College Basketball Open Thread: Miami Upset by Georgia Tech

College Basketball Open Thread: Miami Upset by Georgia Tech

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on March 6th, 2013 at 11:07 PM

Thought I'd create a thread for the rest of the action tonight. #6 Miami just lost at home to Georgia Tech which should help Michigan for seeding.

#5 Georgetown and #13 OK State already went down.

EDIT: And #23 UCLA goes down by 12. Another one bites the dust.

EDIT: It's done, #12 New Mexico wins by 13. No upset here.

EDIT: It's over, Xavier beats #16 St. Louis 11 in OT. MOAR UPSETS!!!!!

The upsets keep coming.

Big Ten Tournament Seeding Scenarios

Big Ten Tournament Seeding Scenarios

Submitted by Stephen Hawking on March 5th, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Since Indiana just lost to OSU tonight, I was wondering what the Big Ten Tournament seedings could be. This is the schedule for the remaining Big Ten conference games and the winners of each game in my completely subjective opinion:

Wednesday 3/6

Michigan @ Purdue

Minnesota @ Nebraska


Thursday 3/7

Wisconsin @ Michigan State

Penn State @ Northwestern


Saturday 3/9

Minnesota @ Purdue

Nebraska @ Iowa


Sunday 3/10

Indiana @ Michigan

Northwestern @ Michigan State

Illinois @ Ohio State

Wisconsin @ Penn State


This would result in a 4-way tie atop the conference between Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State. According to the tiebreaking procedures from last year's tournament, the seeding would work out as follows:

1. Indiana 7. Iowa
2. OSU 8. Illinois
3. Michigan 9. Purdue
4. MSU 10. Northwestern
5. Wisconsin 11. Nebraska
6. Minnesota 12. Penn State

Here is the 2013 Big Ten Tournament bracket. In the scenario I described, Michigan would be playing the winner of Minnesota vs Nebraska. If I made a mistake, please correct me.

EDIT: Fixed. I think UM would be the 3 seed by virtue of losing the comparison to OSU against Wisconsin.

Once again, We control our own destiny

Once again, We control our own destiny

Submitted by Generic MGoBlogger on March 5th, 2013 at 11:07 PM

Let's not screw it up this time. Ohio came through for us at a really key time tonight. Beating IU won't be a cake walk on Sunday as Ohio pretty much outplayed them on the glass and in the paint and also played some very impressive defense.  We definitely need to show strength and aggression on the interior early against them Sunday and also need to establish ourselves early defensively.  Let's not forget Purdue, though, tomorrow... I think we all remember the last time we overlooked a Big Ten opponent. Either way, March is a new month... Let's keep it rolling. WE ON and GO BLUE!!!

Edit: The Indiana Goes Down @ Home to Ohio State...We Have a Chance...Beat Purdue Thread

Edit: The Indiana Goes Down @ Home to Ohio State...We Have a Chance...Beat Purdue Thread

Submitted by B-Nut-GoBlue on March 5th, 2013 at 7:32 PM

Big potential looms large tonight (for those of you on the Moon, the potential is that we still have a shot at a Big Ten Title if Indiana loses tonight and we beat them Sunday, AFTER beatin Purdue tomorrow night).  We essentially become big Ohio State fans for the second year in a row.  They can pull it off, but will they?  Tune in at 9:00 on the Big Ten Network brought to you by Rotel and "I've got your 6", and find out.  EDIT: Ignore that garbage, it's on ESPN.  Sowwy.

Iowa has Illinois at home, as we speak.  This would have been a huge game for Iowa if they hadn't lost to Nebraska last week.  Now it's merely, meh-big.  Doug Gotlieb (spelling?) now on CBS Sports, has Iowa as a Last Four In; he's the only one (except for possbily me, if they can win two BTT games).

Duke at Virginia Tech, as we speak.

Arkansas at Mizzou, as we speak (if anyone is interested in Arkansas).  Arkansas is a Bubble Team to many analysts.  This would be a big Win for them.

