Quotes/Links from John Beilein Hiring Press Conference April 4, 2007

Quotes/Links from John Beilein Hiring Press Conference April 4, 2007

Submitted by snoopblue on April 8th, 2013 at 1:52 AM

To those who watched this press conference live those 5 years ago, it's refreshing to look back and read what Coach Beilein said and then just think about where the program now stands.


I'll warn you, it's long. There are some pretty funny parts to it looking back. He was unable to contact the committed recruit Alex Legion or his mother. (Hmm, wonder why?) He makes a shoutout to the alumni that reside in Indonesia. He sets the record straight on the use of the P-word. He even makes an extremely ironic reference to a quote on values from Rick Pitino's book. Ironic because we are playing his team tonight and of course we all know how much Coach Pitino values family and marriage. They must have had subs before the conference.

Also, I found a Michigan Daily article by Mark Giannatto. I didn't realize Bill Martin and John Beilein verbally agreed on a deal to come to Michigan at the 2007 Final Four in.....Atlanta. Insert sentence with a "full circle" comment here.


*Could not find the video anywhere, MGoBlue.com has been through several updates since his hiring and the press release is not even available.


Comparing our path with the 'ville's

Comparing our path with the 'ville's

Submitted by steve sharik on April 8th, 2013 at 12:40 AM

In the tourney we have beaten, in this order, kenpom's:

  • #103 S. Dakota St.
  • #16 VCU (more like #35 taking out that Akron JV game)
  • #9 Kansas
  • #2 Florida
  • #8 Syracuse

Not to mention before the tournament we played:

  • #3 Indiana twice
  • #6 OSU twice
  • #10 MSU twice
  • #11 Pitt
  • #13 Wisconsin twice
  • #20 Minnesota
  • #23 Iowa

That's fifteen games against the kenpom top 25.

Louisville in the tourney (also in order):

  • #221 NC A&T
  • #31 Colorado St.
  • #29 Oregon
  • #7 Duke
  • #17 Wichita St.

Before the tourney:

  • #7 Duke
  • #23 Mizzou
  • #8 Syracuse thrice
  • #11 Pitt
  • #13 Georgetown

That's twelve games against kenpom top 25.

In the tourney, our avg. and median opponent kenpom ranks are 27.6 and 9, respectively; Louisville, 61 and 29.

Before the tourney, our avg. and median top 25 opponent kenpom ranks are 10.7 and 10; Louisville 11.1 and 8 (Syracuse 3 games out of 7 will do that).

Yet, b/c all the games are factored in, kenpom has our strength of schedule at #8; Louisville, #12.  I guess we had a lot more easy nights in November and December, because the above suggests our schedule was a helluva lot tougher.

What really stands out is when you stack our pre-tourney top 25/tourney aggregate schedules side-by-side and sorted by rank:

Michigan Louisville


3 7
3 8
6 8
6 8
8 11
9 13
10 17
10 23
11 29
13 31
13 221


Please help me identify "Michigan seating" for Final

Please help me identify "Michigan seating" for Final

Submitted by BlueInDallas on April 7th, 2013 at 8:05 PM

MgoBloggers, I need your help.  I am about to pull the trigger on tickets for the Final.  I  need to know which sections of risers behind the baskets are the "Michigan side".  Sections 123-128 or 103 to 108?  Also, if you can identify any other lower level sections that will be primarily Michigan fans, please let me know.  Thanks.

OT -- Philadelphia Michigan-friendly Bar?

OT -- Philadelphia Michigan-friendly Bar?

Submitted by Ron_Lippitt on April 7th, 2013 at 7:22 PM
Hey all, I'm freaking. I'm traveling to Philly unexpectedly tonight (actually typing this in DTW) for work -- on this of all days. This is the worst of all job situations. I actually almost told my client to stick it. I refuse to watch our boys do their thing in a freaking TGI Fridays, looking at TVs with house music playing in the background. I need a Michigan-friendly bar in which I can hang with my Wolverine brethren in a REAL sports environment. I remember a post a few weeks ago where there was a spreadsheet listing Michigan bars across the country, but I'm not able to access it on my phone in the airport. Can anyone make a Philly recommendation to me? Apologies for what is clearly a selfish a desperate-sounding post, but I'm sure some of you understand.

Trey Burke Wins Naismith Award and NABC D1 POY Award

Trey Burke Wins Naismith Award and NABC D1 POY Award

Submitted by Raoul on April 7th, 2013 at 6:35 PM

POY award #5 and it's a big one—Naismith Award for Trey Burke! Congrats!

Congratulations Trey Burke! @trey_burke3 is your 2013 Naismith Trophy winner presented by @att!! twitter.com/NaismithAwards…

— Naismith Awards (@NaismithAwards) April 7, 2013


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EDIT: Make that six: Burke has also won the National Association of Basketball Coaches Division 1 Player of the Year award.

Michigan's press release on these awards points that Burke is the first Wolverine in program history to win either honor.

I believe the only major POY award yet to be awarded is the Adolph Rupp Trophy.

To recap, Burke has won the Oscar Robertson, Wooden, and Naismith awards, plus the AP, NABC, and SI player of the year awards.