Inside Michigan Basketball Episode 10 Sparty Sweep!!

Inside Michigan Basketball Episode 10 Sparty Sweep!!

Submitted by goblue16 on February 25th, 2014 at 11:43 PM

Nice coverage of the MSU game with a interview with Nik Stauskas. Also covers the womens games against illinois and iowa. Finally has highlights of the polar plunge with Denard Robinson and Brady Hoke as the judges. Enjoy GO BLUE!!

Semi OT: Tim Hardaway, Jr. Clownin'

Semi OT: Tim Hardaway, Jr. Clownin'

Submitted by VCavman24 on February 25th, 2014 at 11:13 PM

Just a little humor for your Wednesday.  I didn't see this mentioned before so I figured I would share.  After the NBA Rising Stars game, Andre Drummond was awarded the BBVA Compass MVP award.  However, the presenter dropped the trophy, leading to a wonderful line by our very own, Tim Hardaway, Jr.  The funny part is at 0:25.

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B1G BB Games Open Thread

B1G BB Games Open Thread

Submitted by Muttley on February 25th, 2014 at 9:41 PM

Iowa falls at Minny 95-89.

Minny led 80-67 with 8:30 left, then went into hibernation and watched Iowa chip away at the lead until it was only 82-80 Minny with 1:30 left after a Roy Devin Marble, old school three point play (tip in).

After two made free throws by Minny's scatback Diendre Mathieu, a Hawkeye airball three by Josh Olgesby, one-of-two Gopher made free throws by Andre Hollins, Iowa's Mike Gesell (NTG) cut the lead to three with a contested driving layup with 51 seconds left. 

Minny's man-of-the-minute, 62% free-throw shooter Maurice Walker would take over from there, sandwiching a pair of one-and-one makes around a defensive rebound as Minny ended the game with a touch of breathing room.


Indiana at Wiscy is presently on ESPN.

Beilein chats with Steve Fisher

Beilein chats with Steve Fisher

Submitted by snarling wolverine on February 25th, 2014 at 7:25 PM

The two seem to have a good relationship.  Fish says he's very happy to see Michigan doing well again.  I definitely have mixed feelings about him - I think his firing was warranted, but I don't think he's a bad guy, just one who couldn't keep firm enough control.…

Unwarranted MSU/Izzo love

Unwarranted MSU/Izzo love

Submitted by Franz Schubert on February 25th, 2014 at 11:12 AM

ESPN has posted the latest video of Seth Greenberg and the crew talking about MSU's Final four possibilities with Brandon Dawson in the lineup. This is really unbelievable, Dawson has always been a headcase who has no jumpshot whatsoever and turns the ball over a ton whenever he actually tries to dribble. He rebounds well and plays good on ball defense but is actually not very good off the ball. Hardly the difference maker he is being made out to be. Why so much love for MSU which is 2-5 against the top half of the conference. Even more telling, MSU has zero wins in regulation against the top 7 teams in the conference.

Old John Beilein Article - 2010

Old John Beilein Article - 2010

Submitted by PeterKlima on February 25th, 2014 at 10:03 AM

This seems like a perfect opportunity for a history lesson.

As you remember, John Beilein was on the hot seat to start his fourth year at Michigan. 

He had one season of success in his first three years, but that was with players recruited by the former coach.

HIs third year was supposed to be good, but at the begining of 2010 ......

Michigan may very well have been the most underachieving team in the entire nation, and it has now lost its two most talented players.....

Yeah, but what about that NCAA berth, you say? Well, Beilein rode a tandem of stars with very little around them ... and they were both recruited by Amaker. So you have a coach who has only had success based on using two players, and he didn't recruit either one of them.

To start his fourth year, things looked BLEAK.  Article here.

Of course, Michigan is a current Division 1 team which is supposed to be competing in a power conference.

And the coach who was supposed to be turning this program around is entering his fourth season.....

Basically, Beilein is not the answer Michigan thought it had last year at this time. The sooner the administration realizes it, the sooner it can begin to rebuild the program. Again.

Interesting?  And, isnt it supposed to be easier to turn around a baskebtall program quicker (kids play earlier, etc.)?

