WBB beats northwestern in thriller on Senior Night....BEAT OHIO

WBB beats northwestern in thriller on Senior Night....BEAT OHIO

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 28th, 2013 at 9:12 PM

On Senior night, the Michigan Women (20-8 overall, 9-6 B1G, T-4th) beat northwestern 55-50 in a thriller. Nicole Elmblad had a huge basket with under a minute left to ultimately give Michigan the win.

Sheffer had 17 points moving to a tie for 16th on Michigan's all-time scoring list while Jenny Ryan became 2nd on the all-time assists list. Oddly enough, all 24 of Michigan's points at halftime were scored by the seniors honored tonight. 

This senior class leaves Michigan as the winningest in program history, a 13-4 home record and the first ever 20 win season for a first-year head coach in program history. They also ended the dreaded streak against state beating them 70-69 at Crisler in the women's Rededication game. 

A great senior class, that without a doubt, left the program 100% better than when they came in. 

One more game left in the regular season. ohio in columbus on Sunday. Game tips at Noon on BTN (it will end 2 hours before the big MBB game). Be sure to watch because Michigan should dismantle the buckeyes. ohio is having one of their worst years in recent memory (15-12 overall, 5-9 in B1G, T-8th)


Catholic 7 to keep Big East name, add Xavier and Butler

Catholic 7 to keep Big East name, add Xavier and Butler

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueWahoo on February 28th, 2013 at 7:27 PM


Headline says it all.  Or most.  Creighton is also "expected" to join, and Dayton and St. Louis in the future.  That would make them the Catholic 11 Plus Butler, so it's probably for the best they get to keep the traditional Big East name.  Getting to start the league this fall might also move Notre Dame to the ACC this fall as well.

I guess that just leaves the question of what to call the southern-oriented conference that was once the Big East.  Big South is already taken.  If it were up to me, the Phoenix Conference would be pretty cool.


Kindly consider publicly abstaining from crying about Stauskas and GRIII

Kindly consider publicly abstaining from crying about Stauskas and GRIII

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on February 28th, 2013 at 2:53 PM

Nik and GRIII are having very good freshman seasons, on a very good team, in a very difficult conference.

Did you know, since freshman became eligible  in the early 70's, (sorry Cazzie and Rudy), only 22 freshman have averaged double figure in points their freshman year. Of those elite 22, NIk Stauskas has the 2nd highest free throw % and highest 3 point FG % on anybody in Michigan history.

Stauskas currently ranks 4th all time among M freshman in 3 pointers made with 65, trailing only:

THJ 76

Daniel Horton 74

Lou Bullock 70

Horton and Bullock made their's in an era when the 3 point line was a foot shorter.

GRIII: WTF is up with the disappointment with this kid. GRIII is the most exciting basketball player at Michigan in a generation and a great team player. Many a freshman talented like GRIII have pouted when not the focus of the offense, not this kid, he plays his role and does what is best for the team with nary a complaint. Still, GRIII constantly gets criticism because he doesn't have Zack Novak's or Thad Garner's on court disposition. GRIII on court temperament is similar to the great Glen Rice. Because a GRIII or a Glen Rice aren't theatrical  on the court doesn't for a minute mean they are not intense.

Stauskas and GRIII are far from perfect but Michigan is damn fortunate to have these two in the program, plus they are only going to get better. For a pair of freshman, M has rarely seen better.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the ignorant impatience of M fans, I heard similar stupid shit about the Fab Five as freshman as they made their way to the National Championship game.

