Michigan MBB in Tournaments

Michigan MBB in Tournaments

Submitted by get-on-my-lawn on March 15th, 2013 at 9:46 AM

As the BTT is currently in play, and the NCAA Tournament approaches, it has me thinking. Unfortanutely, I was at work during the game yesterday and was only able to catch a few minutes of it on a live stream, but of course I was watching my scorecenter app like a hawk. At first, we obviously struggled to pull away, but eventually the better team pulled away as they shoud have. That is common theme in tournaments for that to happen, especially the NCAA Tourney: The better team lets the lesser team hang around for a while, everyone huddles around the TV, only for the better team to pull away with about 10 or 5 minutes left and win by 10-20 points. This is similarly what happened to us yesterday with Penn State. Thus, yesterday was a success and even though we started out bad, you can expect it to happen as long as we pull away at the end, nothing to worry about there.

But, as we all know, this hardly happened at all in the regular season. You always waited for us to pull away at the end from teams like Wisconsin, Penn St. (that game wasn't quite like this scenario but you get my point), Michigan State the second time around, Penn State the first time around, Purdue the second time around and Indiana the second time around. All of those games that I just listed, we could have won by a good, comfortable margin, but we of course had to make it interesting instead. 

My point is that since we will be playing at a nuetral court (other than Indiana next game which will hardly be nuetral) from here on out, in a tournament setting. We have done nothing but play extremely well in these conditions this year, including yesterday. We seem to play with more confidence, more hustle, and simply just play more at ease in these settings. Therefore, I am extremely confident about the upcoming events and the NCAA Tournament, regardless of the struggles and dissapointments we have endured in the regular season. I feel as if this is just a clean slate and that we will be a completely different team than as of late in the most positive of ways. Anybody else feel this way?

McGary/GRIII/Albrecht 'homecoming' article

McGary/GRIII/Albrecht 'homecoming' article

Submitted by StateStreetApostle on March 15th, 2013 at 8:05 AM

Amongst the fluff and already-well-known parts, some interesting tidbits, for instance: (emphasis added)


Robinson III committed to Michigan first, but McGary said for three months only his parents and “G” knew he also planned to sign with coach John Beilein.

“As soon as I told him he said, 'Sweet, we're going to be roommates. I'll bring the fridge; you bring the microwave,'” McGary said.


Confirming Brian's suspicion here. Also some nice comments on and by Spike too.

Let's keep scouting The Region!  (Or at least whoever is playing for Wayne Brumm.)

Fragile mental state my a**

Fragile mental state my a**

Submitted by CLord on March 14th, 2013 at 12:37 PM

I read this gibberish about how the team is probably in a fragile mental state after the IU game, so here’s my two cents on the team’s mental state, given that of course Beilin and the team will read this and heed my every word.

Good weed and other drugs aside, it's perspective that defines mental state.  Watch the major leaguer trashing coolers and bats like an angry baby in the dugout after striking out because he can’t shift his perspective off of the short term setback, to remember that oh yeah, he makes $20 Million a year and more per strike out than most Asian laborers make in a lifetime.  The fact that 99.9% of the population would euphorically celebrate their incredible luck for months to be in his shoes and get paid tens of millions to play a game is lost on him given his current perspective.

Retarded analogy aside, point is the same.  Our guys have already stepped back from the IU loss to take inventory and realize:

  1. They have the best player in the country on their team.
  2. They outplayed the #2, arguably #1 team in the country for 39 minutes.
  3. Zeller had about his best possible game (especially at drawing ticky-tac fouls) and we still only lost by 1.
  4. UM cannot possibly rebound any worse, and we still only lost by 1.

They should be stoked at their chances going forward.

Our guys' minds are on right, because they know they're legit, and they're going to box out just a bit better, and do everything else the same, and the rewards are going to come, beginning with the imminent PSU spanking T-minus 2 hours.

F*ck yeah!  'MURICA!!!

Non-UM BTT Open Thread

Non-UM BTT Open Thread

Submitted by Moleskyn on March 14th, 2013 at 11:44 AM

I'm assuming a separate thread will be created for the M game. Today's schedule (link is to tourney bracket):

12:00 - 8 Illinois vs. 9 Minnesota
Edit: Illinois 51 - Minnesota 49
Illinois will play Indiana tomorrow at 12:00.

2:30 - 5 UM vs. 12 PSU
Edit: Michigan 83 - PSU 66
Michigan will play Wisconsin tomorrow at 2:30.

6:30 - 7 Purdue vs. 10 Nebraska

9:00 - 6 Iowa vs. 11 Northwestern

(Bolded teams are who I think will win each game.)

Does Illinois still make it to The Dance with a first-round loss? What will it take for Iowa to make it in? What about Minnesota?

Go blue!


Adidas Big East uni watch, ugghh!!

Adidas Big East uni watch, ugghh!!

Submitted by myrtlebeachmai… on March 13th, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Anyone watching the BE tourney tonight? God, are these Adidas unis ugly! Cincy earlier wore what looked like Mossy Oak hunting camos with sleeves and legs cut off, and day-glow hunting orange numbers. Notre Dame looks like their guys fell in a vat at the Axis Chemical plant with Jack Napier. Thank God, DB had one ounce of common sense to turn this nonsense down. I'm beginning to think Adidas is not where we want to be much longer...

ESPN: Trey Burke tops final POY straw poll

ESPN: Trey Burke tops final POY straw poll

Submitted by Indonacious on March 13th, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Hopefully this bodes well for his chances to win the various POY awards, seeing as this straw poll has 67 voters so it should be a reasonably good predictor. The article says "The poll has been correct the past four seasons".

Quick Summary:

- Burke was on 59/67 ballots (who didn't list him in their top 3...crazy?)

Top 3:

Oladipo: 101
Porter: 77



A history of Trey Burke

A history of Trey Burke

Submitted by tasnyder01 on March 12th, 2013 at 2:34 PM

Since we're on the brink of TB's last days in a UM uniform (barring his talk with Lewan) I thought I'd like to remind everyone of the journey. Belein took him as a lowly-rated 3* steal from PSU after his decommitment. Then, we got The Journey to Ann Arbor, where he showed his skills. Prior to this point, Michigan was sitting on a scholarship to Carlton Brundidge, a previous 5*, who was now rated as a 4*. To say the least, before these videos came out, I assumed Brundidge would be the starter. However, the videos soon surfaced:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

(you'll find the rest on the links)

And then, his freshman year:

And then the Chris Paul Camp, the LeBron James Camp, etc. We knew he was poised for a great return, and boy was he ever. Gentlemen, I present The History of Trey Burke, perhaps the greatest Wolverine PG ever. I hope this little jaunt through history will remind us all of how blessed we are to have gotten this kid.