If you are looking for an example of a football coach who looked lost after three years, look no further than Pat Narduzzi heading into his fourth year:

Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State defensive coordinator: Offense was hardly a problem for the Spartans in 2009. At 29.7 points per game, they ranked second in the Big Ten in scoring. However, the Spartans allowed 26.3 points per game, which ranked in the lower half of the conference. They weren’t much better last season on defense. The root of the problem has been a porous pass defense, one that allowed a league-high 267.6 yards per game. The Spartans have the offense, led by quarterback Kirk Cousins, to make a run at a league title, but questions remain on whether the defense improve enough to alleviate some of the pressure on the offense. If the defense can’t, head coach Mark Dantonio could be looking for a new defensive coordinator.

Re-air of yesterdays UM vs. msu basketball game @ 5:30 on BTN

Re-air of yesterdays UM vs. msu basketball game @ 5:30 on BTN

Submitted by Eastside Maize on February 24th, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Yesterdays game will be re-aired today at 5:30 on BTN. It is a Big Ten Classic.

The game that comes to my mind when I hear Big Ten Classic is from the 88-89 season. Illinois had beaten us twice that year, including a trouncing on our Senior Day. We met again in the Final Four and Sean Higgins put back gave us a 83-81 victory.

What game comes to your mind when you hear Big Ten Classic?

Monday Bracketology

Monday Bracketology

Submitted by ish on February 24th, 2014 at 1:35 PM

Bracket Matrix lives here:  25 brackets have been updated since yesterday and of those our average seeding number is 3.48.  If that was our average seed across all brackets (Bracket Matrix still is listing brackets done as long ago as the 18th), we would be a solid 3 seed.

Lundard (all Lundardi disclaimers apply) lives here:  He has Michigan as a 3 seed.  Other Lunadi notes:

  • Minnesota is his 4th team out.  He has just 5 B1G teams making the dance.  Others are:
  • OSU (6 seed); Wisconsin (2 seed); MSU (3 seed); Iowa (6 seed).
  • FSU is also out, which would've been a nice win over a tourney team.

Jerry Palm (also Palm disclaimers) lives here: .  He has Michigan a 4 seed.  Lundardi is your mass market bracketologist of the week.

  • He also has FSU and Minnesota out; Minnesota is one of his first four out.
  • Iowa and OSU are 5s to Palm, MSU a 4.

Chances of winning the B1G, per KenPom

Chances of winning the B1G, per KenPom

Submitted by J. on February 24th, 2014 at 1:23 PM

(Apologies if this belongs elsewhere, but I haven't seen this analysis done yet).

At 11-3, with a half-game lead on Staee and four games remaining, Michigan is obviously in the driver's seat for the B1G basketball title.  Using the game predictions from KenPom's site, I've done a quick probability analysis to see what the odds are that there's a banner to be hung.

First, Michigan's expected record, along with a percent chance:


15-3 36%
14-4 43%
13-5 18%
12-6 3.1%
11-7 0.18%

(I used two significant figures, since there were two in the KenPom data; obviously, they won't add to exactly 100%).

Here's Staee's expected record:

14-4 16%
13-5 49%
12-6 32%
11-7 3.7%


13-5 15%
12-6 40%
11-7 33%
10-8 or worse 12%


13-5 37%
12-6 44%
11-7 17%
10-8 or worse 2.4%


12-6 33%
11-7 44%
10-8 or worse 23%


12-6 5.7%
11-7 26%
10-8 or worse 68%

Put it all together, and you get the following possibilities (all chances here are conditional -- e.g., each line should add up to 100% within the limits of rounding and significant figures):

Record Outright Title Shared Title No Title
15-3 100%    
14-4 84% 16%  
13-5 19% 65% 16%
12-6 0.20% 19% 81%
11-7 < 0.01% 0.20% > 99%

When you factor in the chances that Michigan achieves each of these records (from the first table), and add it all up, and there is a 75% chance of an outright title, a 19% chance of a shared title, and a 6% chance of being bannerless.  (Coincidentally, I coded up a simulation using the same KenPom percentages, ran it 100 times, and got at least a share of the title exactly 94 times).