Ugh.  Go Buckeyes.

A Final Look at Big Ten Remaining Schedules

A Final Look at Big Ten Remaining Schedules

Submitted by GOLBOGM on March 4th, 2013 at 11:44 PM

A fifth and final look at the remaining schedules:

Past Versions:





Similar Read:

Take a look at joeyb's write-up in the board section about rooting interests- he does a good job at describing potential outcomes.  Seeding will likely be a hot mess...

Current Standings:

OHIO ST 11-5
IOWA 7-9
PENN ST 1-15

Who has the hardest schedule?:

  GAME 17 GAME 18

In the past I have made scoring systems to rank upcoming schedule etc.- think with two games left that is not necessary.  OSU has the toughest in my mind because @Indiana.  Indiana has a tough schedule as well- but has co-champ locked down.  Wisconsin has two road games, but @MSU and @PSU is easier that Indiana at home and @Purdue in my mind- but I think they will likely lose @MSU.  MSU has the easiest schedule left in my mind- two home games and NW- but they are on a skid...

Thoughts on remaining teams:

Indiana: Already guaranteed at least a split.  They do have two tough games- home against Ohio State and away in Crisler.  Everyone else is rooting for them to lose both- because if not- we have an undisputed champ. OSU will be a tough game, but I don’t think it is probable Indiana loses its last home game.  I think it is still 50-50 against us.  I think they are the better team- but we are very solid at home- and played them well in Indiana.  They have will be playing to wrap up a 1 seed regardless of Big Ten Tournament as well.

Michigan: Well last week was weird… PSU loss really sucks no way around it.  Have to respect PSU playing hard all year- and glad that didn’t go undefeated- but really not glad what it means for a title chance and that the win was against us.  50-50 against Indiana, and at Purdue is looking quite winnable- but with our road struggles it gives me pause.

Michigan State: Let’s see if MSU’s slide continues. Northwestern has fallen apart- and at home that should be an easy W.  I personally hope they beat Wisconsin because I don’t want Wisconsin having a shot a shared title- although I think Indiana has that taken care of (let’s hope I’m wrong).

Ohio State: Last week they looked very out of it- only to have Michigan blow a gimme, MSU go on a big slide, and Indiana give them some semblance of hope.  At Indiana is huge for everybody- and rooting for OSU will be cringe worthy- but my god that would be huge.  If we beat Purdue and OSU pulls the upset Sunday could be one hell of a night.

Wisconsin: At MSU is a tough one and I covered that above.  Let’s hope PSU can get win number 2 (or 3?) as well.  Wish we had Wisconsin at home- don’t think they would keep us too close at home.  If we play them in Big Ten Tournament I would not be too worried… but seriously f*** Wisconsin.

Championship Odds:

  15-3 14-4 13-5 12-6 or Worse
INDIANA 20% 70% 10% N/A
MICHIGAN N/A N/A 45% 55%
OHIO ST N/A N/A 20% 80%

Indiana has wrapped up a split- and is clearly in great shape for it to be a solo champion.  I say only 10% chance they lose to OSU and us with having so much to play for, being so consistent, and having a home game.  And for non-Indiana teams 2 losses is all anyone cares about for the boys from Bloomington.

I say MSU has the best odd at staying with 5-losses.  Wisconsin at home will be tough, but NW should not be.

We have the next best bet because I think we will take care of business at Purdue- but that could be too optomistic given our road struggles of late.

Wisconsin has at PSU, so if they can beat MSU in EL they have a decent shot at stay with 5 L's.

OSU plays at Indiana and will paly Illinois at home- with Illinois wanting to be at 500 and make the tournament- so they have the longest odds. 

Let's hope OSU wins (I know... gross) so Sunday will be interesting!  And let's hope we take care of business on the road at Purdue!

Sometimes it seems like the Big Ten is just so crazy analyzing it is pointless- and I hope this is also one of those times- because that would mean the year ended in crazy fashion- and that is needed for a split-championship!