UM signee Hallie Thome named Ohio Ms. Basketball 2015

UM signee Hallie Thome named Ohio Ms. Basketball 2015

Submitted by Evil Empire on March 19th, 2015 at 8:53 AM

She's 6'5" and averaged 20.3 pts, 9.3 reb, 4.6 blocks as a senior, helping Chagrin Falls to a 22-0 regular season and 26-1 overall.  Their lone loss a Dick Bennett/Bo Ryan special in the state playoffs with a final score of 36-29.

She was previously named Gatorade's Ohio Player of the Year and First Team All-Ohio.

According to reader comments she is not related to Jim Thome and pronounces her name the way people did when making fun of the MLB slugger, (correction made 10:17am) a single-syllable that starts with a soft "th" and rhymes with home.

KBA has a good one coming to Ann Arbor next year. story

WBB pounds Cleveland State in WNIT First Round, 72-50

WBB pounds Cleveland State in WNIT First Round, 72-50

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on March 18th, 2015 at 9:04 PM

In Michigan's program record 6th straight postseason appearance, they started it out like they were expected to.

Michigan rolled to a 21-4 lead to start the game and didn't look back, a complete opposite of their previous game.

KBA decided to send a message and throw every starting spot up for grabs during the 2-week break. Michigan's starting lineup was very different with two year-long starters coming off the bench. 

Freshman Emoni Jackson, who played in only 6 games all season, proved during practice this past week that she deserved a starting spot, and did not disappoint scoring 8 for Michigan. Not bad for a player who scored 4 points all season.

Cyesha Goree led Michigan and both teams in points with 18. 

Michigan is now 13-12 all-time in postseason games. They will get the winner of the Toledo-Wright State game that will be played Friday night, in the WNIT Second Round.

The WNIT will release the game dates, times and locations for all Second Round games once the entire First Round has been completed. Michigan could play as early as Saturday as the Second Round dates are March 21-24.

REMINDER: ESPN Tournament Challenge - MGoBlog

REMINDER: ESPN Tournament Challenge - MGoBlog

Submitted by Saint_in_Blue on March 18th, 2015 at 7:49 PM  

Group: MGoBlog Community

Password: harbaugh!


Brackets lock at noon tomorrow. Also if you have created an entry, make sure you go back and fill out your brackets. Good luck everyone!

OT: Syracuse AD Daryl Gross is out & Boeheim to retire in 3 years

OT: Syracuse AD Daryl Gross is out & Boeheim to retire in 3 years

Submitted by rb4kb8 on March 18th, 2015 at 11:10 AM…

A letter from Syracuse's Chancellor to news outlets and season ticket holders detail the actions.  

The school plans to appeal still, but Gross is out. He will remain with the school in a different job.  

The letter also explains that Boeheim will respond to the infractions himself, but plans to retire in three years.  

Mike Hopkins appears set to take the job, as he has been for a decade.

EDIT: This is all over everything now.

"Back On the Map" by Darius Morris

"Back On the Map" by Darius Morris

Submitted by Blue and Joe on March 18th, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Great story by Darius Morris on The Players Tribune today. He writes about the 2011 NCAA Tournament and how it put Michigan basketball back on the map.

I'm not sure if I would say 2011 was the year they got back on the map, because they did win a game in the tourney 2 years prior. It did start a good consistent run though. It's a good read if you have some time.

OT: Watching the Tournament at Work

OT: Watching the Tournament at Work

Submitted by Tate on March 18th, 2015 at 9:04 AM

So tomorrow is the big day. I am in my first job post-college, so I have yet to experience this holiday as a working man. For the Michigan BTT game, it was easy for me to watch because I could prop it up on my large Galaxy Note screen at my desk and it was just fine.

I'm coming to you to ask how you are going to handle tomorrow, and how you're going to efficiently (not work) watch multiple games. If you are going to at all.

OT: Down 4 w/ 2.9 secs left, BYU inbounds in backcourt

OT: Down 4 w/ 2.9 secs left, BYU inbounds in backcourt

Submitted by Muttley on March 18th, 2015 at 12:16 AM

at about  their own foul line for that four point heave.

