A totally non-expert scouting report of Jaylen Brown

A totally non-expert scouting report of Jaylen Brown

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on April 20th, 2015 at 6:19 PM

It's a slow day on the board, so I'm posting this for those of you who (like me) don't get scouting reports from Scout/Rivals/etc.  I should add that, aside from helping draft Bob Petit to the St. Louis Hawks, I have no background in basketball.

I watched Jaylen Brown in the McDonald's All-American Game, and I've also watched extended clips (i.e., not just highlights) of his games.  My observations are as follows:

1.  He's a scorer more than a facilitator, but he's a willing and skilled passer.  He took a bad shot or two in the McDonald's game, but he'll generally find open teammates. 

2. He has high vertical leap, as you would imagine, and he's also quick off the ground.  I think he'll be a good rebounder in college even though he's apparently only 6' 5.5" without shoes (he's listed at 6' 7"). 

3.  He's strong.  He's able to take contact in traffic and still get a shot off thanks to his strength.  He could be a bull after a summer in Camp Sanderson.  I can't think of a recent Michigan wing whom he reminds me of. 

4.  He's a good shooter but not the purest shooter you'll ever see.  He missed a three badly and missed a number of free throws at the McDonald's game, where he seemed slightly out of sorts to me.  He's reportedly worked on his shot quite a bit, and while it's effective, it's ever-so-slightly mechanical in my eyes.

5.  He's a very solid ball handler.  He favors his right hand, but his left doesn't seem to be a liability.  He could likely moonlight at PG if needed for a minute here or there.

6.  He'll have to learn that he can't make something happen every trip down the floor.  I assume this is a problem for a lot of highly-rated guys, but Brown sometimes has a bit too much confidence in his ability to make a play.  He's an excellent finisher, as I referenced above, but he throws up some awkward shots in traffic too.  Some of his wilder attempts to finish would likely end up with a missed shot and no foul call in the Big Ten.

7.  He generally plays hard.  I don't remember him being all over the court in the McDonald's game, but he's everywhere in the other games I watched.  He blocks shots, steals the ball, and generally has a hand in much of the action.

8.  He reminds me of...a smaller Dominque Wilkins?  I'm not saying he's going to be as good as Wilkins, but he has a similar combination of quickness, leaping ability, and power.  

9.  How good is he now?  He was not head-and-shoulders above other guys at the McDonald's game, where I thought the best player was Ben Simmons, who is LSU-bound.  I think he'll have to adjust - like all gifted guys - to the fact that he won't be as much of a superman in college as he is in high school.  I don't think he's a good candidate to be a savior of a struggling program in the way that Anthony Davis likely could have been had he chosen that route.  He would be - at the risk of stating the obvious - an outstanding addition to Michigan's roster, but he wouldn't immediately be the focal point of the team. 

But these are all very picky criticisms.  Honestly, it would have been boring to just say how great he is.  Brown, LeVert, and Irvin would make a trio that would be very difficult to guard.  The very short version of this post - unsurprisingly - is DO WANT.

The extended clips I watched:



OT: Marshall Henderson waited 2 years to revenge-tweet Erin Andrews

OT: Marshall Henderson waited 2 years to revenge-tweet Erin Andrews

Submitted by boliver46 on April 20th, 2015 at 2:30 PM

So I didn't know Erin Andrews and Marshall Henderson had a "thing"..a twitter beef thing to be exact.

I don't know how to embed tweets, but here is the gist from Erin Andrews mocking Henderson in 2013!!!

He mocking anyone now? RT @GaryParrishCBS: Marshall Henderson's suspension is related to a failed drug test, a source told @CBSSports.

Her boyfriend was recently arrested, which led Marshall to pull out the winner in this twit-fight:

@ErinAndrews .... lol wassup with your boyfriend?!


Not much to say about this other than this:

Your move Ms. Andrews.

Moritz Wagner: Current Coach and Teammate Endorsements

Moritz Wagner: Current Coach and Teammate Endorsements

Submitted by Blue Noise on April 19th, 2015 at 4:54 PM

Nice writeup from the Daily with quotes from Wagner's coach at Alba Berlin, who says that Moritz will be ready for the NBA Draft in two years:

“I predict two years for him, to achieve even a good position in the NBA draft,” said Alba Berlin coach Saša Obradović following his team’s 78-74 win over the Phoenix Hagen on April 15.

Also quotes from Wagner teammate and former Villanova player Reggie Redding, who played in the 2009 Final Four:

“I think (Wagner’s) going to have to make some adjustments, because learning how to play over (in Europe) is a little different than how they play back in the states. But he’s got the skill, he’s got the attitude and the hunger to be good so I think it’ll happen pretty quickly for him.”


Daily story about Beilein at Canisius

Daily story about Beilein at Canisius

Submitted by PeteM on April 18th, 2015 at 8:01 PM

If you're interested in how John Belein got to where he is now this Daily article is worth a read.  It's basically about his 1996 Canisius team that was the first from that school in 40 years to make the tournament.  It has interviews with players and coaches from Canisius about how he dealt with the ups and downs, focused on fundamentals and how some things haven't changed (autobench and not fouling with a 3 point lead) and some things have (running zone Ds).  It also has some interviews about this year's team with Sean Lonergan and Aubrey talking about Beilein approaches coaching.