Long story short, even with a single loss, the odds are still in our favor to win the title outright, since KenPom doesn't think Staee is likely to run the table, and 2-2 down the stretch is likely to be enough to secure a share of the title.  Like many of you, I never would have predicted this in December.

Go Blue!

The Catharsis of Sunday

The Catharsis of Sunday

Submitted by saveferris on February 24th, 2014 at 1:00 PM

ca-thar-sis (noun):  the purging of emotions, or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

The question of whether or not John Beilein and the Michigan basketball program has reached parity with Tom Izzo’s Spartan program has been answered.  It’s not a matter of opinion anymore.  It’s not subject to the vagaries of partisan fandom that cloud objectivity. 

Six of Eight.  Six.  Of.  Eight.

That’s science folks.  Pure, simple, unassailable statistics; and it is so, so sweet.  As Beilein has built his program from tournament bubble team to conference title contender to conference champion and finally Final Four program, the measurement of Beilein’s Michigan to Izzo’s Spartans has been the theme in local media, with the narrative typically being, “Michigan’s closing the gap, but MSU is still the dominant program”.  After Sunday, that narrative is blown to smithereens.  Any media talking head trying to advance the notion that Tom Izzo still has the edge over John Beilein is just trolling for internet clicks.  Check the math guys.

Six of Eight.

The 21stcentury up to this point has been tough for Michigan fans.  We’ve all had to suffer a slow, agonizing decline in many of our beloved sports teams.  To add insult to injury, this decline coincided with the rise of the internet and social media, almost as if Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook just so our rivals could chip away at the prestige of our beloved Michigan.  Nowhere has this been more pronounced than in basketball, where we not only saw our once proud program fall in the volcanic morass of NCAA sanctions and probation, but saw our hated rival rise in its wake.  It chafed our collective ego to see Tom Izzo elevated by the Dick Vitale’s of the world to the status of Big 10 John Wooden, all the while ignoring the subtle fact that the Spartan’s rise correlated almost directly with Michigan’s fall.  And while we as Michigan fans suspected that the Spartan’s emperor may have no clothes, such insight was met by derision by the Spartan faithful as sour grapes, boosted by massive winning streaks over half a decade.

Today that narrative is tossed on its head.  Heading into Sunday, Spartan fans conviction that Izzo would right the ship in this game was absolute.  It was what he and the Spartans had always done in the past.  MSU would come into Crisler and beat Michigan and claim the drivers seat to the conference championship and send Wolverine Nation home disappointed, again; because Coach Izzo is the real deal and John Beilein is a just a pretender who runs a gimmick system.  News flash to all those self-assured doubters in East Lansing.  John Beilein can scout talent.  John Beilein can recruit talent.  John Beilein can develop talent.  John Beilein can game plan, and John Beilein can coach.  And he does it as well as, if not better than your false idol. 

Sunday is not some isolated moment in the history of this rivalry.  It’s the culmination that has been four years in the making.  While Beilein has been recruiting players the caliber of Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III, Izzo has been striking out on blue chippers like Jabari Parker.  While Beilein has been developing players like Trey Burke into NPOY and NBA Rookie of the Year, Izzo is making excuses for players who have not quite reached the potential that their recruiting hype promised like Keith Appling.  Beilein pulls hockey sticks out of the hands of Canadians and turns them into All-American death-dealers; Izzo teaches his players to slap the floor like lower primates what?  Prove that they're the alpha males?

Today the internet is abuzz with Spartans who are struggling to deal with their new reality as the 2ndbest basketball program in the state of Michigan.  They will challenge the verity of Michigan’s preeminence with the impotent standard of matching Izzo’s Final Four total or winning the National Championship before respect is paid.  But that’s not what this article is about.  It’s about six of eight, and the inconvenient truth that while John Beilein may not match Tom Izzo’s record in the NCAA Tournament, he has passed MSU, and if he has done that, then maybe Izzo's house wasn’t built out of bricks after all.

Six of Eight.  Catharsis, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s been a long time coming.  Smile and exhale.