Oh yeah, unless the defense is as dumb as a box of rocks (see VCU losing in the first round last year), there's no four point shot.

This is one of my pet peeves.

When will college BB players stop conceding in that situation?

The only college team that I've seen attempt to win down two scores with less than five seconds left was Butler under Brad Stevens a few years back.  

TO HAVE A CHANCE, YOU HAVE TO SCORE BEFORE THE CLOCK RUNS OUT.  So why don't teams in this situation recognize the obvious--that the clock is stopped while the inbounds pass is in the air--and throw a length-of-the-court pass to attempt to score in next to no time?  Butler did it, and scored with about two seconds left, giving themselves a chance to intercept the ensuing inbounds and win.  (They didn't, but at least they had two seconds of a one score game.)

But, but, but, the pass will likely be intercepted!!!  Yes, and if that happens, you lose, just like you are sure to do if you inbound the ball in the backcourt and the defense freezes like it should.

Hockey has it figured out.  You pull the goalie.

OT - NIT Seeding and home court question

OT - NIT Seeding and home court question

Submitted by MGoGrendel on March 17th, 2015 at 10:46 PM

#3 Illini are playing at #6 Alabama and are getting their clocks cleaned by a football school.

#3 Murry State is playing at home against #6 Utah State (and winning).


What gives?  I thought the lower seed always played at home.  Not that the Illini deserved it.


Edit: egregious spelling error has been corrected.

Michigan Basketball: FMPHSWOYT

Michigan Basketball: FMPHSWOYT

Submitted by AC1997 on March 17th, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Now that the basketball season that was full of ups and downs is over, we start to gaze toward next season.  Prior to this season everyone expected the team to take at least a small step back with the departure of five rotation players, which only got worse with the loss of the two best players on the roster.  But as expectations shifted, we were able to see younger players grow and now next season looks as promising as ever.  There will be countless season wrap-up articles that talk about growth and potential, which is similar to what I’m going to do here.  At first I was going to put together a list of which skill each player should work on for next year, but that seemed too boring and similar to a dozen other posts you will see here and elsewhere. 

So I decided to take a different approach to make it a little more interesting.  I created the acronym FMPHSWOYT – Former Michigan Player He Should Watch On YouTube.  I tried to think of a player from Michigan’s past that would be a good role model for each of the current players to learn from this off-season.  That was easy in some cases, not so easy in others.  The idea is to point out some potential opportunities for improvement, remember stars of the past, and generate some fun discussion.  I welcome any and all input…..especially since there is a surprising lack of YouTube clips easily found for former players that weren’t on the Fab Five or in the last five years. 

Caris Levert  (assuming he stays)

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Jalen Rose
  • Clips:  Fab Five Highlights
  • Explanation:  I am aiming high right off the bat as Jalen is one of Michigan’s most successful NBA performers in the last 30 years and an icon from the Fab Five.  I thought a more recent player like Stauskas would be a good fit, but Nik was more of a ball screen player and Caris is an improviser.  That’s what Jalen was as well and he was able to be both a set-up man as much as the alpha-male on the team who took control when needed.  Jalen was skinny and able to play any of the wing or guard positions – and he was almost always the guy with the ball in his hands at the end of the shot clock, much like Levert.  The point of this comparison isn’t to suggest that Caris can be Jalen – just that he should learn from some of his success on the court since they are similar players. 
  • Also Considered:  Lester Abram, Nik Stauskas


Derrick Walton

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Trey Burke
  • Clips:  2012-2013 Highlights, 2011-2012 Highlights
  • Explanation:  Again with the all-time great, but there’s a specific reason.  As much as Burke was our best player in ages, he actually struggled at times as a freshman with running the ball screen offense in part due to his size.  I think that was what we hoped to see Walton adjust to as a sophomore but he struggled in some of the similar ways that Burke did (height, explosiveness, inconsistent big men, etc.).  Watching how Burke adapted and ran a masterful offense as he became a sophomore is what Walton should look at – with realistic expectations obviously being far short of POY results.  
  • Also Considered:  Daniel Horton, Gary Grant, Demetrius Calip


Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Jimmy King
  • Clips:  Fab Five Highlights
  • Explanation:   Jimmy’s role for at least his first three years was always to be an athletic defensive player who was always the 3rd or 4th option on offense who had a decent shot and decent ability to take the ball to the hole.   Rahk should embrace his role as defensive stopper because it will ensure him minutes while his offense develops.  If Levert leaves, Rahk’s role probably should expand even more – but watching King as a younger player can’t hurt since he would attack the rim, play tough D, and be an opportunistic shooter.
  • Also Considered:  Dion Harris, Stu Douglas


Zak Irvin

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Nik Stauskas
  • Clips: 2014 Season Highlights
  • Explanation:  Everyone hoped that Irvin would progress in a similar fashion to Stauskas given their skill at shooting threes as freshmen, but Irvin was always on a longer development cycle given where he started and what was asked of him.  As UMHoops showed last week, Irvin started to become a competent ball screen player who developed a pull-up jumper and even attacked the rim more.  Next year he should get more help on offense from the development of the big guys and return of Walton (and perhaps Levert) so that Irvin isn’t the focus of the opponent and can exploit some match-ups.  Stauskas developed those same skills when he became the man and overcame a loose dribble and increased usage – Irvin has already started showing that he’s doing the same. 
  • Also Considered:  Tim Hardaway Jr. 


Aubrey Dawkins

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Glen Robinson III
  • Clips:  UMHoops Scouting Report (5-min mark summarizes things)
  • Explanation:  Dawkins was difficult to figure out because he had such a unique first year and came from no where.  I picked GR3 because Dawkins needs to learn to exploit the back-cut for alley oop dunks and to take advantage of defenses overplaying him on the outside given his good shooting touch.  He had his moments this year, but he never developed GR3’s skill for having 3-4 monster back-door plays per game.   (Edit:  I wrote this originally at the end of the regular season and then he went out with major dunks against Rutgers and Illinois.  In fact, if you look at his overall stats since becoming a starter you can almost argue he’s passed GR3’s performance…..but we want MOAR DUNKS!)
  • Also Considered:  Bernard Robinson Jr.


Kam Chatman

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Lavell Blanchard
  • Clips:  Argentina game (21pts 7reb) (couldn't find any UM highlights)
  • Explanation:  Blanchard is one of my favorite players of all time and is probably right now trying to figure out how to gain some eligibility to play in a Beilein system.  Both of these players are undersized and versatile PFs who came in with a lot of hype.  Blanchard had a spectacular career during a down period of the program where he was able to rebound, shoot, pass, and throw in a few post moves.  Kam is about the exact same size and would play a similar role.  If he can emulate Lavell in any way then he will be a valuable player to this team.  
  • Also Considered:  Jerod Ward, DeShawn Sims


Spike Albrecht

  • FMPHSWOYT:  ( clue....)
  • Clips:  n/a
  • Explanation:  I’m at a loss for this one.  I thought about falling into the typical stereotype trap and picking Dugan Fife since he was a short, white, scrappy point guard who could shoot – but I think it is safe to say that Spike has already exceeded Dugan’s career peak and will never be the same type of defender.  That then leaves some of the scoring point guards of years past like Burke, Horton, Grant.  I guess maybe Rumeal Robinson will work since I’d love to see Spike nail clutch free throws to win a title of some sort.  
  • Also Considered:  Rumeal Robinson, Michael Talley


Duncan Robinson

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Zack Novak
  • Clips:  2010-2011 Highlights, Dunk Contest
  • Explanation:  It is hard to say what we should expect from Robinson next year since it wouldn’t surprise me to see him start at the 3 or 4, be a microwave shooter off the bench, or get buried at the bottom of the rotation.  I chose Novak because both players are undersized shooters with limited athleticism who could hit corner threes but were asked to do more.  Novak used every tool and trick he could to out hustle and out work his opponent while playing the 3 and 4 despite being overmatched athletically throughout his career.  If Robinson can emulate some of those tricks and hustle plays into his game then there will always be a place for him in the rotation.  
  • Also Considered:  Zak Irvin, James Voskuil