Name 3FG 3FGA 3FG% FT FTA FT% Avg Season
Steve Grote -- --   75 107 0.7 13 73-74
Phil Hubbard -- --   66 113 0.58 15.1 75-76
Mike McGee -- --   97 122 0.8 19.7 77-78
Eric Turner -- --   72 113 0.64 14.7 81-82
Gary Grant -- --   49 60 0.82 12.9 84-85
Jalen Rose 36 111 0.32 149 197 0.76 17.6 91-92
Chris Webber* 14 54 0.26 56 113 0.5 15.5 91-92
Juwan Howard 0 2 0 77 112 0.69 11.1 91-92
Maurice Taylor* 3 7 0.43 59 98 0.6 12.4 94-95
Louis Bullock* 70 182 0.39 98 117 0.84 13.5 95-96
LaVell Blanchard 33 91 0.36 81 98 0.83 14.4 99-00
Kevin Gaines 24 87 0.28 95 139 0.68 11.7 99-00
Jamal Crawford 33 101 0.33 40 51 0.78 16.6 99-00
Bernard Robinson Jr. 27 78 0.35 93 116 0.8 14.4 00-01
Daniel Horton 74 216 0.34 81 106 0.76 15.2 .02-03
Lester Abram 22 54 0.41 89 104 0.86 10.6 .02-03
Dion Harris 58 170 0.34 61 79 0.77 10.1 .03-04
Manny Harris 42 132 0.32 156 191 0.82 16.1 .07-08
Tim Hardaway Jr 76 207 0.37 91 119 0.77 13.9 .10-11
Trey Burke 57 164 0.35 93 125 0.74 14.8 .11-12
Nik Stauskas 65 142 0.46 49 58 0.85 11.8 .12-13
Glenn Robinson III 18 52 0.35 56 80 0.7 11.1 .12-13


Adidas unveils new basketball uniformz

Adidas unveils new basketball uniformz

Submitted by MHNet on February 28th, 2013 at 11:54 AM

Holy hell, thank goodness Michigan opted out of these!

USA Today story panning them.  I liked this bit:

3. Michigan and N.C. State had good enough sense to say no to Adidas, reportsSports Business Daily. In other news, we are all becoming Michigan and N.C. State fans this March.

Fantastically stupid NCAA rule may keep 24 year old from playing basektball

Fantastically stupid NCAA rule may keep 24 year old from playing basektball

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on February 28th, 2013 at 11:38 AM


Here's something to take our minds off of last night:

Orlando Sanchez, a 24 year old Dominican, is the player in question.  He's a 6'9" prospect with NBA potential who wants to play for St. Johns.  He didn't graduate from h.s. on time because, at age 17, he moved to Spain to work as a carpenter so that he could send money back to his ailing grandmother, a then-impoverished widow who raised Sanchez.  He eventually returned to the Dominican Republic and graduated from h.s. at age 21, and he currently has a 3.48 college GPA.  He has so far been barred from playing for NCAA basketball because of a now-abandoned rule (still in effect when Sanchez was 21) that said that any participation by an athlete who is 21 years or older counts as a full year of varisty competition.  Sanchez has, in the eyes of the NCAA, accordingly used up his eligibility because of the following:

* Sanchez  played eight games with a local club team in the Dominican Republic;

*Sanchez played 3:38 minutes at the end of a game for Dominican Republic national team in 2010;

*Sanchez played for a community college for apparently two years.

All of this was after he was 21, so he's exhausted his four years per the old rule.  He's waiting on an appeal right now.  Hopefully the NCAA will see the light or be struck down by Zeus. 



Submitted by Six Zero on February 28th, 2013 at 11:21 AM



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If it hurts, it's only because I want you to start hating Bump more.


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Winning out make up for PSU Loss?

Winning out make up for PSU Loss?

Submitted by YoungGeezy on February 28th, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Desperately grasping at something, anything, that would stop me from gagging after yesterday's loss had me ask myself: "If this fractured team is miraculously capable of piecing things back together the rest of the season, will it make up for last night's embarrasing loss?"

We all know the schedule:

  • MSU at home
  • Purdue on the road
  • IU at home

After yesterday, I hate everything, and I'm sure some of you may even object to me asking the question, but I had to ask because I sure as hell don't know.

Burke: Michigan Lacked Heart

Burke: Michigan Lacked Heart

Submitted by Michael Scarn on February 28th, 2013 at 4:54 AM



"We just have, I don't know, man," a despondent Burke said. "Learn from it, I guess.

"They just played with much more intensity, much more heart. They beat us. Simple as that."

"It came down to heart, really," Burke said. "It came down to toughness, and we didn't play with that the last four or five minutes.

"There were a couple times they got to the rim, we could have taken a charge, but we didn't. They got to the rim, they hit 3's and we didn't respond."