Inside Michigan Basketball Episode 6/MBB vs Rutgers Full Game

Inside Michigan Basketball Episode 6/MBB vs Rutgers Full Game

Submitted by goblue16 on January 22nd, 2015 at 2:39 AM

For those who didnt watch this game i suggest you do because this team got help from some unlikely players. Dawkins had a nice game and AbdulRahkman showed some nice plays. Very impressed with Beileldts defensive game. Its only Rutgers but a win against the badgers would put us back in NCAA tourney discussion. Inside MBB covered the games against NW and OSU. Enjoy Trust in Beilein!

OT: Watching Games Online

OT: Watching Games Online

Submitted by MGlobules on January 21st, 2015 at 1:32 PM


I know this won't be of interest to everyone, but maybe a few people are in my situation:

Comcast recently decided that they had been offering me their TV-on-internet service in error, and yanked it--annoying turn of events since they had offered me this service as an inducement to subscribe to one of their many dumb packages along with a free internet-based phone servuce that I do not use. I don't do cable, and have been watching most games on the internet for years. They want an additional $30; that will get me some cable I won't use and the Internet-on-TV service back. (I don't avail of their bad movies since we already sub to Netflix and Hulu.)

All of which I would consider if it got me Michigan basketball and football, but it doesn't. What it has obtained in the past is an often-bad ESPN feed (carrying some of the bigger UM games) that was usually bettered by online streaming at places like VIP sports, Front Row sports, and goATD.Net. The Big Ten Network is not available with Comcast's package, so my only option--apparently--would be to pay for that, too, although on the rare occasions when I signed for free trials with BTN, their stream was also often worse than those streaming "services."

The problem is that all of those services suddenly don't work for me, either, and I wonder whether anyone else is facing this. The blizzard of popups that go with a stream --some of which can be beaten off with the likes of ad block--are also now followed by a black screen and a "play" symbol to press that doesn't get me the games, just a whirling time symbol and a return to the black screen.

Anyone got any advice, other stream providers or ways in? I use Firefox, for what it's worth. I may yet succumb, but it seems like the option of $50 or so more bucks to obtain undependable streams, in this day and age--when all content is supposed to have long-since "migrated" online--is nuts. Would my best bet be to buy a tv tuner for my computer?


Thanks for any helpful thoughts, mglobules.




Projecting Our Chances of Making the NCAA Tournament

Projecting Our Chances of Making the NCAA Tournament

Submitted by VCavman24 on January 20th, 2015 at 11:02 PM
We're 12-7 now, 5-2 in conference. 19 wins could get us in the Tournament being from the Big Ten, so if we win 6 more (in 11 games) plus a game in the BTT we could make the Big Dance. It'll be hard, but I have faith in Beilien. If we can get a marquee win or two, that plus the Big Ten factor and the recent success of the program could earn us a bid. And I wouldn't be surprised if this team makes a run in the BTT when other teams might not care less. It's optimistic, but why the hell settle for optimism being the NIT?

Projecting Our Chances of Making the NIT

Projecting Our Chances of Making the NIT

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on January 20th, 2015 at 10:48 PM

An NCAA berth is a pipe dream, and if Beilein can pull this off, it'll be a better coaching job than making the final in 2013. So let's get real and look at our chances of making the NIT.

Last year, the worst records in the NIT field belonged to Georgetown (17-14) and West Virginia (17-15). So, for the sake of argument, let's say we need to get to 17 wins to even have a shot.

We're 12-7 right now with at least 12 games remaining (11 regular-season and at least one in in the B1G tourney). So we need at least five more wins.

I only see three likely wins: home against Nebraska and Rutgers, and at Northwestern.

There are four more possible wins: home against Michigan State, Ohio State and Iowa, and the Big Ten tourney opener.

There are five that are extremely unlikely: home against Wiscy, on the road against MSU, Indiana, Illinois and Maryland.

Izzo admits to previously being "happy as hell" about injuries to opposing players.

Izzo admits to previously being "happy as hell" about injuries to opposing players.

Submitted by Franz Schubert on January 20th, 2015 at 8:52 AM

From a recent Freep article. He feels the Levert injury was an overuse issue and feels the injury to his Freshmen Bess was as well.

"When you see a thing like LeVert — and here's where I have changed, too, over the last three or four years — in my basement, when the best player on somebody else's team went down, I'm not different than a fan. Hell, I'm happy as hell because I've got to win games," Izzo said Monday at his news conference. "When you go through a bunch of injuries yourself, I wouldn't have wished this (on them), I am not happy.…


Reminder: Vote for Beilein in the Infiniti Coaches' Challenge

Reminder: Vote for Beilein in the Infiniti Coaches' Challenge

Submitted by oriental andrew on January 19th, 2015 at 9:50 AM

John Beilein has moved up from #13 since it was last posted about on this board to #9. I've been voting daily and like to think I played a small part in moving him up. St Louis Center would get the following amount if Beilein is eliminated in the following rounds:

  • Round 1: $1,000
  • Round 2: $7,500
  • Round 3: $10,000
  • Round 4: $15,000
  • Winner: $100,000

He is supporting St. Louis Center: (located in Chelsea, MI)

Mission: St. Louis Center is a caring, residential, family living and learning environment providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)

Vision: Our vision is to create a future in which every resident is provided a continuum of life-long care in a safe, comfortable, supportive, and family-like environment in which the individual's right to self-determination and personal decision-making, along with the need for dignity, respect, tradition and spirituality are honored.


MGoUser buddhafrog related that he worked there while in college and that it left a lasting (very positive) impression:

I worked there while at university and that place taught me so many important, lasting lessons. It houses and cares for kids and adults with a different levels of disabilities. Some of the residents are placed by family, while some are wards of the state and have no family. Many of the youth I worked with (not all, and I won't put a % on this) had been abused, some unspeakably. This place literally saves lives, gives dignity and hope to families and residents who need both, and it does so responsibly with a very limited budget and a dedicated staff. It's an incredible place, and it has partnered with UM for more than 20 years. Please vote for Beilein / St. Louis Center.