attitude. I love Coach Beilein. I would want few others representing Michigan. On a whim I went to Google images and typed in Tom Izzo angry, Bill Self angry, Mike Krzyzewski angry, and John Beilein angry. Here’s what I got:


Seriously. Not kidding at all.

Days Later: State of Michigan Basketball...Thoughts?

Days Later: State of Michigan Basketball...Thoughts?

Submitted by Mr. Yost on February 14th, 2013 at 1:09 PM

Now that the storm is over and some people have had a couple days to come down from meltdown status...I wanted to see how fellow MGoUser's felt about the basketball team, the season thus far and the remainder of the season.

Are we still as confident? What would you change? What are your thoughts?

We've got a few more days until the next game, so...discuss.