DJ Wilson

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Maceo Baston
  • Clips:  EuroLeague Highlights (couldn’t find any UM highlights)
  • Explanation:  I would love to see Wilson be a true stretch PF for Beilein, but at this point I am firmly in the camp that believes he will be a center for the near future.  The last few years have proven to us that we need three players in the rotation at the 5 so the role of Bielfeldt will likely fall to Wilson next year.  Frankly, I like it because the idea of an athletic guy with long arms and leaping ability is a nice contrast to the earth-bound players we’ve become used to.  Picture Wilson in the middle of a 2-3 or 1-3-1 zone…..which is how I come up with Maceo Baston.  Maceo was also a skinny 6’9” kid who ideally would have played PF but ended up playing center in college.  He started as a guy who blocked shots and dunked, but morphed into a solid offensive player who had a long professional career overseas.  I think Wilson should focus this off-season on his defense while leaning on his athleticism for what limited offense he can provide next year.  Embrace that role as a freshman – which is what Maceo did his first couple of years.  
  • Also Considered:  Epke Udoh, Courtney Sims, Chris Hunter


Ricky Doyle

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Graham Brown
  • Clips:  2006 Celebration vs MSU (no game action but is always fun to watch)
  • Explanation:  Maybe this is too “easy” since the two players have the same look and physique.  Feel free to use Jordan Morgan here if you’d rather someone more recent.  I picked Brown because he so quickly jumped to mind.  He was not very athletic, not overly tall, and had limited offensive moves.  His early years he was basically asked to clog the lane and grab some boards.  But then he became a fan favorite for his work ethic and overall contributions.  He was never a star but rounded into a very solid center as his career progressed.  Watching him evolve and looking at all the small things and dirty work that he did would serve Doyle well, even though I was shocked at how modest Brown’s career stats were – maybe we can blame Amaker.  
  • Also Considered:  Jordan Morgan, Mitch McGary


Mark Donnal

  • FMPHSWOYT:  Josh Asselin
  • Clips:  Euro Highlights (couldn’t find any UM highlights)
  • Explanation:  It is no secret that Donnal struggled this year.  When he was originally recruited there was talk of him being a stretch-4, not a center.  He needs to get more physical and needs to figure out to leverage his shooting ability knowing he isn’t a low-block player.  That sounds a lot like Asselin, who also started out very slow in his career.  But Josh ended up becoming a very good player who could shoot from outside, learned a couple of post moves, improved his defense, and worked well in a ball-screen offense.   Asselin was closer to seven feet than Donnal, but the way he grew into a strong player who had a long Euro career would be a great lesson to learn from.  
  • Also Considered:  Chris Hunter


Next year is going to be a fun ride with as many as 11 viable contributors fighting for playing time.   





WBB gets WNIT automatic bid, faces Cleveland State

WBB gets WNIT automatic bid, faces Cleveland State

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on March 16th, 2015 at 10:27 PM

The WNIT just announced their bracket.

Michigan has made the postseason for the 6th consecutive year--a program record. This is Michigan's second straight WNIT appearance and their first automatic bid since 2011.

Michigan (16-14, 8-10 B1G) will face Cleveland State (19-12, 10-6 Horizon League) on Wednesday at Crisler Center. Game time will be announced tomorrow and the game will broadcast on BTN Plus, most likely.

Michigan and Cleveland State have several common opponents.

Michigan blew out Detroit in the second half back in their season opener, 76-57, while CSU won a close one 71-65 and got run at Detroit, 78-65.

Cleveland State lost to EMU on the road by 3, while Michigan demolished EMU, 81-52.

EDIT: The WNIT bracket was supposed to be officially released at 11:30, but they leaked it accidentally. Should Michigan beat Cleveland State, they will get the winner of Toledo-Wright State.