Tickets at face value in Loyola section

Tickets at face value in Loyola section

Submitted by M-jed on March 26th, 2018 at 7:41 PM

If interested in FF tickets at face value you might surf over the the Loyola ticket site where they are available for all sessions in the lower bowl. They may not appreciate me posting this but I'm struggling to keep this info to myself! Now, you'll be in the Loyola section but thats better than paying 4x for tix! If this is not kosher then I'm a bad person and feel bad and mods should delete. But I'm keeping the tickets I may have purchased.

Dont click for travel packages - go to mens basketball.


edit - they appear to be gone now...i tried folks!

Help Viewing Final Four in Cartagena, Colombia

Help Viewing Final Four in Cartagena, Colombia

Submitted by Marlin Jackson… on March 26th, 2018 at 5:01 PM

I have to be in Cartagena, Colombia this weekend and understandably I am freaking out about being able to watch the game.  Aside from Live Streaming the game online, does anybody know of any bars / restaurants / hotels / relatives houses that I can watch the game?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Study of which CBB teams were most over/under rated in regular season

Study of which CBB teams were most over/under rated in regular season

Submitted by crg on March 26th, 2018 at 2:07 PM
Interesting site that has compiled rankings about teams who most over/under performed against expectations (vis a vis spreads) this regular season (march madness results excluded). Loyola ranked #1, Neb ranked #2, UM ranked #3.

Link: Subscription Sale Today Subscription Sale Today

Submitted by Wolverheel on March 26th, 2018 at 1:25 PM
For those unaware, Dylan moved his site to a subscription model about a year ago where the more in depth stuff was saved for subscribers. Probably due to that, this season has been full of awesome content. The link speaks for itself (20% off for a year), but I urge those who haven't to head over and support the fantastic site he has there, especially given how good the future of the team looks.

Alumni club festivities / bar in San Antonio for Saturday?

Alumni club festivities / bar in San Antonio for Saturday?

Submitted by MGoArchive on March 26th, 2018 at 10:29 AM

I'll be headed down to San Antonio to watch the game on Saturday.

*Edit - was talked into buying a ticket for Saturday so I'm in.

Group page for Michigan fans to discuss logistics and share tips for hotels/bars/etc. -
Go Blue!

Don't take the Sister Jean bait.

Don't take the Sister Jean bait.

Submitted by M-Dog on March 26th, 2018 at 9:51 AM
Don't take the Sister Jean bait.
The media is going to spend all week goading Michigan fans, players, and coaches into saying something inflammatory about Sister Jean so that they can run with a story about Michigan's awful fanbase picking on a sweet little old lady.
They've already started.  
The video clip below of the post-FSU game interviews from USA Today Sports is titled "Michigan reacts to Final Four berth, already throwing shade at Sister Jean".  
This was minutes right after the game when the players were still celebrating their hard-fought win over FSU to make the Final Four.  A reporter slips in a completely irrelevant question about Sister Jean for no other purpose than to try to goad the Michigan players to say something bad about her so he could run with that story.
"What do you know about Sister Jean and how do you feel about her?" (at 0:30)
Charles handled it beautifully: "I don't know who Sister Jean is, no disrespect".  Moe just commented on her bracket not having Loyola Chicago in the Elite Eight.
That's some real vile shade there.
Don't take the bait.
The media will be scouring sites like MGoBlog and Twitter all week looking for the most extreme posts they can find, and portray them as "representative" of the Michigan fan base.
You know they will.
They are all over this and are desperate to make a story where there isn't one.
Believe it or not, it actually matters what we say on influential sites like MGoBlog, especially this week.  I would encourage the Mods to have a short leash on the "F Sister Jean!!" type comments that we've already seen on here.  Dial it back on Twitter, ESPN comments, etc.
This is a part of the Final Four that we fans at home actually get to play in.  Don't let the lazy media types that are just looking for a cheap story get an easy win at our expense.
Repeat after me: Sister Jean is just a nice little old lady that has followed her team for 50+ years and wants them to win.  Every fanbase has somebody like that.  it's no big deal.

Loyola and Michigan Winning Streak Analysis

Loyola and Michigan Winning Streak Analysis

Submitted by Indonacious on March 26th, 2018 at 9:03 AM

SInce 02/01, Loyola has a 14 game winning streak. Their barttorvik t-rank during this time places them at #20 nationally. 

During the same timeframe, other remaining tourney teams are as follows:

#1 Vilanova 14-3 record
#2 Michigan 14-1 (only loss to NW)
#10 Kansas 13-3

One interesting feature I discovered is where the ranking system gives a "game score" for each performance.

In our winning streak,  our worst performance was technically our Iowa OT win with a score of 86. Our next worse was 92 against houston. We have many near perfect scores at 98-99 range.

Conversely, Loyola has had multiple games in the 70s-80s, with their best performance during this streak being the kansas state game with a score of 98. 

Overall, not sure how to interpret this other than, loyola has been playing well during this streak (a top 20 team), but their game scores may suggest that their performances haven't been that dominating during this streak.

Other Links:

Quick Loyola-Chicago Basketball Preview

Quick Loyola-Chicago Basketball Preview

Submitted by robbyt003 on March 26th, 2018 at 8:37 AM

I'm impatient and wanted to learn a little more about our Saturday opponent, so here is a quick snapshot.  If anyone else has any good information, feel free to share it.

Overall Record - 32-5 (15-3)

Common Opponents

None (well that's not helpful)

Starting Five (name links to ESPN profile)

Clayton Custer

6'1" 185 lbs. Junior

13.2 PPG. 45% 3PT (4.1 3PA/Game). 4.2 AST.

Ben Richardson 

6'3" 185 lbs. Senior

7.0 PPG. 40% 3PT (3.5 3PA/Game). 3.9 AST

Marques Townes

6'4" 210 lbs. Junior

11.2 PPG. 40% 3PT (2.0 3PA/Game). 3.9 REB

Donte Ingram

6'6" 215 LBS. Senior

11.3 PPG. 40% 3PT (5.1 3PA/Game). 6.3 REB

Cameron Krutwig

6'9" 260 lbs. Freshman

10.3 PPG. 60% FG. 6.1 REB

Main two off the bench

Lucas Williamson

6'4" 190 lbs. Freshman

20.1 MIN. 4.9 PPG. 42% 3PT (2.2 3PA/Game)

Aundre Jackson

6'5" 230 lbs. Senior

19.1 MIN. 11.0 PPG. 36% 3PT (1.5 3PA/Game)



Not a very big team, and not a very deep team.  They play a lot of small ball, and they can definitely shoot from the outside (DO NOT LET THEM SHOOT FROM THE OUTSIDE).  Their center has attempted 0 3-point shots all year, but he's a guy who is going to try and post you up (DO NOT GET IN FOUL TROUBLE WAGNER).  The good news, if Wagner does get in foul trouble I think Teske could have a huge day on the boards.  On paper they look a lot like the Beilein teams of the past.  The good news is the Beilein teams of the present are a lot more athletic, and play a lot better defense, and I think that is going to ultimately be the deciding factors.


Here is a link to a diary of a more in-depth version by Bambi.